Saturday, January 31, 2009


by Scirish

I know it’s early, but grab your coffee and a pen and paper. Ready? Go to the link and see what happens.

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I’m sure all of us have had those moments when we just “knew” what the person we were talking to was going to say. Or, we have had other people finish our sentences for us. Why does this happen? Are we really reading minds?

According to Psychology Today, we are, in a way. “Every day, whether we're pushing for a raise, wrestling with the kids over homework, or judging whether a friend really likes our latest redecorating spree, we're reading each other's minds. Drawing on our observations, our databank of memories, our powers of reason, and our wellsprings of emotion, we constantly make educated guesses about what another person is thinking and feeling. Throughout the most heated argument or the most lighthearted chat, we're intently collecting clues to what's on the other person's mind at the moment. "It's a perceptual ability I call mindsight," says Daniel Siegel, UCLA psychiatrist and author of The Mindful Brain. "It allows your brain to create a map of another person's internal state."

That got me thinking; (very quietly of course) do we have a defense against this “mindsight”? What if we don’t want another person to know what we’re thinking? I believe we alter our physical clues, such as tone of voice or body language to throw the other person off track. But what if we couldn’t? What if we all could read minds? Would we be kinder, gentler people? Or would there be havoc and mayhem? What do you think Owls? If you had a choice, would you want to be able to read everyone’s mind? Would it make a difference in your choice if you were the only one that could do it? I just “know” there are going to be some interesting responses.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Blogger Confessional

8th Grade

By Lois Lane

Even if you aren't Catholic there's times in life when you want to spill out your confessions to cleanse your conscience. Today is that day for me.

Forgive me bloggers, for I have sinned. It has been one week since my last real visit to the nest. I wish I could say I have been busy working or taking a lovely vacation with family, but truth is, I've been cheating on all of you.

*Hangs head in shame*

You see, it all started when one of my old classmates recognized my photo on Facebook. Even though I go by a moniker, there was no hiding this mug of mine.

Once I came out of my state of shock, I answered and accepted him as a friend. Before long, the majority of my 8th grade class was back in my life as if they'd never left. I've spent every free internet moment catching up on the last 20-plus years of their lives. Which is reason #1 why I haven't been here.

It amazes me what the mind can dig up. You see a thumbnail photo of a friend and a flash of information takes over the mind. Memory lane has been good to me.

It's funny that this specific group of people from so long ago, were some of the closest friends of mine. I believe because in elementary school (it was a k-8 school) we went through so many stages and phases, and they were there through it all.

By the time high school came along, we had already changed. Many moved away. New friends didn't get to learn as much about who we were or where we came from. College friends and adult friends never got to know the internal workings of our lives either.

The older we get, the more guarded we become. If we could open ourselves up and just be, like we were so long ago, we would all have too many friends to count.

The internet, my blog, this blog are a few of the places where I've let my guard down, offering up the real me. I believe that is why I feel so close to you all, and why I feel so guilty about not being here lately.

If you're on Facebook, please add me. My name is Lois Twater, which is a story in itself. Facebook wouldn't accept Lois Lane as a real name. Since I am cautious about my real identity online, putting my real name wasn't an option. So I asked my teenaged son for some help.

"Find me a name as close to Lois Lane as you can."

Within seconds, I was Lois Twater.

Our real last name causes teenaged boys to call my son twat and twater, among many other fun nicknames. When my son had his Facebook account, he went by Harry Twater. Yes, I'm so proud. Anyhow, that's where the name came from.

I've missed you all, and will be back just as soon as I catch up with my past, or visa versa.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

When did I become “older”?

by Dianne in Denver

I was talking to my granddaughters the other day and one of them wanted to know “how old I was when my mom let me get a cell phone.” I told them I was 40! You can imagine how astonished they both were to hear how old I was. I then had to explain to them that cell phones hadn’t even been invented yet and that is why I didn’t have one. I had another experience recently with my grandson talking about past Presidents that had been killed and I told him that I remember when Kennedy died. As I was telling him, he interrupted and very seriously wanted to know if I was there when Lincoln was shot!! These are funny stories but these children were both very serious when asking me their questions.

My granddaughters, 8 and 10, always want to be older. They ask me how old I will be when they are different ages. Recently, they told me they wanted to get married when they were thirty and asked how old I would be then. I told them I would be dead and to quit wishing my life away!!

I ordered a pizza the other night, and when the person asked me for my address, I drew a complete blank. I quickly looked for a bill or something with my address on it and felt myself begin to panic. I was home alone, so there was no one to ask. I found something with my address on it and pretended to be someone visiting and ordering a pizza. Now that scared me!!!

It is like I am still 30 or so in my head and have completely forgotten how old I really am or look. I no longer get asked if I am a senior at the movie theater. They just assume I am. I sometimes wonder how the 16 year old taking my money knows that about me.

I was at a birthday party with my grandchildren and they were being taught a “new” dance… was the Charleston. Now, I am not old enough to say I used to dance that (remember, I graduated from high school in ‘64) but I certainly know the Charleston and maybe even danced it a time or two. I explained to them it was a dance that my mom used to do. I just got “the look” from them.

Sometimes I think I can still do the things I used to do…like roller skating with the kids, and then I remember I’m not always able to. I have a very healthy 94 yr old aunt that tells me the same thing. She doesn’t get around as well and says she forgets she is 94 because once again in her mind, she is a younger age.

I was just wondering if any of these things have happened to any of you. Let’s share some of the things that have happened to you. Maybe none of these things have happened to you yet, and if that is the case…….I salute you!! ……because you’re a damn liar!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Music of Rodrigo y Gabriela

by Just Lin

I so envy people with musical talent. I have none. Zero. Nada. Zip. I can't sing and I can't play an instrument. I think it would be such a wonderful gift to create music. If I were to play an instrument, I would want to play the guitar. I actually took a few lessons from a flamenco guitarist many years ago, but then life got in the way and I was unable to continue.

Every once in a while, a musical artist comes along that literally stops me in my tracks. I remember the first time I heard Andrea Bocelli sing. I was absolutely spellbound. That also happened back in December of 2006 when I was listening to, but not really watching, The Late Show with David Letterman. He introduced two guitarists from Mexico, Rodrigo and Gabriela, and right from the beginning, they grabbed my full attention. I was mesmerized. There are other videos on the internet of their performances but this is the one I saw that night. Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


by Iteach

Where to start? Where to begin? It is hard to start the story of my grandma there is just so much to say. She lived a rich life full of travel, hardship, and love. I watched my grandpa say good-bye to his beautiful bride of 63 years. Her three children are mourning together peacefully. Her 7 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren have been swapping funny grandma stories all weekend.

I think I will talk about my favorite memories. One of my favorite memories of her is playing Bingo with her on Friday nights at the American Legion. Boy, could she play that game. She could play many cards at once and not miss a number. She also kept one eye her cards and one eye on my one card in case I missed a number. She always sat in the same place with her good luck charms in front of her cards. We would pig out on grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries. The smoke at that place was awful, but being with my grandma was priceless. I would have went anywhere to be with her.

Besides Bingo, she also had me hooked on Lawrence Welk. My grandma could find his reruns all the time. I loved watching her smile as she listed to all those treasured songs. Boy did that show make her happy!

She was also an avid camper. I loved visiting her at the campgrounds and playing in her camper. It was so much fun especially with my six other cousins. I wish I could be in her camper again!

Do you have any favorite memories of your grandma? She was the only grandma I ever had, I sure do miss you grandma.


Monday, January 26, 2009

The Adventures of Birdee!

I have always said "Our Birdee" was nothing but trouble, from the first encounter I had with her, I knew my life would change. Mo warned me, but I was too curious, so I let her enter my life, and boy was I in for a ride.

She seems to think its ok, to fly around the nest, chirping away, using bird language, that makes no sense at all, and even tho she claims to be a expert at playing the piano, her beak and wings hit the wrong keys, and the sound is deafening.

The trees are her home, and she gladly sits in them, while watching the world around her, when she can sneak into someones window she does so with glee, and creates havoc as she flies thru. There are times she invites her bird friends, and the havoc is like the movie "The Birds", yes scary.

When she plays cards with Mo and Ronnie her games are never fair, and she will do what she has to do to win, if she has to cheat she will, and in turn will take all the money with her. She loves money, and at times you will even see her eat it. With all the money stashed in her beak , she will buy shovels, dog food, pepto bismol, beer and the Dance, Dance Revolution. She is a Dance, Dance Revolution fanatic, and uses it daily, that is why she has such skinny chickenowl legs.

Her manners are somewhat horrendous as she will
poop wherever she is, she has a good aim, so one must always look above and dodge the poop, however, be very careful, because her aim is so good, she will get ya right in the eye. Jax has been trying to train her to use the toilet, but always has to hand her the toilet paper, for if it was up to Birdee she would just poop and go.

Her drinking has definitely gotten out of hand, she loves Beer and will drink 48 beers in one hour, when confronted, she will deny her problem, and with beer in hand fly away. She will find a place to land, her favorite, a pool, once she lands, she makes herself comfy on a raft made only for birds, she will float as she drinks. Swimming is definitely out of the question, as too many beers and swimming just don't mix, its definitely not for the birds.

All this has been documented in the video below, I needed proof of her trouble making ways, as she is always blaming me or Mo. So now the truth will come out and I can rest my head on my pillow at night with ease.

There is something I have not mentioned, after all the turmoil Birdee ensues, she has most definitely been a bright light in my life.

She has become my friend, she is there whenever needed, and will always bring a smile to my face. Her wit can be infectious, and she is more than willing to give herself up for a chuckle. She will play along with me, and always takes what I throw her way, she is definitely a good sport.

Jax, I, Mo and Ronnie, are actually grateful for her trouble making ways, but most of all for her friendship.

Her friendship indeed, and I would not change it for the world~

Sunday, January 25, 2009

~ Testify to Love ~

Chosen by Tina~in_ut

I thought I was just going to hear Wynonna sing this beautiful song when I found this video, but when I watched it, I cried and it reminded me that when we lose someone, the only thing that we can do is give thanks for the time we had with them. I never watched Touched by an Angel, but I heard that it was a very special show. I love Wynonna’s voice. It’s so powerful and I think this song is perfect for a Sunday, no matter what your personal beliefs are.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

TV Theme Songs

by Zona

While searching for a video the other day, I came across the intro to Magnum P.I. This is one of my favorite TV theme songs, as well as being one of my favorite old shows. I can remember driving home from work, windows down, blasting this song for all the other drivers to hear. I'm sure they appreciated that. ;)

It got me wondering though...what has happened to TV theme songs?? Hardly any shows have them anymore..if they do, they are very short. Boston Legal's was great...but what about old openers like the one from 'Hawaii 5-0' and 'Love American Style'?? Do you miss these old theme songs like I do? Which ones do you remember?

Friday, January 23, 2009

My Sister

by Iteach

My younger sister and I have very interesting relationship with food.

I'm the overweight one and she is the skinny one. Her clothes size range from 0-4 and mine goes from 18-20. I eat for pleasure and she eats for survival. We each gave birth three times. She gained 15 pounds with each child while pregnant and I gained 50 pounds with each pregnancy. She lost all her pregnancy weight and I didn't.

She doesn't choose to be skinny. She has never been on a diet and never ever exercises. She just doesn't see the need to eat and most of the time she just forgets. Food is on my mind 24/7 even when I was the "right" weight. I'm always thinking about my next meal and what it will be.

It is amazing all the people who give her a hard time for being skinny. I watch her cry in private, because she didn't choose to be that way. It was a fluke in the genes. All the Italian woman in my family have big boobs and behinds.

Even though are eating habits are totally different we still suffer the same in many ways. That is why she never ever says anything to me about being overweight. She knows how it feels to have people hound you about your weight. I try not to do the same, but jealousy has reared its ugly head ever so often and I have slipped in couple jabs about her being too skinny.

There are cons for being too skinny and too overweight. However, I have my sister and she has me and somehow we will find the healthy path.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Bucket List

by MEK

I have watched “The Bucket List” over and over again for the better part of the month on HBO. I did not see it in the theater. I thought it would be too depressing. I must tell you – it is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. Each time I see it, I see something that I missed before – and I have cried for different reasons each time. For those that have not seen it – I will not spoil it for you. I highly recommend it. The relationship that the main characters form – is a life lesson to be learned.

I think my favorite line is “I wish I had met you before we were dead.”

I just have some questions for each of you:

Do you have a Bucket List?
Would you care to share your Top Five things?
Would you want to know “how much time you have left”?
Have you found JOY in your life?
Has your life brought JOY to others?

I know that you all have brought joy to mine! Thank you.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Day of Service

by Lynn D

As we watch a new President being sworn in I am struck by his call for a Day of Service and a national call to service by all Americans to help move this country forward. Not just one day but to make it a part of our collective lives.

As you have read my posts on the blog these last few days you know that I have been trying to find help for the Alaska native villages who are in crisis right now. I don’t know why it has lit a fire under me as there are people struggling across America and the world. All I can say is that I heard this call for help and because I heard it I can’t just turn away. Even if I can only help in a small way, like spreading the word, sending a few dollars etc… It means I know and just can’t pretend I don’t. It means more to me that these are fellow American citizens who need my help.

Below are quotes that I read on an Alaskan blog that really has my brain in a whirl. The first one really shook me up. Why? I keep thinking is this the real attitude of America have we really reached the point that we can look at an area or region in our own country and say just let it die because economically they may night be as rich as the next area or region? Have we so displaced how we feel that we don’t want to see that people live here and have built lives here and oh well so sad to bad? Doesn’t letting it die imply that we should ignore the pleas for help and really let these people die? I just can’t fathom where this person is coming from. As bad as this post sounded to me the sad thing is I have read much worse on other blogs about this situation.

“If a place cannot sustain itself economically, it should be allowed to become extinct. Economic Darwinism has left ghost towns across the globe over the centuries and many of Alaska’s villages should be next.”

The post below was in response to the above post. This person is saying what I was thinking only in a more coherent manner.

“I’m not sure where you have been, but this crisis in the YD (Yukon Delta) is due to a perfect storm of poor fishing season, skyrocketing fuel prices when the villages needed to buy, and an early freeze. This is a case of people possibly dying- not whining for a hand out."

"And, if I understand your point, it’s ok if some YD (Yukon Delta) villagers die because they shouldn’t be there? And it was ok that people died in hurricane Katrina? Or the governor of Texas should not have sent assistance to storm victims? Or the governor of California should not have sent assistance to victims of the fires in California?”

In all of this I am beginning to realize for me that if we can’t help our fellow Americans and continually fight over policies and politics of any given situation then nothing gets done. How bleak is that?

So I am choosing not to let this keep me down .I just need to keep doing what I am doing in my small way one foot forward at a time and try not to ignore what is going on outside of my neighborhood or state or around our whole country. I may not be able to do anything grandiose but I can acknowledge that I see a problem and assess what if anything I can do. Sometimes it may just mean an extra prayer.

I am not perfect and really am uncomfortable when you tell me how wonderful I am when I do my volunteer work. I look at it as part of being in my community and I work no harder than anyone else at any job whether you make money or not that contributes to our society as a whole.

Can we move forward? Will it take all of us to make the difference? I think so, even if it is just acknowledging we see and hear you even if we don’t agree and taking the time to see the people and not just the problem.

Thank you for letting me get this off my brain and maybe I can now let it rest.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I was finally allowed into the Temple!!

by Tina~in_ut

Draper Utah Temple

The Mormon Temple is huge. It looks like a Cathedral. It's not one big room, though. It actually consists of several different rooms designed for different purposes. Some are used for Temple Marriages, some for family sealings, some for the baptism of the dead, and yet others for practicing being called into the afterlife. The only people who are permitted into a temple are Mormons in 'good standing', meaning that they have paid their 10% tithing, attend church every Sunday, and live the "Word of Wisdom." They are given a 'temple recommend' after being interviewed by their bishop and found worthy. Some non-mormons call this a 'club card'.

The only time a non-mormon is permitted into a Temple is after it is completed, but before it is dedicated. Today I took a tour of a new Temple with my family. It was interesting to say the least. The Heavenly Father is said to roam the halls. I didn't feel Him there. It is strange for me to have a huge building dedicated to God and it is open every day but Sunday.

The Celestial Room

The Celestial Room was very beautiful, but did not remind me of Heaven. This room is where some go to practice being called into Heaven. Women are given special names when they get married in the Temple and their husbands are supposed to call that name and reach through a curtain and pull them through into "heaven". Since mormons believe in eternal marriage, this is very important.

The Sealing Room

The Sealing Room is where Temple marriages and Family Sealings take place. Families can be sealed together for all eternity. (Whether you like it or not!) There is no “til death do us part” in the mormon religion. There is a big mirror on two walls and the bride and groom kneel facing each other with a mirror behind each of them. If they look beyond the other person into the mirror, it looks like they go on forever and reminds them that their marriage is forever.

The Mr. and I both felt like we were in a Marriott hotel when walking through the halls of the Temple. My older son thought he was in the Grand America, a local hotel. Interestingly enough, while researching for this blog, I came upon quite a few informative websites and blogs. When we were leaving the Temple today, there were people across the street with signs that had some of the same web addresses that I had been reading……all of them sponsored by ex-mormons.

If you ever get a chance to tour a mormon temple, I would go just for the experience. And then promise to call me afterward and tell me what you thought!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Care to share??

by EBJ

I thought it would be fun and enlightening to share something about yourself that none of us know!

Do you have psychic abilities? Have you dated someone famous? An interesting birthmark? Did you "streak" when that was a popular thing to do?

If you don't want to talk about yourself, then feel free to share something about a friend or family member!

Here are some of mine:

My best friend can talk while she burps, it is the funniest thing!
I am related to Audrey Hepburn, she was a cousin on my mom's side.
My dad can talk like Donald Duck
I dated a scout for the NY Yankees, and got to wear his World Series ring (DIAMONDS!!!!)
I have danced on a table (a LONG time ago)

OK owls, let's hear some fascinating stuff!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

~I’m bringing Sexy Back~

Chosen by Tina~in_ut

I love watching Justin Timberlake move! The song is catchy and I love dancing to it, but there is nothing like watching Justin move. That boy can dance! I taped his concert at Madison Square Garden on HBO just to watch him sing Sexyback. I think it’s better than watching his video~ The boy is hot!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Help for Broadway?

This turbulent economy has hit almost every entity, including Broadway. I have been reading lately, on how many Broadway shows have closed due of course to the economy.

Saturday Night Live did a skit on the poor sales of Broadway Shows, this past Saturday, and it was hilarious. Neil Patrick Harris was so funny, as well as the SNL cast, and Taylor Swift as Annie was a hoot.

Not sure if anyone saw it, so I wanted to share, as at lease we can start our day with a smile.


Friday, January 16, 2009

The Thoughts of the Mind

scattered thoughts, they consume me, and when this happens to me, my brain turns to mush, the pimples come out, and the mood is skirmish~

several lucky people were saved yesterday, by the good of other people with warm hearts, and the mind of survival, it all happen in a matter of hours, and low and behold we had a miracle, a man, a graduate of USAFA, glided his way to life for others and than himself, he was mystery, but no more, he flew fighter jets, he was taught to survive by our military, and with his strong will, many survived, an amazing day~

president bush said goodbye, and I bid him farewell, i will miss him, yet i know its time to move on, tuesday will be a new america with a new president, i will respect my new president, as i have all the others, i am an american, with a new american president, it is what i need to do~

this blog passed a one yr mark, i could not believe how quickly one yr had gone by, this blog and its followers all met at ross's blog, we had started our friendships there, and when our comments were no longer wanted, we found a way to be us, in hindsight, it was meant to be, for if not,
this blog would have not grown into a life of its own, so for that day so long ago, i am pleased to say, i am glad for the word, tedious~

rosie cheated (thxs iteach), i have missed her so, she was my very first blog that i visited, when her blog first started i was able to leave comments, and i loved doing so, as i felt a connection, i hope she cheats again~

my dads mind is not the same, he gets so confused, and my heart breaks, i gave him a simple task of counting money for me, he has always done this in the past, his figures did not add up to what mine were, i told him his were right and mine were wrong, i had to, his face just seemed so lost, it just makes me so sad, i want his mind back, how can i do this~

i missed my two favorite thursday night shows, because of all these scattered thoughts, i will have to look on-line to see if i can catch up~

there is more, but i can't seem to put them in words, so for now these words will be, and another day, more words will come~


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Its a number!

What difference does it matter what the scale reads? Why is the number you weigh so important? When Oprah recently announced that she was "back up to 200 pounds" it made national headlines and it went something like this:

"Oprah has ballooned to 200 pounds"

"Oprah has tipped the scales again"

200 pounds? Since when is that ballooning? And why should it be national news?

I have "tipped the scale" at 200 pounds many times in my life, however I have always been healthy and try my best to make good food choices. I am not uncomfortable and do not feel like a balloon at all. I feel like me. I get physical's every year, and each one I have passed with flying colors.

I know it is a good choice in life to keep your weight down, and move your body as much as possible. However with someone like me who has always had weight issues, being a plus size is just my body type.

So Please, don't give me that crap that 200 pounds is ballooning. There are many issues at hand that should make national headlines, and Oprah's weight should not be one of them.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

~ My Amazing Daughter ~

by Tina~in_ut

I have an amazing daughter. I don’t know how else to put it. I’m so very proud of her. I could learn so much from her. She is kind hearted and sensitive to others’ feelings.

One of my friends recently lost her dog. She was very sad, of course. I tried to keep her from being sad……sometimes I was successful, and sometimes, not so much. When I told my daughter what had happened, she went into action. I had no idea what she was doing until she was done.

I was on the phone and crocheting at the same time and my daughter kept coming up to me and asking strange questions about the dog. I was getting annoyed because I was on the phone and she kept interrupting me. It was 2am and she really should have been in bed, but she wanted to finish what she was doing before going. On her way to bed, she showed me what she had made. It was a scrapbook page with a poem written from the dog to my friend. The page was decorated. I was astounded. My daughter has never met my friend. She only knows her through me. She used a poem that was given to her by one of her friends when we lost Draco. It meant a lot to her and she wanted to send it off to my friend in the hopes that it would make her feel better.

Later, after she went to bed, I went downstairs and found the lovely mess she had made with all my scrapbook supplies. There was also a note she had written on the back of the page. My initial annoyance at having to clean up after her was replaced by a sense of pride at what she had written. There was so much unconditional love and genuine concern for my friend.

I am so very proud to call her my daughter. Now I'm off to find out who her real mother is......because there is no way she got any of this from me~


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What the heart can hold!

I wonder at times, how much the heart can hold, there is so much we ask our heart to do. From giving us life, to holding our loved ones, to keeping our memories alive. When it is quiet, I try to hear the beat, and sometimes I think I can hear it, and when I do, I realize it is the center of my being. I picture my heart to be very big, and warming, I am grateful for a warming heart as I think it brings me so much joy.

With a warm heart, life can be a treasure. It allows me to give of myself without asking anything in return. My memories that are all stored in my heart, bring me such comfort at times of need. The feelings that I have for my friends, family, all come from my heart.

The heart can also sustain the hurt, and when it does hurt you can actually feel it. It knows how, when ready to put the hurt deep within, so it is not always in the forefront. And when the hurt surfaces once more, the heart is there to comfort, with every beat.

It is in amazement to me, how one can have a cold heart, but truth be told, there are many who do. Some can turn away in a instant, without looking back, as the feelings of a warm heart just don't exist. I have encountered this in my life, and each time, I just can't comprehend why.

My heart holds so much that is dear to me, it harbors all my thoughts, secrets, loves and pleasures. It is good to have a warm heart, and as long as mine is beating, it will warm me forever.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Dear Travel Diary……

by Vig

Dec. 30, 2008 entry

Here I sit on the beach in La Manzanilla, Mexico. It is fabulous! I love that it’s all about:



-not raining

-not snowing – not shoveling



-sunsets that blow up the sky

-roosters crowing at odd hours

-3 mile beach

-walking the beach everyday

-hospitable village

-relaxing -not working!!!!!!!!!!!

-rejuvenating, refreshing, reviving

-reading "Eat, Pray, Love" and saying thank you to Rob for choosing such a special book

-not worrying -not thinking -no sad memories in my back pack


-fresh tortillas

-jugo de naranja

-myriad of bright colours


-sand in interesting places

-body surfing

-no snow boot or gumboots -sandals in December!!!!!!!!!!!!

-beach vendors and many no gracias-es

-beautiful people

-beautiful language

My little piece of paradise!

And I ask my Owl friends….where’s your paradise on earth? Is it a place, a room, a song to retreat to?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm Still Standing

Chosen by Zona

I've been watching VH-1 this week as they show their picks for the top 2009 music videos. I'm getting such a kick out of seeing videos I haven't seen for a long time. I've also been surfing Youtube trying to find some of my own favorites. Bette Midler's "Beast of Burden" with Mick Jagger. The Rolling Stones' "She Was Hot". Ciara's "1-2 Step" and on and on. There are also some that I never liked..."Everyone Have Fun Tonight" by Wang Chung always gave me a headache..and I know I'm in the minority, but "Thriller" never thrilled me.

One of my very favorite videos is Elton John's "I'm Still Standing". Just a bit of trivia as you watch it...the guy at the door that EJ sprinkles with glitter?? He's Bruno..the judge from "Dancing With The Stars". He appears all through the video..kinda fun to watch him. Oh heck..the whole video is fun. I just love it.

Try to remember some of the music videos you use to love to watch on MTV and take a few minutes today to find them on Youtube. I guarantee..they'll make you smile!! And if you find one you think we'd really sure to let us know!!

Click here for video


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Anniversary

The Room ~ Owl Manor

by Tina~in_ut

On January 19, 2008, I wrote a Blog entitled "The Room". As we were approaching today, our blog’s first anniversary, Carol asked me if she could repost my blog. After I read it, I decided I wanted to rewrite "The Room" as a lot has changed in a year’s time, and at the same time, nothing has changed.

Our "room" has been transformed into a Manor and is sometimes referred to as “The Nest”. There are many rooms now....some of them secret and off limits and others filled with water guns and water balloons. Most who visit the Manor congregate in the large kitchen or the family room. The kitchen had to be made larger to hold all the brownies, adult beverages, breakfast spreads, potato salad, and, of course, bacon. We added more televisions in the family room so we could continue to watch TV together and have now started sharing our favorite books. We exercise and eat right (and wrong)! We even have a spa! Together we laugh, cry, sing, dance, march, pray, argue, make up, get sick, get well, eat, drink, and play. Many have visited our Manor. Some have chosen to move on to other Manors, but thankfully most have felt welcomed here and stayed. Either way, all is okay.

When we get together, we talk about everything, nothing, anything or just something. I don't believe there is a topic that is off limits. Even porn is accepted!! This is because we respect each other and have grown to love one another and accept each others' differences.....even our political affiliations! lol~ We have become a family.

I think the most amazing thing about our little family is that some have made the effort to meet in person. Each of us has benefited in some way from these meetings and our families have as well. I am in awe of each and every one of you. You have inspired me and have been there when I needed a shoulder. I'm sure most of you feel the same way. Cheers to you all!

~ It’s good to be home ~


Friday, January 9, 2009

Spa Retreat

by Iteach

Yesterday I was walking around the grounds of the Owl's Nest Estate and I was following a beautiful red cardinal flitter from tree to tree. It led down a new path that I had not visited. At the end of the path was a spa, OUR spa.

I boldly went inside and talked to the receptionist. She said that she has been waiting for us. I told her that we have only been here for a year and we are still discovering all the unique features of our nest. She was very understanding and kind.

Owls, you are just going to love this place. I have always dreamed of going to a spa for a day and I'm so excited that we have one here. They have all the services that I dreamed of spa having and more!

Get ready to pamper your body!

A beautiful white fluffy robe and soothing slippers will be provided for your comfort. Below is just a taste of what this spa has to offer-


-Four Hands Massage
-Swedish massage


Facials will revive your tired dull skin.

Manicures and Pedicures

Nail polish of all colors are available.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Cuckoo's Nest

by Just_Lin

My mother, who is 80 years old, still gets around pretty damn well but she was complaining to my brother recently about all her aches and pains and various medical problems. She concluded with the observation, "At least I don't have Alzheimer's". To which my brother replied, "You still have time."

Now, he said that to be funny and make her laugh, which it did. Sometimes, I find myself doing things, or not doing them, as the case may be, that make me wonder about my mental faculties. As I posted recently, I did go to bed wearing a pedometer on my underwear. I actually admitted that to Custard, too, and I also added that at least it wasn't one of those coin change makers!

I've already shared this with Lani and now I will share it with the rest of you. A couple of weeks before the pedometer incident, I got up in the middle of the night and heard a beeping sound, then silence for 15 seconds or so, then the beeping again. I went into the kitchen and discovered that the oven timer was going off! Dinner was a long time ago and I am sure I turned it off, but there it was, literally telling me otherwise. The real mystery is, how could I have spent all the hours between dinner and bedtime without ever hearing it? Most of that time I spent on the computer which is just outside the doorway of the kitchen, only 10 or 12 feet from the stove. Okay, sure, I did have the TV on, too, but what about when I turned it off, took my nighttime medications in the kitchen and prepared for bed? Why didn't I notice it then?

What about you? Do you ever forget things and wonder if it's normal?


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Shopping Trips to Costco!

by Bebbi

Well, I went and did it. I got a membership to Costco even though Sam’s is right around the corner from my house and my mom works there. I have to say, I have had the membership less than a month and I have had so much fun cheating on SAM!

My place of employment had a special offer for employees; if you join at Costco you get a booklet full of coupons to make it worth your while. I haven’t got the coupons yet, they will come in 2-4 weeks. They did give me a $10 gift card for joining too. That was so nice of them!

Someone wrote a blog a few days ago about “unexpected pleasures” or things that turned out to be less than what was anticipated, well, Costco has brought me a lot of joy and has been even more fun that I ever imagined!

First off, I went with Mr. Bebbi and we looked all around. I got so many steps in, and I enjoyed seeing the different items and trying the Costco samples. We stayed for several hours. At their snack bar, they have Churros instead of Pretzels and they still have Polish Sausage which Sam’s quit carrying a while back. I like the Churros a lot and Mr. Bebbi likes to get a Polish now and again. The drink cups are smaller but that is fine, free refills both places! Mr. Bebbi loves to tease me about the snack bar. I always enjoy getting a soda and a snack while I shop!

After my awesome trip with Mr. Bebbi, my daughter and her boyfriend hadn’t been so we went to look around! We walked and walked all the aisles, comparing prices again. I bought a couple of things I saw the first time that I was still pondering. We figured out that the size made a differences when we compared to Sam’s so we would have to keep that in mind when comparison shopping. My daughter commented on how surreal it was to be in a place that looked so much like Sam’s and yet was different. They didn’t have as many half prices deals after Christmas like Sam’s did. I guess they didn’t over buy some items.

Okay, so the next trip was with my Mother! I stayed overnight with her and we decided that we would go and look around at Costco the next day. She and I walked the whole store again. She really enjoyed it because no one that she worked with was there and she bought a few things. We split a piece of pizza. It was really fun.

Okay, so the next time I went was last night [Sat. January 2, 2009], I took my daughter’s boyfriend’s grandmother! Okay, I know that is a stretch, but I enjoy so much going and walking around and looking at everything!! We walked all around, looking at all the stuff again. I bought some more items that I was pondering. I called my mom at Sam’s and we compared the prices of peanut butter. The peanut butter at Sam’s was two 40 oz for $7.07 and the peanut butter at Costco was two 48 oz for $8.48. That makes it exactly the same price per ounce regardless of which you purchase ($0.09). Silly huh? Well, I guess I win the prize on the blog for most price comparison shopping! Also, did you know that the Joint Juice was $0.17 cheaper at Sam’s than Costco’s for the exact same item! Too fun, huh!!

The next planned trip is with my son and his girlfriend. She is a Costco virgin and my membership is going to get her in! I can’t wait!

What places do you enjoy to go and shop/look around? What big unexpected pleasures did you get out of something that you didn’t expect? Do you comparison shop? Okay, enough questions, I hope you enjoyed my shopping experiences at Costco!! Woo hoo hoo!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Your Dream Job?

by East Bay J

I thought it would be fun to talk about our jobs, what we do now, what we've done in the past, and a dream job.

For me, I knew I wanted to be a nurse from the time I was young. I fulfilled that, by way of some other jobs, those being a Medical Assistant, a veterinary technician, and working in the claims processing dept. of a major insurance company.

During my first marriage, my husband and I bought and ran a home cruise travel agency. It was wonderful!! We made really good money and it was fun!

Something I thought seriously of doing was becoming a wedding planner. I really enjoyed planning my first wedding (it was a fancy church affair). I loved picking dresses, flowers, the menu, everything to do with the wedding, and thought how much I'd like to help other people with their weddings, too.

I wish now I had pursued that job. The cruise business was fun, but a wedding planner would have been the ultimate dream job for me!

Do you have your dream job? Any chance you could get it if you don't have it?

Monday, January 5, 2009

On Brian Osborne and Sharon Tate

by Whabby

When I was a kid, growing up in a small town, there was a certain amount of bullying that went on, and one incident I remember quite vividly. Some friends and myself trapped a younger boy, Brian Osborne, in a field, and basically terrorized him for about half an hour… preventing him from going home, basically. By the time we let him go, he was scared and crying.

I look back on this incident with strong feelings of shame, revulsion, and guilt. If I were ever to come across Brian today, I would apologize profusely. Maybe, if I were lucky, he wouldn’t remember the incident at all. But if he did, I think the most important thing I’d want to say to him is how strongly I repudiate my actions of that long-ago day, and how they have nothing in common with the values and behavior of the adult that I eventually became.

At about the same time that I made life miserable, albeit briefly, for Brian Osborne, a group of Manson followers were committing far worse crimes against Sharon Tate, those who were unfortunate enough to be in the house she was renting that night, and then Rosemary and Leno Labianca. The perpetrators of those horrors are all incarcerated, and none have yet been successful in their requests for parole.

I have always been struck by interviews I saw several years ago on 60 Minutes with two members of the Manson family, Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houghton. Some of you probably saw them too. In essence, Van Houten and Krenwinkel echoed my own feelings about what I did to Brian Osborne, when it came to their role in the Tate-Labianca murders, repudiating and rejecting their old actions completely.

Now, I have no illusions as to the enormous gap that exists between my behavior toward Brian and what the Manson family perpetrated. The gap is large enough that there is really no rational basis for comparing the two events at all.

Nevertheless, compare I do. Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houton, both now in their early 60’s, keep having their prison sentence extended for their crimes. My gut reaction is to support those extensions, in large part because of the appalling nature of what they did.

But my gut reaction is accompanied by some doubts. I, as a mature adult, am not the person who bullied Brian Osborne 40 years ago, and would not feel like I would deserve to be punished for those actions today. If Leslie and Patricia really feel the same way about what they did, when they were much younger versions of themselves, do they deserve to continue to be incarcerated?

What do you think, Owls? Looking back on your youth, I’m sure you were involved in some situations, or acted toward other people, in ways that are completely inconsistent with your beliefs and actions today. Do you think you continue to bear some responsibility for those actions? Does that responsibility last throughout your life?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stayin’ Alive

Chosen by Tina~in_ut

Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees

I love disco. I can’t sit still when I hear it. I think The Bee Gees ARE disco. I love all the music from Saturday Night Fever. What I didn’t know and think is an incredible coinkidink is that a study done by the University of Illinois medical school stated that “Stayin’ Alive” is an ideal song to listen to while performing chest compressions on someone who has just suffered a heart attack. The American Heart Association calls for chest compressions to be given at a rate of 100 per minute in CPR. This song almost perfectly matches that at 103 beats per minute. I guess I should also mention that “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen also has pretty much the same beat, but doesn’t seem as appropriate a song as “Stayin’ Alive”. Who said disco wasn’t alive and well?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Customer Service...or Disservice!

by Maureen

As someone who spent most of my adult life as a retail manager (and all my life as a consumer!), customer service is near and dear to me. And DISSERVICE is even closer.

We all know the economy is heading further down the tubes as we speak...but do the retailers bear some of the responsibility? I think so. In years past, when the economy sucked, the stores I managed always continued to make sales goals. Why? Because my staff and I held the same beliefs regarding Customer Service. We made our customers WANT to spend their precious dollars with us. We greeted them when they entered. We talked WITH them while they shopped. We listened to them. We developed a rapport with them. We let them know we appreciated them.

As a consumer, I rarely see that in stores I visit...even if I am only looking...I am watching and taking mental notes!

Just the other day I was at the gross-ery store. I know that is basically a self-service shopping adventure, but when aisles are blocked by stock and employees have no idea where items are located is not conducive to shopping. On this trip I wanted to buy a pound of deli ham. I went to the deli counter and stood employee to be seen. I stood a bit while other employees of the store passed by and never offered to find the deli clerk. I left and picked out a couple of other things I needed and returned to the deli counter. Then I saw it...the deli clerk was sitting in the back room TEXT MESSAGING! I coughed loudly and she looked up. She didn’t approach until she completed her text! Gggrrrrr. Then I told her what I wanted...1 pound of ham. She took out the ham that was already sliced and it was just about a half pound. She then moaned and groaned about having to slice the remainder...WTF????? I told her to forget and just give me what she had on the scale. What is wrong with that picture?

A week or so before, I had gone into Walgreen’s. I needed a couple of things and found a couple more things that I could live without, but thought I would get while I was there. As I shopped, I realized I had to use the restroom. I couldn’t find anyone in the store, so I went to the check out and asked where the restroom was. I was told matter of factly that I was not allowed to go unaccompanied to the restroom and she couldn’t leave her post! Ummm, could you call someone else to accompany me????? That apparently was not an option, so my option was...LEAVE THE CART OF MERCHANDISE AND LEAVE THE STORE! I guess Walgreen’s business is so good they can allow people to leave without purchasing!

I know we have all had horrible experiences at the hands of rude, absent or just inexperienced sales associates...wanna share yours?

Maybe I will write a follow up blog about GREAT service I have gotten...maybe!

Friday, January 2, 2009


I got everything! Yep I do!

Everything is so over whelming with the holidays
coming to a close, everything is just a blur

It seems everything went so quickly, shopping, wrapping,
gift giving, eating, New year, everything mixed together

Even tho everything moved so fast, I still have the
memories of everything that occurred

And yet, with everything that had to be done for the
holidays, I still had everything to do at work

I was so proud of myself cause everything got done,
and everything was a success

And today, I have a everything to do list, and we all
know everything can be just about anything
so as I get on with my day
everything will be first, so then nothing is last

Wish me luck, cause everything has a purpose
and without everything we have nothing!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

This video is Perfect, it just makes ya smile!

Its a brand new year, as the first day of this new year begins, I look forward to new hopes, new dreams, new beginnings. I will embrace this year and be grateful for what I have and for whatever comes by way.

It is said that you are not given what you can't handle, and I believe it so. And even tho at times I feel like I could not handle another issue that comes my way, I always figure it out and do what needs to be done.

So as the new year begins, I have decided to make some advance planning, which will include:

Patience, need to find more, will I, probably not!

Good Food Choices, need to eat better, will I give up the french fries and brown gravy, probably not!

Listen, need to adhere to advice more often, will I, probably not!

Control, need to let some things go, will I, probably not!

Less Spending, need to budget more, will I, probably not!

Smoking, need to stop, will I, probably not!

Exercise, need to move more, will I, probably not!

Life, need to live it to the fullest, will I, probably!

So this is my advance planning, I think I have had the same list for the past 22yrs. And I can honestly say, I never have followed by advance planning, even tho I have tried, cause you see, I am a "go with the flow" kinda girl.

2009, here I come!


2009, and so it begins!

Its Official, 2009 has arrived...

We are all in the crowd, giving hugs and smiles
and bringing forth good wishes for all!

Lets all count down with Jim Carrey!

Happy New Year!