Wednesday, April 30, 2008



by Lynn D

I am calling this blog phobia because that is what I have when it comes to dentists. I am obsessing over this right now as you are reading this tale of woe. As I am either in the car or on my way to the oral surgeon or am right now in the chair as they prepare to dig out my last lone wisdom tooth and the one in front of it.

Let me say I come by this phobia in a true and honest manner. The first dentist I remember was when I was five. I don’t remember what was being done, (I think a filling as I have always had crappy teeth) but I do remember the dentist slapping me in the face. Seems very harsh to me as I am sure they were torturing me with drills and needles and all of their weapons of torture.

The second dentist was when I was a teen and get this, he did not believe in over using Novocain. What he really meant was he did not believe in using much if any. I had a crown on one tooth that kept popping off (he didn’t believe in using enough glue to bond either) and I would go in to have it fixed and he would yank and pull my gums back and push that damn crown back in place until my gums would bleed. Yep you guessed no Novocain.

There have been other nightmares over the years a root canal on an upper back tooth that by the time I got home my whole face on that side was so swollen that it was affecting the main nerve and it felt like a cattle prod was hitting me in the face. That one I had to go to the emergency room.

Now for today’s fresh torture, I have one wisdom tooth left in my head it is a lower back one. No dentist has wanted to touch it. I had one tell me they may have to break my jaw to get it out. The last oral surgeon that looked at it kept cautioning me about how close it is to the two main nerves in my face, well you get the picture. I did not walk from their offices I ran as fast as my damn legs would carry me.

I can’t put it off any longer. The stupid thing is on its side it never came in right and I can’t get a piece of floss back there to keep it clean. We have all known this was inevitable but went with the theory if it isn’t causing pain leave it alone. It is now just starting to cause pain and it has to go. It has even affected the tooth in front of it.

So I am having them out today. I don’t know what will happen and I am scared spit less. I have been in high anxiety since Sunday and it is escalating!!! I am no pain wimp I did natural childbirth and had no problems with that, but this is scaring the bejesus out of me!!

So say a prayer my Owls friends and any of you that are agnostic just send pain pills please!

What are your phobias??? I will try to read them if I make it home.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Feeling Free??

Thanks ♥Lovey♥

i wanna be carefree, i don't wanna
have to worry what other people
are thinking, i don't what to try
and rack my brain why someone
did this and why someone did that

i just wanna be able to turn my
cheek and not wonder wtf

it is in my being to be a caring person
i over extend myself to all, which is not
a struggle for me, it comes naturally

however, if someone does something
that somewhat affects me, it bothers me
even tho i know i have no control over
their feelings, its like i want to fix it
but just don't have the tools

this feeling has been with me always
i really don't think i can change it

in different aspects of my personality
i like to change things or work on them
and with time usually i succeed

with this, i don't think i can, it is
something i will have to deal with
i can't shuffle the cards on the deal
they are handed to me and i must
accept them, it is just the way it is

so my brain will work overtime
as it always does, and i will just
wonder why and wtf?


Monday, April 28, 2008

Cherry Blossoms

last weekend was our time here
for the cherry blossoms to bloom

the blossoms bloom in Branch Brook
Park which is in walking distance
from my house, i grew up around this
park as so did my parents

you can drive thru this park, as it
covers two cities Belleville and Newark
i drive thru the park often as there are
no diversions such as lights

my dad walks the track in the park
every morning by the bocce ball courts
were all the Italians play bocce ball

i think of my mom and dad with their
friends "hanging" at Branch Brook Park
and i smile, such a sweet memory they
shared with me

it is a landmark in our county, it has
seen many different ethnicity's throughout
the years, it knows many secrets, including
mine :O)

in the Newark section the park element
has changed, several yrs back i was walking
the track and i see a young man lying in the
middle of the track, as i approach i hear
sirens, i look at the young man and he
is not moving, a passerby tells me that
he is dead and the police have been called

i stood their frozen, unable to move
he could have only been 18
as the police approach, i leave with
this horror of a memory, one that i
will never forgot

you see this park has good and bad
memories for me, just as in life

and every year at this time i make
sure i go to see those wonderful
cherry blossoms and as i walk thru the
park, i think of that young man, never
having a chance in life, which always
makes me grateful for mine~~


Sunday, April 27, 2008

♪♪ Happy Dance ♪♪

this my friends is one of my

it is a great way to start your

make those frowns into smiles
head up, back straight, breathe!

happy dance time!

life is good!

Enjoy! ♥♥

Saturday, April 26, 2008


the older I become it seems the
the less patience i have
even tho i know patience will
help me get thru my daily life
patience escapes me

it seems every occurrence
in my daily activities
comes with patience
work, driving, standing in line,
clients, family, etc etc etc
there is not one thing that does
not require patience

i need to find a way
to get patience back in my life
as to make it easier for me
take a deep breathe..breath in..exhale
repeat as necessary

yea right, easier said than done!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Lets Share Recipes!

this is ibb's first blog
so glad she decided to
take the plunge!

Lets Share Recipes

by ibb

I have been thinking about writing a Blog...But thought what do I have to say... Then the idea hit me... Cooking.. Easy recipes that are delicious and easy!!!
The next day VIG had the blog topic of DIETS... Well I thought I better wait a while before I did this... Then a week later Goldie and Jodi were talking about swapping recipes... And then a couple of days ago there was more talk on the blog about recipes.. So I am coming out of my comfortable " Just Watching " place and I am jumping in ...

I think we need to devote a day to sharing recipes!!!
We all need help with "Oh .. What do I not want to make for dinner tonight??"

My favorite easy recipe... Is

It is too easy.. No mess and it tastes like you slaved over a stove all day.. My co-workers would never believe that the chicken I brought in for lunch was actually "fried" in the OVEN..

Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees
In a 9 x 13 pan.. Glass or Pyrex is what I use.
Put 1/4 cup on Solid Crisco
1/4 cup of butter
Melt in oven..
Flour chicken
Place in melted crisco/butter mix SKIN SIDE DOWN
Baked for 30 minutes.. Turn it over bake 30 more minutes...
You have the best fried chicken without mess...
Please help me with some very delish and easy recipes...

I know you all have them!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Grey's Anatomy

my favorite show is coming back
tonight, i have missed it so much
i love all the characters and the
meaning behind them all

their faults out way all that they
are and i love watching them grow
i route for mcdreamy and meredith
in each and every episode, i just feel
they need to be together

it seems to me that almost every
episode is just so true to life
the struggles, the happiness, the loss

when izzie fell in love with denny
as he lay in bed dying, my heart
was saddened for her, as you really
felt the love, when her friends surround
her and carry her off, you know if it
were you, friends would be needed
and they would be there

i don't remember a show ever having
a affect on me like grey's does, i feel
like i know all of them, and sometimes
i can even predict what will happen next

i remember the episode when mcdreamy
had to pick between his wife and meredith
and meredith just looked at him and said
"pick me" as the tears streamed down
my face, i knew he would pick his wife
which he did

i adore that meredith is cristina's
"person" cristina seems so strong
yet, she so needs meredith

i am excited about tonight, i can't wait
to see where all the characters are going
and were they have all been

this is a special show for me, for some
reason it just gives me the hope that
one can love, whether they are together
or apart, the love is there, raw and real


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Only The Owl Knows?

i love my _________
they can be worn anyway i
want with just about anything i
have, i am obsessed, i buy all kinds

i love all colors, and most styles
however i only take one size
i will spend up to $200.00 and
as low as $10.00

they get me where i need to go
sometimes we are friends and
there are time we are enemy's
and when we are enemy's i will smash
and scream, until we are enemy's no more

when i see them and i like them
my excitement overwhelms me
and i gotta have them

summer is my favorite, it is a perfect
season for them, they bring me yellow
on a sunshine day, they are what
completes me

you can share if you like, as i am
giving, but you gotta give them back
or i will hunt you down!

it is amazing how we love certain things
so much we would do anything
to have them, well just about anything
i draw the line at "porn" unless its a

i bet you love ________ to
or do you love something other
than i?


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

Three Promises to the Earth

by vig

April 22nd. It is Earth Day today! Happy special day to this incredible planet. This planet that is so loved and so beautiful yet so at risk. It worries me what the earth will be like in one hundred years, two hundred years, a thousand years. The baby that is born at this very moment as I type, what will her generation and generations to follow inherit? And what can we as individual global citizens do to stop the destruction of our planet?

We have talked here on the blog about what we do to live green and environmentally aware and it was inspiring and motivating to read how we Owls protect our global nest.

The celebration of Earth Day began on April 22nd, 1970 and was a time when people all over North America made promises to help the earth. I challenge you now to take things further then what you are presently doing and on this day of honoring the earth, to make three promises that you know you can keep and are do-able and are meant to help save our planet.

My three promises to the Earth:
I promise to have fewer and shorter showers so I waste less water.
I promise to ride my bike more and drive my car less.
I promise to read newspapers and magazines on line and buy less products that use paper which subsequently means that fewer trees will be cut down.

Now it' your turn. On this Earth Day 2008, what three promises can and will you make to the Earth?

Monday, April 21, 2008

A push is always good!

sometimes we need a push
if we want to do something and
just don't believe we are capable
we need a push

there have been many times in
my life, where i did not think i
was capable of doing something
i just did not have the confidence
to proceed

i needed a push, it is usually not just
one person, as in different times i
need a different pusher, all might
say the same, however only one will
stand out, and i will take the push from
that one person

when i think back on my life, i realize now
that any and all my endeavors would
have not been, if i did not receive that
very needed push, it completes my
decision, it makes me brave!

a decision had to be made regarding
my dad, i was not strong enough
to make it on my own, i needed a push
my dearest middle nephew gave me
the most endearing push, i grabbed
onto it, and held it tightly

i only wish, that perhaps someday i could
feel strong enough about myself, perhaps
get the confidence to believe in me
without hesitation, as this would allow
me to make that decision on my own

i always say "baby steps" as then you
can ease thru things, without to much of
a struggle

for now i will welcome the push
and just take it slowly
learning a new way is always hard
however i think
baby steps and time will help~~

Sunday, April 20, 2008



by scirish

I have always been enamored with cars. As a little kid I was sure that all the big trucks were mine…they all had my initials on the front.

My first boyfriend's father was a mechanic and the boyfriend had a fledgling body shop. I learned how to tape the pieces that should not get painted and to enjoy the end result.

I moved on in life, got married and we had to share a car. I never liked it. I finally got the "extra" car and felt resentful, but it was better than a bus. Then I bought my first car on my own. Oh…what a feeling…My name, my insurance (oy)… But it was all mine! I had freedom. I learned to take care of it on my own and to listen to it. When the sound of it changed, I wanted to know why. Where was the new clink, rattle or roll coming from? I learned because it was mine and had a direct affect on how independent I could be.

It's odd, but I do think the car you own can tell a lot about what you are thinking about your life. For instance, I have had a sporty car, an expensive sporty car, an Omg, no one has this yet car, a crappy, how does this even run car, and a run over everything in its path car. None of which are in any particular order.

What do you think? Do you like cars? Do you have a favorite? Do you have memories concerning cars? (uh oh)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friendships abound!

For all of you!

it is absolutely amazing how these
last two days have turned into
exactly what we all had hoped for

"a celebration"

i really don't think it was all about
the 100th blog, yes the thought of
us reaching a milestone was cause
for celebration, however it occurred
to me that it was also a celebration
of friendship, pure yellow friendship

we all got together and each of us
thought of different ideas and tied
them all together with a beautiful string
the string got longer and each one of
you touched that string and gave it
strength, i still have that string as it
is in my heart, and i am giving each one
of you a piece of the string
to be placed in your hearts as well

the fun, the laughter, the porn, the food
the drinks, never stopped it continued
to the last owl dropped, which seems to
be turtle at comment # 1469
her favorite number, yes whabby
posted after her, however he was three
sheets to the wind, so we really can't
count his comment :O)

so many just stopped by to wish us
well and give us congrats on what we
have built here, i once called tina's
blog "the room" astounding, as i knew it was
she was so right, and yet that was long ago
it is almost like she new~~

as we celebrated, here in the nest
two owls were meeting in AZ
a meeting that would be a first for the
two of them, they met on the same day
we were celebrating, mek and barbwa
making a friendship thru this cyber world
creating a yellow memory, and including us
in their memory

i want to thank each of you for all your
help, in our celebration, i could have not
done any of it without all of you

tomorrow we get back to normal i have
a blog from a owl i will post tomorrow
to start our normal routine

the bouquet of roses i have posted
are for all of you, as you all deserve pretty roses
and yet so much more

to each of you:
smiles and happiness always

Friday, April 18, 2008

Our 100th blog Celebration, Part 2

In celebration of our 100th blog, have a chuckle on these 40 quotes by you "The Night Owls"

20 quotes found by sacbarb

According to Tina I am Strongly Obnoxious. Well people those are strong words from a woman who has such ugly feet! LynnD

it's a bright, clear & sunny 27 degree day here. Think I'll go out and smile at someone :o)) Bon'Oregon

I am confused- did you steal someones purse? Goldie

What a great and terrible thing it is to be a (hu)man! And we're all in this "thing" together. Whabbear

wouldn't it be great if men wore signs that informed us of their true nature? There'd be a hell of alot of bachelors around. Just_Lin

I better go too before the sun comes up and I turn to ashes! Zonababy

I used to have a cat that would answer the phone... I just wish she could of hung it up... ibebold

(Beans are a)Great protein source and fill you up, but watch out! Maybe that should be Butt watch out! Lynn D

Ok I did the dishes! Wiped the counters and put the coffee on. There is also hot water in the kettle for tea and cocoa. I feel like friggin' Owlerella! Lynn D

And for dessert....mole ass cookies, anyone? Just_Lin

it is very hard to keep birdee in her cage, I have tried however she is always hiring a locksmith! A cute one tho, a george clooney look a like!

I just put dinner in the oven.....their is an alarm going off upstairs....better go see what I'm burning down now~ :D tina

My greatest reward has been the hugs and the smiles and the god bless you's I get and they are always from the people who I really don't expect them from. Lynn D

I am often found talking to myself. Its when you answer that you have to worry. goldie

Hooters really does have great food!!! :-) when I was single - my friends and I would go there to watch sports, cuz HELLO, that is where the MEN were!! :-) MEK

Some of my best friends live in the gutter. iteach

I don't have a cell phone. I barely have a cordless phone. I am sooo tech challenged. Zonababy

Don't feel bad or think I am ignoring you if I don't answer... I probably am LOL!!!

I don't give up my Woodie,bob,Dick or Harry for anyone! Mary/MI

621 comments?!!? Good God - I'm not even going to try to catch up. DON'T YOU THINK THAT IS A BIT TEDIOUS?!!? LOL!! I luv it!! jodi

20 quotes found by just_lin

Dam foad monster followed me here! He changed his outfit, but I recognized him!! ~Mary/MI

Oh and I was a pretty tight package in my twenties too Mary and did not realize it either. Unfortunately my bricks have not only shifted but all of the mortar is loose to. ~Lynn D

Condoms have saved many a pair of men's underwear from ruin. ~Whabbear

I feel that I need to clarify that the hot young thing who removed his underwear (purrrr) for me was not wearing the condom at the time! ~Goldie

Thought I'd been evicted from the nest for a minute. Can you say "Suicide Watch"?! ~Bon'Oregon

I can't iron or vacuum because I had a hysterectomy 10 years ago...I think you have to take it easy for awhile :) ~Dianne/Denver

I would love to entertain you tonight but I am once again flat on my back and coughing up a lung. I think I even saw one of my kidney's make an appearence. ~Lynn D

Interesting statement that you are flat on your back waiting for Mr D to bring you a Whopper...see what this group has turned me into!!! ~Dianne/Denver

I hope the guest blogger is not the one who likes to look at hineys. ~iteach

- after i got sick on screwdrivers - I couldn't even drink oj for a long time either - still can't drink vodka, just the smell makes me sick... but - I can get sick on rum over and over again - and I'm okay!! LOL ~MEK

Lynn D, no I don't believe it was the first time I was asked for a bj- just the first time someone slapped down money in front of me when requesting one!!!!!!! ~Goldie

Mo quit stocking the cupboards and sit down and shoot a flying maxi pad with us! ~Lynn D

I am NOT on viagara! ~Whabbear

Gotta go run and put in a load of laundry...brb...don't let me forget to put the clothes in. The day I burned the hard boiled eggs, I also washed two loads of WATER!!!! :)~ ~Tina_in_UT you have to have boobs to post here? Cuz I will be kicked out~ :)~ ~Tina_in_UT

a couple extra found by shirley

1 "Holy craparoni! This was the longest journey to find a blog -- EVAH!" (first comment made) Maureen
2 "Ladies, I don't need a drink. I need a new bra." Iteach
3 "God I'm bitchy today." Lynn D
4 "that's it mek....we are changing your hair color~ :)~" Tina~in-ut
5 "Did I just see "Tina" & "virgin" in the same sentence?" Bon'Oregon
6 "Am I late for "roll call"? " Lovey
7 "Well kick me in the ass and call me surprised! I did it!" Seasidelady
8 "DANG! *shouting* "Hi! Billy Mays here for OxiClean" Does anybody else want to shoot their TV when they hear that? I think I just lost an eardrum!" Bon'Oregon
9 ""see a penney, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck" Last time I tried that I fell in an ant bed, split my pants, and busted my brassiere." Delores
10 " Ok......just entertaining myself here!!! :D :D" Jodi
11 "Holy crap Batman - the nest has been invaded!!" Jodi
12 "Tina oops sorry about the diet pepsi use the maxi pad to sop it up! They make great mops.
" Lynn D

Special Thank You's Today

Extra Special Thank You to
joey for thinking of the
quotes as a way to celebrate!

And our celebration would have not
been complete without our menu
many thanks to:

There you have it, you all said it, even tho you might not
remember, its all here, so as we did yesterday
Go and enjoy your blog....And stuff your faces as
after today there is no more food!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our 100th blog Celebration, Part 1

In celebration of our 100th blog, have a chuckle on these 60 quotes by you " The Night Owls"

20 quotes found by barbwa

Whabbear~ I just went to the end of Wed. blog. Yes sweetie you do qualify as "one of the girls"
mary/mi feb1

I also tried a thong ONCE - oh dear Lord - what was I thinking??!! apparently, not very clearly!!!!!!!!
mek jan31

SacBarb - you will look beautiful in anything you chose to wear - and i swear - i will tell you if your ass looks big!! :-)
mek feb1

Whabbear You have a point about my Va JJ. Might make someone get the munchies. And I'm not going to say anything more about that!
just_lin feb1

Geez, you don't think they will mistake me for a hooker in my boa and heels do you?
goldie jan30

True story here, owls. The first time I went to Europe as an adult I spent a week by myself in Brussels. I have no idea why, but being there made me unbelievably horny. How weird is that?
whabbear jan31

In case you are not aware, in our store we spell whore: J-O-D-I~

You now spell Jodi I-D-I-O-T!!!!
jodi feb3

MEK- of course I say 'bitch' with the utmost respect and love. Besides, whore and slut were already taken..........
goldie feb10

OMG you guys, this is cheaper than therapy

I need the love, I need to feel it, I need to connect, hell I need the sex! And its got to be good...
carol feb12

Can't a chickenowl get a little help around here?? You guys ever heard of VEGETABLES????
birdee feb12

Goldie - I tried to go back to "that" profession - but found out I can't survive on nickels!
canadiangirl feb12

TINA - Are you sure you would recognize a multiple O?!!?
jodi feb12

Joey: For some reason every time your "owl" picture comes up I think it is a boob..a big naked one!
dianne/denver feb 13

JODI: If I scroll past your march to 500 really fast I can almost see you drinking that beer...kinda like a flip book!!
zona feb 13

My eyes are crossed and I have some vile pictures in my head now. Something about hiney licking. Has my dog been blogging???
lynn d feb 13

even tho it was "thong thursday" i did not wear mine, actually i don't even own a pair, i cannot stand a 24hr wedgey...
carol jan 31

I certainly hope I'll be riding a cowboy. :)In fact, I'm hoping to wear him out.
just_lin jan31

Goldie: Thanks for the chili. I left some Beano for anyone who needs it.
sacbarb jan 31

20 quotes found by zona

1)LYNND: "Maybe write to Colin Firth, George Clooney, Hugh Grant & Johhny Depp and see which one would spend the night and give me my last sexual thrill." (from: What Would You Do)

2)LYNND: "Go braless!!!! Who the hell cares, if you are dying, and why be uncomfortable!! That one is for you, ITEACH!"
(from: WWYD)

3)IBB: "HUGE GROUP HUG--Oh what the hell, how about a group grope?" (from: WWYD)

4)MAUREEN: "orgasm--correct spelling for Ronnie and what Colin Ferrel can bring on." (from: WORDS)

5)WANT2SLEEP: "Sometimes I worry about our poor BEAR. So smart yet, you know." (from: Here's Your Sign)

6)KGRL: "JODI-my friend, I would never insinuate that you are or we're ever cheap...a HO yes, but cheap never!!!!" (from: HYS)

7)LOVEY: "We don't stop laughing because we get old. We get old because we stop laughing." (from: HYS)

8)ITEACH: "I am going to stick with sex. It seems like the only thing I have been able to do right lately. :)" (from: HYS)

9)GOLDIE: "I am full blooded German, I'll ask Mr. G what I taste like and let you know...teehee :)" (from: HYS)

10)CPGEM: "WHABBY: LEAVE IT TO YOU to throw your garbage on the floor. Did you also leave that errant satellite floating in space? Geez when will you learn to pick up after yourself?" (from: HYS)

11)TINA: "ITEACH--I'll send you the do it yourself kit. Wait...Jodi has a ton..I'll have her give you one of hers.
:)~" (from: HYS)

12)J/LIN: "I want Custard! Morning. Noon. Night." (from: Life In Six Words)

13)JODI: "Zona-LOL @ holy crap!!! Like holy crap batman!!! BAM!!! ZIP!!! SPROINNNG!!!" (from: LISW)

14)ITEACH: "SCIRISH--You are never alone. We are here for you. We are all strange birds here, but we have a lot in common." (from: LISW)

15)MEK: "Nyquil keeps me awake--and so does Dayquil-so I'm screwed." (from: LISW)

16)CPGEM: "MEK yes, a good march will always put an owl in a good mood and we have you to thank for that!" (from: Attitude)

17)DIANNE: "J/LIN...all this talk almost makes me want to go and wake my husband up...almost!" (from: Att.)

18)MARY/MI: "J/LIN: You are a nut! I think you have your cowboy hat on too tight!" (from: Att.)

19)MEK: "I missed this march--but I love to watch a good kicking, scratching, elbowing, tripping to the finish line!! LOL" (from: Att.)

20)J/LIN: "Yes, I AM THE Queen of Tedious!" (from: Att.)

20 quotes found by joey

Special Thank You's today:

The blog is yours, go and enjoy, and don't eat to
much, as you need some room for tomorrow!

Don't forgot bring a 100 of "something"
Thank You to iteach

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crazy Lady!!

crazy day @ work yesterday
multitasking, delegating all day
it never stopped
i tried to stay in control

no way, i lost it, crazy me

the room cleared, and it
was just me, this crazy lady

owning a business
can be very stressful

does anyone
ever listen
can i be in
all places
at all times

as others might think at work
i do not have 20 fingers
and 20 toes, and eyes in
the back of my head
i am here to tell them i do not

it will never get
easier, i know this
it is what i signed up
for, i have the corporation
papers to prove it

my business
my baby

would i change it?
absolutely not

will i still complain?
each and every day

i am me, i can't be another!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Either way is fine~~

something is weighing on my mind
i have tired to pin point the exact poundage
however it alludes me, so for now until
i find the words:

when we created this night owl blog
it was for all, to compose, enjoy, and most
of all chat, friendships have been made
laughter has been found, yellow is present

it is fun for me, kinda like "what is everyone
up to" when i find one blogger happy it is
a feel good thing, we do a happy dance
and praise the happiness

when a blogger is going thru a difficult
time, we stand by them, give them comfort
and tell them under no uncertain terms that we
are here for them

i want to see the happiness, and i want to see
the turmoil, it is what i call "life"
so bad or good its ok, put it out there
let us cheer you on or let us comfort you

i really don't think one blogger can bring
this blog down, as the next blogger will
bring it up, its a balancing act, just like "life"

we need to realize what we have created here
it is something so unique that i don't think
it can be explained, i do know that whoever
is reading this knows, you feel it, you see it

good, bad, indifferent, fat, skinny
whatever! who the heck cares!

its just "life"


Monday, April 14, 2008

What do you think?

today's daily blog
is a first for Glynis
i am thrilled that she has
contributed to our nest

I am wondering what you all think:

by Glynis

Did people who live in the NYC area feel more pain after 9/11 than the rest of the country? I am not talking about those people who were actually IN the city during the attacks, but people who live in the suburbs. Did they get affected more by this attack than someone in Los Angeles?

I never really thought about this before because I was so deeply affected by the attacks and I was living near Seattle. As far as I was concerned, they attacked the whole country~ not a city. And let us not forget that planes went down in DC and PA. Do the people in the East think that the people in the West don't think about this on a daily basis? That the people in the South aren't afraid to go on a plane or to the top of a tall building?

For that fact, did they only attack the USA... or did they attack all westernized countries that day? Do Canadians and Europeans feel like they were also attacked in a sense? By making all of us feel like "it could have been my city that they struck" did the terrorists strike all of us by putting fear into our minds?

What are your thoughts? Do the 9/11 attacks still affect you everyday, or have you moved on?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Dad's Trade

"My Dad"

My Dad's Trade

by mary/mi

My Father and Mother arrived in Michigan around 1943. Dad was born in San Antonio, and Mom in Houston TX. My Mother had been living a hard life since she was 5yrs old. She was expected to help with all the cooking and cleaning.She was raped by a family member at the age of 12. My Father met her when she was about 14 or 15. He felt sorry for her and married her to get her away from home. They slowly grew to love each other. Mom lost her first 3 children due to children's diseases that we now have shot's for. They both attended school until the 5th grade.

My Father taught himself the shoe repair trade. He heard that Michigan was in need of that trade, so he packed up and moved to Ithaca. He honed his trade there. He learned to make large clown shoes for the Barnum & Baily circus. He also made shoes for a boy that had a club foot. I still have a wooden mold he made. There were several of these made as he grew out of them. He repaired everything from shoes to farmers combines.

He did well until the cheap Japanese shoe came on the market. It was much cheaper to buy these shoes than to have them repaired,dyed,stretched,shined etc. When Dad wasn't busy he used to play his guitar and harmonica. He was a 'Lay' preacher, which basically means self taught. He had a small 'Spanish Church of God' in Alma. On weekends he would either be preaching in church or the migrants at their camps in the summer, visiting the sick or visiting the jails. He liked to say he was 'heeling' the sick and saving the 'soles'.

He had a great sense of humor. His biggest joy was visiting with his customers. He would call the men/boys 'George' and all the ladies/girls 'Susie or Nancy' no matter what their names were. I suspect it was because he couldn't remember their names. They got a kick out of it!
Somehow they had the time to raise 5 daughters and two sons. Mom died May of '84 and Dad Jan. of '94

It is sad to see so many of our trades die out.

I know some of you must have an interesting family member or friends that have a unique trade or talent.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Water with Stones, Please

Water With Stones, Please

by just_lin

There is a cylindrical vase of water on my coffee table with river stones in the bottom of it. That's it, just water and stones. There used to be a floating candle in it but the cats kept squeezing their faces between the candle and the side of the vase and making the candle dirty and unattractive. They would drink the water until the candle was shipwrecked on the rocks. They thought it was very considerate of me to have put this "designer water" right there on the coffee table, only a short jump away from the sofa where they nap. I used to try to clean the candle but I finally gave up and threw the candle away.

The vase of water and stones remains, however, as the cats' favorite water dish, even though they have a real water dish in the kitchen. I keep the vase of water there for their convenience. Why do I do that? I wouldn't dream of having a cat dish there 24/7, but that's exactly what I'm doing.
Am I the only one who puts up with something in their house even though it really makes no sense?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sleep does come!

This cracked me up!

i am very sleepy tonight, i always
write the blogs the night before
so i have them ready to post in
the morning

so my thoughts are really with
my bed and my pillow, just the
thought of getting comfy, makes
me happy

i do need a little help to sleep tho
so i take my ambien and off i go

when i was younger sleep always
came on its own, and now my sleep
needs help, when i asked the doctor
"why does our sleeping patterns change?"
she told me as we get older more
is on our minds, and there are times
that we can't shut it down

i also have a problem sleeping out
when i am in a different house if
it were not for ambien i would not
sleep, i guess its the change and the
thought of not going to sleep that makes
me anxious

so now i think i am addicted to
ambien, and i don't think i really
care, as it gives me my much needed sleep
at days end, and who can argue with that

i feel that i rambled on, and not really
sure what i have written, i do know that
the words flowed, so this blog was to be


Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Shawshank Redemption

i have been wanting to blog about
my favorite movie forever and it just
seemed the words would not come

when i blog, the words must come easy
i must not struggle

what brought me to this blog today
was watching one of my favorite
movies "The Shawshank Redemption"
i think i watched it a dozen times and
each time i am enthralled by it

i love the way Andy figures things out
he seems to have so much patience
and even tho he was never guilty
he just took his sentence as a way
of life, at least we thought he did

his friendship with Red was very
endearing, and it just proofs that
friendships are very strong indeed

it's a powerful, poignant, thought-provoking
challenging film like no other i have watched

the ending of the movie when Andy is
in Zihuatanejo on that amazing beach
and Red walks up the beach towards
Andy, is forever a picture perfect postcard

quoting Andy
"Get busy watching, or get busy dying."

he is right, the yellow is out there
it surrounds all of us~~

what movie has forever touched you
and allows you to watch it over again
a zillion times only to watch it one
more time?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yep, That's Me, Controlling!

i know this about me, it stares
me in the face daily, i have control
issues, the thing that worries me
is when i am in the moment i don't
see it, till after the issue is done
i then sit back and ponder why the
heck did i need to control that situation

and yes, at times i make a huge problem
for others and they don't want to tell
me that i am a total control freak, so instead
they back away

several yrs ago my younger cousin was
getting married, she ask me to be a bridesmaid
in her wedding, we are 18yrs apart and i asked
her if she was sure she wanted me by her
side, she then said "my wedding without
you would not be complete" so i accepted her
offer, as i know she loves me

when she was picking out the dresses i was
all over her, telling her the color, what type of gown
etc. she appeased me and let me chatter on

as several days went by and i did not hear from her
i called her sister, and without hesitation her sister
told me to back off, and she was right,
i was thankful she allowed me to see one
of my biggest faults

my cousin and i had a good chat about it
and all was fine, she got married and i wore
exactly what she picked out

this incident always resurfaces in my
memory, whenever i find myself controlling a issue

i used to hope this incident taught me a lesson
however it does not seem it did, as i
still have this huge fault and just can't
seem to get past it

can it just me part of my personality or
part of my being? would i not be me if i was
not controlling?

something to think about, which i will
all day~~

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Pets

My Pets

by East Bay J

In honor of Paula's 16th birthday on April 8th, I would like to talk about our PETS!

As most of you probably know, I have a kitty cat princess named Paula. I adopted her as an 8 week old kitten from the Hayward SPCA.

My ex-husband and I had gone there, "just to look". We ended up staying about 3 hours, we held every animal we could. We did not intend to get another pet, as at home we had an older dog named Rosie, a beagle shepherd mix I had adopted years before, also Hanni the Rottweiler, a young girl who was given to me by a neighbor. Also Blacki the kitty, long haired black tabby, and JC, a sickly guy who was a ginger colored tabby.

Well, long story short, we came home without an animal, but turned around and went back to adopt Paula. She had stood out to us because she had little dark tufts of hair on the ends of her ears, kind of like a lynx.

Today we have Paula, and also Poe, an African Grey parrot. We adopted him from a parrot rescue group in Fresno. He came from an abusive home, is terrified of brooms and does not like the color red. He came with some baggage, and says some bad words!

We lost our beloved little Shih Tzu, Lilly, this past November, after a short illness. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in early September, and fought hard for 2 1/2 months. We miss her terribly.

Paula is currently going thru treatment for kidney failure (she first became ill 4 days after Lilly died). She in on week 3 of a 4 week course of antibiotics (liquid, which is bubblegum flavor). She hates it. We also give her fluid under her skin every other night. She hates this too.

We have been told that this treatment may be what she needs for the rest of her life.

Over the years, I have been "mom" to a horse, several goats, geese, ducks, chickens, dogs and cats. I have been an animal lover my whole life, even worked for a vet clinic and emergency vet clinic before and during nursing school.

I would love to hear about your pets! Past, present, future. Any funny stories? Please share them!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Diet....Do You Try It?

Diet...Do You Try It?

by Vig

I was put on my first diet when I was twelve years old. At that time I remember being just fine with the way I was and when I see pictures now, I think I was kind of cute and looked fairly typical for that age. My mom, however, felt I needed to lose twenty pounds and said she would give me twenty dollars if I did. I was totally motivated by money; twenty dollars in 1971 was a lot of money. I lost the twenty pounds, won the twenty dollars and also won a body image that forever after felt imperfect.

I have spent a good deal of my adult life trying to change my body and to correct what I have had difficulty seeing as being fine just the way it is. Diet after diet has failed and has always led to gaining back the weight plus just a little more for good measure. After doing Weight Watchers, Diet Centre, Adkins. Scarsdale, the cabbage soup diet, Eat to Live, master cleanses, and listening to Richard Simmons, Susan Powter, Oprah, Suzanne Somers and all of their fitness gurus, I have come to the conclusion that I actually know what I need to do for myself, as most people do.

As a vegetarian, I have spent a lot of time researching what I should be eating to be healthy and I have a good idea of what my body needs. And I know for sure I have to do what Rosie has always said: move more, eat less. Just as importantly, I should be looking at the reasons that I eat and how that is informed by how I feel about my body and by what I have experienced. Examine what, when and why I eat what I eat. The triggers! And it has been interesting when I have done that and have examined the major events in my life and the loss that I have suffered (whether it be through death or failed relationships), there is always a considerable weight gain very soon after.

Consumption of comfort food allows for stuffing the feelings way, way down. And I think that women have been taught that this is an acceptable way to deal with things but then are chastised when their bodies change and they don’t fit the ideal of the perfect woman.

Male Owlettes, I think I am probably wrong in assuming that it might just be women who get caught in that trap. And all Owlettes (if it is not too personal) how do you deal with food? Is food just food for you or is it tied into other things or emotions? What is your experience with diets and the pressure that is put into dieting and looking a particular way?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Place Where We Live

The Place Where We Live

by scirish

I'm not sure where that phrase comes from, It's not grammatically correct, but I'm sure I have heard it before. Maybe a book or movie?

Anyway…I spend way too much time thinking about obscure things…and I was thinking about if where we lived makes us who we are…did I mention obscure?

I've lived all over the place; Dad was a test engineer for Boeing. We moved a lot. The places I remember were MA, CT, FL, UT, PA, CA, DE. When I got married, I lived in DE, MD, VA, TX and Germany. During these travels I got to see a lot of the US and parts of Europe. I would like to see more of both.

It wasn't always that way. When I was a kid, it didn't really bother me to move that much. Until I became a "tween". Then I was an odd man out. Everyone else had grown up with each other. I was a perpetual new kid.

In my late teens, early 20's I lived in DE and MD. People say that isn't in the south, but don't say that to the people that live there. Because of all the moving, I have no accent, but that just means I sound odd anywhere that people do have one.

In MD and DE I sound northern. In MA (after a drink or two) I sound southern. Who knows when I sound German J What I like to think I took away from all the moving is the best of all places. I could list the good and bad parts of the south and the north, but they are just generalizations, and those, although they exist, are bad.

When I went back to college here in the north, I had a class in which we were talking about stereotypes and this women who was my age apologized for thinking all people from the south were stupid because they talked and moved slower that people in the north. I was rather shocked, my then husband had been telling me what a hard time he was having at his job at Sikorski (building aircraft, no less) because of his accent and I just could not picture that happening.

When I lived in the south, the question you got when meeting someone for the first time was: "Who's your family?"You were judged on the past performance of family members.That was intimidating enough, but, if you moved down there in the last 20 or so years, you were an outsider.

I know nothing about how Midwesterners or West coasters (or beyond…turtle?) interact with each other or outsiders. Are there any preconceptions you have faced based on where you live/lived? East Coasters, Northerners? Canadians? Do you have preconceived notions about people from other areas? (it's ok, many people do, until they go there) Commence lively discussion please….I would really like hear about the place where everyone lives.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Name Brands?

Name Brands

by iteach

Right now we are trying to be strict on our budget. We are planning some vacation trips this summer, so we need to watch our money. Therefore, I'm really trying to find ways to save pennies. I think about this often while I'm cruising the aisles at the grocery store.

I keep asking myself do I really need this?

If I decide I need it, then I ask myself will the cheapest version be fine or do I need to spend the extra pennies on the brand name.

When it comes to canned or frozen vegetables I have no problem buying the cheapest brand.

However, when it comes to macaroni and cheese, I have to have Kraft. I have tried the cheapest brands and it is just too disappointing. I have to have my KRAFT Mac & Cheese!!!

How are you at the grocery store?

Can you buy the cheapest brand?

What brand name item at the grocery store will you always spend the extra pennies on?

Friday, April 4, 2008

A Piece of the Puzzle

it is a wonder in life why we
have to question who one really is
why would one want to hide behind
a stone wall and not be who they are

when one does not know the other
who are we to judge and who is anyone
to question

it is not for i to question who one is
i believe in what one tells me until
that one raises questions and or doubts
and than i wonder and question
i then have to try to put the pieces
of the puzzle in order, glue will be needed
as the pieces don't always fit

i know when i hide from something
i question the reason, when i am me and
come forward there are no questions

one must always be who they are
at least one must try

in life one must never underestimate
a soul, as anyone is capable of anything

and when one gets defensive when
they are questioned, my intuition arises
as being defensive is not a answer
it only raises more questions

truth is the only way!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow

by Zona

Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
There's a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true

Someday I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me.
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh why can't I?

If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can't I?

I can remember, when I was just a little girl sitting in front of the television set every year, waiting to see "The Wizard Of Oz". The love of this movie has been with me all of my life. More than the movie though, the song "Over The Rainbow" has always been special to me. Whenever I was sad or lonely I would think of this beautiful song, and wish beyond all logic, that somehow I could get "beyond the rainbow" to ease my pain.

That is what lies Over the Rainbow for me...a place where you don't hurt anymore. Where there is only kindness, laughter, and understanding.

If you could fly over the rainbow, what would you hope to find? Joy? Peace? Happiness? Maybe Johnny Depp? What is beyond the rainbow for you?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008



by Lynn D

Wondering about the title? Well I am referring to things that make you go hmmmmmm… You remember those. We all have them in our lives. Some of them are silly, some serious and some make us question our sanity and others too.

Here are some examples:

There is a main road that runs through the next big city from us, the city of Lacy. This road is primarily commercial and you see every business imaginable. One business area in particular would always give us a chuckle. We would be driving along and I would be reading signs, signs for a U-haul business, furniture stores then there would be a mini mall with all kinds of shops and in the long line up pops a sign that reads Adult Entertainment, Live Nudes. Well I for one always would think as opposed to Dead Nudes, Naked Mannequins what?? I am sure you have all had these thoughts.

What made this so comical was the sign underneath that shared sign space. It was Jin’s Exotic Plants. We would laugh our butts off! I then would wonder did Jin just put up a sign with no thought or was he/she so savvy, knowing that selling plants next to a strip joint might be a hard sell? Was he/she a genius or was it just a language barrier? It made me go hmmmmm… I always wished that I had taken a picture and could now kick myself for not doing so as both business are now gone.

Here is another hmmmm I have a tag on my curling iron that reads warning do not use on your eye lashes. Well my curling iron is one of the large barrel ones about 1 inch in diameter. Why in the hell would anyone use it on their eye lashes??? Hmmmmm… As I thought about it I realized that someone somewhere had to use their curling iron on their eye lashes and burned the holy hell out of their eye and eyelid and probably tried to sue the company. Why else would they have to put a specific warning about this use?

One more hmmm…? Ok awhile back a friend of mine called me and asked if I would drive to Tacoma with her as she had just received a call about her grandmother being admitted into the hospital. It was about 9:00 in the evening and she did not want to drive in the dark by herself going or coming back. Her husband was at work and would not be home until 2:00 in the morning. So I said sure. We made the drive and she got to see her grandmother and made sure all was well and found out she would be released the next day. She was much relieved and we gathered our things to go home.

In the elevator on the way down to the lobby of the hospital we both decided that we were hungry. My friend realized that she was short on cash and wanted to stop at a cash machine first. Well there was one right across from us as we got off of the elevator in the lobby. This lobby was deserted as it was now about 11:30 pm. Not a soul in sight. My friend proceeded to get the cash. As we stood in front of the cash machine she started to count her money that it had spit out at her. Halfway through her counting I started to laugh. She stopped and said to me “What are you laughing about?” I looked at her and said “If you were shorted who are you going to complain to?” She looked at me and said “What are you talking about?” I laughed again and said who are you going to complain to? She looked around and finally the light bulb went on and she started laughing! I told her these are the things I think about, you know those hmmmm… moments.

I have had this same question in my brain for a long time. If a cash machine shorts you or gives you the incorrect amount, who do you complain to? Machines are not infallible they have glitches and make mistakes all the time. At a bank you might be able to go inside and make the complaint but what about those freestanding ones in the mall or in isolated areas? Would they even take you seriously if you said you were shorted and you knew you were shorted but the machine says differently? See what I mean, it makes you go hmmmmmm….

I would like to hear from you, what makes you go hmmmm?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools' Day

well it seems the joke is on me today
last nite driving home, my car just died
my 2007 Acura TL called it quits
without any explanation

i had just got done at the supermarket
buying my weekly "weight watchers" meals
and stocking up on some other frozen items

here i am in the middle of the parking lot
with all my frozen foods in the trunk
and a car that would not move

i tried calling home to see if anyone
could pick me up, no answer
tried the cell, no answer, so needless to
say i am on my own

i do not live far from the supermarket
so i took off walking with my frozen foods,
my briefcase and my purse

every finger, forearm, elbow and hand
were taken, if i could have used my toes
i would have, however i had just gotten
a pedicure and did not want to ruin my
very pretty toes

as i walk my cell phone rings, now how
in gods name am i going to answer the phone
so i let it rings again...and again
i finally try to find it...looking, grasping, panting

and plop i fall, my frozen foods are now all
over the street, with everything else i was holding
my face is staring at concrete, not a pretty site!

i gather myself up, and all my belongings and
walk back to the car all disheveled
and wait for a ride

the ride came and i am fine
i guess it was just one of those days
where everything seems to go kaput!!!

and my Acura its fine as well
it would have been good if i took the
car out of drive, before trying to start it!

Ha, so the joke is on me, but perhaps
i am not alone!