Saturday, May 31, 2008

Imagine That!

By Tina~in_ut

I have never liked the song Imagine. It irritated me. I didn't like the melody and the words just didn't get to me like most songs do. I know……I know…..crucify me! Everyone likes the song…….it's wonderful….blah blah blah! Lol….actually……when I think of it, I really do think "blah blah blah!"

Then a 17 year old boy from Utah went on national television and sang it. He totally changed the way I think of the song. I love his version of it. I love the way he makes me feel when I hear it. I realize the words are the same, but his version is well……just different…...and appeals to me. David Archuleta is one year older than my son. I can't fathom my son doing what this young man has done in 17 short years. It's beyond belief and just amazing. He has a beautiful voice and will go far. I do wish he had won American Idol, but really, I believe both of those young men won. Simon was right. Both young men are nice, both did an excellent job, and who cares who won?

The most amazing thing about this whole American Idol contest is that there is a 42 year old crackwhore in Utah who now appreciates a song that she really should have appreciated before! Imagine that!!!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008



by Vig

Thomas is twenty-seven years old, deafblind, developmentally delayed, a little person, and one of the most important people in my life. Thomas came into my world on December 30th, 1990. I was working as a teaching assistant with students with special needs and did some home support on the side. I was called into the agency that I worked for to hear about this medically fragile ten year old who at the time was the size of a three year old and weighed twenty-five pounds. He didn’t see or hear well. He didn’t talk. He could only walk a few steps and he tired out because of serious cardiac problems. I was extremely apprehensive when I went to his house on that December day. Even after many years of working with children with specials needs, I didn’t know what to expect. The picture that had been painted and the reports I read had been bleak. I walked into the living room where he was sitting against the stereo speaker feeling the vibrations of the music - and my heart soared. There sat a very cute young fellow with curly strawberry blond hair, big thick glasses, a sweet face and very worried eyes. I sat down in front of him and let him process and understand that there was someone there. Suddenly his feet were in my lap. I began to rub them. When I stopped he let me know that he wanted more by thrusting his tiny feet into my hands and clapping his hands – his sign for more. Suddenly we had a game going. I rubbed his feet. I stopped. He had to do something to keep the game going. I realized then, that despite what I had read and heard, he was just a kid like any other kid who wanted to play and to connect with other people. From that moment on, I was hooked. I eventually became his school Intervenor (the person who works one to one with a person who is deafblind) for many years. He is the one that has lead me to what I am doing now. I knew nothing about deafblindness before I met him and now I am a teacher consultant with students with deafblindness. Meeting Thomas led me to my heart and back to school to become a teacher and to become a specialist in deafblindness.
Serendipity is defined as the gift of finding agreeable things not sought for. So look back in your life…what wonderful thing has happened to you when you weren’t expecting it or planning it? By meeting one person or going to one event, what did that lead to?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Half way there!

Melissa and Me

yep, that's me! it seems by posting this
picture i am half way over my "photo fear"
this picture is not so much about all seeing
me, it is more for me, to get over my fear
and believe in me entirely!

i am a strong believer in my beliefs, i have
always stood by what i say, or write, i am
outspoken, yet understanding, and try
not be judgmental

i always tell people to write what they feel
believe in yourself, as if you believe in you
then all will believe the same, if i say this
than i must do for myself as well

photos of myself have never been my
favorite, i guess its the idea of me looking
back at me, and saying "yep thats me"
its like reality, staring right at you

my family knows this "photo fear" i have,
they live it all the time, when family
photos are taken, they always know i try to
go in the back and put everyone in front of me

so my nephew put me to the test, he
situated me with melissa (his girlfriend)
and asked her to get real close, when i felt
her besides me, my heart grew and i smiled
and knew that it would be ok!

he saw the picture thru the camera and
said "perfect" he was so right, what amazes
me the most is my nephew at the age of 25
gets me! totally understands me! and carries
me thru!

so there you have it!

me in my backyard, reality!

almost there, yes i am :O)

special thank you too
♥♥Vincent and Melissa♥♥
much love always!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No money, No Gas!

i am starting to get really pissed
about the high price of gas, it really
has many people at a standstill, and they are
just not doing things that they normally

all weekend long as i drove around
doing errands, there was no traffic
to be had, some roads i travel by mid
afternoon on weekends are bumper
to bumper, i had prepared myself for
this thinking how bad it would be so
i started my days early

well i really could have slept in late
cause there was no one around!

it really has come to being unaffordable
the cost to fill up my tank is $55.00
when the heck did that happen!
my cousin has a suv, $125.00 to fill
her tank up! What!

how in the world are we suppose to
be able to afford this, our salaries have
not gone up, and yet everything else goes up

the poor, can't put gas in their car at all
the middle class, will put gas in their car
and struggle with the payment
the rich, don't really care how much gas is
and heck, why should they!

every time you get a estimate on something
such as landscaper's, garbage removal, etc
they also tell you they have to add on extra
for gas, and if you want the service you have
to pay! So you do it!

i am not good at this, i really don't know
the solution or for that matter have any

i did some searching and this is what i found:

"Why are gas prices so high"

1.) Increase in demand in developing countries, primarily China and India.
2.) Lack of refinement capability.
3.) Some recent natural disasters - Katrina, etc.
4.) Oil speculators.
5.) OPEC price manipulation.
6.) Dollar rates vs foreign currency
7.) Political instability in the middle east.
8.) Normal inflation

so are these really the answers?

perhaps, just not so sure~~

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Not Really by Tina~in_ut

Do you ever get an email or joke that is just so funny that you have to share with everyone? Sometimes you get ones that are so well written, you are proud to know the person who wrote it! I received an email that was so hilarious, that I immediately forwarded it to my co-workers and best friend! They all loved it. THEN, I told the writer I was putting it on the blog. I could not deprive others of her superb writing. So here is Zona's email. Enjoy~

"I was sitting here at the computer this morning, and I heard a young boy's voice calling "Lady....Lady..." and then whistling. I looked out the window and there was the new neighbor's son..standing in the driveway, with a boxer puppy next to him.

He was looking down the street and shouting now, "Lady...LADY!!" For all I knew it could have been a Jerry Lewis impersonation, and there was some woman he was calling to come back. I watched and saw a Dobie pup run up to was a real honest to goodness dog that was loose, and had now come home. I started to turn away, but saw that Lady was playing with his sense of relief by turning and running back down the street!

In the meantime he was still trying to keep track of the boxer pup. I went into full helpful neighbor mode and slapped my feet into my flip flops..ran into the kitchen and got some of Nikki's milk bones..which she then tried desperatley to grab back from me..and while pushing her off me, ran out of the front door. I only forgot one had been raining.

My flip-flop clad foot hit the wet cement, and my leg went straight up in the air, I thought, what a nice tree we have just before my ass and back hit the concrete. I laid there trying to see and catch my breath, weakly holding up the dog biscuits in the direction of the boy.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a trotting Dobie puppy run up to him...and without so much as a smirk in my direction, the trio went into their backyard..leaving me sprawled on the front walkway. I took a deep breath, and hauled myself first to my knees, biscuits still in hand. I knelt, butt to the street in defiance to anyone who might have a problem with the view, and then slowly stood up. I limped to the front door, where Nikki was waiting for her treats. I opened the security door and threw the damn biscuits across the entrance hall. Nikki ran after them and crunched happily away, as I stepped first out of one flip..than the flop...walked to the sofa and fell into it. Truly Tina...that Lady was a tramp!"

I have always wished I could write like this. Thank you Zona for making me laugh and always entertaining me with your stories! I really wish you would submit you work!


Monday, May 26, 2008

God Bless the USA

Sung by Lee Greenwood

today, memorial day is a day
of remembrance, it is a day
we remember all who have
fought for the freedoms of
our country from WW1 and
beyond, today we thank them!

mek has written our memorial
day blog, she shares a story
with us, that is dear to her heart


by mek in az

I don’t know about you guys, but this song always makes me tear up. As I have shared before, my father dedicated his life (and sacrificed his family) for his country and now rests peacefully in Ft. Logan National Cemetery in Denver, Colorado.

I wanted to share a story that I have a hard time relaying to people, because I can never finish it without crying… (So please forgive me – I get passionate about this kind of stuff)..

In October of 2003, I was sitting in the Tucson International Airport waiting to catch a flight to Virginia to attend my uncle’s funeral. All of a sudden, the terminal was full of young men and women in uniform. I knew instantly that these young people were being deployed, which made me say a little prayer that they all be safe and return unharmed. (Yes, I started crying – heck, I was an emotional wreck anyway)… I just happened to overhear a conversation between several of the young men and I want to share that with you.

These men were talking about saying goodbye to their families and seeing life thru the eyes of their children. The one that stuck with me the most and really got me thinking – was about the four year old twins that were SO upset that daddy would not be there for Halloween, the mom had made them special costumes and Daddy wasn’t going to get to see them and go collect candy – and the young man went on to say – what his children didn’t understand was that after Halloween would be their birthday, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas – but thru a child’s eyes, they just look to one event at a time – they don’t “see” the future.. (Oh, to be young again, right??!!)

By this time – I was a total basket case – and one of the soldiers looked at me and said, “ma’am are you okay” ( I hate that he called me ma’am – but we were brought up that way) –and I said – don’t worry about me – I just want to thank you for all you do and be safe. He replied, “Ma’am, I will be okay. I’m going over there to fight for your freedom and whether I come home like this (and waved his hands up and down his torso) or in a box – this is what I signed up to do? It’s all good” And with that – their flight was boarding.

I have no idea what happened to any of those young men and women. Whether they got to spend another Halloween, birthday or Christmas with their families again or if they came home in “a box” and are buried in a National Cemetery like my father is.

All over the country, a boy scout troop or two spent this week putting our Nations Flag on each and every headstone to honor our fallen heroes and TAPS will be played at sunset.(can’t listen to that either). So, while everyone is enjoying a day off of work, cooking out, playing volleyball or swimming in the backyard, I ask that you please take a moment to say a little thank you and a prayer for all those that have lost their lives so that we can have the freedoms we do today.

Thank you for indulging me today – and on a lighter note – what is everyone going to do today?


Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Pips??

For Maureen

i have always wondered what it would
be like to be a comedian, it looks so freeing
as you can do anything, all the things that
we say we cannot do, due to embarrassment
comedians seem to do and more!

they are so concentrated on the task at hand
that their faces are symboled into exactly what
they are doing, i know i could not hold by expression
that long, i would crack up as soon as someone said
"action", so a comedian i could not be

the other night this clip struck my funny bone
my laughter exploded

i have watched it several times
since then and each time laugh more

it is a good video for a relaxing Sunday
as we all need to smile
and of course a good "crack up"



Saturday, May 24, 2008

EBay Obsession!!!


by Lynn D

I know that many of you will read this and just not care. That is ok with me. I just need a place to vent my feelings on this subject as it has been consuming me of late and I knew the owls would put up with my ranting and raving.

As many of you know I sold and bought on Ebay or Feebay or Greedbay as many people are now calling this site. I started in 1999 or 98 with some prodding from a friend. I soon found that I really enjoyed it and had lots of fun. It fueled my creativity and had me treasure hunting all the time. I never sold for huge profit or to make a living more as a hobby and extra spending or mad money as it were.

The last six months I have watched this company implement new rules and policies and fee changes that not only has angered me but has made me sick to my stomach and very sad for many people that Ebay spent years wooing to their site to start businesses of their own. We are talking about Mom and Pop sellers, single parents, people supplementing their fixed incomes etc… I thought it was great the Ebay had a hand in helping so many people find a source of income that would fit and fill their needs.

Well Ebay now seems to be done with us. They are pushing us out like we carry the plague in our pocket, while trying to convince everyone including the media and general public that it is building a newer and safer buying and selling experience. As some people call it drink the Kool aide and don’t ask questions.

They have become something I despise, a corporate entity that no longer cares about people, but about how much money we can rake in off of your hard work and backs.

I get up every morning and check out the nest then I can’t stop myself I am compelled to go Ebay bad news hunting. I know this is horrible and really bad for my Karma but I now want Ebay to go down in flames.

There is a new CEO in town and he has referred too many of us that helped build Ebay into the giant it is now as so much noise and is really disgusted by the flea market look we bring to HIS Ebay. Great PR huh???

I visit the boards there, which I had never done in the past to see what others are saying and thinking and occasionally can’t help myself from leaving snide and sarcastic remarks. The first time I did this was because Ebay was deleting any post that had the audacity to question there decision making abilities or had unkind words for the new CEO.

What really got me in the last two weeks is Ebay making deals with big business like buy. com to sell more and giving them a break from their excessively high fees and also from their new feedback madness rules. Rumors have it they are in talks with GM and other huge Mega corporations to sell on Ebay. They are slowly in my opinion working towards an internet strip mall. Why you ask? Because they are not happy that Amazon. com has continued growth and they don’t. The assumption is they want to become an Amazon or internet Wal-Mart. Totally scrapping what Ebay was based on and the people who helped get them there.

What is even more interesting in the last few months is that they are now in the process of racking up lawsuits. Craigslist is suing them (bet you didn’t know that Ebay owns a quarter of CL). They have Ebay Australia up in arms by trying to implement Paypal only payments there, of course Ebay owns Paypal and takes fees from every payment made. Their ACCC is supposed rule whether it will be legal or not next month and more people are waiting in the wings with more lawsuits.

I left when they announced many of these changes in February as I saw the train speeding down the track then. I decided I did not want to pay this VENUE,( hah that is what they call it) my hard earned money to tell me what to sell, when to sell, how to ship it etc…rules that amounted to abuse and clearly indicated that they were no longer a VENUE but wanted to be my manager. WTF they don’t pay me a paycheck I pay them fees.

Their motto since the beginning was our values are based on do unto others etc… Well that has clearly changed and should be Profit first!

The latest announcement is that they want to start a fair-trade arena on Ebay for all of those companies that make money in poor countries off of their crops or crafts and artwork to help make lives better in their countries. Well folks this just seemed too ironic for words to me. Considering all of the people here they just pushed out of Ebay that were lower income and making a living, now left out in the cold. Wonder how much Ebay will take for fees off of the backs of the fair trade groups????

So I spend my morning reading Ebay boards and www. auctionbytes. com for the latest nasty news and announcements and I don’t know why??? Anger, obsession???? I know it has to stop but can’t seem to help it.

Thank you for letting me rant! Maybe it will help me to move on. Should we start an intervention??


Friday, May 23, 2008

Toys of Childhood

Toys of Childhood

by Zona

for Vig

Hula Hoops. Liddle Kiddles. Creepy Crawlers. Mousetrap. Toss Across. These are a few of the many toys I had when I was a child. Oh, I didn't forget Barbie, but I think I was more interested in the accessories than the actual doll. I loved the Barbie Dune Buggy..which I still have. Do you remember Mystery Date? "Open the door to your...Mystery Date"? My sister had a Mrs. Beasley doll, which was made famous in the TV show 'Family Affair'. My brother had 'Fort Apache'..and I loved to play with it while he was at school. He would come home and wonder who moved his horses..but my mom never told on me. I also took his GI Joe, as I found him to be a better date for Barbie than Ken.

My favorite game was 'Mousetrap'...until one of the kids in the neighborhood stole the hand..without the hand the marble couldn't fall and spring the cage over the mouse. I was devastated.

I always wanted an 'Easy Bake Oven'..but my mom told me that I could help her bake a cake in a real oven instead. Where's the fun in that? I wanted to cook by a light bulb!!

What toys and games do you remember having as a kid...which ones were your favorites? Was there one that you never received that you still wish you would have gotten?? Did you keep any of your childhood toys??

I did, they are always there to remind me of the happiness and innocence of my youth.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

And The Winner Is!

David Cook and his Mom

David Cook

He is our American Idol 2008 Winner
and I could not be more excited!

He received 56 percent of the 97.5 million
votes that were cast

I think he is terrific and it seems
he is a great showman, even tho, he is
just beginning, his presence on stage is just
so confident!

His closing song, was sung flawlessly!

He should be where he is!

Congrats also goes out to David Archuleta
for a very young man, he will go far!

What a great season! I enjoyed it immensely

Congrats David Cook, Have the "Time of your Life"

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Roller Coaster Ride?

My Roller Coaster Ride

by Iteach

Lately my life has been like a roller coaster ride. The ride has been going up and down so much lately that I wish the darn roller coaster would go straight for a while.

I have been trying to keep my chin up even when the car is going down the hill. It is a lot of work and I'm exhausted every night.

Where are you right now in the roller coaster of life?

Are you up?

Are you down?

Or are you coasting?

When you are going down what do you do to hope cope with the fall?

I rely on my children and a good book. I love to get lost in a book and I love to watch my children laugh.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy days of Summer

Those days of Summer

by Maureen

♪♪♪♪ Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Those days of soda and pretzels and beer
Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Dust off the sun and moon and sing a song of cheer ♪♪♪♪
"As Sung by Nat King Cole"

Do you remember summers as a child? It seemed they lasted forever. Now each year as we grow older, those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer roll by faster and faster. If summer was a TV show, when we were young, it would have been a summer replacement series, then it became a mini series, down to a movie of the week, an hour special and now it seems to be merely a ½ hour special. As children, we played all day...from early morning till the streetlights came on. If it rained, there was always a neighbors house to play in...and if their dinner was better then the one your mom made, you stayed even longer! Summer was a break from the pressures of the school year. Now, when we really do have pressures in our lives, there is virtually no summer break.

As a teen and then a college student, summer could never come soon enough nor last long enough! There was so much to do and it seemed like nothing was unattainable then. Vacations, amusement parks, days at the beach (yes there are beaches in Cleveland!) road trips and just hanging out with friends and meeting new friends. Softball games, picnics, ice cream stands, canoing, and camping.

Now I find summers to be no different from spring, fall and winter (except for the heat and humidity!)...go to work, come home, take care of responsibilities and repeat! A little fun thrown in on the weekends...just like the rest of the year!

I miss those
lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Those days of sodas, pretzels and beer
I wish those summer's could be here again


Monday, May 19, 2008

The Farmer's Market


By Just_Lin

I just found out that our local Farmer's Market is in operation again every Wednesday afternoon. The booths are set up on a small street not far from the ocean. I really enjoy going to it and looking at all the wonderful produce. Last year was the first year they set it up and it was such a wonderful distraction for me. My husband had just died a few months before and I spent so much of my time crying and grieving. Looking at the earth's bounty was so soothing and healing to me. It encouraged me to be kind to myself, to provide my body with healthy foods and proper nourishment. It gave me a small measure of comfort.

There's something special about buying fruits and vegetables directly from the people who grow it. It's as if it's only one step away from growing it myself. Somehow, when I buy my produce from the big corporate grocery chain, I feel I've lost that connection to Mother Earth. There are too many degrees of separation.

I'm looking forward to my visit to the Farmer's Market next Wednesday. There's always live music and the people are always in such a friendly, happy mood. I usually run into people I know and that's always fun. I'm looking forward to picking out my zucchinis, mushrooms, ripe tomatoes, succulent grapes and berries, juicy fruits and melons, and sweet corn. Oh, and there's a lady there who sells her muffaletta, an olive relish, that is so delish on thin crackers.

Once I have my bag full of all my delicious healthy foods, I will make one more stop. It's the booth at the far end. That's where they sell the "Killer Brownies". I get the ones with chocolate chips in them and believe me, they really are killer brownies. Healthy food can only take you so far and then you have to have a treat. Yum!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Can't stop the beat!

"well it is true, whenever there is something in our way, we can always find the music, and we can never stop the beat!"

♪♪♪♪ so as the world keeps spinning round and round, and our hearts are keeping time to the speed of sound! the words were lost till the beat began, and then we found our way! ♪♪♪♪

♪♪♪♪ cause we can't stop the beat! ♪♪♪♪


Fun with a double meaning!

Love it!


Saturday, May 17, 2008

College Graduation!

my youngest nephew is graduating
college today, we are all in PA, my family
and i, even my brother, i am glad he is
here for my nephew

you see my nephew was only 13 when
my brother left my sister-in-law who i
now call my ♥♥sister♥♥

it is only my brother and i and we,
unfortunately do not have a close
relationship, so my sister is
my rock, my friend, my savior
she knows me, she gets me, she
appreciates me, and i her!

today will be the last college graduation
for us, the "baby" as we fondly called him
has blossomed into a boy and now a
young man

tall, lean, handsome and strong, this is he
it seems he can conquer anything he desires
i call it a "go getter" when he sees a possibility
he grabs, squeezes tight and runs with it

what a amazing young man he has become
he values us as a family, and cherishes
the moments we spend together
he is a great nephew, a loving son, i caring
brother, and a amazing grandson
he loves my father dearly, they are very close

i think that comes from the strained relationship
he has with his father, so instead he places himself
within my fathers reach, and my father takes hold

as we watch our "baby" take that walk up the
steps to receive his diploma, we will no doubt
shed tears, however they will be happy ones,
the tears will be full of joy and pride

he is off to law school, as he starts a
primer course two days after he graduates
he is heading to DE, he will make it
i am sure, he just has it in him

he is young man now, time to let go, to let him
follow his own road and to make his own
journey, time to watch as he builds on his
foundation and creates a life that will
complete him~~

Congrats my dear nephew, may you
always reach for the stars ♥♥♥


Friday, May 16, 2008

It was a blank page!

can you believe i am staring at
a blank page, and wondering what
i am going to type next, i did not
have a blog planned for today,
my day yesterday was very stressful, and i
was only thinking about the day
ending, as i wanted that so bad

my stress had to do with work, it
was one problem after the next
as soon as i finished one, the next
occurred, i handled it pretty well tho
i only broke down once, not bad
for a "crazy woman" who just happens
to be pmsing (tmi)

i am telling you, there is nothing like
getting a call from a client who is at
the airport and got bumped off their
flight, i know from experience, once
bumped, there is a very slight chance
of getting them on that flight, AA changed
equipment at the last minute (smaller aircraft)
which meant 80 people were not getting
on the flight and three of the 80 were

so that was my day, this problem took
about 5hrs to solve, clients did not get
on the plane, just as i suspected

they are leaving tomorrow instead


it amazes me how one incident can
just set a course for your day!

and my course yesterday was like
a train wreck, crash, after crash, after crash!

*********** seems i filled up the blank page
i guess nothing can stop me from writing :O)


Thursday, May 15, 2008

David Cook

American Idol is winding down!

i must say i did enjoy this season
more than last years

my favorite is David Cook, i have
enjoyed all his performance's and
think his voice is strong enough
to be the next American Idol

i will admit i did not vote every
week, as i knew MEK, IBB and Goldie
were doing all the voting :O)

when he sang this song a couple of
weeks ago, he blew me away
and i knew then, that he was
going to surpass the others

this is truly a great performance!


i of course am hoping he wins
however, i would be just as happy
if he takes second, because i
know he will do well, whatever
the outcome

this young man's dream is about to
come true

kudos to him!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday, Hump Day?

well it seems somewhere along the
line Wednesday became "hump day"

i wonder why:

maybe because we have to hump
over Wednesday to get to Thursday?
but then don' t we have to hump over
Friday to get to Saturday?

can it be just because its in the
middle of the work week?

or does it have something to do with
a camel having humps?

perhaps a "Mr. Hump" made Wednesday
famous in a far off land, and someone
named Wednesday's for him?

we could look at Wednesday's as going
up a hill (which would be the hump part)
and the descent would bring us
to the weekend?

is it that people hump on Wednesday's?
maybe Heidi Fleiss said it once and it

did Clinton get caught with Monica
on a Wednesday? and then one of the
news stations ran with it?

did the hunchback of Notre Dame
ring the famous bell on Wednesday's?
he had a hump on his back, so is that
the origin?

i found this on the internet:

"Do you know what the best thing about Tuesdays are? Its the day before Hump Day!" "What's hump day?" "It's the hump of the week!!"

what is up with that, i am just has confused
as when i started this blog

so many people say it to me, and i read
it everywhere, it just sounds so, well,
not normal!

i can't find the origin of this saying
so i am just going to stick with what
i have known Wednesday's to be, which
is the middle day in a work week


Happy Wednesday :O)


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Round and Round

i am extremely burnt out, i feel
as if i am going round and round
with no straight lines ahead of me
wherever i start i go around, only
to go back around

make sense?

there is just to much to do, life
is just so demanding, and in between
all this i have my parents to take
care of, not the physical being of
them, its the mental part, that
requires me to be there for them

after i long day at work, using all my
mental capabilities i have to then
make sure all dad's paperwork, banking
doctors appt's etc are all done and in order

it is so strange how many years ago
they both took so good care of me, they
gave me the tools to be who i am, and
now as it always happens in life the
tables have turned, and i now have
to take care of them

i love them dearly, and will do what needs
to be done for as long as it takes, i would never
leave them at this point, as the need for me
to be here is just to strong

so i go on my "merry go round" daily
only to wake the next day, and start all
over again!

some say life is a good ole
"merry go round" i used to chuckle
at that statement, and now i know
exactly what they meant

i am making myself dizzy :O)


Monday, May 12, 2008

"Smile and say Cheese"

"What story does this picture tell?"

there are times i look at pictures
that are on my space of my friends or
pictures i am shown of family
and or acquaintance's

if the picture is unknown to me
i tend to tell a story in my mind
about the picture, kinda like make

it is amazing how i can make up this
story and it seems so real, yet the person
who's picture it is, tells such a different

it is true we conjure up things in our
minds and most of the time they are
all so different

i believe in the words:
"A picture tells a thousand words"
for what you see or believe can be
so far from the reality of the picture
a thousand times over!

last year i was shown a picture
of what seemed a sweet family, it
was a christmas picture, the children
in their best christmas outfits,
the parents looking so perfect,
smiles were everywhere, even the
dog seemed to be smiling, behind
them all was a fireplace, so bright orange
it glared, i stared at the picture with
envy, thinking "how lucky for
this family, picture perfect"

not so perfect, they are now divorced
he, was never happy in his marriage
he, was miserable the day of the photo
he, was forced to take that photo

so, at times does a picture really
tell the whole story, or is it just a mask
for reality?

can we ever really know?


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Flowers for all of our Mother's


My Mother

by Joey

Happy Mother's Day to everyone! I'd like to start off by saying that I hope everyone shows their Mother some love today and every day because they are a precious gift. Let me tell you about my Mother.

My Mom, Patricia, who we called "Mama" growing up, was born in 1950 in North Carolina. She had one sister and one brother. Her parents, my Meemaw and Papa, ran the local A & P grocery store.

My mom grew up and always worked hard. As a teenager she worked in the tobacco fields in the hot, humid air of North Carolina. She also worked at the local movie theatre where she got to enjoy that weeks' feature before the public had the chance to see it. Of course she worked at the grocery store my grandparents ran also.

She grew up and met my father, Harold. They began dating and got married, and soon thereafter, I was born. I was the first child and am the oldest of four boys. I was spoiled by my parents and grandparents, because I was the first grandchild on both sides of my family. My Dad was a mechanic. They divorced when I was ten and I always helped my Mom out with my brothers.

My Mama always worked hard and took care of my brothers and I. She was a very funny person and full of life. She always knew how to make you smile. She also played piano by ear, a gift that my little brother also inherited. She also loved to cook. Mama could whip up some of the best meals you ever put in your mouth. Maybe that's where the saying "It's so good, it'll make you slap your mama!" came from. lol

Mama loved to sing also. She sang in the church choir and eventually got me involved. Poetry was also a huge part of her life. I wished I was able to quickly get my hands on some poetry she wrote because I'd share it with you all. Maybe I'll do that for another day. She had an extraordinary gift.

I'll tell you a funny story. When my brothers and I were younger, we had a tape recorder(Yes, I dated myself, but I'm sure you all had one) or cassette recorder, whatever you'd like to call it. Well, we used to go around recording random stuff, joking, and just having fun with it. We would always try to 'sneak' and record her doing or saying something funny, but she wouldn't fall for it. She always knew we secretly had the recorder near her. She'd keep saying in a stern voice, "stop recording me!" lol

I had some of these recordings for years, even as an adult, and I ended up losing them. I'd give anything to have those back now. My Mama was a very strong person. She lived with leukemia for nine long years when the doctor only told her she would live two. She was a fighter and I grew strength in that as I got older.

As she got older, and got remarried, she was a stay at home mom. She cooked, cleaned and worked really hard to keep us four boys from destroying our home. lol
She made us do chores and do our part, and at the time, I'd say to her when she'd demand the dishes be washed, "Not now Mama". I only realized as I got older and raised my brothers why she meant she wanted them done RIGHT then and THERE. I am a lot like her today. lol

I learned many things from Mama. One was how to make gravy and cook in general. As a child, I wanted this play "cooking set" out of the S& H Greenbax catalog(remember those?), and she got it for me! I was so thrilled to get it. She started teaching me how to cook when I was nine years old. Another thing she taught me was how to shop and be frugal which I still put into practice to this day.

Using coupons was never an issue for her. She loved using them and saving money. She could sniff out a bargain like Toucan Sam could froot loops. lol

I rarely saw my Mama angry. She had to deal with unpleasant situations just as any Mother would, but she always handled them with grace and dignity.

My Mama never judged me. She tried to get me to come "out" to her in so many words, but I never had the courage. It's true for the most part that Mother's always "know". Not being my true self to her is something I regret to this day, but I know she's looking down and is proud of what her four boys have become now as men.

Remember, love and cherish your mom while you have her. Make every moment count, as you never know when God may call her home........


Saturday, May 10, 2008

What is it about Ice Cream?

what is the deal with ice cream
why does everyone love it so,
i personally could take it or leave it

however whenever i talk favorite
foods with others, ice cream always
comes up in the conversation as
one of their favorites

they seem to eat it by the pints
or gallons, not just one scoop
or maybe two, a pint? a gallon?

i have also noticed they can name
ice creams flavors and the makers
of these certain flavors, and of course
tell you with certainty which one is better

if i have ice cream, i don't really know
the difference in the makers, to me
vanilla is, well vanilla and the same
with chocolate

these ice cream lovers eat it all year long
even in our winter months, it is something
they must have

i remember this from childhood:
"you scream, i scream, we all scream for
ice cream" i remember chanting that
when the good humor truck would drive
in our block, and we would make a mad
dash into the house to get some money
from our parents to buy the ice cream

i never finished mine, i threw half
of it away, i guess that was my first sign!

perhaps i need to find a flavor that would
make me love it to, perhaps i just stick with
the norm and don't appreciate it as others do

or maybe, i really just don't love it!



Friday, May 9, 2008

Funny is Perfect!

this video today is so apropos!

it is to brighten ♥Lynn D's♥ spirits

i was surfing the net and found it

it cracked me up

those were the good ole days of
just laughter, over very silly
stuff, and these two where the best!


keep the laughter going thru out the
day, as we all know, laughter and
smiles are good, together they make
a perfect pair!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blue Eyes?

i met a old school buddy last nite
of my brothers, it was by pure
accident, i went out to dinner
with my cousins and there he
was to greet us,
to bring us to our table,
as soon as i saw him i knew

i turned to my cousin and explained
who he was, that he graduated with
my brother and went to the same
grammer school we went to at
dear old "St Francis Xavier"

when i asked he said "yes i know
your brother and i recognize you"
"how i asked, it has been so long"
"your eyes he said, so very blue"

my blue eyes, so many see them
so many comment on them, yet when
i see me, the blue eyes are, well, just
eyes, not blue at all, as it is me

i always say, others always see you
different then what you perceive
yourself to be, and i have my
blue eyes to prove it, i have discussed
this with lynn d, when she blogged about
disconnect, it was just the other day

and the best, the old school buddy
of my brothers, we discussed our
teachers, the nuns, he named so
many of them, what grades they taught
us in, and i then remembered!
bon's blog on teachers just the other
day, i could only remember two, and
now i know more, he had pictures
of some of the priests at our church,
we reminisced

he owns this restaurant, i had no idea
that he did, i had lost touch with him
since my brothers school years, it was
a last minute choice to dine there, it
was not planned

two blogs, two incidents, i truly
believe as lovey does, there are no
accidents, everything has a reason
and happens for a reason

this is life, as we know it!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It Happened Again

i am having a issue with my weight
i can't seem to get a control on my
eating, i feel like a bottomless pit

it just seems i am always hungry
try as i might, the hunger stays with
me, each day i wake and tell myself
it is going to be a good day, i will
control my food intake, by 1pm
all bets are off

just not really sure what happen
i did have it under control, my weight
was stable, and i was able to stay away
from foods that just seemed to add
the pounds on

it has been since christmas 07 that
i have lost the control, and definitely
gained weight

so now i am starving myself
i know that is not good, but i have
to do something

summer is approaching and i just
don't want to be that poor beached
whale lying on the jersey shore beach

i know i am me, and i will always
be a plus size, however i just need
to gain that control back

i have put myself in this position
before, so it is happening again,
and i allowed it to do so

oh boy, just another issue to deal
with, i just want to attack this issue
this minute, and i know i can't as
this is going to take a while

wish me luck


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Life Lessons Learned

Dedicated to our own Iteach, Jennifer, VIG and Tink ~~~

by bon'oregon

Recently I read the inspiring best-seller The LAST LECTURE by Randy Pausch, the 47-year old father of three very young children and Carnegie Mellon Professor of Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Design and Time Management. In September 2006, Pausch was diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer and, in August 2007, he was given the prognosis of 3 to 6 months of relatively good health. Much of the next few months were spent capturing in a 'last lecture' his philosophy of life and lessons he wanted to leave with former students and-~~more importantly~~-his own children and wife. What a wonderful gift he left for all of us educators, parents, HUMANS.

I'm so tempted to leave a dozen or so quotes from the book here, but I'll resist. Here are just a few.....

*"In the end, educators best serve students by helping them be more self-reflective. The only way any of us can if we develop a real ability to assess ourselves."

*"I've always believed that if you took one-tenth the energy you put into complaining and applied it to solving the problem, you'd be surprised by how well things can work out."

*"Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted...failure is not just acceptable, it's often essential."

*"Whether you think you can or can't, you're right."

*"Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other."

*"If I could only give three words of advice, they would be 'tell the truth'. If I got three more words, I'd add: 'all the time."

Today is National Teacher Day. This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. I thought it might be fun, on this day, for each of us to look back and remember the ONE teacher who stands out in our memories for something they said or did which impacted us and our life choices.

Was he/she a Post-Graduate Professor or gifted Kindergarten Teacher? Did we recognize that influence at the time? Or are we just beginning to realize how much of who we are we owe to them? I've had one or two such teachers, but I'd rather hear from YOU about yours!


Monday, May 5, 2008



by Lynn D

Sometimes I am at a loss on how to deal with myself. I have many issues and have tried to work on them as I grow.

One issue I am struggling with and have come to the conclusion I may always, is my ability to just disconnect emotionally. This occurs when I feel threatened or uncertain. It really can go beyond normal reason and caution.

I know I learned it at a young age as I had to learn how to cope very quickly early in my life. I had to divorce or stop the emotions or they would overtake me. I was too young to know how to make the hurt stop so I learned to disconnect while still looking engaged.

I fell helpless to stop it. As I get older it is like a closed emotional fist. I can feel it in my gut and see it in my minds eye. The old recording in my mind that says don’t share, don’t reveal too much or you will be disappointed again. No one will accept you for who you are, don’t take the chance. I am a coward and give in.

This coping mechanism helped me get through some very tough emotional and physical times in my life, but now it feels like a weight holding me down and keeping me from being happy. I am not saying that I am not happy. I have moments of happiness but I crave more. Are there people who are happy most of the time?

It makes me tired and really hinders me from accepting who I am and stops me from being who I want to be. I want to break the cycle and yet I cling to it as I can’t take someone else ripping through me emotionally it hurts so much.

I keep searching for a better way, a more logical way and have not found it yet. I will continue on this search because the fist is becoming more and more uncomfortable. I don’t want to live the rest of my life disconnected. It scares me and makes me sad that I could pass from this world without unclenching that fist.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ten Questions

Season Spring, A Painting by ♥Lovey♥


by ♥Lovey♥

I love Sunday's. One of my favourite programs, "Inside the Actor's Studio" comes on at 5 p.m.

I find it so interesting how much you can tell about a person, and how much conversation can be made with 10 questions.

I usually answer the questions along with the guest and sometimes they are the same each week and sometimes they change.

It all depends on my mood and thoughts that day.
Here's 10 questions. I'd love to read your answers.

1) What is your favourite word?
2) What is your least favourite word?
3) What turns you on creatively, spiritually, or emotionally?
4) What turns you off creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
5) What sound or noise do you love?
6) What sound or noise do you dislike?
7) What is your favourite curse word?
8) What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
9) What profession would you not like to do?
10) If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Our Perception

i received by "100 most beautiful"
People Magazine yesterday, which i
have always enjoyed, i love to
see who is the most "beautiful"
i look at the pictures in awe of
the outward beauty these people
were blessed with

as i flip thru the pictures i
wonder who picks these people
as the most beautiful, and why is
it the outward beauty that counts?

are all these people really beautiful?

should we not take into consideration
the makeup, the photo editing, the
expensive clothes and the hundred's
of pictures they took before they
chose just one?

kate hudson, cute yes, beautiful?
rumor wilson, cute?, beautiful?
sarah silverman, no comment!

well heck, if they can all be considered
beautiful, then why can't i? if i
had access to a makeup artist, a stylist,
a expert photographer, would i not look
as beautiful as they?

you betcha!

its all in the perception, it is
what they make you look like, it is
how they distort who you are and
who they want you to be

when i see oprah, in all her worldly
clothes, her hair so spectacular, her
face donned with makeup, do i think
she is fulfilled with outward beauty,
well yes, as that is what they want
me to see, but is she really?

to me, beautiful should be judged
on what is on the inside, the outward
should have no bearing!


Friday, May 2, 2008

As I look back!

i am feeling quite nostalgic lately
looking back on my teens always
puts me a 70ish kind of mood

i wonder if i knew all the possibilities
that were ahead of me, i wonder if
i took life for granted, as being a teen
you are so much more into yourself
and your "so called" friends, nothing
around you matters

so as i was looking back, i found
this, and smiled ear to ear, as it made
me happy! it was so great to be a teen
in the 70's

i am so very glad i have the memories
and now looking back it seems like magic!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day!

Happy May Day to you!

by iteach

When I was a child May 1st was one of my favorite days. My mom would help us make Mayday baskets to give to all the neighborhood kids. We always used a white styrofoam cup and attach a pipe cleaner to it as a handle. We filled it with popcorn and candy. My little sister and I had so much fun making these with our mom. Then came my favorite part. We would leave them by our neighbor's door, ring the doorbell, and run. It was so much fun to be sneaky. Even though it was a lot of fun doing it for other people, I secretly hoped I would get one by my door too. I would scream with delight when I would hear the door knock and see baskets on the steps.

Those were the good old days, because May day is now a dieing tradition. I'm so surprised every year to hear my students say that they don't do that tradition at home. I still do it in my classroom. We make a basket out of construction paper. Then we fill it with paper flowers, popcorn, and candy. Finally, we leave the basket at another classroom's locker.

I also still do it with my own children. We make them the night before for all the kids in their preschoool classroom. We don't have any neighborhood kids to give them too. Last year they had so much fun making them and I can't wait to do it again this year.

Did you make May Day baskets when you were a little child?

Also, here is something corny to do since I'm a corny type of person. Let's make May Day baskets to hand out to our fellow owls.

Here is my basket to you-

salty white popcorn
orange circus peanuts
dumdum sucker
and violets from my backyard