Sunday, August 31, 2008

♪♪ Time of your Life ♪♪

Oh, yea, we got ourselves a long weekend, so lets get our dancing shoes on, and our swing skirts, and lets move!

This video just makes ya happy, and if you could not find that smile all week, I present it to you now. Because "Nobody puts Baby in the corner"


Smile, Dance, Enjoy!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happiest Moment on TV

by iteach

Okay, now for my happiest moment on TV. I thought of so many that I didn't know where to start. I thought of Rhoda's wedding and Murphy Brown's birth story. Then there is Rachel and Ross's first kiss on Friends. Finally, we cannot forget about our soaps and all the people that come back from the dead which happens about weekly in soap world.

So after much thought, I went to sports. I remember the winter of my year in fourth grade. I noticed that all of sudden my dad had an interest in hockey when he never liked it before. He explained to me that it was the Olympics and that our hockey team was doing something out of the ordinary. They were winning a lot of games. I watched it with him and I remember watching all the excited faces in the stands. I had goosebumps and everyone was chanting U S A, U S A!

I had never watched that sport before, but all of a sudden I was glued to the Olympic hockey team. All that I could truly grasp was that I was watching a miracle happen and that it was very big news. It felt great to get caught up in the moment and to watch everyone's face light up when they talked about the hockey team. It made me forget about my dad being laid off or all the insecurities that I had of being a ten year old.

Can you remember a truly happy moment on TV?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Way to much "stuff"

by Zona

This is one of my favorite George Carlin routines. I can identify with it, because I know I have way too much stuff. Not only do I have my own things saved in boxes, there are all the things Mr Z and I have acquired in the 24 years we've been married. Then...there is all my mom's stuff. When it comes time to clean..I sit down, exhausted, before I even get started, just thinking of moving and dusting all the stuff we have. I can't seem to get rid of anything...and we keep accumulating more. Where does it end? If the 'Stuff Police' came to my door one day..and said I had to get rid of all but five things...or they were going to trash it all...I don't know what I would do. Do you have too much stuff?? Or could you easily pare your stuff down to just five things??

Thursday, August 28, 2008


by Shirley

I saw this poem posted on another blog and thought I would make it into a blog topic. I mean who doesn't love getting hugs right? Well, it turns out that some people do not like hugs. If you suffer from aphenphosmphobia you have a fear of being touched. I don't have that fear, but I have many others.

I always give out hugs here on the blog and in emails and I have often wondered if I saw you in person would I be able to hug you? I'd like to think I would otherwise I would probably get a smack from some of you! Lol! I've seen all the blog buddie meeting pictures and I say to myself "could I do that?". My family isn't very affectionate. We all know we are loved, we just have difficulty showing it.

I remember being at a friends on New Years Eve about eleven years ago. Her family and another mutual friend was there. When midnight hit everyone started hugging each other. I didn't know what to do so I just awkwardly hugged back. I still feel awkward when I hug someone, unless it is a child and then I have no problem.

So how about you. Do you like hugs? What kind of hugger are you...gentle or bone crushing? For all you romantic lovers out there has anyone ever ran acrossed a flower filled field and jumped into the arms of their true love? You know, like in the movies when they kiss you and twirl you around. Maybe I watch too much TV! ((((((HUGS))))))

It's wonderful what a hug can do.
A hug can cheer you when you're blue.
A hug can say "I love you so,"
or "Gee, I hate to see you go."
A hug is "welcome back again;"
and "Great to see you! Where've you been?"
A hug can soothe a small child's pain and bring a rainbow after rain.
The hug! There's just no doubt about it --
We scarcely could survive without it!
A hug delights and warms and charms.
It must be why God gave us arms.
Hugs are great for fathers and mothers.
Sweet for sisters. Swell for brothers.
And chances are your favorite aunts
love them more than potted plants.
Kittens crave them. Puppies love them.
Heads of State are not above them.
A hug can break the language barrier and make your travels so much merrier.
The more you give, the more there's of 'em.
So stretch those arms without delay
and give someone a Hug today!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On I Go!

well its seems the summer is coming to
a end, these past few months have went
by so quickly, it really does seem like its
a blur, as i try to remember back to the
beginning of our glorious summer months
the only thing that comes to mind is my
nephew's graduation from college, it is a
memory i hold dear to my heart

the rest of the summer, was just, there, all
of my summer plans fell thru, as i kept putting
everything off, thinking as usual, that i had so
much more time, and atlas i don't

i have planned a trip for myself which is
to arrive very soon, i am not very comfortable
with traveling, as i always get so nervous with
the thought of leaving home, my parents have
my worries always, i will check and recheck with
them several times before my travels begin
and while away i will call each day

my business, without me scares the crap
out of me, am i really scared? or is it my
controlling personality that gets in the way?
i think its the latter

i just hope i go, i just hope i am able to leave
with clear thoughts and high hopes of enjoying
myself, i must do this for me, i have to!

there are certain fears one must fight head on
we must push forward and do what are minds
tell us we are afraid to do, i am ready for the
fight, i am ready to push so hard, i want to knock
the door down bear handed! i can find the strength
it is in me, i just have to make peace with it

so on i go, another issue, another day, and hopefully
a happy conclusion!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Fair

by Bebbi

Summer brings many things but the end of summer brings a fantastic and wonderful specific thing! THE FAIR! When I was young, it was the Delaware County fair. It has demolition derbies, band contests, the midway, the barkers, the games (with the people that try so hard to get you to come and try!), the food, the music, the booths and the animals. I have been to so many festivals including The Indiana State Fair, The Portland Steam Engine Show, The Czech Fest, and other miscellaneous city and county fairs. Nowadays, I go to the Kentucky State Fair.

The Kentucky State Fair has probably the same things as other state fairs but it seems unique in many ways! It has food, quilts, cakes, tobacco (of course), ugly lamps, photos, doll houses and many more contests that people can enter their items. Walking around these displays gives me a glimpse of the unique and creative people who live in this state. I love going to the different county booths and filling out the contests slips to win the prize basket or the trip to the bed and breakfast in the county it represents. Also, I love all the rulers, pencils, and free stuff that fill up my bag! I know that 99% of it will go in the garbage, but for some reason I just still have to have it! Another area has the animals with mamas with their baby piglets, pigeons, rabbits, roosters, cows, horses and so much more. Also, there is the vendor section that sells everything from toys to hot tubs!

If you get bored of all that you can take in a pig race, talent contest, concerts (many locals bands, national bands)or a bite to eat and drink. The smells and sights are incredible! When I walk around and smell the pungent aroma of the onions and peppers for the Italian sausage sandwiches or the sweet and rich smell of the funnel cakes or fried snickers bars, or the tangy and mouthy watering smell of the pork barbecue, I feel like I am in my Utopia! The coco nutty tropical drinks, roasted corn on a stick, strawberries dipped in seems like everything is on a stick or comes in a long tall fancy cup! I love to watch the people. Some have too many beers and they are squatted down, trying to feel better while a worried loved one leans over to help them. Young people holding hands with their girlfriends/boyfriends, people waiting in line excited to go on a thrill ride. Also it is nice to see the older people walking with family, talking and having fun.

Kids can draw, have their teeth cleaned, learn about safety, get in a police car or helicopter and so many more things. I think it is interesting to watch the children that come from small towns and bring their livestock. They will play corn hole, sit around and chat with family, walk around and look at things. It must be a very exciting time of year for them. The animal smell that is so pungent and strong to me, but it is probably not even noticeable to them.

As I was walking around the fair last night, I wanted so much for each and every one of you to get to enjoy this to the level that I do. The moon was full, the weather was perfect, the midway was packed with people and the smells were out of this world. I really wish you could have been there!

My parents met at the Delaware County Fair. My mom and dad went to a Sock Hop and from that night they went on to get married and have three kids, the middle one was me! No wonder I love fairs!

Monday, August 25, 2008

An Unconditional Love

by Tina~in_ut




I’ve never understood the need to have a dog. I never really understood the need to rescue them. I didn’t have a dog growing up. We had cats. Dad brought a puppy home once, but it was way too much trouble and he took it back. When Katrina happened and everyone was displaced and so many people needed a place to live, I was infuriated when I kept receiving unsolicited emails from a co-worker asking for volunteers to take in the dogs that had been displaced. DOGS!!! I thought it was a joke. There were so many PEOPLE who needed help. And don’t get me started on aborted babies. Get people to stop aborting babies and maybe I’ll donate money to Strut Your Mutt. It is unreal to me that we have people that need taking care of and there are those that are worried about animals.

Then Draco happened. I didn’t want a dog, but hubby was sneaky. He got me a cat first. We had all three of our kids by then, so it was four to one. I lost and we got Draco. He was two years old and the twins were four. They fell in love with him. Me……not so much. Everyone told me what a good dog he was and how lucky we were to have him. The kids grew up and Draco got older. My husband and daughter were the most attached to him and he to them. Last August, hubby took Draco to see the vet because something just wasn’t right with him. We were told he had congestive heart failure. We changed his diet and helped him up and down the stairs when needed. Around Thanksgiving he could barely use his back legs and couldn’t control his bowels. I thought he would be gone before the holiday, but he made it through. Hubby and the kids went back to school. One morning shortly after, I was woken up by a phone call. Hubby said that the neighbor called him at work to say that Draco was outside whimpering, laying on the cement in the snow and couldn’t get up. I ran outside and it was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. My neighbor had to come over to help me get Draco back into the garage. I put a blanket over him and laid with him to warm him up. His legs were all bloody and he was so skinny. I called hubby back and told him that tomorrow was the day. I wasn’t going to have Draco suffer anymore. It was cruel to keep him any longer.


My daughter stayed up all night with Draco, sleeping off and on in the family room. She had gathered all her pictures of him to make a collage. The next morning, hubby took the boys to school as they did not want to go to the vet. I stayed home from work to be with hubby and my daughter and support them. I had no idea how hard it was going to be. We had to wait so long in the waiting room. It took forever. When we were taken into a room, my daughter decided that she couldn’t stay, so she went to the car. I was torn between staying with my husband and going to take care of my daughter. I’m so glad I stayed. My husband does not cry. That day he cried. He looked up at me with tears in his eyes and said, “I didn’t think it would be this hard.” It was then that I finally realized what Draco truly meant to him.

Life went on and for Christmas I bought two large frames that would hold at least 9-12 pictures… for hubby in brown and one for my daughter in white. I filled them with all the pictures I could find of Draco. On Christmas morning, I gave them their gifts and you could see how touched they were….especially hubby. I even had a spot picked out in the family room for his……which is a 180° change for me from before. I would have normally told him to put it in his office.

My daughter’s friend got a boxer puppy and, in the Spring, asked us to dog sit for a week. Watching Boomer was an eye opener. Not so much because of the silly dog himself, but because of how my husband and daughter reacted to him. I saw that we needed another dog in the family. There is a difference between need and want. This was need! I learned two lessons that week. We would be getting another dog and it would not be a puppy!


I came home from work one night last week to find Tucker living with us. He is a two year old Boxer. Where Draco had a white face, Tucker has a black one. My daughter is completely in love with him. He has already become very attached to her. I hope we have many years with him. I have to reluctantly admit that he is just a tad cute……but please, don’t tell my family I said that!

So now I understand the need to treat pets as part of the family. I understand the need to rescue pets. I may not become a “dog person”, but I can appreciate the need for them and the unconditional love that they give and receive.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's in the words!

when the music starts, i then listen to the
words, and when i feel myself drawn in
by the words, i take a part of me and place
them with the words, and then it all becomes
clear and it all makes sense

this song with its words can have many
meanings and for each person the words
will mean what they feel, it will be interesting
for me to find out the meaning of the words
from different views

listen to the words, the meaning will be there,
the passion will emerge, its all in the words
so true, so real, so universal~~

and oh my, the strength in the voice, that
sings this song, is absolutely chilling!!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Little help from Friends!

by Hartldo

When Carol sent out her plea for us to write some blogs, I immediately thought of the Beatle song: "With a Little Help From my Friends".
I didn't want her to worry because she WILL get by with a little help from her friends! There's no doubt about that!

So, I thought I'd look up the song on YouTube and use
it in a blog about friendship. But then, I found a gem.
A video from Woodstock, 1969. Someone made it as a birthday wish to someone named April. (Just disregard that part).

Now, please don't read any further until you watch the video.

Okay, did you crack up like I did? I actually laughed until I cried!

This reminded me of all the songs I've misheard and sung incorrectly over the years. For example:

Remember the song, "Blinded by the Light"? The real lyrics to that song go like this: Revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night. But FOR YEARS, I sang: Dressed up like a douche, you know they run her in the night. The first word didn't even sound like "dressed", but that is how I sung it. And I always wondered what one would look like if they were actually dressed up like a douche?!? Oh, let's not go there.

Another popular misheard lyric is from Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze.
real lyrics: 'scuse me while I kiss the sky.
misheard as: 'scuse me while I kiss this guy.

What song lyrics have you misheard and sung incorrectly? What lyrics has a friend or a member of your family sung wrong forever and you can't get them to change? I know there are more that I've sung wrong, and maybe I'm still singing them wrong, but I just can't think of any more right now. Maybe you will jog my memory.

Just for fun, click here for another cute link

side note:
this is harldo's first blog on the nest,
and she did it for her friends! So, Thank
You hartldo, Great Job!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Beginning with Books

by Vig

Books. I love finding that book that has to be read to the very end as soon as it is begun. What a treasure a good book truly is. I have always loved a great story. For as long as I can remember, books have been a big part of my life. My mom read at bedtime – she loved to read Black Beauty, Little Women, and Robert Louis Stevenson’s A Child’s Garden of Verses. My brothers read to me when I couldn’t read yet. We were limited to one hour of television a day and were encouraged to read instead of watching t.v. I remember Clifford the Big Red Dog and all of Dr. Seuss’s books as being much loved. The Bobbsey Twins was the first series I became obsessed with. Then all of the Little House on the Prairie books, soon followed by all of the Anne of Green Gables books. All my friends loved Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, but I never did.

I can see patterns in what I liked then having crossed over to what I like now. I am not big on mysteries or fantasy but love stories about people and relationships. We have talked a lot here on the blog about books we have loved as adults, but what did you love to read as a child? What were your favourites? Are they the same genre of books that you enjoy now? If you have children, did you share the books that you loved as a child with them?

I remember when Dr. Seuss died. Jesse Jackson paid tribute to him on Saturday Night Live by reading a favourite!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Favorite New Artists

by Lynn D

This is one of my favorite new artists. My daughter was playing his CD in her car and I just fell in love with his music.

Jason Mraz: His version of Summer Breeze

If you liked that here is another of my favorites by him.

I'm Yours

What surprised me about it was that my daughter from another generation found such great music and brought it to my attention! I know I am being an oldie here but I have hope that her tastes in music are maturing! LOL


PS I have gone to 3 stores to buy a CD by him and they are sold out every time.

I am going to have to Amazon it! His music moves me and makes me so happy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


by Shirley

Here are some blooper videos, that I hope you all enjoy!

Martha Stewart Bloopers

Golf Bloopers

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sad moments of TV

by iteach

Today I was thinking of the saddest memories on TV and the happiest ones. I thought today I would share you my saddest memory on TV and tomorrow my happiest one.

Some of you might already be thinking of the last episode of MASH or JFK's funeral. However, mine is a little different. It was one that happened when I was a child and it has forever stuck in my mind. It was the day Mr. Hooper died on Sesame Street. He really did pass away and Sesame Street decided to incorporate it into their show.

I know that it is not fun to talk about sad moments, but I do believe they make us stronger. I think I was able to understand death more as I watched it from Big Bird's eyes.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Who is that Lady?

by Ronnie

It has finally Mother lives in my mirror.

I was in my doctor's office the other day and asked him about these little brown dots on my hands, and he said these things should be expected , as WE grow older. Seems that they are called 'liver spots'. WTH? On closer inspection, these are not my hands at all, but those of my Mother. What kind of 'Quack' is this, my liver is not in my hands!

So I return home and run to my mirror, this would be the high-powered magnifying one in my bathroom. Lo and behold, here is my Mother's face staring back at me. Now don't get me wrong, I loved my Mother so very much, but I really don't think she needs to be hanging out in my mirror. I see she has a puppet friend with her named, Howdy Doody, who has two little lines from the side of his lips heading toward his chin. What's going on here, and when did all this happen?

Upon further examination, just where did this 'wild hair' on my chin come from, it wasn't there yesterday? I guess Grizzly Adams will be showing up next. It's probably time to attach a tweezers to a chain and hook it through a belt loop for these kind of emergency's, while I'm out and about.

To put it all in a nutshell, there's a party of old people going on in my mirror, and the YOUNG Ms. Ronnie was not invited. I pluck, I wax, I moisturize, I mud-pack, I dye, and look again. I'm still not there. Maybe a little make-up will help, but am I supposed to put it on my hands too? By the way, I won't even discuss little pot-belly's, trying on bathing suits, or the beginnings of a double chin... Mmmmmk?

I've always taken good care of my body, but I realize, this is just a preview of the lovely things yet to come. Actually, not too bad, considering the alternative, for I have laughed, and played in the glorious sunshine for many years, with no regrets. All and all, I have had the richest of treasures by earning these graying hairs and wrinkles, and smiling all the way to my grave someday.

I now know why my Mother called her make-up bag, her 'Bag Of Tricks".

What's going on in YOUR mirror, and how do you contend with it?

Wishing my friends the happiest of days, as I begin removing mirrors around my home.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

♪♪ I Am what I Am ♪♪

Shirley Bassey, 1996, Germany

Our Sunday Music Video, is one of my very
favorite songs, from many years ago, I remember
as a teen, hearing it, and loving the words, however
at the time not really understanding the true meaning

As years when by, and I started visiting gay clubs, the
song was always played (along with YMCA, of course)
and my gosh, I got it, and loved its meaning more

This song is really very universal as
"I am what I am"
no matter my gender, my ethnicity
my sexual preferences, my religious beliefs,
my political views, or any other such trait,
it all begins with who I am, and my goodness,
if I can't me be, than my life would be a sham,
and that I would never allow to happen!

Be who you are, as we only have one Life!

Enjoy! :O)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Remembering Elvis

The Day Elvis Died!

by Tinka

Oh, how well I remember the day I heard that Elvis died. It was August 16th at 3 p.m. I was going up a flight of stairs when my son who was listening to his radio, said "Mom, Elvis is dead". It was a good thing I was hanging on to the railing because I literally swooned. I swung around still hanging on. It was such a sudden shock. I never admitted this to any of my friends because we were far from being teenagers and my friends were so critical of how people were reacting. I don't think I left the T.V. for four days, watching all the coverage of this sad event.

My sister and her family were in Hawaii at the time. She said there were displays in every store window showing Elvis memorabilia. She was told they considered Elvis to be a native son ever since he filmed "Blue Hawaii" in 1961 and had his "Elvis, Aloha from Hawaii" concert in 1973. It was the first show to be ever broadcasted globally by satellite to more millions of people in more countries than had ever been before. They loved him in Hawaii.

The highlight of my travels was my visit to Graceland in 1996. They were already getting ready for the big 20th Anniversary that would be coming in 1997. To see his home, his jets, his memorabilia and his graveyard was a trip I will never forget. It was interesting to see the the bus load after bus load of tourists arriving, many from England, Australia and every country one could think of. Some told me it was was their 6th or 10th visit to Graceland. These women were as old or older than I was so I no longer felt I had to hide being an Elvis fan.

Do you remember the day Elvis died or was it for you just another hot day in August?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer Fruit

by Ibb

What is your favorite summer fruit?????

I have 2.... Peaches and Cherries....
I am headed to the orchard for some fresh peaches...
It is the best time of year....
If I had access to this fresh fruit all year long...
I might be able to stick to a diet!!!
But there is just something about picking your own fruit!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


this is Bebbi's first blog
it is very endearing, i am
glad she shared! Congrats
Bebbi on your first Night
Owl Blog!!

by Bebbi

All my life I have admired people who volunteer their time. I think that is the truest way to show that your life’s “cup runneth over”. I used to work full time and part time at a bookstore, when I finally realized I didn’t have to worry about money as much, I gave my notice on my part time job. I figured I could spend the 20 hours giving back and started volunteering instead. I decided I wanted to work one on one with a person and make that sort of impact rather than a more general way of helping others.

Volunteering for me was always with my kids in mind at first. Sports functions, band practice, school stuff and field trips kept me busy. As they got older, I worked because teenagers want all kinds of expensive things and they need more money for college and all that. When I decided to volunteer instead of work my part time job, it was a great decision!

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a top notch organization! I started with BB/BS of Kentuckiana several years ago. I was matched with an awesome girl who was 7 years old named Shiann. She and I went through a lot together. My family and I love her and she will be a part of my life forever. She is 12 now. When she and I met, she was with her mom. Since then she has been at 3 foster homes and one aunt’s house. Without going into too much detail, she has had a lot of challenges. BB/BS is great because they give you free tickets to stuff and we got to be in their brochures. We were interviewed on the news and just loved spending time together. She loves to read so we spent a lot of time at the library. Also, we enjoyed swimming and bicycling.

After Shiann moved away to be adopted (she has since come back in town now), I decided to volunteer in a totally different way. I went through training (40 hours!) to become a hospital advocate for the Women’s Center. I go on hospital runs for domestic violence cases and sexual assaults. My job is to give support and information to women in a very critical time of need. It is very rewarding but also draining at times.

One run I went on recently made me realize how much each little piece of volunteering fits together. I went to the Women’s center to be an advocate for someone who was raped. When she was done with her exam, the victim said she would need clothes. The nurse got out a large bundle of clothes in her size. It was packaged in a very large zip lock bag. It had in it comfortable pants, a nice t-shirt, matching zippered sweatshirt, a pair of cute sandals, a small package of tissues and a little note. I saw how that helped someone in need. It made me cry to watch her read the note and realize it was a church near where I lived that packed up that little care package. I called the church the next day, just to tell them that I was there when the package made it to its recipient and how much it helped. I feel like every time I help, I see small miracles and it really touches me so deeply.

I tell my family and friends, I went from one extreme of volunteering to the other! From taking a bright, bubbly 7 year old to a ball game or a movie and now to going to a hospital in a time of crisis. No matter what I do though, I get a sense of fulfillment out of volunteering. It fulfills a part of me that nothing else can.

Have any of you volunteered? What motivates you to contribute? Do you believe in Random Acts of Kindness?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympics 2008

The Olympics this year, has me glued to the T.V. These athletes from all the different countries are just so focused, it seems whatever sport they are competing in, it is with their whole body and soul . I cannot even imagine the training and preparation that goes into each of their sports. I hear these athletes train for three years leading up to the Olympics, this just baffles me, as my attention span and drive, is about as big as a pinhead!

I am so very proud of our American athletes, they are doing so well, and continue to prove that America produces some of the best in the world. Michael Phelps is a perfect example of a well trained athlete, as he goes into every event as if it is was the first time he is striving for gold. I love watching his family in the crowd cheer him on, hold their breathe, watch him win. And then as in any family, when the race is over, the tears flow with pride and joy. To watch him swim is captivating, I am totally in awe.

The age of these athletes, astounds me, as many are in their early 20's, which is so young for one to be so competitive. I would assume their training prepares them for a win or loss, and no matter what the outcome is, I would think they become stronger.

With each event, I find myself drawn in more. The synchronized diving, is so intense, how the heck do they stay together, such focus, amazing. I love the vault, as they run with speed, and when they reach their prey, you can see the intensity on their faces, you then just sit back and enjoy the artistry they have created.

I am full of pride for our American athletes, I am overjoyed at the capabilities they possess. It is really a thrill to watch them.

I wish them all luck, and of course to bring home the gold, silver or bronze, because to me any medal they receive is a medal of honor. And if no medal is given, each of them sure did give it their best. And really can you ask for anything more!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Favorite Will and Grace!

by Jodi

My favorite "Jack" moment from Will and Grace!!! It's the one where Jack "outChers" Cher!!! Enjoy!!!

It not only has the incredible also has one of my favorite quotes from her movie Moonstruck!! (That's for you Zona!!! SWAK!!)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Judging a Book By its Cover

by Tinka

As I was quickly glancing through T.V. themes on UTube, I came across a show very few of us watched in 1980, called “Bosom Buddies”. What caught my eye was one of the stars. He was a 24 year old guy with black curly hair. He was cute but most girls at the time would hardly give him a second glance. He was no equivalent to our McDreamy. He did not appear to have an outstanding natural aptitude for acting. The show lasted two seasons.

Who was this young man? Well, he was Tom Hanks, who thirteen years later was the charismatic star of “Sleepless in Seattle”. In that same year he was the talented Academy Award winner for the movie "Philadelphia". The following year he won a second time for the movie "Forest Gump" (I994). And that was just the beginning of his great career.

My mind wandered back to my High School Days. (St. Ann's Academy was connected to the Catholic boys' school, St. Louis College.) I remember the "nerds" who the others did not hold in high regard. They were mostly ignored. It was the ‘sport jocks’ who got all the attention and the dates. I also remember my 20th and 40th school reunions with these two schools, where we were all very eager to find out what "everyone was doing now". To our amazement it was not the popular "hunks" who became successful. The shy, quiet, studious guys who were ignored by the "Prom Queens" turned out to be the "Stars of the Night". They were the ones who had made the greatest achievements. I don’t know the reason for this but I did pass my opinion on to my daughters. I don’t think they believed me at the time. Now they are going to their 20th school reunions and discovering the same thing. The "best" High School kids did not necessarily become the "best" adults.

Did you ever disregard any possible boyfriends because at the time you considered them to be "nerds", but actually had a great deal of potential? I think some of us did. I guess it’s the old adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Toy Story of Sorts!

Wow, what a whirlwind we have been on, its seems a get together was in order, as we had reason to celebrate, not only for my Birthday, but for the nest coming alive. We came together, as it should be, as a group, we were as we began. It was certainly what we all needed.

Congrats to you all, Thank you to all, as you have all proved, that the nest should be.

Standing Ovation!!!!

Our Sunday Music Video is very apropos, as I believe we all feel what the words have to say!

Enjoy :O)

Saturday, August 9, 2008


by Zona

"Candy coated popcorn, peanuts and a prize...that's what you get in Cracker Jacks!"

"Meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow
meow meow ....."

Commercials. Love or hate them, we have all grown up watching them. In some cases they have contained jingles that get stuck in your head and no amount of shaking can dislodge their attack on your senses. Even after not seeing a certain ad for years..there are some that I can't forget. When my stomach is upset..I think of Alka Seltzer's "Plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is...".

Some can be the current Burger King ad with the big headed king...that one gives me the creeps. Then there are the one's that touch your heart...those by Hallmark come to mind. I still remember the Coca-Cola "I'd like to teach the world to sing..." commercial fondly...and the one for Chuckwagon dog food, where the dog chased the chuckwagon across the kitchen, always made me smile.

Do you have a favorite commercial or jingle?? How about one you absolutely hate??

What are some of the ones you remember....or wish you could forget...."Butter....Parkay.....Butter...Parkay...."??

Friday, August 8, 2008

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… it’s All Small Stuff!

by Whabby

Given all the recent turmoil in the nest, I thought it might be nice to put some perspective on things. Every March, Huz, his brother and I vacation in Palm Springs. I still vividly remember an incident from our vacation two years ago. Huz’s brother John (a highly intelligent person who’s a VP of human resources for a big oil company) called me over to talk about an article he’d just finished in the newspaper about the beginning of the universe. His reaction to the article was total disbelief… he literally couldn’t accept the reality of what he was reading! Huz, who read the article too, had exactly the same reaction. This had to be utter nonsense!

The subject of the article was something you’ve all probably heard of: The Big Bang. The currently accepted account of how our universe began. I have to say that, at one level, I find myself agreeing with Huz and his brother. The Big Bang is a simply mind-boggling story, made all the more incredible because it happens to be true.

To tell this story, and give you a bit of a flavor for it’s nuances, lets start at the beginning. Today, August 8, 2008. Take a good long look at the photo that accompanies this blog, owls. It’s the Hubble Deep Field, essentially a photograph of a very small piece of the sky taken with Hubble’s advanced camera for surveys. The thing to appreciate about this photo is that virtually all of the blobs and smudges and points of light in the photo are actually galaxies (the field of view of the photo is so small that there’s hardly a foreground star among them). Thousands of galaxies. At our current point in time today (August 8, 2008), some of those galaxies are as far as 40 billion light years away from us, and getting much farther away every second.

They weren’t always that far away, though. Six billion or so years ago, when the universe was about half its present age, it was also only about half of today’s size, so all the billions of galaxies were only half as far away from us (and from each other). Going even further back in time, the universe was even smaller. At one point, about 13.3 billion years ago, the universe was only 1/1000 the size it is today, so all these galaxies were a thousand times closer to each other (and us).

But the shrinkage didn’t end there. There was a time, only a few hundred thousand years earlier, when the universe was so small that all the galaxies were merged together into one clump. A little earlier than that, even, believe it or not, the clump was smaller than the period at the end of a sentence. In fact, there existed a discrete point in time when the clump was no larger than an atom! It was, in fact, just this side of being infinitely small!

Well, as you can imagine, having all those billions of galaxies worth of material packed into a space less than the size of an atom must have meant that the clump had to be pretty dense, and you’d be right. In fact, the clump was just a hairs breadth away from being infinitely dense, and infinitely hot, too!

I’m not kidding about any of this, unbelievable as it seems. If you like, I’ll blog in the future about how we know that this was the way the universe started, and how this nearly infinitely hot, dense speck eventually produced the universe we know today.

For now, just sit back and imagine how small everything used to be. It kind of gives new meaning to that time-honored phrase, “Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s all small stuff”, don’t you think?






Thursday, August 7, 2008

84 years of Life!

I could not let today go by, without acknowledging my dad's 84th birthday. He has seen so much in his lifetime, and has been witness to many life altering changes. Some of these changes have been good and some bad, however they were, he always prevailed.

He has taken care of his family unconditionally, and we love him dearly. Even in times of annoyance, I can always find and feel the love.

So to my dad, I say, Happy Birthday, may you always be blessed with health, happiness, longevity and of course me. :O)

The video today that I share with you is some of my dad's favorite musician's, this is what entertained him in his younger years, this is what made him happy, he loves music, so I give him this today so he can be reminded of some wonderful memories.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pick a Thought!

to many days are mushed in all together,
at times like this, my thoughts are
scattered, and one incident or another are all
together for me, not to be able to separate them

not really sure this will make any sense

of course it make sense to me as they are my
scattered thoughts, but i don't think in words
it will make sense, but the thoughts are front
and center, and it must be

i am concerned about the economy, everything
is just getting so expensive, and for someone like
i who is considered middle class, there are just things
i cannot afford to do, my salary stays the same, so
where does the extra money come from?

i am concerned about all the unemployed Americans
how will they make it thru, yet the huge companies
insist on outsourcing which i utterly despise, so we
as a country give jobs away to other countries,
this to me makes no sense at all

i am concerned about the election, i am not sure
which way this election will be turning, the more
i see each candidate, the more i listen, the more
i have to go with my gut, and stand behind McCain,
the more i wanted a change i really don't think
i can support Obama, my decisions are based on
many reasons, and for one, i just don't think Obama
can do it, can McCain? well, I do feel he is more
experienced, there are other reasons as well, i will
save them for another blog, when my thoughts
are not so scattered

i am very concerned about customer service, what
the heck happen to that? Where did it go? I am so
tired of battling everyone i come in contact with
over a issue, if the customer service was better
the disputes would be less

i am very concerned for our English language, i find
myself going into restaurants, stores, etc. and not being
able to understand some, as they have not been taught
English, so they speak in their native language to me,
i know no other language, other than English,
how can i get to know someone if i can't understand
them? so the barriers are strong, and will continue
to be

why can't i use the "n" word but some can? when did
that happen, where is the rule book?

i miss rosie!

scattered thoughts, not in any order, just all there


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Silly me, Silly you

many times in my life, i have done or said
such silly things, and it usually happens around
my nephews, which they never seem to let me
forget, so when we are together, the stories
roll in, one after another, and the laughter

of all the silly things i have said, one sticks
out the most...

we were having a conversation about the Animal
Kingdom in Disneyworld, someone brought up, that
the animals are not fairing well, that many are getting
sick, i turned and i said:

"well it is very hot in orlando so the heat is probably to much for them" they all looked at me in disbelief, with all of them looking at me i replied "what" and Vincent said "Aunt Car, these animals come from hot climate places such as Africa, its hot there constantly, would you not say they are used to the heat"

so what does one say to that "duh" and then of course a burst of laugher filled the room

Absolutely Classic!

as they are abusing me, i of course have my
own stories for them, which i, at that point
am delighted with glee to tell them all the
silly things they did as well, as the memory of
them as children is very vivid

Vincent as a stubborn 7yr old had to use the bathroom, while we were in a fast food restaurant, i told him i would take him to the ladies room with me, however mr stubborn would not budge, he wanted to go to the mens room my himself, now keep in mind this is many yrs ago, when one would allow a minor to go alone, so on he went, of course i watched him walk in the door, a few minutes later i hear banging, and screaming "help" "help"
i looked over to the bathroom and did not see anything, with that the manager of the restaurant ran to the bathroom, the manger opens the door with ease, and out walks Vincent, as he is walking towards me i ask "what happen" his reply " i could not open the door", i and his
brother burst into laughter and his brother said "well that will teach you not to go to the bathroom alone", Vincent bruised mentally, picked up his sandwich and continued to eat!

Absolutely Classic!

these are the stories that make our memories,
these very small occurrences , have somewhat
molded us, gave us our foundation, and will always
continue to make us laugh~~

Family, Perfection!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Lucky 7

why is life such a mystery, why is it we just
don't know what tomorrow will bring, if you
read a mystery novel and are anxious to see
the "who done it" who can just go to the
last chapter, and its all there in black and white,
the mystery is solved, the "who done it" is now
known, and your mind is at ease, you are now
prepared, you can know think clear thru the rest
of the book and can "react" accordingly

as we wake each new day, we wake thinking the
day will be as any other, as the day's goes on
the mystery starts to happen, whatever the mystery
is, we just roll with it, not really thinking about it,
we are just doing what our mind has taught us to do
"react" the problem is we react without really
thinking, because we were not prepared, there was
no script, no instructions, no advance notice

i know it is impossible to know what tomorrow will
bring, however, how much easier would it be to know,
to be prepared, to think it thru, before the reaction
thoughts will be in order, and the mind set is ready

when i find myself, in a unknown mystery, i do the
same, i just react to later think, why did i do that?
the question will reel in my mind, for hours into days
and i know if i was prepared i would have not reacted
that way, if only i had that script!

but this is not to be, the mysteries of life will continue
daily, and we will react no matter what the mystery is
i can only hope in my daily life lessons, that i learn from
my "why did i do that" and take this lesson and store it
for future use

it is i who always says "learn as you go" for life has no
script, no instructions, as times its a crap shoot and one
has to hope you get that lucky 7
the mysteries will continue as each new day forms
as we can't go to the last chapter
to see "who done it" i guess that is why
life is a mystery with a unknown ending


Sunday, August 3, 2008

♪♪ Getting to know you ♪♪

From the King and I

today is a perfect day to get reacquainted, as some
new owls have arrived in the nest, and a good ole
"how do you do" is in order

i also think this Sunday Music Video is perfect
as it allows us to remember the lite and breezy
days, and will start our day off with a smile

so as Deborah Kerr sings to us, we will all
be "getting to know you"

and a big ole thank you goes out to Hartldo
for todays blog, as it was her idea!

Enjoy! :O)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Never Ending Fib

thank goodness its Saturday, i am free for a
whole day, i can do as i please, with no worries
of my office, i can get out and about and smell
the weekend air, see the trees in their greenest
of green, and watch the flowers sway in the breeze

that all sounds so good, however it is going to
rain today, i so needed the sun to shine
today, that i just made up a perfect Saturday
i somewhat fibbed, which will bring me to what
is on my mind

today, my manicurist looked very different to me
as i stood there and watched her, i realized it was
her hair, it was very long, she does not have long
hair, her hair is medium length, i stared in disbelieve
and asked "what did you do to your hair" she said
"oh, i got extensions, don't ya love them" I replied
very quickly "oh, extensions, you hair looks beautiful"
she then went into a 20minute description on how
they put the extensions in, i listened as much as i
could, however all i could think about was how
much I did not like her hair, i thought her hair looked
awful, however i kept telling her how great she looked
i continually checked my nose for growth, but it was
not to be, so i was not found out!

amy winehouse kept surfacing in my mind (as that
is what her hair looked like) and all i kept repeating
in my mind was.... ♪♪ no, no, no ♪♪

i fibbed, and just got deeper, and deeper in it, so deep
that she gave me the womans name who did it and the
location of her salon, i thanked her and took the
information and placed in my pocket only for me
to throw it out when i got to my office

i still can't believe this fib of mine, and how i did not
have the nerve to tell her how i really felt, even the
length of time i know her, which is about 15yrs now
did not sway me a bit, i stuck to my fib like glue

she went to a sweet 16 party on Thursday night and
got her hair done for the party, she will be bringing
in pictures next week for me to see, and i will fib
again and tell her how great she looked

now the fib is in place, i can't take it back, i just
have to go with it, i have to continue to fib, till
probably the week after next, when this will be
a past topic

i only have to hope she never gets these extensions
again, as then the fib will resurface, i have to hope
she sticks with her medium length hair, so i can
be free of this fib, i just have a feeling tho that
this fib is going to continue, as she loved
her hair so much, she will probably do it again

so now i am stuck with this fib, i would love to give
it away, and then be honest, but that is not going to
happen, unless someone on blogville wants it, i will
be happy to hand it over!

just goes to show you, a fib can be never ending!

Friday, August 1, 2008


by iteach

How do you like your eggs?

Poached, Fried, Scrambled

Boiled, Sunny-Side up, Over Easy

Runny, Baked, Deviled egg

Guess which one is my favorite?

None of them and it has bothered me from day one. Every year I try and they still make me gag. I have also tried them with ketchup and salsa, no luck. I call it a breakfast curse. It just feels weird not to like such a popular food.

Do you like eggs and if so which kind?

Also, is there any type of popular food that you also cannot eat?