Friday, April 30, 2010

~ Travel Day ~

by Tina~in_ut

Have you ever signed into blogger to double check that there is a blog set up for the next day, only to find out that there isn't?  That just happened to me!!!!!  I KNOW!!!!!!!!!~

So I think I'll tell you about "travel day!"

I was delayed in SLC because it decided to start snowing and no one was prepared for it.  The de-icing machines weren't ready to go......we thought it was only going to rain!  I spent over an hour waiting before they even started de-icing the plane!  I almost finished my book with all that extra time!  I was just worried because Lynn was supposed to meet me.

Lynn was worried because after running thru the airport in MSP trying not to miss her connection, SHE was delayed.  I guess the winds were so bad in ORD that they were delaying arrivals and departures.  My plane even had to circle once before landing.

Now Barb and J/'s so hard for me not to laugh!!!!!  They missed their flight.  It kept being delayed....a couple of minutes here....a couple there....and the next thing they knew, the plane was gone.  They never heard their names being called to board.  Luckily, they caught a connection thru Denver and still made it in before me!

And then there's Jodi!!!  On her drive to the big city, her radiator broke.  A couple of hundred dollars, a few hours of her time, oh...and some cheese curds and a public pee later, and she was back on the road.  She didn't arrive until around 8pm!

Di had it the easiest.  Her flight was fine.  She even met her next husband!  He's blind and thinks she's beautiful~ :D

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Does The Fear Ever Go Away?

by Dianne

I went in for my 11 year melanoma check-up with my Oncologist last week. The blood is taken and then you spend time with the doctor. He does a quick check up and asks a lot of questions. I always have the fear in me that something is going to show up. I go to my dermo twice a year. She tells me to circle anything I am concerned about when I go. You could connect the dots on me for what I circle plus remember I am a redhead so tons of freckles. I know I probably circle the same thing each time but she has known me for years and is very patient with me as she knows my fear.

I had surgery for this unsuspecting melanoma on my leg. It was a tiny bruise but it didn't go away and just by chance, I asked my doctor about it as I had just been laid off and my insurance would be changing. He said it was nothing and did a one stitch biopsy and then called me a week later with the news. Needless to say....I freaked out when I heard "malignant melanoma".

I am very excited to have 11 years behind me. They gave me a little pin after five years. It is frightening for me to even go to the cancer center. I went to a new one this time and they asked me if I would like to go back and see the chemo room? I told them no. I get so scared and plus the last chemo room I was in was with my friend Darrell that passed away in no thanks. They seemed surprised and I did tell them why.

This fear has lessened some with the years but I am always nervous until I get my blood test results. I have had a couple of scares over the 11 years. Are any of you ever afraid of anything ongoing? It can be anything...not just health. I know SHIRLEY has expressed her fear of cats and that is very real also.

Chime in here and help me make a blog.......

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wonders Never Cease!

by Sacbarb


Pfizer Corp. announced today that Viagra will soon be available in liquid form, and will be marketed by Pepsi Cola as a power beverage suitable for use as a mixer. It will now be possible for a man to literally pour himself a stiff one. Obviously we can no longer call this a soft drink, and it gives new meaning to the names of "cocktails", "highballs" and just good old-fashioned "stiff drink". Pepsi will market the new concoction by the name of:


Thought for the day: There is more money being spent on breast implants and Viagra today than on Alzheimer's research. This means that by 2040, there should be a large elderly population with perky boobs and huge erections and absolutely no recollection of what to do with them.

So what are your thoughts on this new development? Would you give your SO a dose of this new conCOCKtion?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

~ I Met A Geek ~

by Tina~in_ut

Bonachichi started this, so I thought I'd just go first~

Hubby and I met in college.  I was taking an Anthropology class and we had to write a paper on who knows what.  We had a choice, though.  Either write about the topic given, or we could join this new club that was forming and write about that.  Hell, joining the club sounded easier at the time, so my friend Shilpi (from India) and I joined.
The club was called Partners.  It was run by the International Dept.  The idea was to pair a foreign born student with an American student.  I was paired with Frances!  OMG!  That guy was a hoot!  Me, being the typical American, I met him for lunch with a pad of paper and a pen to take notes!  OMG that made him mad!  He looked at me and told me he wasn't an assignment!  Lol.....looking back, I was an idiot and had a lot to learn.  Anyway, he and I became fast friends.  He was from Malaysia, but had lived all over. 
The next semester, I was in the International Dept offices and in came Frances with this geeky looking white guy.  He was wearing this BRIGHT yellowcorduroy, long sleeved shirt with SHORT blue corduroy shorts.  He had this totally confident air about him and I took an instant dislike. 
During that semester, I broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years, started dating someone I never should have, and became the Secretary of the club.  Frances was the President and guess who the Vice-President was?  Yup.....the geek!  The club changed and met in large groups instead of one-on-one (you can imagine some of the problems the one-on-one thing caused) and life long friendships formed.
By the time a year had passed, the geek and I were best friends.  We had lunch with another friend every Friday after classes.  I had decided that I was going to marry Geek, but the bozo wouldn't even ask me out on a real date.  I wrote a friend of mine a note about it and put it in her mailbox in the Intl Dept office.  I was smart, tho.  I taped it shut and stapled it all around.  A week or so later, geek asked me out.  I found out later, after we were engaged, that he had opened that note and re-taped it and re-stapled it.  He was shy about asking me out and wanted to make sure I'd say yes!  It still makes me laugh when I think about it.
When I'm not yelling at him, or smacking him upside the head, or disagreeing with him, I love him to pieces.

How did you meet your significant other or even your best friend? (and for some of you, just pick one husband! or all 3 or 4 if you have the time!)  :)~

Monday, April 26, 2010

"He said to me"

by Shirley

He said to me . ... . I don't know why you wear a bra; you've got nothing to put in it
I said to him .... . . You wear pants don't you?

He said to me .... . Shall we try swapping positions tonight?
I said . That's a good idea - you stand by the stove & sink while I sit on the sofa and do nothing but fart

He said to me. ... What have you been doing with all the grocery money I gave you?
I said to him . ..... Turn sideways and look in the mirror!

He said to me. . How many men does it take to change a roll of toilet paper?
I said to him .. .. I don't know; it has never happened.

He said to me. . Why is it difficult to find men who are sensitive, caring and Good- looking?
I said to him . . . They already have boyfriends.

He said....What do you call a woman who knows where her husband is every night?
I said. . . A widow.

He said to me.... Why are married women heavier than single women?
I said to him .. . . Single women come home, see what's in the fridge and go to bed.
Married women come home, see what's in bed and go to the fridge.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

♪♪ Say Hey ♪♪

It does not matter where we live,
or we are, or who we love,
as long as we love!


Saturday, April 24, 2010


by Maureen

I am really looking forward to Chicago. More than I can explain.

As you may have gathered, since I have whined about it numerous times, my life changed a couple of years ago. I became unemployed, went thru my savings and lost my self esteem, my vim and vigor and I lost myself. I never imagined as I celebrated turning 50 my lifestyle would have been what it became. The plan had been to celebrate 50 in Venice. I spent it in my living room.

In my previous life, I did what I wanted.  I could afford to wake up one day and decide I was going away for long weekends or real vacations. I had a freedom that I miss. I AM grateful for what I do have. I DO love my job, but something is still missing, aside from the monetary shortcomings I face.

Going to Chicago is the first sign of things as they once were, and maybe someday will be again. I really thought I would NEVER be able to get away with friends again. And in about a week, that will become a reality. It means so much to me that I am almost giddy!

And to be there with you makes it even more special. To be with you who made me laugh when I was crying. To be with friends that let me vent without judgement. To be with friends that laugh at my dorkiness (and I choose to believe you are laughing with me, not at me!!) And to be with you, who don't care that I am old, fat, wrinkly, gassy and decrepit!!

Chicago will be just what I needed. You are just what I needed. Just in time.

PS...for the record, there will be no ass shaving and no ax murdering allowed!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

When is enough enough?

by Shirley

I was going to pose this as a comment question and then I thought, oh what the hell, may as well make it a blog. So here goes. My office messages with someone from our Bridgewater office. She is smart and funny and we kid around a lot, like we all do here. She can turn any conversation into something to do with sex! I swear she is obsessed with sex! Lol! You guys would like her.

Anyway, she knows about my phobia with cats, yet she will type cat noises to me and send me little emotion pictures of a cat. If I say stop she says "what?". I know she isn't being mean by doing it but it hurts my feelings. I finally blocked her today. So my question to you is...When is enough enough?"

OK let me have it. I'm being silly. Just ignore her. Let it go. I've asked, so what do you all think? Can anyone relate or am I in this sinking boat alone?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

~ Here's Why I Haven't Been Sending Eggs ~

by Tina~in_ut

I felt guilty after Bonachichi said that no one sent her eggs!  I feel like I haven't been on facebook in FOREVER!!!!  I've signed in, but usually for 10 minutes in the morning and about 30-45 minutes before I go to bed. I can't even harvest and plant on FarmTown (my favorite) in the same night.  I'm too tired and it takes too much time.  My Hatchlings have all been caught by the pet police, or whatever they are called.  Shoot!  I used to collect 100 eggs every night!  That was my goal last quarter.  I don't go into Farmville anymore.....never liked it anyway.  I can't keep up with Island Paradise.  I seem to be doing well on Tiki Resort, mostly because it takes so little time.  I don't read updates, unless they are at the top when I sign in. On my way home from work today, I asked myself why~

I started working my 5am shift.  I have Thursday's and Friday's off and work on the weekends now.  It seems that all my free time is taken up on the lacrosse field.  My senior is on the Varsity team, my freshman boy is on the Freshman/Sophomore team and occasionally plays on the JV team, and my freshman girl is all three teams' manager.  It's really exciting (not!) when one of the boys has a double header.  We are at the field at least 2-3 times a week, rain or shine (mostly rain....and some snow).  AND....I can't even be at all the games because I'm at work! 

After that wonderful volcano erupted, and honestly, before that, work has been offering overtime AND double time.  So I have worked every day since last Friday (I worked for Janice) until today (I'm working for Hollie), that's seven days in a row, and on top of that, I've worked 16 hours of overtime.  I was fine until yesterday.  It's finally catching up (as you can tell by my writing)!  I'm exhausted!  AND...on top of that, Bebbi is making me nervous about Chicago!  I wasn't before.  I've gained all my weight back, I have nothing to wear, I sure as hell am NOT getting my nails done, I'm bringing my Aunt Flo with me, I snore like a banshee (sorry Di!), and makeup?  You gotta be kidding me!  You can ask anyone who has met me.....I usually just come right up to you and hug you and smile!  What you see, is what you get!  There....I feel better now!  Bebbi, I just might walk up to you and smack you! :)~

Getting back to my pitty party, I go to bed between 8pm and 9pm so I'm asleep by 9pm.  I've been getting home so late this week, that it's been creeping closer to 10pm by the time I get to sleep!  HEY!!!!  Maybe that's why I'm so exhausted!  I used to talk to Di almost every day.  I didn't talk to her for over a week!  And you know what I miss the most?  Talking to DeeDee every night!  I have no idea how I've managed to sleep without one good insult for each of us every night! 

So there ya have it, Bonachichi~  That's my "why I haven't been sending you eggs!"  I hope you forgive me~ :D

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Years....

Sarah and Cici, November 2009

the days roll into weeks
the weeks roll into months
the months roll into years

my parents were married 58yrs
on april 19
i wonder how did it last that long
so many ups and downs
good times and bad
yet it seems they prevailed
and here they are 58 yrs later
still man and wife

as the years rolled by the relationship
changed but yet they went with the flow
so their family foundation can grow
and grow it did
i see them differently now
two people
emerged into one
and headed in the same direction

truthful with each other yet sometimes anger emerges
but the anger disappears and they begin again
two spirits that i am glad to call my own

happy anniversary
sarah and cici
many more

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

~ Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust ~

by Tina~in_ut

It is amazing what a little volcanic eruption can do to the world.  Thousands of flights canceled, vacations interrupted or canceled or prolonged, people separated from their families, people sleeping in airports, dignitaries unable to get to the funeral of the Polish President, and on and on.  Over 500 of our crew members have been stuck in Europe since Friday.  There was a Board of Director's meeting in Amsterdam and one Board member took 5 members of his family with him.  The Mrs calls me every morning to laugh and ask if I think she'll ever get home.  KLM and Air France made test flights over the weekend to see if there was any damage to the engines from the ash so they could start flying again.  Tonight, they started flying!  There is no way I'd ever be on one of those planes!  It's too crazy for me~ 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Distilled Moments

by Lynnd

Sometimes it seems that we are so caught up in life that we just don't have or take the time to notice or savor little gifts that are handed to us. I have been having a moment all this week and have been pondering why it has made me so happy and why I feel such soul satisfying joy from it? It has taken me a few day to let it seep and distill down and really appreciate what it all means to me.

This last week some of you may have noticed a status post from me on Facebook. I posted that our food bank had received a brand new still in the box, frost free, upright freezer. I was doing a happy dance like you would not believe. We were all excited and beaming, not just me. The food bank has had much support from people over the 5 years we have been in existence but this really sent us into happy over load. Why? Well I really had to think about this and live the moments over in my mind. I think it really hit when I got teary eyed that night at home, and my husband looked at me and said "Hey it's a freezer", like geez yes, that is nice but get over it! So I shared the information below with him and he finally got it! I hope you do too.

We received this freezer from Thurston County food bank who is our lead agency. Someone donated two freezers to them and they thought to call us to see if we could use the other one. Well of course we said YES! What most people including my husband don't realize is that everything we have to run the food bank has been donated, and about 90 percent of that is used. Oh we have some new shelving units but appliances second or third hand used in many cases. We have been thrilled over the years to get these items as they helped start this food bank and kept the doors open. We have duct tapped, bubble gummed and twist tied so many things together that it is just what we do. I remember when we got our Walk in freezer and refrigeration unit we had all of this joy then, though it was headache to get it here from the midwest and then it had to be put together by great volunteers with no instructions and lots of prayers, as it was used too. It was the only one we could find that was even close to the money amount of the grant we received to get one. Even with all of that we had to come up with another 1,000 dollars to have it shipped to us. When it was finally put together and hooked up we still needed another hundred dollars to finish the wiring for it. That hundred dollars came from a few volunteers so we could get the sucker up and running as we were on a deadline.

So this was something that was brand new no cost to us or the food bank and boy we were gathered to enjoy it. It came on a truck with a food delivery we were waiting for and we had many of our volunteers on hand to help off load the truck. We even had 4 high school students there to help. The work study teacher was more than happy to have them volunteer for us that day as we were all hands on deck, this was a huge delivery. We got busy and unloaded the food first and had it put away and in it's place. Then the big guys we called took out the old upright and hauled it outside for us ( yes it still worked and it went to a clients family that needed one), finally off the truck came the new freezer! They got it to the doorway and it wouldn't fit.....but it only needed the packing box and materials removed to make this work. 

Now here is when I think I realized what a real gift this was. One of the students from the high school piped up and asked if they could have the cardboard box? We all turned to her and she looked at us and said "What? Appliance boxes are so cool!" Well we all looked at each other, several generations from 65 to 17, and we all got these knowing smiles on our faces and the memories started to flow. Everyone talking about the joys of a big cardboard box. Play houses, kool aide stands, and forts featured prominently in these memories, yes cardboard boxes are cool! She wanted it to take to the kids in the preschool program at the high school.  It struck me that maybe in this crazy world we just over analyze or get bogged down in the crazy that is our world today, but really some of the old innocence is still there when this wonderful girl from a much younger generation was passing along imagination and wonder in the form of a cardboard box from a freezer that was donated to a food bank. So we only cut one seam so she could take the box with her to duct tape and use to her hearts desire. Really looking back the guys really treated this like a ceremony celebrating that innocent moment.

Then there it was, this beautiful appliance, the guys slid it right into it's waiting spot like it was made to be there, it fit perfectly! We all cheered and I yelled out that maybe we should have had a bottle of champagne on hand to celebrate! Everyone laughed, and then I got my third gift. I looked around and it dawned on me, how so many of us who have shared so much blood, sweat and tears getting this food bank open and keeping it going all had the same appreciation and understanding about how special this free freezer was. 

For the last two days we have oohed and ahhedd over it. When I called the Director of the Thurston County food bank to thank him profusely for it, he was calmly happy, almost matter of fact in his response to my thanks. I realized that this is an every day event to him. So I thought lets spread the joy here.  I then explained to him that this was like getting a new Porsche to us. We have checked under the hood, ran our hands over it lovingly and the fact that it is frost free was like getting heated seats when you have a heater that barely works in your old car! He laughed a joyful laugh because he finally understood how special this was to us.  He then Informed me that I had made his day to know how much we appreciated this gift.

How many gifts was that?

 What I have realized is that I hope no one ever gets so jaded or busy that they can't stop to take a moment and ponder how one generous store bought gift, an every day thing to most people, can and should result in so many life lesson gifts...... if we just pay attention.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

~ Hallelujah ~

by Tina~in_ut

Easter came and went and I didn't get my Hallelujah song.  I love the way Rufus sings it.  Enjoy~  (and this in no way excuses you from going to church!) :D 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Day!

Its Saturday, my most favorite day of the week. I get to close out Mon thru Fri, and concentrate on nothing but the silliness of life. It is odd Saturday for me, for I become a different person, no longer in work mode, I can breath and enjoy the 24hrs I have. I don't know if many can understand the relief of the "non owner" for just one day. It is a feeling that totally releases me, and also allows me to reflect on what is around me. Saturday's will always be mine to be me, no matter what I am doing.

So off I go, to be free for just one day!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Choices of Others

I heard a story yesterday that saddened me, more for the outcome, but also for the decisions some people make.

A young lady, age 38, is diagnosed with breast cancer. She found the lump on her own and went to the doctor. After many tests the news was given to her. The cancer specialist suggested chemo, radiation etc, and if that did not work being the cancer was contained a mastectomy. For reasons of her own she went with the holistic method, taking vitamins, certain drinks, eating organic and attending different venues in different countries that specialize in holistic medicine. Unfortunately this holistic method did not work, she passed away in Mexico while attending a holistic treatment. If I remember the story correctly this all happen within a 6 to 8 month period.

I asked her cousin (who was telling me the story) why? Which after I asked it I knew the answer. If this is what she wanted her treatment to be who are we to question, after all it is her body, her life.

I guess what bothered me the most is, if she did not want to go thru the chemo, then why not have the mastectomy. If it would save her life (or prolong it), why would there be any question. I am sure the doctors went over with her the chances of it coming back, and perhaps the odds were so so, but if it was contained, then to me it would be worth losing apart of my physical being.  I would say cut them off, toss the ugliness that is know as cancer, and give me life.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

~ Ramblings from Work ~

by Tina~in_ut

I still don't have a clear job description.  It's been 2 1/2 months now and I can tell you some of the things I do, but I still don't know what my complete job description will turn out to be.  I definitely work with our executives and their family and friends booking their travel.  When I have time, I answer emails from our elite customers.  Today I found out that I answer/research emails from customers that write directly to our executives.  And the fun part......I get to call them back!!!  ugh!

I had to call this man who was upset because he didn't get frequent flyer credit on his Korean Airlines ticket (one of our partners) because the class of service he booked doesn't allow for credit (cheap ticket he purchased on Orbitz).  He finally got the message that he wouldn't be getting the credit no matter how many times he called/wrote, but what he wanted me to tell him was why he should continue to fly on our airline.  I can't stand these calls.  My truthful answer is, "I don't want you to fly our airline!  You're being ridiculous and you only just started flying on us!"  All I could really do is tell him the benefits of flying more and what he'd earn as a frequent flyer.  I felt like an idiot.  I even went so far as to tell him that he should fly on us because I'm cute~  I really did say that.....but then he told me he was cute too~  I was on the phone with him for an hour (45 min after my shift ended) and I was late for an appointment with my hubby and kids!!  I don't understand this type of full of themselves. 

My favorite favorite favorite email so far, tho, is the one I'm going to share, but before I do, I want to warn you that I'm posting it because I thought it was so stinking funny that of all the things in the world to complain about, this man complained about this! 

Sky Magazine:  Last month I was offended you had the audacity to put Barack Obama on your cover, saying I would wager that less than 25% of Medallion members like me voted for him and do not like what he is doing to our country.  Think about who truly pays your bills.  Now this month you have a bunch of tree huggers like Ted Danson whining on about climate change.  What's next month, Ed Begley championing cap and trade?  You need to decide whether you have a travel and leisure publication or a political activist rag.

I couldn't stop laughing.  The emails we get are usually about not getting credit for a flight, late or cancelled flights, a rude agent, someone wanting compensation for something that was done to them, but this?  You have got to be kidding me!  I stood up in our department and read this to everyone.  We all got a laugh out of it.  They wanted to know what I was going to write back to him.  I couldn't say what I wanted, so I sent him a generic answer. 

Now talk amongst yourselves.....I'm gonna go take a nap......these guys wear me out~

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Diplomatic Immunity

by Dianne_in_Denver

I wanted to write the blog today to see what some of your opinions are concerning Denver's most recent incident.  
A plane was heading to Denver from Washington D.C. and a man was hanging out in the bathroom and smoke started to come out from under the door.  There was a Federal Marshall on the plane and when the guy came out, the Marshall tackled him.  When asked what was going on, the guy told the Marshall that "he was lighting his shoes on fire" and then he laughed.  At this point, NORAD called in some F-16's to escort the plane to Denver.  The passengers were held for four hours for questioning; police, FBI, emergency name it...were all there to greet the plane.  We were getting minute by minute updates on our news as they knew more.  Finally, sometime later, it turns out that the "Diplomat" from Oatar was smoking and then stepped on the cigarette to put it out.  

Now you all know that there is a fine for smoking on airplanes, making a joke about doing any kind of terrorist comments, etc...  This man was heading to Denver to visit a terrorist that we have in custody from a few months ago (which is irrelevant, but just wanted to throw it in).  This "diplomat" will not be fined, jailed or anything done to him because he has what is called Diplomatic Immunity.  It is for any diplomat who travels and does anything wrong.  He/she is sent back to their country to be dealt with if their country wants to do anything to them at all.  

There are pictures as he left Denver with a smile yesterday. Rumor had it that United wouldn't let him on their flight. I don't know if that is true or not.  I guess he didn't get to visit his friend either.  

What do you all think about Diplomatic Immunity?  I must be slow on things like this because I didn't really know about it until all of this happened.  Think how much money this cost the state and country and us!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

~ What's Wrong With This Picture? ~

by Tina~in_ut

Yesterday, my hubby had a lot going on.  It was his last day of vacation, the kids were everywhere but home and needed to be picked up, a priest friend needed a ride to the airport, and we had to go to church at 7pm.  So the hubby came and went all day long, trying to take a nap here and there.  He must have changed in and out of his "presentable" clothes half a dozen times.

I was indoors all day and when I got in the car to go to church, I realized it was really warm out and I didn't need a jacket.  We went downtown to church and it was a long one.  We didn't get home until 9pm.  I made dinner before we left for church so we could come right home and eat it.  When we sat down to dinner, hubby took his jacket off.  You know when you see something that just isn't right, but you're a mother and three kids are talking to you at once, but you KNOW something is NOT RIGHT?  I screamed, "O M G ! !"  and laughed so hard.  "Honey, did you take your jacket off at church?" I asked.  "Uh, no.  I don't think so.  Why?"  I told him to turn around and the kids and I started laughing.  "Look at your buttons!"  He was wearing a polo type shirt....something he wouldn't have to button....and the dang thing was inside out!  He looked kind of sheepish and racked his brain to remember if he took his jacket off at church.  We don't think he did, thank God!~  Not that God would have cared.....but still.

Have you ever come home to find you have been parading around town with the wrong colored socks or toilet paper coming out of your pants or even your shirt on inside out?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sounds Like Life To Me

by Dianne_in_Denver

I was thinking the other day how we each have different days that are "down" days to us for one reason or another.  Sometimes it is just "because" and other times it feels like and is a "real" reason.  As I was thinking how at least most of our days differ from one another, this new country song came to mind.  You know as long as I am a country song girl...I will always find a song for a subject.  It is sung by Darryl Worley and was previously done by Craig Morgan.  Really listen to the words and I hope and think it will bring a smile and a thought to each one of us as we have our "bad" days.


Sunday, April 11, 2010


by Train

Chosen by Just_Lin

Hey, Soul Sisters! This song is about a guy's appreciation for a particular girl, but every time I hear it, I think of you Owls. I don't have any sisters in real life but I feel like I am now part of a kind of sisterhood with all of you in the nest. (You too, Bear!) As soon as I hear this song, I can't help but smile and start moving to the music. It's a happy song and I think it expresses a lot of the feelings that I have toward you all. I am really looking forward to meeting so many of my "soul sisters" at the Midwest Meet and Greet.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Moody Me

Yuck, I am in a awful mood, can't actually pinpoint one thing, I think its lots of things. Life just gets so complicated at times, and your mind is a jumble. This weekend the Cherry Blossoms will be in full force at the park. I hope I get in a better mood so I can go and enjoy, and of course take pics and vids. I have to work all day today, so tomorrow will be the only day I could go.

I am going to take my moody self to the office, put on a fake smile for my clients, and hope that tomorrow my moody self will just fade away.

Other then that, hope everyone has a great day!

(real smile not fake)

Friday, April 9, 2010

~ To Pee or Not To Pee, That Is The Question ~

by Tina~in_ut

When Spirit Airlines announced that they were going to begin charging for all carry-on baggage put in overhead bins, I thought, "Great!  I hope we don't do that!  At least it couldn't get any worse!"  Or so I thought!

Then I saw an article on about Ryanair, a low cost carrier out of Dublin, Ireland.  They are considering charging to use the restroom on flights lasting one hour or less.  They are talking with Boeing about installing one of those doors where you'd have to insert a coin to get in.  They would charge either 1 pound or 1 euro.  I laughed!  Who would think of such a thing and who would want to fly on an airline that did that?

Well apparently quite a few people would do it.  In order to keep fares down, Ryanair charges more in fees (bags, infants, online booking charges, etc....) and lets the consumer decide what they will and will not pay for.  They are upfront about their fees and have a separate tab on their website dedicated to just that.  They often have surveys on their website in order to find out what people are willing to pay for. 

When our airline started "offering" food for purchase, I thought, "You've got to be kidding me!", but then I remembered flying Air Europa from Paris to Malaga and being able to buy food on the plane.  I was so grateful because the twins and I didn't have time to buy something in the airport in between flights and we were hungry.  I can't remember what I bought, but I know I was impressed with the selection.

With fuel costs on the rise again, all the airlines are looking to see where they can cut costs.  Most people won't pay higher airfares, so extra money comes from extra fees.  We don't charge customers to check-in online, but it does cost more to check your bags at the airport vs online.  Ryanair charges to check-in online, more to check-in at the airport, to check bags, to book a reservation (no matter where you book it), for priority boarding, to check a car seat, and to carry an infant, on top of any change fees.  The next thing you know, they'll be charging to get out of the bathroom, to use a seatbelt, or to recline your seat! 

What would you be willing to pay for and what do you think is crazy to have to pay for? 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Rant!

When do people become so mean. I have to wonder about this because it baffles me and has me in a tailspin. Yes, I am a reality TV watcher, and yes, I did follow the Jon and Kate mess. I put most of it on the back burner, until Kate starting dancing on DWTS. The more I watched DWTS, unfortunately the worse Kate got, but I could not help but feel sorry for her. She has been thrown into the Reality circus because of money, was it her fault, absolutely, as she signed on. But as the time went on she had to refocus her thinking and do all she could to provide for her family. I thought going on DWTS was a good idea for her, especially when I found out that each star can make $200 Thousand Dollars. Is Kate perfect, oh no, no one is, we all have our faults, but she is still entitled to provide for her children.

And then the bomb drops.

No job Jon announces he is filing for full custody of the children because she "broke the terms of her agreement" and has abandoned their children. WHAT? I was totally floored. There have been so many single mothers on DWTS who have been able to do the show and take care of their children, of course with help, but it certainly can be done.

I have gotten to the point where the site of him disgusts me, and I think she feels the same way. I also think she sees him in a different light now, and is positively stunned on how he is reacting. I am sure she did not see this side of him, nor did she ever think he could be this caddy.

This story truly is what I have always believed in, ya just never know what a person is capable of doing. You think you know a person, but on second look, you did not know them at all. I also reference Scott Peterson in this category, wholesome young handsome yuppie, who one would think had the world at his fingertips, but he was none of that, what he is, is a cold hearted murderer.

This is my rule in life "don't every underestimate a soul" I abide my this daily, and I can only hope that others would do the same.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Night Owl Review

by Dianne_in_Denver

This was going to be a surprise but for those of you that won't be there, I thought I would show a little clip of our Chicago act. Tina, Mary and I have been practicing like mad for months and finally got together to have one final rehearsal and it turned out perfect. We are singing a little tribute to Jodi's famous potato salad and then some special dance and stunts. Be sure and watch the whole thing....and enjoy us. You won't really know which one is who until you meet us...

(Watch past the first 60 seconds or so, then Whoa! Look Out!)


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Chicago Meeting

by Shirley

Part Two

By 4:15 everyone who was coming had arrived. With all the initial "hello's" and chit chat no one had noticed that there were no other guests in the lobby or the lounge area. The only guests were right here, just as Sally had planned. She went and spoke to the hotel manager to make sure all the rooms were ready. The staff had to wait until everyone had put their luggage into their rooms before the final act of the evening could be executed.

Everyone was getting acquainted with everyone else...laughing and talking, when all of a sudden the lights went out. No one had noticed that the windows had covers over them to look like the outside, or that the doors to the lounge had been closed. It was completely dark. Sally heard a couple screams and people saying they wondered what had happened. She smiled, knowing what was about to happen to them all. She gave the signal. The men on either side of her drew their weapons. She signalled again, and as she threw open the doors to the lounge the lights came back on, the men aimed their guns...and...everyone in the room was...covered in silly string!

Taken by surprise, the women screamed. Then they noticed who had entered the room with the barrage of silly string and they began to laugh and say "we should have known it was Sally!". Sally explained things to them and they all laughed over jello shots and food that the staff brought out. After an hour or so the lights once again went out but a couple seconds later a spot light shone on the stage and standing there was Jon Bon Jovi. He began to sing and for an hour the women acted like a bunch of teenage girls attending their first concert. One even threw her bra at him!

After getting kisses and autographs from JBJ they waved and watched as he left. A few more jello shot and snacks, a little more conversation and the women were ready to call it a night. They were all staying on the same floor so they divided up into two elevators and proceeded to go to their rooms. They all opened their doors at about the same time and all were greeted with a bucket of confetti on their heads. In unison they shouted "SALLY!!!!!!!". The rest of their stay at the Vandercleven Hotel was full of friendship, fun and lots of laughter. By the end of the weekend all the women knew exactly what Sally thought of them. They were her friends and she loved them.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Chicago Meeting

by Shirley

Part One

Over a period of a couple years a group of women became friends over the Internet. Some had been able to meet in person, but most hadn't. A meet and greet was arranged for early May in Chicago. Everyone was buzzing with excitement, making plans to do this and that. Little did they know what was going on behind the scenes. One woman, Sally, was not able to attend the Chicago meeting...or so the others thought. She told them she would be working and didn't have the funds anyway. They were all sorry she couldn't attend but the plans for the trip continued.

As the weekend drew near to go to Chicago the women could talk about nothing else. They were all staying at the Vandercleven Hotel which was near the airport. They would all meet in the lounge area at 4:00 on Friday afternoon. Sally arrived at the hotel and checked in at 1:00 Friday afternoon. She checked with the hotel staff about her plans. Everything was as it should be. None of the others knew that the previous Fall her wealthy Aunt Delia Vandercleven had died and left the hotel to Sally in her will.

As the anticipated guests began to arrive and the hour of 4:00 approached, Sally got more and more anxious. Everything had to go according to plan. Nothing was going to stop Sally from showing these women what she really thought of them. Nothing!! This was a meeting Chicago would never forget.

To be continued....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hold it Together

by Jodi

My friend Frank made this video. It is his audition piece for Project M. Frank is extremely talented. He has written over 200 songs. Some of which has been recorded by local artists. He is also a film maker. Going Great White was released 2 years ago, and Lake Jimmy will premier this summer.

Franks is married and has 6 daughters. He calls them "his ladies"!! I think he is a true Renaissance Man.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

~ Out to Lunch ~

by Tina~in_ut

I went out to eat one Saturday afternoon, just me and my book. No kids or hubby to distract me. A little alone time…..I call it Tina-time. I was sitting in a little corner booth for two, right next to four girlfriends who hadn’t seen each other for a while. I can usually tune out everything around me, especially when I have a good book to read and a meal I love (Pei Wei). For some reason, these women caught my attention. I tried not to laugh when the one who had been married for a while (2 years), complained about her hubby. The engaged one couldn’t understand that! (she’ll find out!!!). The one without a boyfriend seemed to know everything (she has no idea)!! And then there was the one with the three kids. She just looked tired.

I tried to read my book, or at least look like I was. I did manage to eat. They started discussing having children. I couldn’t keep quiet when “engaged girl” said she really wanted to have twins. I almost spit out my diet coke when she said she thought it would be fun!! I told her what it was really like!!! And then some!! “Mother of three” just kept nodding her tired head. “No boyfriend” thought it couldn’t possibly be that bad!! With that I left their conversation. Well, I at least stopped talking to them! Lol~
The thing that really got me was that one of them, I can’t remember which one said it, but she said that she would love to be pregnant ….constantly pregnant. After she was done having her own kids, she’d love to be able to have other people’s kids. You know how some people just can’t get pregnant and all you want to do is help them, she wanted to grow and give birth to their baby. I told my friends and even my hubby the same thing a long time ago. As long as it wasn’t my egg or my husband’s sperm, and I was just the baby machine, it would be okay. The girls’ friends thought she was nuts, just like my friends thought I was nuts. I know that women are different and at the same time very much the same, but I never thought I’d ever hear someone else say something like that.

It was nice to see four good friends out for lunch catching up on each other’s lives just like I do with my friends and you do with yours. It made me think about all the women in the world, past, present and future that have done and will do this same thing…..sit around talking the way women do….the way women need to. Does that even make sense? I don’t think it’s the same with men.

It makes me even more excited about Chicago. We meet here each day to say hey, to insult, to seek and give advice, but to be able to sit around a table and share, laugh, and cry…..that will be fantastic. I sure hope none of you are axe murderers! I know Di and I aren’t. I’m not too sure about the rest of you~ We’ll soon find out, won’t we? :D

Friday, April 2, 2010

Instead of $43 Million, How About Waffles?

by DeeDee

A woman who won $42.9 million off a penny bet in a slot machine had her dreams dashed when the casino said the jackpot message was an error. Now Colorado gambling authorities are testing the machine while the state’s 39 casinos scramble to reassure gamblers. Louise Chavez of Thornton got the jackpot message on Friday at the Fortune Valley Casino in Central City. The top prize was listed as $251,000. She said that the casino gave her free breakfast but that she is owed more.

For more of the story click here......

What do you think is fair? The casino itself isn't worth $43 million........however...the gaming commission will back up claims if it is warranted.....

Read the short story in the Denver Post for all the details......casinos are fully protected........or are they?
Louise thinks she is entitled to $43 million.....whats your opinon?? I am interested to know our Mary's opinion......she has a lot of experience with casino's......and slots....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day!

Happy April 1st, better know as April Fool's Day. It seems many like this day so they can joke with others, pull pranks, and be down right sassy if they come up with a good one. I usually don't pull any pranks, I don't feel I am that witty, plus what might be a joke to me, might not be a joke to others. So if I do prank, it is usually small and harmless.

I would love to know what April Fool Jokes any of you have pulled off. I think it will be fun to read, and perhaps get some ideas.