Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Song Lyrics

by EBJ

Have you ever heard a song and tried to sing along with it, only to wonder what the lyrics really are?

Today I was watching tv, and a commercial came on with the Tom Jones song "She's A Lady".

As I listened and started singing along (in my mind, not out loud!) the first sentence has always thrown me. To me, Tom is saying:

"Well she's all you'd ever want, she's the kind I'd like to pump and take to dinner".

Another line of the song goes (to me)

"She can take what I can shout, and that's not easy"

I decided to find the lyrics on the internet to see if he really says PUMP (lol). Turns out, he is actually saying:

Well she's all you'd ever want, she's the kind they'd like to FLAUNT and take to dinner".

The actual lyrics to the other sentence goes:

"She can take what I DISH OUT, and that's not easy".

So, I kind of laughed and thought about all the other songs that I cannot figure out. One of my very favorite singers is Stevie Nicks, and she is notorious for having unintelligible lyrics. Another fave of mine are the Rolling Stones, and I was surprised to read the lyrics to Honky Tonk Woman. They were nothing that I had been singing all these years!

Do you have a song that you don't know what the hell the singer is singing?

Monday, March 30, 2009


My sister and I
(circa 1966)

by Zona

My sister and I try to get together for lunch at least once a month. Sometimes she's too busy. Sometimes I am. Last weekend, we were finally able to go. We spent the whole time reminiscing about when we were kids. We shared a room until our brother left for college, and we couldn't stop laughing as we remembered the decor: double beds with matching purple crushed velvet bedspreads, striped purple sheets and purple curtains, purple lamps and plastic purple bedside tables. Are you feeling the late 60's love? There were more stuffed animals in that room than you could count, and we had fun trying to recall their names. Mom made most of our clothes back then, which was cool with me, until she made us the same tank tops. No way!! I put my 9 year old foot down. No twinsies!

My sis and I always got along pretty well, even though I was almost four years older. When I wasn't jumping on her bed and launching her out of the window, or coaxing her up onto the roof without a thought as to how to get her down, we spent a lot of time being silly and making each other laugh. There were times when she couldn't fall asleep, and I would make up stories to help her drift off. I was so surprised last week when she brought up the story of "Mannashukioka". It was a kingdom where all the houses were made out of huge mushrooms. The streets were paved with gold and the flowers were actually gumdrops and junior mints. I know how it sounds Bear, but I was only 9!! Mannashukioka also had it's own song, and 40 years after I had made it up, she sang it for me. I couldn't believe she remembered everything so clearly. She couldn't have been more than five years old! It was fun remembering those times, laughing 'til we cried. And guess what? She's still mad that I wouldn't let her wear that tank top!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

~ My Life Would Suck Without You ~

by Tina~in_ut

A friend of mine and I were having an argument. Of course, it was all her fault and I just wasn't going to be having any of it! (well....that's my side of the story, anyway!) After a week of not speaking to her, I couldn't take it anymore. I sent her this video. I know it's about a boy and a girl, but really, it can be about any friendship. My favorite part is, "I know that I've got issues, but you're pretty messed up, too!" Every time I hear it on the radio now, I think of her and smile! We've made up and, of course, my life would suck without her~

Saturday, March 28, 2009

~ Rapping Flight Attendant ~

by Tina~in_ut

The Rappin' Flight Attendant

I fly to see my dad at least once a month. I rarely listen to the flight attendants anymore. I know the routine. After the U.S. Airways flight landed in the Hudson, I sat up and paid closer attention, especially since I was sitting in the exit row. I even looked at the instructions for opening the exit door, as I was sitting in the window seat! I've noticed that the flight attendants are more diligent and make sure that those in the exit row are paying attention. On my last flight, the FA told us all to get off of our cell phones and listen to her! I just laughed. She had a point, but I really had to call my mom to let her know I made the flight since I fly standby, and my husband, to let him know I made the flight so he could invite his girlfriend over. (just kidding!) When I saw this video of the Southwest Airlines employee changing it up a bit to make sure that everyone listened to him, I just had to share it. I hope you get a kick out of it like I did.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Do something nice day!

My something nice day, presents each one of
you with a cupcake, baked and stacked up by, none other
than my "Italian Stallions"

Today is my " do something nice day", its the end of the week and I am in a good mood, as I have the weekend off. So what better day then today, to just do one thing nice for someone else. Maybe I can pick up something that someone dropped or open the door for someone, or just tell someone to have a nice day.

I am going to make a conscious effort today and give it my all. Each day I forget the little things, that perhaps might cheer someone up. So on my journey today, I will remember that perhaps someone is not having such a nice day, and maybe my "do something nice day" will give them the smile that they so need.

Will you join me?


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not a good obsession!

I have a confession to make, I am obsessed with the "Octomom" I have secretly been watching all her videos on Each day they post a new vid of her and her life, as I am sure she is being paid by this online site, and it seems she must give them a vid daily, perhaps its in her contract. She admitted to getting financial resources that allowed her to buy her house, because she claims she did it herself. When she first surfaced, she had no job or money to speak of, except for the government aid she was receiving. I am actually glad she is receiving money from this website, as it is surly needed for the best interest of her children.

While watching these vids, I am constantly wondering how she is going to handle her life. I worry about her and the children, as nothing seems stable at all. The other day her mom and her had a fight and it was recorded on the vid, you can see the older children there as their spewed words bounced off each other. One vid showed one of her elder sons hitting her in the face, and she was laughing. Oh my!

She has now dismissed the volunteers "Angels in Waiting" because of fear for her life and the babies. HUH? She has stated she will hire her own nannies to help with the babies. 4 babies are now home, 4 more to go. I wonder with each vid I watch, if she really knew what she was thinking when this all began, did she ever realize what the task at hand would be.

Each day I say I am not going to the website to see a disaster waiting to happen, and each day I am drawn to it. This is one obsession that I can't wait to bore me. I am so looking forward to the end of lent, then perhaps I can get back to my real obsession.

And we all know what the real obsession is!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The words, I see them

Its all in the words, no thoughts are needed, I see the words.

When I blog, I write about myself, or sometimes just thoughts and random happenings. I write from within and everything is truth with feeling. I know my friends read this blog, and even some of my family members, what I don't know is perhaps the many others that come across this blog and read my writings. What is amazing to me, is these others which by now know so much about me from my writings, and I know nothing about them. I had some turbulent teen years, that are not a shining star in my past, once I passed these years, I promised myself that I would always stay true to myself and others. So when I write my happenings and my thoughts the words are real. I don't hide behind the words I bring them forth, as these words help me in understanding my life from past to present.

The truth is, I really don't care if I don't know the "others" as perhaps they stop by to see what I am up to next, or are just curious of my being. And really, that is surly ok, as I have my websites and blogs that I frequent as well.

This blog I am told is a oddity, as it has its followers, complete strangers at one point, and now friends, who continue to come back blog after blog. It was created out of friendship and continues to flourish with each passing day. We learn something new each day, as different bloggers tell their story thru words.

I am a true spirit, living my life just as all the "others", what I have tho, is a forum, which to me is a daily blessing. It opens up doors that I never thought were possible, it creates the words that are me. What I have come to realize from blogging is that words can't hurt if you understand where they are coming from, I let the words be, so they can present their own meaning.

Its all in the words, no thoughts are needed, I see the words.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


by Tina~in_ut

Carol has been sad lately....ever since I made her give up porn for Lent. I had been toying with the idea of writing this blog anyway, but what really got me was the last email Carol sent me. In tiny letters at the end she wrote, "I miss porn!" She sounded so sad and forlorn that I wrote back and told her I'd write her a porn blog. You know......anything for a friend!

If you haven't watched the video yet, go ahead and watch it now......I'll wait. No, really...GO!!!!! it's not really porn in the Carol sense of the word......but it's my little obsession....and isn't porn Carol's? I think both our obsessions have a lot in common. For instance, bigger isn't always better! Both can get a little sticky. And there are quite a few people who agree and are obsessed as well.

I spent this past weekend at the Scrapbook Expo with my cousin, my bff, and a few hundred of our closest friends. It's so much fun. We laugh a lot and get to catch up on each others' lives, all the while creating something fun for family and friends. I even learned something new from a lady sitting at the next table. We go every 6 months and really look forward to it.

Honestly, I'm hoping Carol will turn from her life of porn and join my life of creativity and wholesomeness~ yeah, right! Who am I kidding?~ lol~

Monday, March 23, 2009

Car ride

So why is it that whenever I am driving, and in a rush, I get a slow poke in front of me. Now by all means I am not a speedy driver, but geez, move it ppl will you. I truly just want to honk on my horn for like ten minutes, and scare the crap out of the slow poke in front of me. What compounds all of this, is having my parents in the car. I put my xm radio on as there are no commercials, so I can try and drown them out while listening to the music. But to no avail.. It goes something like this...

Mom.. I smell something, did someone let out air?

Dad.. I didn't, did you? (looking over to me)

Me.. no!

Dad.. Well if you did that is really ok, cause its good to fart

Mom.. Yea, that's why I made you eat beans the other night

Dad.. I know, I am glad you did because I don't like to be gassed up, I like to burp and fart. Its good to let the gas out

Mom.. Whenever you are gassed up, you always think you are having a heart attack

Dad.. No, not always, just sometimes, but I can't eat "gravy" anymore because that always repeats on me

Mom.. Did you see, Fox News this morning? These damn politicians

Me.. (((so want to honk on my horn)))

Dad.. Where are we going?

And the conversation continues, farts, burps, economy, politicians, etc etc etc.

By the time I arrive at my destination, my mind is mush, literally mush. Worst of all, my car locks when you get in, so you can't exit quickly, you have to unlock the doors to get out, so now I am stuck in there longer while the two of them try and figure out how to get out of the car. I try to unlock it for them, but as I am doing this, they are pushing the button as well, so we are all locked in, until I say calmly "Let me push the button" and then, and only then with a deep breath from me do we exit.

Welcome to my world!



Sunday, March 22, 2009

Poodle Love

by Sandie

Luc is in the middle, Remy is on the right.
Luc still tilts his head like that when I talk to him.

We owls have written many a word about our beloved pets. I love hearing about your fur babies! So, on this Sunday, March 22nd, the fourth birthday of my beloved poodles, I thought I’d tell you a few things about mine.

I grew up with toy poodles but once when I was a child, I met my first standard poodle. I swore that one day I’d have one! But, the time never seemed quite right for a big dog. When we lived in Korea we were given a little maltese (we think he’s mixed with terrier, too). He’s been a great little dog, although rather yappy, nervous and okay, mean. LOL! Poor little Ippuni (means cute in Korean) is 14 now and losing his sight and hearing. He’s mean as spit. But, we love him anyway.

When we moved to Georgia, I thought it was time for that standard poodle I’d always wanted. My hubby wanted to wait until Ippuni passed. My kids thought that giant poodles had to be the most embarrassing dog you could ever have. (Now they adore them and say they will have them one day, also.) One day when I was getting Ippuni groomed, I noticed a flyer on the wall for standard poodle puppies. You know I snatched that phone number clear off the wall! I called the woman that day, told my husband I was “just going to see them,” but he knew it was all over. The kids and I drove over the next day and she had four puppies left out of seven. They were all boys. The kids were immediately drawn to the runt, who had been rushed to the vet when he was born because his mom accidently bit his stomach open when she was biting off the umbilical cord. Miraculously, he lived and was just fine. He was apricot but as a puppy was more of a red color—he was gorgeous!

But, my eyes locked with the cream colored puppy, and I was absolutely taken. Something in those soulful eyes just drew me in. My kids didn’t agree. So, being the Mom that I am, I gave in to the kids. We left that day with the red/apricot puppy and named him Remy Sebastian, a nice French name. As we drove away, I looked one more time into the eyes of the cream colored puppy and my heart broke.


Let me stop a minute to give you a little poodle background. Poodles are credited to the French but actually originated in Germany, where they got their name from the German word for puddle, since they are dogs bred to retrieve water fowl. Standard poodles were the first poodles, and later bred down to miniature and toy breeds. Their “poodle cut” was done for a reason—their tail ends were shaved for speed in the water leaving their chests covered in fur for warmth in the water and their heads (top knots) and tails were left poofy and ball-like so that they could be seen while swimming after water fowl. Poodles are the most recognized breed in the world due to their unique look. They are extremely athletic, graceful, loyal and witty—honestly! They often get a bad name because people think they are frou-frou, girly dogs. They are anything but!

Remy was a great puppy and we adored him. We were going on vacation a few weeks after we got Remy and the breeder had offered to watch him that week so that we wouldn’t have to kennel him. When we returned to pick up Remy, she had one puppy left—my soulful-eyed beauty. He came right to me and put his head on my lap. I picked up my phone, called my husband and literally begged to bring him home. After a few “are you crazy’s and “no way’s” he gave in. We left with Remy and Luc Marcel (another great French name!).


Luc and I have a connection that I can’t really explain. I swear he knows what I’m thinking. He has to be near me all the time and if we’re sitting or napping together he has to have at least one paw on me at all times. I call him my gentle giant. I know we were meant to be together.

Although they are a lot of work (they have to be brushed and groomed regularly), they are the best dogs I’ve ever had. They adore us as we do them. They also are very attached to each other (my vet calls them the “Brokeback Brothers” as they huddle together and lick each other when they go to the vet—I think they’re reassuring each other that everything will be okay.) Even little Ippuni has gotten his second wind around them. Today is their fourth birthday and I pray we have many more years together!

Happy Birthday, Luc and Remy!!


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Avenue Q

Chosen by Sacbarb

I received this vid in my in box, with a very simply stated msg (see below), I cracked up when I read that the theme of this vid reminded Sacbarb of me. Now since its lent, I am not suppose be thinking of porn, however since it has puppets it in, I think it will be fine. I just ask that no one tells Tina. :O)

"Hi Cpgem8"

"I saw the musical Avenue Q today and this song totally reminded me of you. I thought you would enjoy this song video and maybe the Owls would like it too"


Friday, March 20, 2009


My dearest friend Joanie, what a amazing person she was. She had such a zest for life. I knew her for only about 5 years, but it was the best 5 years I could have asked for.

She contracted AIDS from a old boyfriend who was a drug user, she lived with it for 8 years before the disease took her life, which was about 10 years ago. At the time, the cocktail or combination of drugs that are given out today, were not available to her. About 2 years before she died, she was diagnosed with tongue cancer, she chose to go the chemo/radiation route, as a operation would have required part of her tongue to be removed. She knew the odds, she knew that she might not be able to handle the chemo/radiation, but she would have rather taken her chances, then have part of her tongue removed, which would have affected her speech greatly.

I was with her every step of they way, I watched, I cared, I cried, I held her, it was the only thing I could do, as I could not cure her. She went thru the treatments like a trooper, still going to work and doing her daily activities. They said they got most of the cancer out, however her immune system was zero. She could not even fight the common cold. She eventually stopped eating and a feeding tube was put in place. In her last weeks her T cell count was 14, the normal T cell count is between 500 and 1600, I remember when she told me, we were in her hospital room in the bathroom, I was helping her get washed up. She looked me in in the face and gave me the dreaded news. No other words were spoken, I just hugged her, we both knew.

The AIDS lesions grew like wildflowers and planted themselves on her weak body, she could not fight them. So to soothe them, we used the aloe plant. She told me when the aloe touched her skin, she felt cool relief. She described the relief as it being a hot summer day in Brooklyn when she was little, and the kids turned the water hydrant on, she would run into the water, and the cool water gave her the relief she needed.

She passed peacefully, no more pain for her. She was finally able to rest.

I think of her often, actually everyday, the aloe plants sit in my office by the window and soak up the sun. She loved the sun, and so do the aloe plants.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


by Iteach

This past week I walked outside to find signs of spring, to be exact I was looking for a robin. In the past ( in my 20's) I always knew it was spring due to the fashion magazines that came in my mailbox. I would anxiously find out the new "color" of the season and what length of skirt to wear. Back then spring also meant new "highlights" put in my hair and new make-up to go with the seasons new "color". Spring was also the time to dream of a new summer romance. Robins were the farthest thing from my mind. In fact I didn't think they were that pretty to get excited about.

In the past I can vaguely remember the veteran teachers in the hallway talk about seeing the first robin and how excited there faces looked. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what was so exciting about seeing a robin. I usually walked right by and did not participate in that conversation. I really didn't think I was the type of girl who cared at all about the signs of spring in nature.

When did it all change and why? Probably a mixture of maturity and new interests. I no longer receive fashion magazines and I have no idea what the new spring color is this season. Finding the first robin and watching the grass turn green really does bring a lot of joy in my life. It puts a smile on my face and skip in my step. I truly enjoy just the simplicity and miracle of it all.

The robin goes to the south in the winter and is the first bird to come back when it is spring in my region (Illinois). They are the first to lay eggs in the spring and the eggs are a pretty shade of blue. Now that my eyes are more wide open I can see the beauty of the robin and the joy it brings to so many.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Each day, just let them know...

by Zona

This week Mr. Z and I are celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary. We have been through a lot together. There have been both good times and bad, but we held on and our love for each other is amazingly strong. We have our arguments, as every couple does. I don't think there is any way to bring two people from completely different families together and NOT have disagreements occur. It's always gonna happen, but we never go to bed mad at each other. One of us always apologizes. It's kind of a rule around here. We do have one other ritual. No, Tina, it doesn't involve porn. Every time Mr. Z leaves the house to go to work or we are going to be separated from each other for a while, we say "Love you...forever." Every single time. I once asked him, when he called me from work, if he was ever embarrassed to say this over the phone with all those people around. He said no, he wasn't, because it was too important to him to let me know how he felt just in case something happened and he didn't get home that day. On the face of it, it may seem silly, but it does have deep meaning for us. I am always sure he knows that I love him...he's always certain I know how much he loves me.

Mr. Z and I both love this song by Ne-Yo. We both believe it has an important, but simple message. Let those you love, know how much they really mean to you. Never, EVER, miss the chance to tell them "Love you...forever."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


by Just_Lin

Yesterday, there was a little Pine Siskin sitting out on the railing of the deck, all puffed up, with his head turned and beak tucked into his feathers, looking like he was sleeping. All the other birds that congregate at the feeders down in the backyard were gone. After several minutes, I decided to go out and see if he was okay. I got within a couple of feet of him and he was blinking his eyes at me as I spoke quietly to him, then he slowly turned and glided down to the ground. That didn't seem right. He should have flown directly over to one of the branches in the nearby tree. No sooner did he land and take one step, than suddenly a Sharp-shinned Hawk was on top of him and took him away. Sh*t! I was stunned at the quickness of it all. I don't believe the little bird was well (maybe it's the same one that let me pet him the other day) so, in this case, the hawk was culling the heard, so to speak. But still.........

This morning, I saw the hawk return and take up his position in my redwood tree. He sat so straight and still that I probably wouldn't have noticed him if I wasn't looking for him. He is truly a beautiful bird that has every right to live and thrive, yet I found myself out on the deck, waving my arms wildly at him and shouting, "Go away, Evil One!". Not surprisingly, he was completely unfazed. I then grabbed the hose and, with the nozzle set at the highest pressure possible, I was able to spray him with the water and he flew away. Ah, momentary triumph!

There is so much beauty to be found in nature, but sometimes it breaks your heart, too.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Has Westboro Baptist Met Their Match?

by Lynnd

I sometimes cruise other blogs and websites and came across this video and I laughed out loud! I love the youth of America. They truly are masters of laughter and leading the way in dealing with the nut jobs involved in this church.

Some of you may not know about them. Their leader is one Fred Phelps and they promote Primitive Baptist and Calvinist religion. That is what they say. The truth is that hey are anti gay and racist haters! They are famously known for protesting at funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq and also demonstrate at any gay related event.

Here is a snip from Wikipedia:

Phelps Sr., his supporters and members of his church attend the aforementioned gatherings, as well as other gay-related events, with signs bearing anti-gay slogans. Phelps Sr. has characterized the AIDS Memorial Quilt as "100,000 living fags slobberin' around 45,000 dead fags" and declared Elizabeth Taylor, a fundraiser for AIDS research, to be a "world-famous filthy Jew whore." Other regular anti-gay slogans of Westboro include "Homosexuality = Death," "Fags Die, God Laughs," "Matthew Shepard Rots in Hell," "AIDS: Kills Fags Dead" and "Ellen DeGeneres is a Lesbian Slut." (The latter was carried at an "Equality Rocks" rock concert and fundraiser; at the event DeGeneres commented that she was not offended so much by the slogan as the fact that they had drawn pockmarks all over her face on the poster.)

Charming aren’t they? If you listen to any of their ranting it is just that ranting. There is no sense to it. Crazy nut jobs is what comes to mind.

For your pleasure here is a video from the University of Chicago and wonderful young men of Alpha Delta Phi! This is how they chose to deal with the Westboro crazies when they showed up to protest because President Obama used to teach there. I know it does not make sense but once again Crazy Nut Jobs!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

~ Jai Ho ~

After Slumdog Millionaire won the Oscar for Best Picture, I thought I'd check it out. I loved it. Jai Ho, loosely translated, 'May Victory be Yours', is played at the end during the credits and there is a big dance number, Bollywood style. The original song was recorded in Hindi with some Spanish intermixed and the Pussycat Dolls recorded this English version. Jai Ho won the Oscar for Best Original Song.

The movie is about love, hope, and destiny. It will make you laugh and cry and even gasp in some parts. I was lucky enough to see it again when the Mr. came home Friday night and announced that he wanted to go see it. I wasn't about to argue with the man. Even though I knew how it was going to end, I still cried. Thank goodness for the song at the end. It's upbeat tempo fits the ending of the movie and listening to it makes me smile......and wiggle just a little~


Saturday, March 14, 2009

~A Different Me~

mophead style hydrangeas

This group of shrubs is unique because it includes
two different flowering types of flowers yet all are
the same species. Different yet the same

I wonder how others see me, when I hear something said about me (good or bad) I truly think. Is that how I am seen? I know myself very well when it comes to my daily activities, I know what makes me tick. But when I have interactions with others and I walk away, I wonder so, what did they just see?

Thru e-mails and msgs from all my internet friends, I have learned so much more about myself thru somewhat strangers that I did not know, I found a different me. When I read these exchanges and a kind word or a compliment is sent my way, I find myself saying "who me"? I go back and reread the exchange as a third party, cause I can't wrap my finger around the concept that others have of me. And at the same time, I am so appreciative of the words.

It is like a gate that has open for me to pass thru, and as I pass thru, there is a different me? yet the same?

This arousal of a different me, got me thinking of my SSO, and all the things he has always said about me. Now that I think back, he was the first to see and comment on this different me, however I blew his words off, as I have this silly school girl notion, that if you love deeply you see what others don't, because of the love.

Closely coming into my 50th yr of life, I have come to the realization that I have a lot more to learn about myself. And this different me, just proves it so.


Enjoy :O)

I forgot to thank Sandie in the vid for thinking up the idea for the Traveling Necklace, so Sandie Thank You. I noticed in the vid, I kept saying My Traveling Necklace, of course it is not mine. I guess its the control freak in me, as I think everything is mine..

There are quite a few Aloe Plants in my window at my office that you will see in the vid, I actually made a vid about my aloe plants and their orgin, I will post that vid in the upcoming week.

And the phone ringing, hmmm... I wonder if it was JodiHO! lol

This was fun, but I gotta tell ya I did not do it in one take, I needed two..


Friday, March 13, 2009

A Friday Laugh

My cousin sent me this vid, I usually don't have much of a funny bone when it comes to comedians, however this def got my funny bone a laughin...


Thursday, March 12, 2009

~ It's Still Winter! ~

by Tina~in_ut

As I write this, I'm shivering in my chair. I've just turned up the thermostat....again!!! I can't get warm. The silly thing is, we've had a pretty mild winter as winters go. Most of the time it snows at night. My commute hasn't been bad. I've only had to worry about my son driving in the snow a couple of times. It's nothing like last winter....but I'm so over it and ready for warmer weather. The other morning, no sooner did I arrive at work, and it started snowing. I had no idea it was going to. All I had on was a hoodie. Well.....I had my clothes on AND a hoodie. No jacket. Luckily, I had 10 hours to pray that it stopped snowing......and it did. Funny thing is, when I hear about the 80 and 90 degree weather in other parts of the country, I feel sorry for those people who live there because they don't get to experience the coolness that is snow! Yet, I'd give anything to be laying on a beach in Hawaii right about now! Are we ever really happy with what we have?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


by iteach

Hubby and I have this story below hanging on our bedroom wall, we look at it often for strength.

He FAILED in Business in 1831.

He was DEFEATED for State Legislation in 1832.

He tried another Business in 1833. It FAILED.

His fiancee died in 1835.

He had a nervous BREAKDOWN in 1836.

In 1843 he ran for Congress and was DEFEATED .

He tried again in 1848 and was DEFEATED again.

He tried running for the Senate in 1855. He LOST.

The next year he ran for vice-president and LOST.

In 1859 he ran for the senate again and was DEFEATED.

In 1860, the man who signed his name A. Lincoln was elected the 16th President of the United States.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Me, a chatter?

I am back again, I keep writing blogs, all tho its seems I don't have much to say, can that be? Me not have to much to say?

I have be known to chat quite a bit, actually my family and friends seem to ask me to "be quiet" for a moment while they get a word in..

Sunday was my second installment of a group of cousins of mine turning 50 within a few yrs of each other, these cousins are on the Marciano side, their parents are all pictured in the picture I shared with you all. It was so much fun for all of us to be together. We chatted for hrs, but most of all laughed our butts off.

During a bathroom break with two of my cousins, we were standing near the sink washing our hands. There was a woman standing next to us, and I struck up a conversation with her. My cousin tried asking me something several times, and I guess I ignored her, cause I was chatting. When I finally turned to say something to my cousin she was gone. I wished the woman well, and told her it was nice chatting with her. My other cousin and I left the bathroom, when I got back to the table, I asked my cousin (the one that left) why she took off. She looked me square in the face and said, "Do you talk with everyone? I tried to get in a word and could not cause you were chatting away with a stranger, so I left, you never change" I burst into laughter and so did she, the tears flew out of my eyes to meet hers, the laughter was infectious. She then reminded me of our summers at the Jersey shore and how I chatted with everyone as we walked the boardwalk night after night.

I am no doubt a chatter, I can't help it, It is embedded in me. I am still loved tho, so it is def a good thing.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Squirrel's!? Frog's!? Snake's.!?....Oh My!!!!!

by Birdee

When we moved into this house, I loved it. One of the reason's was because it was a quiet area and behind the house was a wooded area. I thought, PRIVACY!!! A good thing. Hey, if I wanted to, I could walk around the family room nekkid....If I wanted to. Plus, there were Deer living in the wood's. Another plus, we also had wild Turkey's in there. I had never seen one, so close up. I'm not in the country, but the property behind me is not developed. Plenty of house's around.

There was a huge tree in the backyard, great for shade because I have three large window's facing the backyard and it could get very warm in here. Well, that huge tree turned out to be a pain in the ass. No grass would grow under it, and it did nothing but clutter my yard with ACORNS! I hate Acorns. You couldn't even walk outside barefoot. Then there were the Squirrel's. Not bad at first, just a few of them. They were cute. Well, after a couple of year's, I couldn't take the mess anymore and I wanted some grass to walk on. So we had it cut down. It wasn't in that great of shape anyway. Then we put up a fence. I thought it would help to keep the squirrel's in the wood's and I was thinking about getting A dog. We still had one tree left in the backyard that would provide some shade. And......One dog turned into Three!
All was fine until last summer. I started to notice that the Squirrel's seemed to multiplying, more than usual. I thought ok, they're cute, fun to watch. Yeah, right! It seem's the Wood's were not enough for them. They would climb the damn fence just to get at that One tree left in my yard. WTH! That tree doesn't have acorn's! I figured out they wanted the leaf sprout's. You know, the little whirlybirds. Now this turned into a big problem. Dog's and squirrel's do not mix well. Actually, Pepper started it all! She turned out to be a little hunter, not the quiet little dog I thought she would be. She live's for Barking!!! As you know, I have two Boxer's too.....they are Not barking dog's. But, crazy Boz soon picked up the bad habit. Pepper also taught my sweet Boxer's how to CHASE those damn Squirrel's!

Well, last summer the dog's caught two squirrel's and they died. Boz got scratched on the nose and I freaked out! All I could think of was Rabies! I got the dog's in the house and called my Vet, then I made some call's to see if I could get someone to remove the squirrel. It was caught in the fence. Some place's would not do it and another place wanted like $75.00 to get rid of it. Oh, Hell no!! The dog's were going crazy, wanting to get back outside. I certainly was Not going to remove it. What if it was still alive and went crazy one me?? So, I did the only thing I could think of...I called Mr. Birdee at work and Made him come home and remove it. All summer it was like I had to be on guard duty. I was not going to deal with another dead squirrel. Then winter came, I thought good, I get a break! Wrong!! Those little sucker's seemed to be everywhere. I swear they climb that fence and into that tree just to torment my dog's. Ruby and Pepper would sit under that tree, staring up for hour's, just waiting to pounce on them. The freak'n squirrel's would sit in that tree, flipping their tale's....taunting my dog's! Some would even come half way down the tree and run back up. More torture for the dog's. So, I put a little two foot fence around the tree, thinking at least this will put some distance between them. It help's a little... but instead of just jumping off the fence to retreat into the wood's, these bullies run along the top of the fence. Some slip. Which mean's, of course, the dog's simply must chase them in hope's of catching one! In the last few week's.....these squirrelly squirrel's have taken to jumping on the roof and now the dog's are jumping on the house trying to get to them!
I'm so over it! What are they going to do next?

Oh! It also seem's that there are alot of FROG'S in the wood's. They like to hop all the way into my yard too. It's not bad enough that I have to be on Squirrel watch, I also have to Save the Frog's! You should see the dog's try to 'play with them. It seem's the frog's like to hang out right by the back door's! Just Lovely! Not! I've also found two snake's on the back patio! WTH!!

So, my question's are.....why do these little bullies have to climb my fence to get to my one tree, when they have a whole forest to play and eat in, and why does it seem they have multiplied so much? Why are these creature's not staying in the woods???? Why can't they leave my dog's alone?? Why are they not afraid of my crazy dog's?? I don't want to be on guard duty this summer! It's time to move....the vermin have Won!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

She's right, its "The Climb"

I am crazy about this song, its the lyrics, they are fantastic. Miley Cyrus has become so popular with the teens, they all seem to love her. When I heard this song, and listened to the lyrics, I was thrilled it was a song sung my Miley. It brings such a great message to teens, which is so needed. I commend her for sending this message to all teens, and since its thru her music, I am hoping that most will get it..

I love it!


Saturday, March 7, 2009

It only is, when there is Clutter

Not much to write, lots of thoughts rolling around, however they won't form words. When the words won't form, I never force, I let it be. Maybe its all the work I have done this week, and the long hours I put in at my office. Not sure if that is really it tho, but it is the explanation I have at the moment.

If someone does not count in my mind, I don't let them clutter it. I release them as soon as my mind can register them. What my life brings me, is what I decide I want, its my life, my decision. No need for me to keep the clutter, it just makes a mess of everything. I see all, I get it, I am here daily, writing, monitoring, chatting, laughing, the clutter means nothing, I see it.

What words have formed is my way of blogging, its a thought process, like a writer, when the writer is thinking what he/she is writing, and it all forms into words. In these words, there are clues, in everyone's words there are clues, I see it.

Its Saturday, I am officially off, I will be out and about all day, my mind will be at ease. Looking and laughing among the people who enjoy life and not clutter.

Today, the first thing I will do is get my x-large "cawfee" and think of all of you....

Enjoy your day, Clutter free!


Friday, March 6, 2009

Ahh, those teen years~

by Zona

I was on the phone with Jodi last November as she drove her daughter and her friend to the opening f the movie 'Twilight'. I could hear the excitement in Jodi's fourteen year old daughter's voice as she talked about seeing the movie. When Jodi put her on the phone....I just had to smile...the enthusiasm just bubbled out of her. Her laugh was infectious. I saw the same kind of joy and boundless energy when I met Tina's daughter.
She smiled and laughed so easily...and her eyes just sparkled. I started to think back on how I was at this age...twelve..thirteen....fourteen. I remember walking through the mall with my friends, watching the boys go by....dissolving into giggles if they even looked our way. Or having my friends over to spend the night..laughing so much my dad had to knock on the wall to quiet us down...which, of course, just made us laugh more. Then there were the football games, where we cheered until we lost our voices.
When our older friends got their driver's licenses...we would all pile into their cars and cruise by the varsity athlete's houses...speeding away, screaming, if they happened to be outside. I know too, there were times that I never thought I would survive. The heartache of my first
taste of unrequited love, the embarrassment of the zit that popped up on the end of my nose right before my first high school dance. Such drama. What do you remember about your early teen years? What were they like? What were you like??

Thursday, March 5, 2009

~ The Necklace ~

by Tina~in_ut

DeeDee sent me a link about a book that so reminded me of all of us in the Nest. The book is called The Necklace. It's about a woman named Jonell McLain who sees a beautiful diamond necklace in a store window, and, on a whim, decides to go in and try it on. It's a gorgeous 118 diamond, 15.24 carat, $37,000 necklace. It's something she can neither afford nor would ever consider buying for herself. Weeks later, in the mall once again, but with her mother this time, she decides to show her the necklace. This time the price is lower at $22,000 and she notices a sign announcing a sale where the store will take bids on any item of jewelry in the store. An idea is born. If she can find eleven women to pay $1000 each, they can collectively bid $12,000 for the necklace and share it.

On the day of the sale, after some negotiation, the women purchase the necklace for $15,000 and agree to include a thirteenth person, the store owners' wife. What follows is the true story of the The Necklace. Purchasing it was only the beginning. Sharing it, and the friendships that develop and the way it transforms the lives of these thirteen women is the real story.

The Nest is our necklace. We share. We disagree. We comfort. We encourage. We support one another. Unlike the necklace, we get to share the Nest each and every day, not just four weeks a year. I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful group of women. You are all special in your own way and bring so much to the Nest. You make me laugh every day. You offer different points of view and make me think outside of the box. Some days, you make me cry.....but that's good too. I wouldn't trade the nest for the necklace even if you paid me!! (....but if you want to make me an offer, I'll at least consider it!)

I hope you read this book and enjoy it like I did.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


by Lynnd

I am all cozy in my bed watching HGTV (a little addicted to this channel) and I frequently see these commercials for these two drugs, YAZ and Celebrex. I listen as they list the benefits for people to take these FDA approved wonder drugs and then they get to the part about possible side affects. Note the words possible. Seems to me if you have to list them there it is a good possibility you will have problems. Just sayin. I turn to Mr. Lynn D after two of these back to back advertisements and say to him “Why is marijauna illegal if these are approved by the FDA?”

So I thought what the hell I will go to WebMD and look up what they have listed for these drugs. Let me just say I have to cut a lot of information out otherwise it would go on forever.

Celebrex: Which had a red warning flag from the FDA but is still available for use. WTF?

Side affects: Acute infection of the nose, throat or sinus Severe, Sinus irritation and congestion Severe, Fluid retention in the legs, feet, arms and hands Severe. Inflammation of the nose, indigestion,backache,dizzy,
chronic trouble sleeping, rash, head pain, feel like throwing up, gas diarreah, stomach cramps.

Now the side effects not listed in the commercial: Depression, Disease of the nerves, Increased pressure in the eyes, Cataracts, Blurred Vision, Pink eye, Pain in the eye, Middle ear infection, Earache, High blood pressure, Heart Attack Angina, Disease of the Arteries of the Heart, Infection caused by bacteria, Hemorrhage in the skull etc…These go on for 2 and half more pages and get worse as you read them. Why in all that is holy would you even want to take this drug? Why in the hell is it legal and approved by the FDA

YAZ: Which I found out is a birth control and also prescribed for PMS symptoms. I am just going to paste all of the fun things associated with this amazing helpful drug. (Yes sarcasm). Conditions: If you have any of these don’t take this drug. It could make the condition worse. I’m thinking if you breathe and are mobile avoid this one!

Depression, Irregular Involuntary Spasms of Limbs or Facial Muscles, Tobacco Smoking (DOES IT CAUSE SMOKING?), Epileptic Seizure, Migraine Headache, Increased Cardiovascular Event Risk, Breast Disease, Mammography Abnormal, Hearing Loss from Abnormal Growth of Middle Ear Bones, Neoplasm of Female Genital Organ, Activated Protein C Resistance, Severe Varicose Veins, Herpes Gestationis, Hyperlipoproteinemia, High Blood Pressure, Heart Attack, Non-Q Wave Heart Attack, Disease of the Arteries of the Heart, Blood Clot in Lung, Chronic Heart Failure, Disease of the Heart and Blood Vessels, Stroke, Obstruction of a Blood Vessel by a Blood Clot, Blood Clot in Vein, Blood Clot in a Deep Vein, Asthma, Liver Problems, Disease of the Gallbladder, Kidney Disease, Lump in the Breast, Endometriosis, Ovarian Cyst, Bleeding Not Related to Menstrual Period, Pregnancy Located Outside of Womb; Often in Fallopian Tube, Incomplete Abortion, Yellow-Brown Patches on Skin, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Abnormal Test Result for the Body's Sugar Tolerance, Pregnancy, High Amount of Blood Calcium from Spread of Breast Cancer, Uterine Fibroids, Liver Cancer, Breast Cancer, Family History of Breast Cancer, Cancer of the Cervix, Cancer of the Ovary, Cancer in the Lining of the Uterus, Breast Tumor, Tumor that is Dependent on Estrogen for Growth, Underactive Thyroid, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Amount of Triglyceride in the Blood, High Amount of Fats in the Blood, Porphyria, Hepatic Porphyria, Overweight, Disorder of Mental Processes due to a Brain Disease

These below are Normal reactions well normal is all relative.

Nausea, vomiting, headache, stomach cramping/bloating, dizziness, vaginal discomfort/irritation, increased vaginal fluids, or breast tenderness/enlargement may occur. Acne may improve or get worse. Vaginal bleeding between periods (spotting) or missed/irregular periods may occur, especially during the first few months of use. If any of these effects persist or worsen, notify your doctor promptly. If you miss 2 periods in a row (or 1 period if the pill has not been used properly), contact your doctor for a pregnancy test.

Remember that your doctor has prescribed this medication because he or she has judged that the benefit to you is greater than the risk of side effects. Many people using this medication do not have serious side effects. I LOVE THIS COMMENT! DON’T READ THE SIDE EFFECTS JUST TRUST YOUR DOCTOR AND FDA AND THAT WONDERFUL DRUG REP!

Tell your doctor immediately if any of these serious side effects occur: changes in vaginal bleeding (e.g., continuous spotting, sudden heavy bleeding, missed periods), problem wearing contact lenses, dark patches on the skin (melasma), unwanted facial/body hair, swelling of the ankles/feet, weight changes (gain or loss). This medication may rarely cause serious (sometimes fatal) problems from blood clots (e.g., pulmonary embolism, stroke, heart attack). Seek immediate medical attention if you experience: sudden shortness of breath, chest/jaw/left arm pain, confusion, coughing up blood, sudden dizziness/fainting, pain/swelling/warmth in the groin/calf, tingling/weakness/numbness in the arms/legs, headaches that are different from those you may have experienced in the past (e.g., headaches with other symptoms such as vision changes/lack of coordination, existing migraines becoming worse, sudden/very severe headaches), slurred speech, weakness on one side of the body, vision problems/changes. Tell your doctor immediately if any of these rare but very serious side effects occur: lumps in the breast, severe stomach/abdominal/pelvic pain, mental/mood changes (e.g., depression, suicidal thoughts, persistent trouble sleeping), unusual tiredness, dark urine, yellowing eyes/skin. A very serious allergic reaction to this drug is unlikely, but seek immediate medical attention if it occurs. Symptoms of a serious allergic reaction include: rash, itching/swelling (especially of the face/tongue/throat), severe dizziness, trouble breathing. This is not a complete list of possible side effects. If you notice other effects not listed above, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

Note how it says at the bottom that this is not a complete list of possible side effects! Holy Shit how long is the complete list and what other side effects could be left? Fur on your palms and the soles of your feet?

Physiological Effects of Marijuana
The active ingredient in pot is THC. That's short for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol.

THC is rapidly absorbed after smoking a joint. Within minutes, THC and the other substances in marijuana smoke cause short-term medical effects.

Signs of using marijuana include: Rapid heart rate, Increased blood pressure, Increased rate of breathing, red eyes, dry mouth, Increased appetite or Munchies, Slowed reaction time.(Sounds like my symptoms after sex and not even good sex).

Psychological Effects of Marijuana
The main psychological effect of smoking pot is euphoria. Getting high or "stoned" is the reason most pot smokers use marijuana.

Other short-term psychological effects of pot include: Distorted sense of time, Paranoia, Magical or random thinking, Short term memory loss, Anxiety or depression. (I have all of these symptoms and I don’t smoke pot. It is called peri menopause or getting your drunk on).

These psychological signs of using pot also generally ease after a few hours. But residual effects can last through the next day. My peri menopause never goes away!

Heavy marijuana use lowers men's testosterone levels and sperm count and quality. Pot could decrease libido and fertility in some heavy-smoking men. Hmmm could this be the answer to male contraceptives? Seems like a missed opportunity for study to me.

Note they do not list these as possible effects of marijuana but as effects. What is most interesting to me is how short the list is even on the website there was not much more listed other than inconclusive findings as it seems no one has done long term studies to determine possible health issues.Well no scientific studies.

Oh and you don’t want me to list all of the problems with Oxycontin also known as hillbilly heroine. Another fine FDA approved drug. Why does the FDA hate us?

I know I can’t be the only person out there that questions how these crazy drugs make it through the FDA process and yet marijuana smoked by stoners for centuries is illegal. Am I crazy or are we all being taken on a trip down a path to line the pockets of drug companies or am I missing something? Off to have a cigarette and Bloody Mary more legal drugs. Can you feel the irony dripping from my keyboard? Well maybe my pores too.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Join me, in the snow!

I have always said I love living in NJ, as the seasons are what they should be, however I never said I loved the snow, well actually as I child I did, but as a adult it is really a hindrance. From driving in it, to shoveling, to walking carefully, it is a def a issue. I also have to worry about clients stuck at airports because of canceled flights and such. So snow is not my favorite. I wonder tho, if I lived in a warmer year round climate would I miss the snow? And I think I would, so I guess I just have to deal with it, and do as I always do.

Curse it, with ever snowflake that drops, and search for my snow boots..



Take my flip to work day!


Monday, March 2, 2009

The Curse of the Cell Phone

by Just_Lin

I was shopping at Target the other day and I had been there quite a while. I was having trouble finding the items I was looking for and it was late in the day. I was tired and hungry. I went down an aisle where a nice looking young woman was standing, examining something she picked up off the shelf. I could hear a man's voice in the distance, who was in a loud and continuous conversation. The young woman started yelling, loudly, "Joel! Joel!" and she repeated his name every few seconds, like some kind of mantra, until the man's voice got closer and louder and he finally was there, in our aisle.

The man never stopped talking on his cell phone for even a second, just continued on as his wife continued perusing the items on the shelf. He was talking unbelievably loudly on that phone, yelling really, and I was amazed that he felt like it was fine for me to hear every word of his conversation. Well, not only me, but anyone who would have been several aisles away, too. I moved two aisles over and tried to concentrate on my mission but I could still hear that irritating voice. How long could that conversation go on?

As time went by, I continued to hear him in the distance and then I heard that voice coming closer and closer. Crap! There they were, back in my aisle again, him continuing to talk/yell into his cell phone. I know I was not smiling as they slowly worked their way past me in the aisle. This was just as annoying as if a TV or radiio was blaring right next to my ear! I couldn't get over how oblivious he was to people around him or how ignorant he was of how annoying and rude he was being. He had been at it for at least 15 minutes that I know of and there was no sign that he was going to quit anytime soon. As he was standing at the opposite end of the aisle, continuing his conversation, the words finally escaped my lips. "Just shut the f*** up!" I couldn't help myself and, fortunately, he couldn't hear me over his own voice. I wanted to go over there and just smack that phone right out of his hand!

They have now made it illegal in California for people to talk on their cell phones while driving. I sure wish they could do something about the noise pollution, too. I know cell phones can be a blessing at times, especially in an emergency, but they can also be a curse. How do you feel about them?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

~ Misty ~

Chosen by Tina~in_ut

Misty, by Johnny Mathis, is my parents' song. I was reminded of this every time my dad put this record on because my mom would get this silly look on her face and smile and say, "This is our song!" We gave my parents a surprise 25th anniversary party. My brother made them a slide show with all their old pictures, and of course, used Misty as the first song. Everyone watching sighed when they heard it because they all knew......this is their song! At my wedding, I chose to dance to Misty with my mom still got that look. I'm with my parents today as Dad has a doctors appointment tomorrow. I'll play the video for my mom. I guarantee she'll get that look on her face once again! Did your parents have "a song?"