Monday, June 30, 2008

Reading and Writing

this blogging thing, has taken my thoughts
and put them into the written word, i have
always loved to write, however i was never good
at putting my words on paper, i never had a diary
or a journal, i might have started one of these
many years ago as a teen, however it might have
been two days the most that the written word
appeared, and i would then shove it in the back
of a closet, to be seen never more

i have also loved to read, i could read a book in two
days, and then go onto the next, i only read hardcover
as the paperbacks, just don't feel the same to me

when this blogging began, i stopped reading, i would
surely go to Barnes and Noble and buy books, but i
would just not pick it up to read, the book of choice
would sit on my dresser waiting to be open, and of
course collecting dust, almost like a treadmill!

i realized this, when sandie blogged about her love
for books, and many of the books she mentioned i
read, the realization made me miss it so

i just have to figure out, how to juggle reading
and blogging, as in life, you learn as you go,
so i need to learn, i need to master the time

i went to barnes and noble today, and spent 2hrs
there, just reading excerpts of books, i bought a
book "The Garden of Last Days" by Andre Dubus III
he is the author of Sand and Fog, which i read and
loved, i enjoyed my visit, and walked out with a smile
and my new book

i will be making a connection with this book in the
next few days, i will be giving myself something that
i surely love, the way i see it, its all about the
juggling of life, the making time for yourself and
sticking to it

special Thank You to Sandie, for reminding me
how very much i love to read!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hearts Live On!

my saturday night consisted of flipping
channels, and i am so glad i did, finally
on WE a movie that caught my interest


upon looking up the guide, my assumption
was correct, a movie about the life of
Celine Dion

i adore her, and really never knew much
about her life, so i was curious to learn
how this once little girl, from Quebec
became a huge star

she came from a musical family, they all
sang, and played instruments, her family
foundation was tremendous

and then there is Rene, a true love story
oh my goodness, it bought tears to my eyes
he was and is her one true love!

i saw her in concert at Madison Square Garden
several years ago, its a memory i hold dear to
my heart, when she sang the song "My Heart
Will Go On" i felt like i was numb, i remember
staring at her in awe, and wanting time to stand
still, her presence on stage is overwhelming
as i sat there, i saw Jack and Rose holding
hands, grasping so tightly, not wanting to let go,
and then the inevitable, she had to save herself,
she had to let go, but you knew their hearts went on~~

so i share with you, a video of one of my favorite
songs, from Celine Dion!

enjoy her amazing voice!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Book Club Therapy

by Sandie

I've loved books since I started to read in the first grade. I remember Mom taking my sister and me, also a big reader, to the library every other Saturday morning. I loved it! The feeling of walking into the library with all those books just waiting for me to read them is the same feeling I get today when I walk into a library or book store.

Seven years ago, when I lived in Maryland, I decided to start a neighborhood book club. About nine of my neighbors/friends joined. We decided that we'd take turns choosing the books and whomever chose the next book would host the meeting. We'd have coffee/tea and desserts since we were meeting in the evenings, once a month. From that first meeting, I was hooked.

Our first book pick, hosted by my friend/neighbor, Carol, was House of Sand and Fog by Andre DuBus III. We all liked the book and had a good discussion about it. But what was really great was that in talking about the book, we talked about us. Every book after that just led to more discussion about our lives--from raising our kids to our religious beliefs. It was better than therapy. We quickly made the Vegas rule--what happens in book club stays in book club! We were sharing so much of ourselves that we wanted everyone to feel safe.

A few months after we started that club, Carol was diagnosed with colon cancer. A year later, she passed away. I, and I know others as well, felt such a great gift in that book club, because we had all grown so close and had shared so much with Carol. A week before she was diagnosed, as I was driving her home from a book club meeting in which we had discussed religion, Carol told me that although she had converted to Judaism from Catholicism when she married her husband, she just KNEW when she died she would see Jesus in Heaven. I've never forgotten that and it gave me a sense of peace when she passed.

When we moved to Georgia a few years ago, I was very sad to leave my family and friends--and my book club!! On my last meeting, the club surprised me and had pink t-shirts printed saying, "Sandie's Book Club" and listing all the books we'd read! They're still together and we exchange book lists.

It didn't take me long to start a book club here! We've been meeting for about a year now and once again, I've made some great friends. What I love most about book club is sharing/talking with other women but I also love that I've read books I wouldn't have chosen to read. Have I liked all of them? Heck, no! But that's the other great thing--when we have some people who liked the book and others who didn't, it makes for a much more interesting and fun meeting!! And, almost every book somehow relates to our own lives and we start talking about us. No therapy could compare!

For July, we're reading a book I picked by one of my favorite authors, Jodi Picoult. It's called Change of Heart. It's actually about the death penalty, something we just discussed in the nest. I can't wait to discuss it in our club.

I'm listing some of the books (from my old club and current club) we've read in hopes that you'll broaden your reading experience and maybe even start a book club of your own!

We Were the Mulvaneys by Joyce Carol Oates
Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier
The Red Tent by Anita Diamant
Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding
A Widow for One Year by John Irving
The Lost Legends of New Jersey by Frederick Reiken
Sea Glass: A Novel by Anita Shreve
Fortune's Rocks: A Novel by Anita Shreve
Back When We Were Grownups by Anne Tyler
In the Time of Butterflies by Julia Alvarez
The Lovely Bones: A Novel by Alice Sebold
Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende
It's not about the bike by Lance Armstrong
The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd
Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons by Lorna Landvik
Falling Leaves by Adeline Yen Mah
The Other Boleyn Girl, Philippa Gregory
Cane River, Lalita Tademy
Outlander, Diana Gabaldan
Queen Bees and Wannabes, Rosalind Wiseman
Shantaram, Gregory David Roberts
The Woman who Walked into Windows, Roddy Doyle
Cruel as the Grave, Sharon Kay Penman
Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Friend,
Christopher Moore
Water for Elephants, Sara Gruen
A Thousand Splendid Suns, Khaled Hosseini
The Life of Pi, Yann Martel
The Shadow of the Wind, Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
A Confederacy of Dunces, John Kennedy Toole
Change of Heart, Jodi Picoult (Jul 08)
Slaughterhouse-Five, Kurt Vonnegut (Aug 08)
The Book Thief, Markus Zusak (Sept 08)
The Gravedigger’s Daughter, Joyce Carol Oats (Oct 08)

Friday, June 27, 2008

My Hero

by Vig

June 27th is the birth date of Helen Keller. It is now celebrated worldwide as a part of Deafblind Awareness week. Throughout her life Helen Keller impacted the lives of those with disabilities and continues to do so forty-one years after her death.

Helen Keller is one of my heroes. She was a true activist. Her life was devoted to social change and righting wrongs. She understood that one person really could make a difference. She did not let what others see as a handicap, prevent her from doing what she knew to be her life’s purpose.

From Wikipedia:
Keller went on to become a world-famous speaker and author. She is remembered as an advocate for people with disabilities amid numerous other causes. She was a suffragist, a pacifist, a Wilson opposer, a radical socialist, and a birth control supporter. In 1915, Helen Keller and George Kessler founded the Helen Keller International (HKI) organization. This organization is devoted to research in vision, health and nutrition. In 1920, she helped to found the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

So I put this dinner party question to you…if you could meet a hero or someone who has impacted the world and really made a difference (living or dead) who would it be and why?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

One hopes they have Peace~

Neil Entwistle was found guilty of
killing his wife Rachel and his
beautiful baby girl Lillian, i am so happy
with the verdict, yet so sad for the two
innocent life's that were lost, Neil Entwistle
was and is a coward, and for me the lowest
scum on earth...

in the some of the pics i have seen of him
with his family, they look so happy, so normal
so it seems the pics tell a different story,
which lots of times they do

Neil, Rachel and baby Lillian

it has been stated at his trail that
he was in debt, and was dissatisfied with
his sex life, so would that be a reason
to commit murder? well i think NOT

i am so tired of people murdering others
for no good reason other than their own
insecurities, there are so many cases such
as this, it seems one goes away and another
one happens

how could this be? when did murder become
a option? when did the Scott Peterson's of the
world just decide they can murder who they
wish? i truly believe when they are committing
this hideous crime, they have a sick sense
that they will be able to get away with it,
i think in their minds, they feel they are
foolproof, and can walk away unscathed!

i hope Neil Entwistle gets life in prison
when he is sentenced, as he deserves to be
locked behind bars forever

this surely will not bring back Rachel or Lillian
but perhaps it will save other lives,
as i believe if you can do it once you can do it again

Rachel, and baby Lillian

i have learned in my lifetime and stand by:

"Never underestimate a soul, because anyone is capable of anything"

so true, so very true!

More Information on the Entwistle's

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

~ When Was Your Last Squeeze? ~

by tina~in_utI’m usually like clockwork. Every year. Without fail. This year, I don’t know what happened. I didn’t go get my yearly mammogram! I guess I could use the excuse that I was busy taking care of my dad. It’s really not an excuse, though. I still need to make that appointment. I don’t mind going. It’s just something I do for my family as much as for myself~

My grandmother died of breast cancer. I never met her. So when I was 32 years old, I asked to have a mammogram. My doctor agreed that it was time for a baseline. I went and have never laughed so hard in my life! I seriously asked the technician how in the world she was going to get a picture of me because I’m so small. She looked at me and said with a stone cold face, “I’ve worked with smaller!” The jokes just started flying from there. We both ended up crying because we were laughing so hard. It wasn’t that horrible experience that a lot of women say it is. Maybe it’s all in the attitude.

After I got the results from that test, I asked when they wanted me to have another. They said I could wait until I was 40 and then every year after that. I thought that was too long to wait when there is a family history of the disease, but the doctor reassured me and told me to still do the self tests.

Last year, I forgot to make my mammo appointment when I made my regular doctor’s appointment. After that fun exam was done, I walked up to the receptionist and told her I needed to make a mammo appointment. Without looking up, she pulled out the appointment book and asked me if I had implants. There was another lady standing there and both of us just burst out laughing. I told her that she had to be kidding me. She finally looked up and apologized and said that she has to ask everyone. I was more insulted by the apology than the question.

This time the office I went to for the exam was in another building with different people. They didn’t seem like they were much fun. No sense of humor. I looked around the room to find something other than my boobs to talk about. On a shelf were these ginormous metal trays. I asked what they were for. The technician told me they were for women with very large breasts. My eyes popped out. I could not imagine anyone’s boob’s being large enough to fill out, let alone spill over, these trays. The lady laughed and told me it was difficult to do those exams. I asked if smaller boobs or bigger ones are easier. She said the most difficult one she ever did was on a woman that barely had any nipples. She was so serious and tried to explain how difficult the procedure was, and it took her so long, that by the time she was done with her story, I was done with my exam. This one hurt just a little, but again, was no big deal (no pun intended!).

I used to be the person that thought ‘oh…..I probably have this disease or that disease’ and did not want to get checked for fear of what I would find. After getting married and having children, I gladly went to the doctor faithfully every year. I didn’t think it was fair not to do everything possible to ensure that my family had me around for as long as possible…….whether they like it not! When I hear of a woman who “thinks” there might be something wrong, a lump or something that is just “off”, I do everything I can to encourage her to go see a doctor. I would even go with them if I could. I realize there is the fear of the unknown, but it’s so much better to know and do something about it and LIVE! So, when was the last time you were squeezed? And how much fun did you have?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What's On YOUR Summer TV Schedule?

by Bon'Oregon

Have I ever mentioned how much I love CBS Sunday Morning? (lol) This Sunday's offerings:

*History of the G.I. Bill (if only it still worked for today's Vets the way it was designed during WWII!)

*Bio and video clips of Judy Garland (died 39 yrs ago today!)

*Mo Rocca with clips from PBS's 'Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me' (GREAT weekly news quiz/game show on radio!)

*The Best Music for Summer 2008 (I definitely need to check out Lizz Wright!)

*'Best in Show' about all the dogs performing on Broadway from 'Annie' to 'Legally Blonde'.
(Did you know they ALL came from New York's Animal Shelter?)

*The Longest Day (about Summer Solstice)

*Blowin'in the Wind (about Texas wind turbines 'fueling' controversy and the economy)

*'The Money Lady' ~~ Suzy Orman profile (Did you know she was poor, from the southside of Chicago before moving on up to Berkeley and her high $8-figure multi-faceted career in SF with life partner, Kathy Travis?)

*Editorial about Scott McClellan's tell-all book and P.R. people in Journalism

*'Step by Step' about Bertie Bowman, 70-something black man, one of fourteen kids, who in 1944 hopped a train to Washington, DC and swept the steps of the Capitol for $2/week, and has now written a book about all his years since, on the 'inside'.

*Closing nature scene, this week of the seals and gulls off the San Francisco Coast.....I learn so much every Sunday while being so well entertained. The only thing better would be if they'd expand it to at least three hours. THE BEST (imho) 90 minutes on TV!!


SO...we all miss our favorite shows during the Summer. (Un)Reality programming is SO pitiful. The Stanley Cup has been won, Tiger is sadly out for the season...Have YOU discovered any must-see TV we might have missed? If so, PLEASE SHARE!

Monday, June 23, 2008


"Have you any dreams you'd like to sell?"
(Quote taken from a Stevie Nicks song "Dreams")

by East Bay J

What is it with our dreams? I have some of the strangest, funniest, most bizarre dreams.

This morning I woke up wondering about the dream I had just had. I was dreaming of being at a wedding. The aisle at the church was horseshoe-shaped, and the wedding party walked down and around and back up to the alter. One of the groomsmen was in a wheelchair and stopped to talk to someone while going around.

I did not know the bride and groom. Everyone in the wedding party, although formally dressed, were wearing colorful Hawaiian leis.

That is all I can remember about it.

When I got up and drank my coffee, I was wondering what significance it had or might have.

I have had dreams about people I know, usually a family member or friend, dying, usually in a car accident. Thankfully none of those were a premonition and has never come true.

Someone I work with will have dreams about lucky numbers. She writes them down and will have her husband take her to one of the casinos and she will play those numbers. She has won many times. Last time was a few months ago, and she won $5000.

I've thought about studying dreams and what they mean, but it scares me and I've never pursued it.

I'm interested to know if any owls have dreams that come true? Or has anyone studied the meaning

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bring us back to.......

its Sunday, our week is over, so we shall begin a new week tomorrow, when Sundays are here i need a pick me up so i can proceed to Monday, and hopefully face it with a smile, i think this video is perfect for the start of
our new week

it is a
♪♪ Sign along ♪♪
you all know the words
sing it loud, and with
many smiles!

and if you feel like doing
"the happy dance"
go for it!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Dating Game

The Dating Game

by Just_Lin

When Custard and I have met in our hometown, we have stayed at his friend John's house. John was also in our class in high school and has done quite well for himself. He has a large house, a mini mansion really, with a pool and a lovely view. The thing about John is that he tends to date bimbos.

It's kind of a joke with Custard and I. When discussing our plans we will say things like, "We'll be having dinner Friday night with John and one of his bimbos". The first bimbo we had dinner with had such a puffed out upper lip that she looked like one of the Simpsons from the side. Custard told me once, when he was out with John and one of his bimbos, he was having alot of trouble understanding her and felt sorry for her because she had a terrible speech impediment. It turns out she had just had too much collegan shot into her lips and couldn't make them work properly.

Most of John's bimbos seem to be "actresses" or "wannabe actresses". They are, for the most part, less than half his age and blonde. I don't mean to be unkind. They all seem to be nice enough, some smarter than others, some more shallow than others. They all seem a little sad and desperate to me. None of them know John's true age as it just isn't discussed. Why do they go out with him? I'm sure money has something to do with it because he has a couple of Escalades and takes them to very nice places. He is also very much a gentleman and treats them with respect. He has a way of acting as if everything they say is of utmost interest to him. He is an excellent listener.

These young women are altering their looks to try and be acceptable according to Hollywood standards. Unfortunately, it just makes them interchangeable. John is a nice looking man and they probably assume he is 10 years younger than he really is. He doesn't reveal his age because he wants to be acceptable dating material for these young things.

While I was there on this last trip, John was propositioned via text message by a young woman with a daughter who wanted to know if he was interested in an "arrangement". For a $9,000 monthly allowance, she would spend two nights a week with him plus go on vacations, etc. with him. After he shared the message with us, the three of us stood around like WTC? He has so many women dating him now, there is absolutely no need to pay big bucks for female companionship. Not to mention, she'd have to be really spectacular to be worth that kind of money. He turned her down in a very nice, gentlemanly way so they can remain friendly.

John used to be married and has two college age sons and a step-daughter. He and his wife divorced 7-8 years ago. After their divorce, he found out that she had been having an affair with her high school sweetheart for a year. The divorce really devastated John as he thought they were soul mates. So now he dates bimbos and keeps himself safe from entering into a serious relationship

Friday, June 20, 2008

Unanswered Prayers

by Tinkatia

Unanswered Prayers, Sung by Garth Brooks

As I was returning tonight from my granddaughter's baseball game, I was listening to Garth Brooks on the car radio. He was singing "Unanswered Prayers".

I took notice of the words, "Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers." My mind wondered back to the spring of 1969. I was happily expecting my third child. The last two would be just 12 months apart, which was a common occurrence back then in "Good" Catholic families. I think they were referred to as "Irish Twins". We had a little boy and a little girl so we didn't care what the gender might be. We just wanted a healthy baby. We had names picked out for both. The nursery was ready and so was I.

On June 1st 1969 little Catherine Dawn entered the world more than two months early. She was scarcely two pounds but oh so tiny and sweet. She was rushed into an incubator. I knew there would be problems but during the previous few years the medical field had made such progress in saving these tiny babies. She was fighting to live and I prayed like I have never prayed before. Right through the day and on into the night I never stopped praying. "Please God let this be one of the success stories". All the doctors fought hard but as the sun was slowly rising little Catherine Dawn went back to Heaven. I was devastated. There were other tiny babies in the incubators and they were going to live. Why not my baby? She was so wanted. I went home empty handed and doubting my faith.

Many years later I learned that nearly all the tiny very premature babies that had been saved in the sixties had serious physical and mental problems. Almost all were blind or almost blind from the oxygen that had been pumped into the incubators. Some had cerebral palsy and most had learning disabilities when they reached school age. I think God hand picks mothers of children with special needs because they are very special themselves. I wonder if I would have been strong enough mentally and physically to meet these challenges? Would my child have needed painful surgeries or treatments? Would she have had to endure ridicule from other children because she was different? Being so sensitive myself, would I have been able to endure watching her being taunted and teased. How would it have affected my other children? Would I have had the time to spend with them? The bedtime stories, the homework, the gymnastic and other sports events, the concerts and all the other activities we do with our children; would they have been curtailed? Even now would I be going to all of my grandchildren's baseball games and dance recitals? Would I be growing my own Christmas trees? I think God answered my prayers that day. He said, "No".

Have you ever had anything that you prayed so hard for or wished so long for and never acquired it? Did you ever receive the gift of unanswered prayers?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Inlaws and Outlaws!

by Lynn D

I was laying in bed and channel surfing looking for something to watch on TV not finding anything I went to my old standby our local PBS and I happened on a documentary that was not only eye opening but made me want to rave about it and let everyone I know that it is a must see!

It is a glorious film about marriage and relationships from every walk of life. The creator of this film is from Seattle and the entire thing is filmed in Seattle with real couples. Many in the gay and lesbian community may already be aware of this little jewel of a film but I think many in the mainstream are not.

This film for me really made me think about relationships and what marriage really is, not the standard between man and woman but person to person. The story of Chuck in this film made me realize that really marriage is about choosing your family. The family for the next stage of your life, when you choose who to partner with, to create your family separate from the family you were born into. This insight hit me with such clarity and added a whole new dimension about why every person should be allowed the right to marry. Chuck and his partner were together for 50 years and when his partner died he was told he could not have his service flag for the funeral because he was not family. Well if 50 years together counts for nothing then what the hell is family??

If you get a chance to see this film don’t walk run and take everyone you can! Right now it is playing in small theaters here and there. I was lucky enough to see it on PBS. I don’t know if they will be playing it again but please check your listings. If it is watch! You will walk away feeling much richer for the experience!

I am including two youtube videos about this film. Just to give you a hint of its power.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Get Real People!

i have come to the conclusion
that people are "spoiled"
if something does not go their way,
they stamp their feet, extend their
fists in the air, and pout!

what does it matter if the color
of your sheets, don't match perfectly
to your bedspread, or your car mats
don't match your car seats, such trivial
things in life, these are, yet it can
set someone off on a tangent

I had someone pull a tantrum yesterday
because i could not seat them together on
a plane, he wanted to change flights because
of this, however each flight he picked, there
were no two seats together, instead of
just being grateful, that he was able to
even afford a flight, he threw a fit, because
of seats!!

i surely don't get this, i was dumbfounded
with his actions, and that is what makes
me think, are some that spoiled? do some
just want it all? is it the money they have
that makes them the way their are?

i do think people have forgotten, they have
forgotten their roots, and where they came
from, and what brought them to where they
are today

this times are hard enough, most of us
struggle daily, just to get thru a day
perhaps that is what keeps us grounded
the struggle keeps us real!

shame on anyone who has forgotten, shame
on anyone who has their priorities in all the
wrong order!

i am glad i am me, i know the difference,
it humbles me and makes me proud to
me who i am

i have not forgotten~~

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


by Iteach

During the past couple of months of we have discussed all the fun traditions that summer brings upon us. One summer tradition that stands out in my mind our weddings. In honor of all the summer weddings I would like to share with you one of my favorite wedding scenes from T.V.

The reason why I love this scene is because every time I watch it, I burst out laughing. The acting was AMAZING. I hope you enjoy this blast from the past.

Monday, June 16, 2008

What did you just call me?

by Zona

I was listening to my Myspace music player yesterday, when I heard the song "The Lady Is A Tramp" being sung by Frank Sinatra. Sinatra sings this with a smirk in his voice, and I'm sure when Rodgers and Hart wrote the song..they had to know that there would be an emphasis on the obvious double entendre. In reality, the song is simply about a woman who doesn't fit, and doesn't desire to fit, into what she feels is the snobbery of high society. This got me thinking about how we use certain words and phrases and how we interpret them, depending on who we are talking to or who we are with. This then led me to Tina and Jodi. they are affectionately known...Tinaho and Hodi. Less than a year ago, I wouldn't have believed that the words Ho, Crackwhore, and yes, even Bitch, could be said with such affection. I think it's incredible that we have all come to know each other so well, that the use of these words, which could have at one time been guaranteed to hurt just make us laugh. I mean, come on.....Tina even gets away with saying TinkHOtia! So let's all raise a glass to Tinaho and Hodi...without whom we may never have achieved the Status "Ho"!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


by Tina~in_ut

When I was young, my father was the nicest, sweetest man you’d ever want to know. Everyone loved my dad! He was so kind and funny, yet very quiet. I wanted to marry someone just like him when I grew up. He took us camping, hiking, played games with us, made games for us, and taught us how to make things, which is where I think I get my creativity from.

My dad is a carpenter……“just like Jesus” is what he would kiddingly tell us! After church on Sundays, we would go for a drive to see what he had been building during the week. When we were really little, they were mostly housing tracts. As we got older, his work became more specialized. When I take my kids to Disneyland, I show them the candy store and point out what my dad built. There is also an office building by my brother’s house where my dad built most of the arches and the cupola. I proudly point that out too. I can’t tell you how many times growing up I heard, “Who wants to go to the hardware store with me?” It’s funny how my brother’s and sister and I would climb all over each other to be the one to go with him. He would only take one of us at a time. I can still smell the wood….we always entered the store from that side. “Wood is good!” That’s his motto!

Last year everything changed. EVERYTHING! Dad’s neck had been bothering him and by the end of June, it was so bad, he wasn’t sleeping. My dad is not the type to go to the doctor. EVER! I remember him coming home from work once when I was a teenager with his t-shirt torn diagonally down his back. It was all bloody and I screamed and asked him if he was okay and did he need to go to the doctor. He said it was only a scratch and that he’d have mom clean it up. I learned later that he had fallen off a roof and “scraped” his back on a 2 by 4 as he came down. He also had a concussion, but God forbid he should go see a doctor. So last June, when his neck started hurting so bad that he had to hold his head up with his hand, my mom and sister finally talked him into going to see a doctor. That doctor told him that he had a pinched nerve and to take ibuprofen. He went home and nothing changed. My sister made him an appointment with a neurosurgeon for July 3rd. They went and that doctor took x-rays. My father was asked if his hands or arms tingled. They didn’t. He was asked if he had walked into the office. He did. He was told that his neck was broken in two places and that he needed to go immediately to the hospital. He wouldn’t!

My entire family lives in California. I live in Utah. My sister lives with my parents. It took us two days to talk my dad into going to the hospital. He told me over the phone that he knew if he went in, he’d never come back out. I told him, “If you don’t go in, you’ll end up paralyzed!” It was a miracle that he wasn’t already paralyzed! My sister called me at work at about 7:15pm on July 5th to tell me that they got dad into the hospital. They put him in a halo brace and he was scheduled for surgery the next morning. All I remember is running into my bosses office to tell him I was leaving and why, driving home while on the phone telling my daughter what clothes to pack for me, and my husband driving me to the airport. I made the 9pm flight and was in ICU with my dad by 11pm. From the day he entered the hospital until the day he left, he was only alone for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening when the nurses changed shifts. We arranged for one of us to be with him at all times no matter what.

After the surgery, we learned that dad had a tumor in his neck that caused his C2 and C3 to shatter. And even worse, the tumor was cancerous. He was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. We were devastated. They couldn’t do anything about the cancer until we knew that his neck was stabilized and on the mend. He was in the hospital for 17 days. I was there for most of it, but was able to go back to work because my sister was there and since she’s a teacher, she had the summer off. Between the two of us, we scheduled appointments and who would go to which ones with our parents. I still laugh at the looks on his doctor’s faces when all four of us would show up for his appointments as a group!

Dad didn’t want to see anyone at first, but when he did, the first people he asked to see where my in-laws. Go figure. I still think it odd. They aren’t the best of friends, but they have my family in common. My dad even planned what to feed them for dinner. My sister and I thought that was odd, but didn’t say anything. It wasn’t until my in-laws were there that my dad realized that he couldn’t eat. He still had his feeding tube and could not swallow. So we enjoyed the roast, and he had his liquid diet. Later in August, I brought my kids to see my dad. I wanted them to see him so badly. Of course, I warned them about what they would see, and they didn’t even blink an eye when they saw him. It was a good visit and kept my dad from dwelling on his problems.

Dad in his Halo and my oldest in his Sea Cadet uniform

It wasn’t until September that they started treating my dad for the cancer. He was put on chemo pills, steroids, and an assortment of other meds. I remember the day in the oncologist’s office when we were told he would be on chemo pills for life. My dad had just said something incredibly mean to me in front of my sister and mother. I was upset. When they told dad, I couldn’t even feel sorry for him. He was visibly upset, as was my mother and sister. And I was just mad….and hurt. We learned that there are two side effects from the chemo: constipation and/or depression. I prayed for constipation!

In October, he got his Halo brace off just in time for his 70th birthday. They gave him some neck braces, but he never really wore them. He has rods in his neck and he will never be able to move his neck again, which frustrates him to no end. He gets so mad now, so easily. He rants about everything. I go to see him once a month to go to the doctor with him, so it’s my mom and sister who get the brunt of his temper. We’ve all learned to let it go in one ear and out the other. I know my silly, funny father is still in there somewhere. I just have to look a little harder now to find him.

My sister and I have decided that we have to stop worrying. We believe that something other than cancer will take my dad. The man was on my aunt’s roof recently trying to fix it. He gets up on ladders and even drives! We’ve decided to stop trying to protect him and let him live life the way he wants to.

~ Dad and Tina ~ Taken last Sunday ~

I am eternally grateful for the doctors and nurses who have taken care of my father. I’m grateful that he can walk. I am blessed to have a family who stuck together to help each other through this. And I am ever so happy to still have my dad and my children’s papa around for just a little longer. I love you, Dad. Happy Father’s Day~

Saturday, June 14, 2008



by Bon'Oregon

So many natural disasters recently, worldwide...So many of us have recently lost loved ones, or are experiencing our own health scares and traumas...the world and it's economics and politics are scary. Then there is 'the small stuff', and we know we shouldn't 'sweat the small stuff...but we do.

Just yesterday, I flushed the toilet...or tried to, but nothing happened...just a clicking sound. Water to the shower and tub, fine. Water to the sink, fine. Water to the commode, nothing. Obviously, this needed fixing, NOW! So, out to the garage to hop in the car for a trip to the hardware store...dead battery. Damn, DAMN, DAMN!!! Long story short, all's fine now, but it did make me think. It's those 'little things' that we take for granted each day, that~~if not there at the flick of a switch~~can bring our lives to a screeching halt.

This little mini-drama reminded me that I need to get in touch again with the 'Pollyanna' I used to always half-full, always mindful when making entries in my Gratitude Journal to be grateful for the bad things that DIDN'T happen on any given day.

(stolen from the web):
The popular 1913 novel, Pollyanna, introduced the Glad Game. Its author showed how the use of the Glad Game could contribute to the mastery of stressful life events and daily hassles. The Glad Game consists of developing the habit of not dwelling on dysphoric emotions in relation to life's disappointments or threats. The player is taught NOT to deny negative emotions, but to turn one's attention away and to think of something one could feel glad about in the situation.

The title character is Pollyanna Whittier, a young orphan who goes to live in Beldingsville, Vermont, with her wealthy but dour Aunt Polly. Pollyanna's philosophy of life centers on what she calls "The Glad Game", an optimistic attitude she learned from her father. The game consists of finding something to be glad about in every situation. It originated in an incident one Christmas when Pollyanna, who was hoping for a doll in the missionary barrel, found only a pair of crutches inside. Making the game up on the spot, Pollyanna's father taught her to look at the good side of things—in this case, to be glad about the crutches because "we don't need 'em!".

Sometimes, this life really sucks! Some days, what you and I are going through together or alone seems unbearably unfair. Anyone have an anecdote or more thoughts on gratitude for the bad things that DON'T happen or that could have been so much worse? I could use a chuckle, and a reminder. Perhaps others feel the same. As I write this, Glynis just posted about (bad news) puncturing and having to replace tires, but (good news) doing so in a safe place and before any life-endangering half-full!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

in honor of today, i thought i would
find of clip of Friday the 13th the movie
i really don't like horror flicks
actually they scare the crap out of me,
so needless to say, i don't watch

however, Jason from Friday the 13th
has always spiked up my curiosity,
why was he so mean? why did he kill
so brutally? (at least that is what i have been told)
so when i saw this clip, i thought, perhaps
this will explain his actions, well, you will
see, i am still in the dark.......

don't be scared, it is not gory,
but it is funny, in a Jason kind
of way!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Tale of Two Telescopes

A Tale of Two Telescopes

by Whabbear

Owls, have you heard of the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) institute in my hometown of Mountain View? The institute used to be part of NASA until Congress de-funded it back in the 1990s. Today, it is thriving through public donations and public support.

SETI’s biggest benefactor is Paul Allen, the Microsoft billionaire. Allen’s donated over 25 million dollars to built the Allen Telescope Array (ATA), a new suite of radio telescopes that will do radio astronomy and search for signals or broadcasts from extra-terrestrial civilizations.

Last week, I read an article about where in the galaxy they were deciding to aim the ATA to do their first search, and their reasoning was absolutely fascinating (well, at least I thought it was)! They’re going to search in the band around our solar system that’s formed by the ecliptic, the narrow region of the sky that contains our astrological “sun” signs.

Now why on earth (LOL!) would they search there? The answer is associated with another telescope that’s going to be launched into space next year by NASA, not the SETI institute. This remarkable instrument, called Kepler, will aim itself at one section of the sky and monitor about 100,000 stars continuously. Why? Kepler will be searching for tiny periodic dips in these star’s brightness levels that would reveal the presence of an earth-sized planet “transiting”, moving across the face of, the star. Only about 2% of the solar systems around these stars should be oriented right along our line of sight, so that their planets pass directly in front of their stars from our vantage point. If every one of those 2000 stars has an earth-like planet orbiting it, Kepler will discover 2000 earths (in fact, the actual number of earth-like planets is likely to be much smaller than that… just how much smaller is the million dollar research question. If Kepler detects no earth-sized planets
at all, we will have for the first time hard evidence that our home planet is very unusual indeed).

There is pretty good reason to believe that all the planets in other solar systems are like ours, in that they all inhabit a narrow band around their stars. Now suppose alien beings in other star systems have been doing the same thing we are about to do with Kepler, trying to detect transits of Earth-like planets across the stars in their survey area. The only regions in space where they would detect the Earth itself are those aligned with our ecliptic, that is, stars in the direction of Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, or Sagittarius! Accordingly, that’s where the Allen Telescope Array is going to look first!

Stay tuned, owls! If there are any ET civilizations out there that have discovered life-bearing planet Earth through the transit method, they may be phoning us right now!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No Lights!

Essex County officials today declared a state of emergency in the wake of Tuesday night's violent thunderstorms that left thousands without power.

More than 40,000 homes in Essex County remained without electricity this morning, many of them in Nutley, said Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo. Authorities hoped to have most homes and businesses back online between 7 and 10 p.m., DiVincenzo said. At the peak of the power outage, about 90,000 homes in Essex County were left without electricity.

Roadways today remain littered with downed trees and wires. More than 50 state and local police officers were dispatched to intersections to direct traffic today, said Fred Scalera, deputy director of the Essex County Office of Emergency Management.

"tree down in my neighborhood"

my, oh my! what the heck is going
on with this weather, never in my
wildest dreams did i ever think a
tornado could hit NJ, i have never
seen what i witnessed last night

the pounding of hail the size of
golf balls, hitting my deck, the sound
was deafening, teared right thru me

wind, blowing, in every direction
my dad at 83, frightened, "its ok"
i told him, "it will pass"

without warning, my lights flickered,
my computer shut down, my tv went black
our house grew quite, a eeire quite, so

i have no idea how one survives with
no power, i was going out of my mind
sleep did not come, as the sweat got
in the way, what a long night

all is safe, and of course that is what
matters the most, however i wonder
so, what has happen to our atmosphere

i really think last nite, i witnessed
"global warming" yes i think i did!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We Are Here~~

Alstromeria, The Friendship Flower

it is quite amazing how our emotions
are constantly up and down, how each
day is so different from the next, how
the need to reach out in words is just
so profound

yesterday was quite emotional for all
involved, yet it really effected two very
special people the most, the situations
were different, yet the same, the sadness
that they bore, we felt just the same

i could have literally reached thru this
computer and grabbed on to Mek and
Glynis and held on, my words would have
been simple "we are here" three simple
words, however so strong they are

in life there are times when we just feel
we can't do it anymore, it is just to hard,
we loose the fight

once in my lifetime, i was ready to give up
i just could not fight anymore, i told this to
"him" and he replied "you don't have to fight
anymore, i will do it for you, for the both of us"

and he did!

so i say to all:
its ok, you don't have to fight, we will
fight for you!

today is a new day, look to the sky
breathe, let go, "we are here"


Monday, June 9, 2008

Live Like You Were Dying

My wedding shower in 1996, which Chris planned for me

Live Like You Were Dying

by Mek

God has a very odd sense of humor. Friday night, as I was feeling as though my purpose in living was not needed anymore, He was taking the life of one of the most wonderful people I have ever met in my life.

Friday night, Chris, her husband and her 17 year old son, were moving some furniture from her mother’s house to their house, when the mattress fell out of the back of the pick up truck her husband was driving. Her son was following his dad with mom in the car. They both pulled over to the side of the road – had their flashers and blinkers on. Mac told Chris to “stay in the car so that you won’t get hurt, we’ll get the mattress”. So, while Mac and Daniel were dealing with the mattress, a drunk driver plowed into the back of Chris’s car, slamming it into the back of Mac’s pickup truck and crushing her and killing her instantly. While her husband and son watched and they were not injured. The horror of it all, I can not imagine a young boy watching his mother being killed. The irony is that she wanted to help with the mattress, but they wanted her to be safe and out of harms way and now, she is dead. Just like that!!!!!

I met Chris when I interviewed her for a position in the orthopedic practice that I managed in Colorado Springs. As we sat down to start the interview, she said, I can’t believe that I am meeting you, I had the biggest crush on your brother in high school and I am very nervous talking to you.” I assured her that she had nothing to worry about (hell, it was just ME and I did find it kind of cute). We reminisced about high school – I hired her on the spot.

Chris and I became good friends. She had a heart of gold. She was the kind of person that NEVER (and I mean NEVER) had a negative thing to say about anyone or anything. You could give her the worst task ever and she would take it, complete it and NEVER complain. She and I joined Weight Watchers together and helped each other keep on track. (We both fell off the wagon when I moved; we didn’t have each other to lean on to keep that weight off).
"Utterly" Good Times, Chris and Me, on Halloween

She and I both became our mother’s care taker, her mother passed away last year – I felt terrible that I wasn’t there for her, but kept in contact thru email. She just became a grandmother; she loved that little girl SO much. We had gotten together every time I have gone back to Colorado and were planning our next meeting for July.

She wrote me the nicest letter after I moved to Arizona. Letting me know that she had taken me for granted while I was there, and that you never know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Telling me that not only was I a good friend, but the best boss EVER. She made me cry……it’s these kinds of things that made me miss Colorado SO much. Now, I will have a HUGE void.

Today, I have realized that I have taken a lot of things for granted. Life is pretty damn good and I am not living it to its fullest. I am the only one that can change things – I have always known that, but haven’t always practiced it.

Chris, smiling, as she always did

So, for my dear friend, Chris, today is a new day. I will wake up and make the most of it. I will miss you my friend. God Bless you and please watch over me.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

♪♪ Jersey Boys ♪♪

This is the performance of the Jersey Boys at the TONY AWARDS in 2006

i will freely admit it, i am a "jersey girl"
my heart is here in jersey, i love my state
my neighborhoods, and the friends i have
made along the way

i am a "jersey girl" in every sense of the
word, from the big hair, to the accent, to
the attitude!

when the musical "Jersey Boys" was just
coming out it was all over my neighborhood,
as you see the "Jersey Boys" are from my
neighborhood, so we all knew the story,
we lived it

i went to see the musical in nyc, the week it
opened and it blew me away, it was one of
those treats in life that you just don't want
to end!

it made me wanna kick up my heels and
dance, and it still does!!!!


Saturday, June 7, 2008


"Something slightly different from another of the same type"

yuck! its just been one of those weeks
i am 47yrs old, and just feel so very different
than when i was 37, wow, what 10yrs has
done, it just seems it changed everything
about me, my likes and dislikes are the
complete opposite of what they were

i remember when i turned 40, i was sad
as i guess i knew things were going to
change, i just did not want to come out
of my thirties, i was not mentally prepared,
and my feelings were warranted, because
as each yr of my forties draws to a end,
i feel the change in me, i see it clear, i hear
it loud!

when i say change, i do not mean, my personality
or my eagerness, it is my thought process on daily
living, this is what haunts me, this is what has
changed the most, the feeling of bitterness has
entered my body, it is here, it never was

they say you get better with age, and i guess
for some people that is very well true, for me
however, i have changed to a person, that is
so different from what i was, at times i don't
recognize myself

as i type this, i am thinking "but why" such
a change, and my mind is telling me, because
you are not where you wanted to be, you
wanted something different, you strove for
something more, and then got lazy in the process
and agreed to "what shall be shall be"

there are times on this blog, that i really can't
believe my honesty how i open myself up,
everything i have written was within myself,
it is all true, it is all me

i know some will say, "47 is young" you
can still be where you thought you wanted to be

if only it were that easy, than i think we would
all be looking into a different light~~


Friday, June 6, 2008

Remembering D-Day

June 6, 1944

by Tina~in_ut

The Mayors of Grandcamp and Cricqueville, join veteran Rangers Len Lomell and Jack Kuhn and the two daughters of Col. Rudder, in a wreath-laying ceremony to honor departed Rangers.

I realize there are many stories from D-Day and many heroes, but I want to tell you about one event from that day that is of particular interest to me. I can’t believe how little I know about WWII and the many sacrifices and acts of heroism that were carried out by our young, brave soldiers during the D-Day invasion. In school, I either didn’t pay much attention during class, or we just didn’t cover WWII in depth. In any case, I want to tell you about Pointe du Hoc.

On June 6, 1944, during the pre-dawn hours, Companies D, E, and F of the 2nd Ranger Battalion, led by Lt. Colonel James E. Rudder, began their mission to scale the sheer cliffs at Pointe du Hoc in order to take out the six 155mm guns set in casemates along the Normandy coastline. The German stronghold had been bombed repeatedly in the weeks prior to the invasion, but it was thought that the guns still posed a threat and needed to be neutralized. The 225 men were to land at the base of Pointe du Hoc by 6:30am and signal for reinforcements by 7:00am, but they found themselves off course and landed 40 minutes late. Using ropes and ladders, they were to scale the 100 foot cliffs while under enemy fire. They had a heck of a time because the ropes were soaked and slippery, but they persevered and were still able to climb up the cliff in record time and most of the men were at the top within 15 minutes.

At the top, the men found that the guns had been moved and the landscape looked like the moon…..filled with craters from the bombing. This worked to their advantage as they were able to use the craters for cover and immediately began to shoot at the Germans. A smaller group of men moved out to find the guns. They had been moved about a mile inland facing Utah Beach. The men destroyed the guns one by one using thermite grenades. Their mission was a success and it was only 9:00am.

One of the guns discovered inland

Lt. Col Rudder set up his command post near the edge of the cliffs and the men went on the defensive. They had expected reinforcements to arrive, but because of their late arrival at Pointe du Hoc, the reinforcements were re-deployed to Omaha Beach. For two days, Rudder’s Rangers held off the German counterattacks and were finally relieved around noon on June 8th by troops from Omaha Beach. Of the 225 men who set off the morning of the 6th, no more than 90 were able to continue the fight and nearly 80 lost their lives. Rudder himself sustained wounds but carried on despite them.

Colonel Rudder's HQ on the edge of the cliff

Every year at this time, thousands of people visit Normandy and attend ceremonies to honor those who served. Families of those who gave their lives and even some of the veterans themselves attend. Friends of mine took their granddaughter this week. Another friend is there today. And yet another wishes she was there. Why? To show respect for the men who courageously fought to liberate Europe.

The Mayors of Grandcamp and Cricqueville, join veteran Rangers Len Lomell and Jack Kuhn and the two daughters of Col. Rudder, in a wreath-laying ceremony to honor departed Rangers.

If you ever get a chance to visit France, make it a point to visit Normandy. When you see the enormous dagger monument out on the Pointe, remember Lt. Col. Rudder and his Rangers and all that they, and men just like them, have done for our country.

For more in-depth analysis, see:
World War II History

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer, and no good TV!

i do love the summer, i really do!
however there is one thing, and only
one, that i don't like about it,
there is nothing on TV!

i miss my shows, they keep me company,
they give me something to look forward
to on certain nights, its like i know all the
people on the shows, and enjoy a visit
with them each week, and then "poof they
are gone" leaving me in the lurch

it was so fun watching American Idol
routing for a winner, seeing the winner
and then "poof, gone" just like that!

my dear grey's, gone!

so now i find myself, looking for things
to do at night, grasping the air, flipping
the channels, reading book after book,
and watching videos on you tube!

when i was younger i so looked forward
to summer, as it was a time of no school
and playtime had no end

now, its just, well, summer is here!

nothing on TV

how age changes everything!

in my travels on you tube i found
this video and immediately smiled

i hope you enjoy as well!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Suddenly, Life can Change

Suddenly, Life can Change

by East Bay J

I got home a while ago from a service at a funeral home. A co-worker died suddenly last week.

When I got to work Thursday morning, my boss came to me and asked me if I knew Cindy. I said yes, I've known her for years.

My boss told me that Cindy died the night before, she had cardiac arrest. She apparently had surgery and had some post-op complications. And now she's dead.

I was stunned, and spent the day thinking of her and the last time I saw her. It had been about a month ago. I was taking a patient in a wheelchair over to the hospital, to the Emergency Dept. As we got close, I saw Cindy and in the hallway.

It turned out that the patient I was taking to the ED was Cindy's aunt. So we gabbed for a few minutes. She told me that she had just been down to Phoenix and had seen a mutual friend, a former co-worker who had moved.

I met Cindy about 9 years ago, when we worked together at another clinic. We both transferred to the new clinic when it opened a few years ago, and recently she had moved to a different department in the next building.

She was 49, a wife and mother of a 16 year old son. She used to come to work years ago and tell us that her son liked to dress up in girls clothes, put on make-up, playing with dolls, and she wondered if it was just a phase.

I went into the funeral home today and saw lots of familiar faces. I slowly went up front. I looked at the casket, I could see her face, and my stomach started to churn. I went to the side of the room and looked at pictures that were placed on poster boards. One jumped out at me, it was from a cruise she had taken in April, less than 2 months ago.

I went to the casket and looked. I barely recognized her, the make-up was so thick and I would never have known it was her. One thing I noticed, and I'm not sure why, was that she had a French manicure.

I looked over to the side, where her family was seated. I saw her son and her husband. I started to wonder how her son would do. He is gay. Her husband is not accepting. How will he manage without his mother? Cindy was very supportive of him, she even helped him dress up and put on nail polish.

My friend Dan called me this morning, he and Cindy were close, and Dan is worried about her son.

Life is so unfair at times.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Blowing in the Wind

i have always wondered how you end
a relationship, i have only been in a few
my entire lifetime, and mostly in my
younger years, so i am very inexperienced
with the ending of a love

my imagination, tells me it is awfully hard
at least that is what i see, however when
i see someone, i have not seen, or i hear
of a breakup, and i remember these people
as couple's, i always wonder "was it hard?"

when i ask some of them, most reply
"oh it was for the best" or "the love was
just not there anymore" "he/she changed"
which only makes me wonder more,
as there was dating, vows, elaborate weddings etc

so do you just stop loving? does the person
change so much? did you not see what this
person really was?

i know i have alot of questions, i guess its
because i just don't understand, as this has
not happen to me, so i can't grasp how the
love just stops

in my adult years my heart has only
beat for one, circumstances keep us
apart, i did not end it, i could not
it just cannot be
so be it

i am very grateful for that beat of my
heart, i am happy i can feel it
as it beats with love and gratitude

so how does one do it, how do you turn
it off and go forward? how do you breathe
knowing a relationship of love just ended?

does it just blow away like the wind?


Monday, June 2, 2008

Fined for Fumes.....

New Jersey Turnpike

we took a ride yesterday, about 1 1/2 hrs from
were i live, a friend of mine had
a job to do, so i took the ride with him

it was a beautiful day to do so, NJ has
very pretty landscaping along our highways
we were listening to the "Jersey Boys" cd
as it is one of our favorite cd's
i am really not one for long rides, however
it was quite enjoyable

well somewhat!

it seems i need several bathroom breaks
not really sure why, however we can stop
5 times in five hrs, i just look over at him
and he knows, "next food stop" and i say "yes"

what i get a kick out of is, it does not seem
to faze him in the least, he just laughs it

next comes, from me "i am hungry"
he says "next food stop" and i say
"well it depends on what they have"
as i am picky, not just one fast food place
will do, it has to be somewhat "healthy"

we pass a couple and then i see "roy rogers"
"thats it, thats it, roast beef" so we pull in

oh my goodness masses of people are all
over the place, the gas line was so long i
stared in disbelief, inside was no better
lines, lines, line, everywhere! i froze!
crowds, lines, unknowns, throw me off

he steers me to the "roy rogers"
i see no roast beef, i am about to panic
when he says "they are probably making
the roast beef" oh thank goodness....

he was right, we took our roast beef sandwiches
and found a table to sit at! this
roast beef? i was really not sure, however so
hungry i was, i just ate it!

the crowds grew larger, and i wanted out,
we left, and as i was walking out and looking back
it occurred to me that these people do this all
the time, driving all over, stopping on the turnpike
standing in lines, waiting, waiting, waiting....

and gas, expensive? people not on the roads?
well what is that all about, the gas line was a mile

when we finally pulled out, i noticed a sign
"no idling allowed, fine $250.00"
what the heck does that mean, i ask
"fumes he says" fumes? "we have been
breathing in everyone's germs and they
are worried about fumes!!!!"

btw! where the heck is my
antibacterial gel!

New Jersey is a great state, expensive as it is
i would choose to live no where else!

but geez, this state needs to get their
priorities in order! Fined for Fumes?

the things you learn on the road......


Sunday, June 1, 2008


i have been thinking about this all week
the passing of Harvey Korman was just so
sad, we had all watched the video together
and my thoughts were on the laughter we
shared when i had heard he passed

so here, my friends is another video to
keep us laughing, it does seem tho, that
the comedy of Harvey Korman will live

hope you enjoy!