Sunday, November 30, 2008

Where are you Christmas?

Chosen by Jodi

I love this video. Not only do I enjoy Faith's voice, I also really get the message of this song. This is the 8th Christmas without my Mom. My Mom was HUGE with the holidays. I think part of the reason that I have a hard time this time of year is that I fear that I won't get everything bought and wrapped, baking done, tree put up, decorate the house (and with my Mom that meant every room including the bathrooms!!!).

This year I am trying to pick and choose the things that really mean something to me. I'm not going to stress anymore about not doing "everything". I'm going to find the joy of the season and keep it simple. Wishing you all a stress free and meaningful holiday season!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Stuffed Turkey aka cpgem8

I know,
I am suppose to be a Stuffed Turkey, however this is the best I could do !

When I look at, lets say Angelina Jolie, I think to myself, oh how pretty, I wonder what it is like to be her. When I see a beautiful bottle nose Dolphin, I think how beautiful, I wonder what it is like to be a Dolphin and roam at sea so freely. When I look at a Turkey, I say, yuck, never a thought crosses my mind in wonderment of what it would be like to be a Turkey.

There are so my questions, that come with being a Turkey. I have always wondered why they kinda wobble, and why their tummies are so large, that its outstretch in the front of them forming kinda a roll. Their feet are webbed and its seems they have a red thingy hanging from their chins, and their backs are stretched out with lots of feathers which gives their backside well lets say "easy access" perhaps during bathroom issues. Their necks move as they walk and they only speak in sound, such as gobble and yelp. Their food intake is constant, I have never seen a Turkey in a coop not eating something. And heck why are they all so close to each other, doesn't a Turkey need its space.

All this questions started to make sense to me on the Friday after Thanksgiving when I felt exactly like a Turkey.

So it seems, by pure accident, I know what its like to be a Turkey, "Stuffed Turkey" to be exact.

You see, I wobbled all day as I did my Christmas shopping, my feet were swollen from all the salt intake and my toes where way to close then they normally are. My tummy grew overnight in kinda a roll formation. I noticed I had food hanging from my chin, I think it was a beet, however when I tasted it, it was not tasting like beets at all, so I am stumped to what it was.
By backside was 15feet behind me, which made bumping into people a ease, everyone was so close it was hard to move. I tried on a feathery scarf which only made me sneeze a thousand times. I found myself moving my neck more than usually, however I was looking at lots of sales racks. Whenever I saw a good deal on something, I yelped with delight. And while I was shopping all the food in my tummy started to rumble, so off to the bathroom I went, I wore lose fitting sweat pants, as jeans were not gonna cut it, so going to the bathroom was "easy access". And of course while shopping I had to get one those Wetzels Pretzels, which I gobbled down in a nano second, as I did not want to share.

Now I ask you, why did it have to be the Turkey? Why could it not have been Angelina Jolie, or the beautiful bottle nose Dolphin? And as I ponder the question I just asked you. I realized, with all the Turkey, stuffing, yams, corn, artichoke's, potato's, mushrooms, beets, string beans, stuffed peppers, broccoli, escarole, along with many desserts that I consumed in a constant motion on Thanksgiving, it would only seem fitting that I would feel like a "Stuffed Turkey".

Just my luck with all my three options It would be the Turkey. Now I know why when I see a Turkey I say "yuck" because feeling like a "Stuffed Turkey" sure feels "yucky"!!!


Friday, November 28, 2008

The Gift of Life

by Jodi

As most of you know, I gave blood on Friday. This is something that I began doing with my Dad when I turned 18. I have to admit I was shocked when I looked at my card and my last donation had been in 2004!! I have been the recipient of a blood transfusion, and know all too well what a gift it is. The night my youngest son was born was an exciting night, but also one of the scariest of my life. About an hour after I gave birth I thought I was just napping, but my hubby couldn't wake me up. Long story short, I was bleeding out, and the only way my Dr. could save my life was by doing an emergency hysterectomy. Six units of blood and 2 units of frozen plasma later, I woke up in the ICU. Thank God someone had given blood, because it truly saved my life.

As we approach this holiday season, please consider giving blood. It only takes about an hour of your time. Back in the day you got maybe cheese and crackers along with a cookie afterwards, but yesterday they had pizza and you got to take home a bag of bagels from Panera Bread!!!

According to the American Red Cross every 2 seconds someone in America needs blood. The American Red Cross serves as the bridge between over 4 million generous blood donors and millions of patients in need each year. All you have to do is go to to find your nearest Red Cross Chapter or a blood drive near you!!

From my family to yours.....Have a safe and fun holiday season!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm Thankful for You

by Lynn D

I'm Thankful for You
Thanksgiving is a time
for focusing on the good in our lives.
It is a time for being thankful for the people around you.

It's a time for loving and caring and giving.
You are one of those people who I care about.

You are unique in your own way.
You make me feel good when I'm around you.


On Thanksgiving,

I'm thankful for you.


When Carol asked me to write the blog for today I had several ideas in mind. Sometimes that is my problem trying focus on one idea, and then I came across this poem and it says it all for me.

I am thankful for each and every one of you! I may not express how I feel daily but each of you is with me in my daily life.

In the last year we have celebrated and mourned together. We have witnessed many owl meetings, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

We have shored each other up when faced with many of life’s challenges. Whether that was illness or mourning lost loved ones. We have rejoiced in the renewal of new life together too.

We have challenged each other in our religious beliefs and political ideals and have, I think come out stronger for it. We may not always agree but we respect each other enough to agree to disagree.

So I am taking the time to give Thanks to all of you. I may not always offer a comment, because sometimes I don’t have words adequate to express how I feel, but many times I find myself living my daily life and I can almost feel your presence beside me like a ghostly hand slipped into mine, offering comfort or a knowingness that I am with you in spirit if not physically, funny how we have met here in this place and continue to come and laugh, be silly, or share thoughts and ideas. I would say we find comfort in each other.

Some of us come and go for various reasons but I have learned something about myself from each person who has landed in this nest. In many cases it has helped me define who I am and what I believe.

So on this day of Thanksgiving take a moment to ponder the special gathering of people in this nest and wish them well because they are good and wise owls with, wisdom, light, compassion and love. Bless you all.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Hope You All Have A Ball

By Lois Lane AKA No_Newz

Every year for too many to count, I'd race through the house screaming on Thanksgiving morning, "I call the neck!"

Most of the time, I was the early bird catching the worm so to speak. Other times, not so much. My sisters Mary and Lucy were my biggest nemeses in those days. Every once in a while they would "call the neck" before I even rolled my tired little bones out of bed.

I don't know what the fascination was, it's not that tasty, and certainly doesn't have much meat on the damn thing. Maybe, because there was only one neck to be had, and so many mouths that wanted to eat it, caused the stir. Whatever the case, I started my own Thanksgiving morning catchphrase on those years I missed out on the neck.

Sliding into the kitchen in my socks, I'd yell to my mother, "I call the balls!"

I meant the gizzards, but no one felt it necessary to correct me.

As the years progressed, my catchphrase didn't really catch on, because seriously, who wants "the balls" anyhow?

Many necks and "balls" later, I was dared by a bunch of blog friends I met through Ross, to enter The Tonight Show's "Who Wants to be a Correspondent" contest. I've never wanted to be on TV, but I take dares very seriously and went for it. Thankfully the tape never aired.

I had so many jokes in my head, but I was trying so hard to be PG since it was for TV. An unedited version of the same event may have come with an NC-17 or R rating.

Being among friends here at the nest, I thought I would share my audition tape with you. Why? Well because for my audition I chose to cover a Turkey Testicle Festival. I thought the concept would be funny, who knew I'd actually put a real turkey ball in my mouth? That's right, for the sake of comedy I ate a turkey testical.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My First Love

by Tina~in_ut

OMG!!!! I loved Shaun Cassidy when I was a teen. I had over 1000 pictures of him on my wall. I would take pictures of my pictures! I watched every episode of the Hardy Boys. My favorite was when Joe was going to marry Jamie and the day before they were to get married, there was a car accident and she died. I cried…….I felt so sorry for my Shaun! (as if it was all real!) I even found the episode on youtube while looking for this video. he-he….I’m watching it while I write this!!!! I was so sad when the show ended.

I loved Shaun’s music too. I bought every album. Well, okay… parents bought them….but you know what I mean! My cousin and I made up a dance routine to this song. We still remember parts of it and sometimes perform it for relatives…and no….there is no alcohol involved!!!

I bought every Tiger Beat magazine that he was in….well…..where did you think I got all those pictures? My parents gave me a Shaun Cassidy birthday one year…..Shaun cake, Shaun pin, Shaun doll (yes, for real!), and the Hardy Boys Van! Oh how I loved that!

And then there was the Shaun Cassidy concert. I thought I died and went to Heaven! Actually, I did. I screamed so much and sang every song and dreamed one day of becoming Mrs. Shaun Cassidy. (uh…for those of you who are not aware…that didn’t work out so well!)

I still keep up with his career. He has been on Broadway and writes and produces for television. I still think he’s a cutie and he still makes me smile.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Where There's Smoke.........

by Just Lin

When I was 10 or 11 years old, my dad let me try his cigarette. The smoke seared my lungs and I immediately launched into a major coughing fit. I'm sure he hoped that would dissuade me from taking up the smoking habit in spite of the fact that he and my mom both smoked. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way. After 41 years of smoking, I finally stopped 2 1/2 years ago but, boy, did I love it while I did it!

Growing up in the 50's and 60's, it seemed that most adults smoked. I remember our family doctor smoking in the exam room during consultations. There was a reading room at the library with big overstuffed chairs and standing ashtrays. You could smoke in movie theaters, in grocery stores, and on airplanes. You could basically smoke anywhere and everywhere. There weren't nearly as many ads on TV then as there are now, but many of them were for cigarettes. The most memorable ones are probably the Old Gold dancing cigarette pack with a woman's dancing legs sticking out from the bottom of the pack and the little Philip Morris man. The rugged Marlboro man would come later.

Hollywood stars had glamour shots taken while holding or smoking a cigarette. Cigarettes played a prominent part in the movies of the time, adding a level of nuance to the mood. They could convey revelry and good times, mystery and intrigue, wit and sophistication, or sultry, smoldering passion. I mean, really, who wouldn't want to smoke?

I was the last one in my group of friends to start smoking. I started by bumming a cigarette now and then. Once I got serious about it and started buying my own, it was Pall Malls until I found my true love, Kools.

I remember one night in the mid 60's when some girlfriends and I were just cruising around in the car, smoking and laughing and being silly. My best friend, Alice, was the driver and she thought she was really sophisticated with her cigarette holder. Suddenly, her lit cigarette ejected out of the holder and fell to the floor board and out of sight. We all started yelling and screaming about it as she slammed on the brakes, right in the middle of this huge boulevard, and jumped out to find the cigarette. We laughed about it so many times later.

I know our nest has smokers, ex-smokers and non-smokers. I would love to hear why the smokers started smoking, why the ex-smokers quit and why the non-smokers never started.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

From a Friend

I found this video in my inbox the other day, and the saying was short and simple.

"I just saw this on reminded me of you. I hope it makes you smile this morning"

And it surely did, just the thought of someone seeing something that reminded them of me and knowing I would love it. But more importantly was the "smile" as it was needed and she new it.

So, thank you Zona, for making my day brighter, and giving me a sunshine of a smile.

Michael Buble wrapped up in Sweetness, who can ask for anything more!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Its the good ole facial expression that can tell the whole story. Just watching Rosie you know her thoughts, no words needed. I have always adored Rosie and still do. This video is so Rosie, and I loved it. I hope she does not mind I took it off her site.

I met her at Newark airport in 2006. I had a presidents club pass, which is Continental's private club. When I walked in and scanned my surroundings for a seat, there was none to be had, so my cousin and I walked to the back, and finally thru the glass colored doors there was a available table top, we gladly set our things down, and got comfy. As my eyes came up, there she was at the very next table top, she was with Blake and her publicist Cindy. I froze and whispered to my cousin my sighting, my dear cousin was having none it, she could care less, not a huge fan. My cousin asked me if I wanted something to eat. Eat, Geez, I wanted to throw up!

I sat quietly staring every so often in her direction. I was contemplating my move. Should I approach? Or should I leave her alone. The thought of leaving her alone was getting stronger, until I realized that the oppurtunity of meeting her will probably never happen again. Its a one shot deal, and I must try to say hello. And if I did, I would have to use the bathroom first, as I was going to crap in my pants.

My first words as I approached, I remember so well. "Rosie, May I say hello" and she looked up from her lap top and said "Of course". She extended her hand to me and asked my name. She then introduced me to Blake and Cindy, who both greeted me with a hello. I then told her I was a blogger on her blog and the conversation went on, but for the life of me I cannot remember anything else other than me saying "It was so nice to meet you all, thanks for taking the time" and she replied "You are welcome, and I will see ya on the blog".

As I walked away, I was on cloud nine, and just so very happy I took the chance. She is everything I thought she would be and more. So real, So true, So kind.

Needless to say, my cousin was not impressed at all. And I did not give a crap, cause I met Rosie and that was all the mattered...

What a great memory!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Finish the Story!

Once, in the land of fairies and trolls and other such creatures, there reigned a sweet and beautiful princess. She was loved by all, trusted and respected. Her physical beauty seemed to radiate from her smile, through her word, and into the ears of her followers. All was well in the kingdom, that is until something changed, and the princess mysteriously fell dreadfully ill. While all watched her losing her fight with life to this unknown illness, the handsome prince arrived, and when she saw him, she stood up and handed him.........

Its up to you, may your imagination's run wild!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

“For One More Day”

by MEK

Today is the anniversary of my father’s death. It’s not like it happened yesterday, but many, many years ago (17 to be exact) – but this day still sticks in my mind like it was. In many ways it was a blessing. He suffered from Multiple Sclerosis and was totally bedridden, but his mind was still as sharp as ever.

I wish that I had taken advantage of this time to ask him about his childhood, his parents, their parents, how it was growing up on that farm, his early years in the military, but I did not. Instead, I showed up occasionally (not as often as I should have) with a McDonald’s ice cream sundae that I had to feed to him. He would ask me three questions and they were the same every time. How is work? How is your car running? And how is your love life? Then the conversation ended. The sundae had been consumed. And we would sit there and look at each other.

Mitch Albom wrote a bestseller “For One More Day” – when I read this book – I immediately went out and got copies for my mother and my siblings. It became part of everyone’s Christmas gift that year. I have thought many times about what I would do with my dad if we just had ONE MORE DAY!!

He would be whole and healthy. We would play a round of golf (oh, he LOVED his golf), then we’d go to the 19th hole and have an adult beverage or two or three. We would hug each other. He would tell me he loved me (he never did – we were just supposed to know) and I would tell him that I loved him too. And that would be the end of the perfect day.

If you could have One More Day with anyone – who would it be and what would you do?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This One Day

~And the Journey Begins~

This one day, same as always, my daily routine, it seemed as it began no different then any other. However by days end, the course of my journey in life had changed. I did not realized it at first, but several months later I knew, that, this one day was my journey, and if not for that day, my journey would have been different.

One day in your life can change your course, and define who you will be.

It has been proven to me many times, with many different stories from others. But no other stands out in my mind as the book "The Kite Runner". That young boy's life changed completely just because of one day and what occurred on that very day. I urge anyone to read this book, and I am sure you will agree. I read it several yrs ago, yet the book has never left me.

Some might say, you don't have to take the course, you can veer away if you want. I disagree, this one day, you cannot, as its the defining moment of what your life will be, it is the course chosen for you. It is usually a complete surprise that this day will be the one day, so you are
not prepared. It does not matter tho, because your journey begins and the course is laid out.

I think back many times of that day, and the more I see it, the more I see who I am today, and why that day defined me. That one day gave me my course, I live it now. It is not to be changed, it could have never been changed. It is my course, my journey, it was chosen for me.

And since this one day, the sun brings the yellow, and the flowers bloom, and the trees grow, and life becomes.

So sweet!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


by Bon'O


Well, OWLS, this is the week I dread all year, every year......the week I pay my annual Property Taxes (due 11/17), Vehicle Insurance (due 11/15), and Homeowner's Insurance (Due 11/19).

Then, of course, my trusty yard-guy sends his annual bill around Thanksgiving.

Yes, I know I could pay them quarterly or some other time of the year. Silly me, I've remained on this schedule intentionally forever.
It forces me to think about what I spend over the Holiday Season.
That's the one time of year I absolutely LOVE to overshop!

We OWLS are so good at sharing great ideas. With the meltdown of the Economy, the holidays fast approaching, several of us retired or currently under-employed or unemployed, I thought it might be fun to share any and all ideas and success stories on how to pinch a penny or save a buck.

Are you all about Neiman Marcus and FAO Schwarz? Or more into WalMart and Target? Gourmet-restaurants-only or MickeyD's? Full retail shopper or a coupon clipper? Do you have favorite online holiday shopping/shipping sources? Home energy-saving secrets? Pantry stocking ideas or dollar-stretcher recipes? Family travel bargain tips? Cool stocking stuffers? Inexpensive, but meaningful, holiday traditions?

What works for YOUR house and family budget? What tips can you share with us that we might use? Winter's coming...let's feather our cozy nests together!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bark at the Moon

By Lois Lane AKA No_Newz


Well this blog has gone to the dogs. Why? Zona's fault. She sent me a message at MySpace saying how much my dog Darla looked like her beloved Remmy. When you find that perfect companion, you are hooked for life.

I have to be honest, I've always been a cat person. They are a lot like me, self-sufficient animal, attention whores when they want to be. Hidden when they choose to avoid certain people. Loving to a select few. Love their afternoon naps. Hissy and pissy when things are not going their way. I've just described myself and my cat in one paragraph.

Dogs are fickle. They give their love to anyone with a hot dog in hand. Well, my dogs do anyhow. I love my dogs, but they are best friends with whomever has the food. Plus, they are some stinky mofos! Fresh out of the bath every single time, they hop around three-legged as if they are about to lose control of their bladders. I fall for their trick every time. What they really want is to go outside, find a stank pile, and rub their dumb bodies all up in it.

My cat Chip is about the cleanest, best smelling creature alive. He wouldn't be caught wasting any of his nine lives rolling in what can only be described as deer shit. Really? Deer poo? How in the heck did a deer get in my yard and crap? (Sorry, my mind wandered.)

Chip's Light Switch Trick 2

People who know my cat Chip say he is dog-like, therefore, I am really a dog person. I don't know if that's true. Sure Chip will fetch a ball and bring it back. He does other tricks, like turning off the lights, turning on the bathroom faucet for a drink, and answering back when I talk to him? Oh yeah, he sure does. I should get video of this since so many people video tape their dogs saying, "I love you."

Chip says, "Mama, hello and no." He currently sounds like he is working on I love you., likely in an effort to not be upstaged by any dogs.

Okay, knock it off. I see you rolling your eyes at the screen! He really does talk. He is the smartest cat on the planet.

Anyhow, Darla and Daisy, named after Darla on The Little Rascals, and Daisy Duke, came into our lives because some woman got busted for backyard breeding. She had nearly 600 animals in all.

Daisy dressed and playing mommy

We went to the shelter, looked in this cage, and simultaneously went, "Awwwww!" Mr. Lane was looking at a min-pin, and I was looking at a long-haired doxie. Neither of us could talk the other out of their dog of choice. Since they were in a cage together, we figured, they get along well enough, we should adopt both.

We later found out that they were put together because the shelter was limited on space. Sure, they like each other. In fact I would say perhaps they are life partners. Don't you roll your eyes, again. They cuddle up together to sleep. They lick each other. They even hump each other's faces?

Oh yes, they do. And let me tell you it is a real K-9-69 situation.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What if You

Chosen by MEK

"What If You" by Joshua Radin

I first heard this song briefly during the movie "Catch and Release" along time ago and thought it was very moving - well, the other night, I was watching the movie again, and the scene with this song came on. I wanted to hear the whole song since movie scenes only give you a small bit. I remembered that, my good friend, Zona googles everything, so I googled the soundtrack and found it. I was amazed to realize that this young man, Joshua Radin, was the one that just sang to Ellen and Portia during their wedding. His voice just grabs me, so I thought I would share him with you all today.

I don't know what it is about this song that "gets" me, but I just find it beautiful......... I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

How About the Future?

by Iteach

This video has been viewed at a lot of teacher conferences for the purpose as a conversation starter.

Let's start the conversation, what do you think?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wishing Wells

by Bebbi

Ever since I was a young child, I have always loved wishing wells. It used to be that every chance I got to throw a penny in a fountain or well and make a wish, I would. For me, wishing wells hold the hopes and dreams of my youth. Also, I loved shooting stars, picking up pennies, and any other way that you can make a wish. I do still, to this day, pick up pennies and say, “See a penny, pick it up and all the day you’ll have good luck.”

I guess that is the Disney child in me, the whimsical, wistful, na├»ve child who dreams of rainbows, lollipops, tooth fairies, Santa Claus, and all things magical. I think my first memory of far away lands was probably the Wizard of Oz. Also, I loved H.R. Puff ‘N stuff, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Chronicles of Narnia and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. To me, wishing wells are one of those truly mystical things. It is the Happy Magic, the good and the sweet kind that isn’t scary or ugly.

When I was at my dad’s house this past weekend, I was walking (yeah, I know, you hear about *that* enough) and came across this awesome wishing well. I have seen it before, but now I have an outlet for the thoughts and stories that turn around and around in my head! I decided I would take some pictures of it and write a little piece.

In August, when Shiann and I went to my dad’s house, I walked by that well. As I passed it, I thought that maybe, just maybe, it was a real wishing well. Just by itself, in the middle of this property, quietly waiting for someone to come along and grant any wish that one would want to make. The odd thing is, I haven’t made a wish in it yet. Actually, I hadn’t gotten really close to it until this last visit. I don’t want the disappointment that comes with finding that awesome magic that I have in my imagination isn’t real. I would rather just dream. Sometimes, fantasies are way better than the realities. I love that little sparkle of hope and innocence in me, but I will keep my fantasy and I will not go to that well and make a wish. Does that sound cynical? Maybe I should make that wish? Would you throw a penny in and make a wish?

I think the wishing wells of today are those chain emails that come around. Forward this to 10 of your closest friends and your wish will come true. Forward this, and in exactly 11 minutes and 11 seconds you will get a phone call that will change your life. Hmmmmm, I don’t usually send them. I will send them if it is a pretty picture though. Those do not fulfill my need for my wishes to come true, they just make me feel a lot of pressure that if I don’t send them, something bad is going to happen.

Frank Kafka said, “Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” I see beauty in this old wishing well and with that, I can touch and live those hopeful moments of my innocence again. Maybe I will go and pitch a penny in it the next time I visit my dad.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


by Iteach

November is a big celebration month in my family. Last Sunday we had my grandpa's 86th birthday. Then my daughter Carolyn is celebrating her birthday today the 13th and my son Matthew on the 16th. Finally our anniversary on the 24th. Therefore, we will be a little busy this month. :)

I always said that I wanted my children to have their own birthday month. I remember my friends complaining about having to share birthdays with their siblings. It was my plan to give them each their own month, but it didn't turn out that way. Our third was a little bit of a surprise, because we were only thinking about having a third.

So on the 8th we had a shared birthday party with our youngest two. It really is so much easier to do just one party. I plan to keep it that way until one of them complains.

As I planned for their party, I think about my own past birthday parties. My birthday is in September, so I always remember getting "school clothes" for presents. I had one big party that sticks out in my mind. It was my 7th birthday party and we had it at Happy Joe's. My parents splurged and invited a lot of my friends at school. We had so much fun. I remember wishing for Donny & Marie Osmond barbie dolls when I blew out my candle and to my delight my parents did get them for me that day.

Did you have to share a birthday?
Do you have a birthday that sticks out in your mind?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Three Hours

I lied to me, I lied to you, I lied to them. I could not help it, I did not know what else to do. I just could not be honest, and if I was, that would mean it was true, and I could not face the truth. As much as I wanted all to go well, in my mind it was a disaster.

The truth sometimes is blinding, you can't see it, you don't want to see it. So the blinding continues, as you lie to yourself. I am sorry I lied to me, to you and to them.

I counted the hours, all three of them. The words that fumbled out of my mouth were at times meaningless, they were just words so the clock would move another second, another minute and so on, and all they were where words. And the clocked ticked....

My hardest was given, I really tried, I believe I pulled it off. Well, I made them think I pulled it off. Perhaps I didn't, Perhaps they know, no words will be spoken.

It was a lie tho, nothing was true about it. The stress that emerged that night will not be forgotten for a long time. I was alone fighting a fight of my childhood, trying to find the balance, trying to understand him.

I have now found the truth, it is so raw, so revealing, so shocking, as I lived the lie for these last few days, and now I see the truth. I wish in my mind I stuck with the lie, as no one would have known, I could have just let it go. However that is not me, I can't let it go. The truth had to be revealed, for I needed to see it.

And on I go~~

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day~

Flags of our Fathers, sung by Keni Thomas

~~Veterans Day, Remembrance Day~~

Today I express my gratitude to the men and woman who have served our country so honorable. They fight for our Freedoms, so we can live among the land of the free, and soar with the highest of virtues. Their gift to us is unconditional, it is what they believe in. So simple to them, yet so complicated to us. For they give themselves willing, they fight for our every breath.

WW11 veteran, my dad, I am glad he served our country proud, and very grateful he is with me today. To my dad, my love, my thanks.

From every country a soldier is born, and from every country a soldier is our hero.

For our Canadian Friends the poppies are near, as they are swaying in the breeze in Flanders Fields

To all our soldiers, past, present and future. We honor you today and always.

~~Thank You~~

Monday, November 10, 2008

No More H8!!!

by VIG


Without editorializing or offering up my beliefs or anyone else's, I ask you to watch this video. Watch and think about an Owl we all know and love and who’s wedding we celebrated here on the blog not long ago and who is now having to deal with the fact that the majority who voted in his state believe his love and his marriage are not real and should not exist.

If you believe this is a global human right’s issue, what are you going to do about it?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

♪♪ Young Love ♪♪

Chosen by Tinka

Young Love by Sonny James

Last Sunday, I responded to the video Carol had chosen by mentioning the fact that there were four popular songs when I bought my first car, a 1957 Nash Metropolitan. I wrote that when I hear those songs I am right back in my little "Esmerelda". Carol asked me to find one of the songs for this Sunday's Music Video; so in her words, "We can all walk down memory lane with you".

That is what I did. I found "Young Love" by Sonny James. Immediately, I was transported back to 1957. I remember every Friday at 3:00 p.m. hurriedly locking up my one-room school house where I was teacher, secretary, Principal, and school nurse all rolled into one. I would jump in my Nash, turn on the radio and Sonny would be singing my song, "Young Love". I happily drove down the Malahat so I could spend the weekend with the 'Love of my Life.' He was attending the University of Victoria. No, before you snicker, I spent the nights at my sister's house. There was no hanky-panky for me in the fifties. I married my 'one true love' in a beautiful, white dress on a hot July day in 1958. Life was good.

Tinka with her new 1957 Nash Metropolitan

Alas, it did not last. Mary Hopkins, a friend of the Beatles, later wrote and sang the song, "Those were the days my friend. We thought they'd never end. We thought we'd sing and dance forever and a day".

Is there a song that brings back memories of your "Young Love"? Will you meander down memory lane with me today?

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Maxine Is always up to "Something"

Something is definitely up, Something is a coming, Something is here, not sure what it is, but Something is a new.

There is always something happening, or something going on. I have something this weekend and I had something last weekend. I now have something pressing, which is a important something.

Somethings never change, why, because there is always something.

Each day there is something, it might be a little something, but something none the less. And some days its a big something. When I talk with people they always have something to say, they tell me something all the time. Even tho I might not want to hear it, its something, so I must listen.

My day always begins with something, and by days end something happened for me to tell somebody something happen.

And my dad, well that is a whole other something, his somethings never have a name, cause he always forgets the name of somethings so he just says
"there is something I need"
"what is that something called"
"something is ringing"
"something is in the driveway"
"Something is beeping"
"That guy is something"
"I said something, but I don't remember what it was"


Print out of his bank statment
Geez, it could be anything
Bill O'Reilly
Thank Goodness, cause not sure If I wanted to hear it!

I wish some days something would not happen, but then I would bust from not going to the bathroom, because that is something, right? And if I bust, well that would be something to clean up.

So when something occurs, go for it, because without something, we would have nothing. And we all know when nothing happens that is surely something.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Unsettled Sky

~This picture was taken by Zona, she titled it "Before the Storm" I see the unsettled sky~

Did you ever wake up and on your first eye opener realize that your day was just going to be very different from the day before, kinda like a intution. I have had those lately and it scares the crap out of me, I don't know if its all the change in the air, or just everything being so unsettled.

My mom always looks in the sky (and yes the stars) and tells me "Oh how unsettled the sky looks" however when I look up I don't see it, try as I might I can't see what she sees. Yet, when a new day dawns, and my one eye opens, some days I can feel it. I guess I don't have to see it, for me its the feel. I don't tell my mom I can't see what she sees, as we are both different people and can't always see the same. However my respect for my mom runs deep, so if she sees it, I allow her to, as its her right.

We all look at life differently, our personalities are who we are, it is what we created in ourselves, it is what we believe in. I look at my mom with admiration daily, even tho we don't always see the same thing, it really does not matter. As the respect is was matters most.

I wonder often in my life, how I was taught respect? Did I learn the hard way? Or was it instilled in me as a child? And as I wonder, I think back on my life and see that mostly I was given respect, and if I was not, I respected anyway, in hopes the respect would come forth. And as I write this I see more clearly the unsettled sky, I see my mom, and I see that respect was instilled in me as a child, for even tho the sky might be unsettled, the respect is not, it is clear~

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rich in love

By Lois Lane AKA No_Newz

The fads post and your comments put this blog into action. Seems many of us beautiful owls grew up in meager nests, loved and warm but without extras. I hope as I fly down memory lane, you will find yourself reflecting back.

Growing up Lane was fun, no matter how poor we were. I was the last of eight kids, raised in a three bedroom apartment in Chicago. Dad worked fulltime, and Mom ruled the roost. What we didn't have in material things and popularity, we made up for in other ways.

No matter where we went, we always had seven friends nearby. Seven other people who would always have our back, should there ever come a time. We should have been declared a gang.

Mom and Dad sure lucked out when the Catholic school offered a huge discount for large families. They got a buy three, get five free discount. And they were on that like an alter boy on the communal wine bottle.

Being popular was virtually impossible for a Lane kid. Everyone and everything in our school, St. Whack 'Em on the Knuckles, revolved around the almighty dollar, rather than the almighty, Almighty, if ya know what I'm sayin'. I suppose our parents raised us differently. Rich in love, rich in faith, rich in fun, rich in togetherness, which sometimes resulted in feeling... rich in claustrophobia.

I remember all of the cool and popular girls wore black and white Saddle Shoes. We Lanes had Trax from K-Mart. They were unisex, blue canvas with white stripes on the sides. If you stepped into a puddle, your toes and socks would turn blue. That was my favorite thing about those ugly shoes. I can't tell you how many times I rushed out of the house wearing one shoe that belonged to one of my siblings. That usually resulted in a mini war, ending in a per-syllable-spanking.

I had moments of jealously. Specifically of the kid whose folks brought McDonalds to him at school. I'll never forget how upset my taste buds were as the smell of those French fries wafted, my teeth sunk into my purple stained bread. That darn apple always squished my sandwich, and by lunch time, the jelly had kicked the peanut butter's ass. It was thin as a Frisbee, and purple as an elbow after taking a major brodie onto the concrete.

As I watched that boy enjoy his fast food goodness, and classmates begged to bum a fry, I reached into my lunch bag to get my apple. Instead, I felt paper. It was a note from my mom.

"Dear Lois, have a nice day! I love you! Love, Mom" She drew a smiley face after her name.

I do believe that note kicked that Happy Meal's ass.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fabulous Fads!

by Bebbi

I just came back from walking. I took my MP3 player and was listening to songs. I came across this song and it made me start thinking about all the wonderful fads there have been.

I have personally lived to see Pop Rocks, Pet Rocks, Gum wrapper chains Clackers, Big Wheels, YoYos, Peace Sign, Disco Dancing, Rubik’s Cube, Hamster Dance, That Dancing Baby, Macarena, Mood rings, Roos and Jelly shoes are a few that come to mind for me. My kids would say Barney, Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a whole host of other fabs.

I picked this video because I don’t think there is a much happier thing that this song. It really gets you to smile, no matter who you are. I think that is what fads do for me. They make me smile and think back fondly of a period of time. Just like music can bring back memories, fads can too!

Gum wrapper chains were an important fad in my life. It helped me to make a way through my parents divorcing when I was 10. I worked on that thing nonstop! I wanted it to go around the house and believe me, it did. I had a piece of it up until a few years ago. It really helped me through a hard time to focus on such a mindless task. I am grateful for that gum wrapper chain. As I was chaining it up, my world was falling apart. It held me together, to go and work on it for hours and not think of all the chaos in my life.

Another important and great fad in my life was disco dancing! My brother and I would go to the teen clubs and do a disco routine. We had a lot of fun together doing that. We would practice and practice on it. My brother is very outgoing and he always made friends wherever we would go.

One fad that made me sad was Roos. I always wanted a pair of the “real” Roos but we could not afford them. So I substituted and got Kmart brand Roos. It just wasn’t the same. To this day, I have a bookmark for Roos at Zappos. I am going to buy myself a pair of the real ones someday.

So Enjoy the Hamster Dance and tell me all about which fads mean a lot to you?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wonderment of Beginning's

Today is a day of a new beginning, our new President will be chosen today, as we the people have spoken, and will be voting for who we believe will be the best person to lead our country.

My vote for President might perhaps be different from yours, our views for what we want in a President might be different as well. However by days end our differences will have to be cast aside and our common thread will begin as we will share the same President. Some might not be happy with the choice that was voted on, and some might be ecstatic. No matter what our feelings, it is what shall be, and we will be a America with a new President. I only hope that these changes that were so very much wanted by both parties, become reality and all the talk was not for naught.

As I continue on my day and wait patiently for the results, I will also be thinking of this blog, as today marks our 300th blog. It has been quite a journey, a journey that was so unexpected yet so satisfying. My written word that was hidden for so many of my years, has surfaced, and given me such pleasure. The daily blogs that have been created here, by myself and others have become a start to my day. The friendships that have been made are just a testament of how this blog creates a wonderment of life.

Life is full of surprises at every turn. And today is no exception. We will be surprised as to our President elect, and just as surprised to realize we have all been thru 300 blogs. Much different of course, but life just the same.

Wonderment of Beginnings, it is just the journey, its the road, straight, narrow, curvy, no matter the form, it will be life~

Monday, November 3, 2008

What's in a name?

by Sacbarb

Zona and I were talking about names the other day and I told her I didn't like my maiden name. I never looked forward to the first day of school, because every teacher would screw it up. It was a long (12 letters) Italian name and all they had to do was sound it out, but it seemed to intimidate anyone who read it for the first time. So when the teacher started to take roll on the first day of school, I would answer "HERE" as soon as she said "Barbara," to save me (and the teacher) the embarrassment.

When I was around 10, I asked my parents if we could change our name to the English translation and my Father had a fit. I got the lecture of how I should be proud of our name, blah, ,blah, blah. I was 10 for heaven sake, I just wanted a 'normal' last name. My mother blamed my attitude on our moving to Los Angeles when I was 4, because if I grew up in New York, where I was born and had tons of Italian relatives, I would think our name was normal.

When I started dating, I would only date boys with easy last names. I dated John Mason, Edward Jones, Bill Raleigh (I thought he said Reilly or I may have declined) Joe Duncan, and others whose names escape me, but I know they were easy to pronounce. I didn't want to take the chance of falling in love with some hard to pronounce last name guy and have my kids go through what I went through. I eventually married -you guessed it- a man with an easy (even common) last name.

Of course, now when I look back on it, I feel badly that I didn't appreciate my heritage when I was young. I think my Mother was right, that if I grew up with all my cousins, I wouldn't have given it another thought. But then I also wouldn't have met my Husband and had 33 1/2 years with him and we wouldn't have had our three wonderful sons. So there IS a reason for everything, even my attitude.

What did you think of your name when you were a child? Or did you even give it a thought or just take it for granted?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

♪♪ Downtown ♪♪

Petula Clark - Downtown (1964 TOTP)

I just love old songs, even if they were popular when I was a small child, if the song made a impact, it could go on forever. This is one of those songs, when I hear it today on the radio, I turn the volume up and sing along with the song, as this song just makes me feel happy, and when one is happy, how can you not sing along.

I adore this video, the singing, the dancing, everything about it makes me smile, and I am hoping you are smiling too.



Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat Treats

by VIG

Based on an idea from Zona! Thanks, kiddo!

So it’s the day after Halloween. When I was a kid, this day was as important as Halloween itself because this was the day that you really got to spend time with the candy haul from the night before. It was a day, if one could swing it with parents, that candy was on the menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It was a time to sort the candy and create groupings….my categories were always along the lines of chocolate, chewy, and rejects. It was the big negotiation day and the trade period of the rejects for siblings’ non-faves. It was a day of really treasuring the best and getting rid of the ones you weren’t happy to find in that pillow case candy bag. Apples, raisins, peanuts, and toothbrushes were definitely in my discard or trade pile. In the olden days when I was a wee trick or treater, homemade caramel apples or popcorn balls were a true find. It kind of saddens me that those have had to go the way of the dinosaur. Mars bars, Smarties (Canadian version of M&M’s), Oh Henry’s (Canadian?), Reese’s and Twizzlers were always my most treasured candy treasures and I hung on to those ones tightly and savored every bite.

What was your favourite candy to get at Halloween? What didn’t you like to get? Do you give out the kind of candy now that you liked to get as a kid?