Friday, February 26, 2016

Drunk Driving

by Dianne

                                Study the picture before reading the story.....

This actually happened to an Englishman in France who was totally drunk:

A French policeman stopped the Englishman's car and asked if he had been drinking. With great difficulty, the Englishman admitted that he had been drinking all day, that his daughter got married that morning, and that he drank champagne and a few bottles of wine at the reception, and many single malt scotches thereafter.

Quite upset, the policeman proceeded to conduct an alcohol-test (breath test) on the Englishman and verified that he was indeed totally sloshed. He asked the Englishman if he knew why, under French Law, he was going to be arrested?

The Englishman answered with a bit of humor.

"No sir, I do not! But while we're asking you realize that this is a British auto and that my wife, seated on the other side of this car, is the driver?"

Sunday, February 21, 2016

~ Happy National Sticky Bun Day ~

(Since I missed V-Day~)

Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer a carbohydrate filled treat, the sticky bun is the ideal gastronomic delight to fill the brief. Fortunately for those who enjoy a good sticky bun, an entire day is dedicated to celebrating and eating them – Sticky Bun Day.
The exact origins of the sticky bun are debatable, as is the history of Sticky Bun Day. While some attribute the sticky bun to the Ancient Egyptians, others argue that it originates in Germany. However, one thing that is agreed on is that German settlers brought the sticky bun to Pennsylvania in the United States. These pastries were originally called ‘schnecken’ and are a specialty of Philadelphia.
Of course there is only one thing you can do to celebrate Sticky Bun Day in all its glory and that is to make or eat as many of these delicious snacks as possible!