Friday, February 29, 2008

Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place!

a first for ronnniegirl
here is her daily blog!

Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place

by ronniegirl

Watching a program tonight that took the place of Boston Legal, my memory was jogged about a situation my husband and I were thrust into years ago.

We, and our best friends Dorothy and Joe, had boat stalls next to each other at a marina in Galveston. One morning my husband and I decided to do a little work on it, and as we approached our stall, we noticed Dorothy and Joe's boat was not there.

We worked a few hours and lo and behold, here they came in. As they were backing into their stall, I noticed that, THAT WASN'T DOROTHY SITTING NEXT TO JOE. It was some young blond, giggling Bimbo I'd never seen before. Joe tied off as we said hello, gave the Bimbo his keys and told her to wait for him in the car, never acknowledging her presence to us. I then watched my best friend's husband walk down the pier to his car, and waiting Bimbo.

Needless to say, I was FURIOUS. We talked about it on the way home and I was asked not to say anything to Dorothy, because he wanted to talk to Joe first.

Well, Joe went home and told on himself. He knew me well enough to know what just might happen. I'm glad I never had to choose to tell, or not to tell, because it could have backfired and cost a friendship. Oh yeah....the boat was sold, they divorced three years later, and we haven't seen Joe in years.

Have you ever been put in an uncomfortable position, or wished someone would have told you something?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Is it a Tale?

is the author of our daily
blog today

Is it a Tale?

by nowmercy

I grew up surrounded by “old wives tales”. For example, if you swim after eating you will drown, stretch marks can open and you will bleed to death, you die for the moment you sneeze, and so on. Now I know they come from some kind of wisdom, but they did stick with me. What about you all? What old tales still come to you? Are you passing any on? What are the most absurd? What make the most sense? And while we are at it, how about superstitions? (I can see Whabby shaking his head, no really, I SEE you Whabby lol) I still grab a button going past a cemetery and knock wood to ward off something reoccurring.

Come on, think about it..I’ll bet the nest is a veritable treasure chest of tales and superstitions.

I can hardly wait to hear them all!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Out of the Mouth of Babes

today our daily blog
is from just_lin

So funny!!

Out of the Mouths of Babes

by just_lin

There are those times in life when you just want to disappear or have the earth open up beneath your feet and swallow you. Those times when you wish you could shrink down to one inch tall and quietly slink away to a corner and hide. Thanks to my children there are two such times that come to mind for me.

One such time happened at a little child's birthday party. My children and I were having a great time. The birthday boy was only a few years old so most of the attendees were adult relatives and friends of the parents. The party was indoors and the house was small for all the people attending. My children and I were also the only whites, everyone else being black. Suddenly my 5 year old daughter asks me in a loud voice, "Mommy, do you like black people?" I swear time seemed to stop, conversations seemed to cease, everyone seemed frozen in place. Perhaps it was just my imagination. As nonchalantly as possible, I told my daughter that I liked nice people, so if they were nice, then I liked them. She exclaimed, "Me, too", and went on her merry way. The world then started revolving again.

Another time, my son, who was probably about 6 at the time, informed their very religious, sweet, matronly, proper babysitter that he didn't know why I wouldn't let him sleep in my bed because I let everyone else.

Has anyone else been totally mortified by their children? Or perhaps you are the one that embarrassed your parents, friend, or sibling.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What Would You Do?

east bay j
has given us today's daily blog

What would you do?

by east bay j

I was at work recently and a woman came in. We were talking and she mentioned that someone close to her (can't remember if it was her mom or dad or who) had a very short time to live, so she was getting ready to take this person their dream vacation.

They were going to fly to Miami to go on a Caribbean cruise. (The woman had come into the clinic because she was sick, and worried she might not be able to make the trip).

All the arrangements had been made, wheelchair access, special tours, etc. They were going first class on the plane, and on the ship, sparing no expense.

Made me start thinking, what if it were me who had only a short time left on earth? What would I want to do?

I came up with a quick list:

Lay on the beach in Maui till I die
Quit work, catch up on movies and TV I missed
Watch The Sopranos from start to finish one more time
Go to Las Vegas and spend freely on slot machines
Get drunk (it's been a longggg time since I did that!)
On the topic of work, tell 1 bitch Dr. to FUCK OFF! (oh how I'd love to do that!!)

I am really interested to see what my owl friends have to say on this topic.

Monday, February 25, 2008


this subject always has me very confused
some people great crazed about it
and yet some people could not care less

i am far from the person who knows
all the ins and outs of the political world
i do not follow as i should, i will freely
admit that, as for me honesty is what
i believe in

my thoughts however are clear on
what i want in an American President:

health care management
senior care
equality for all Americans
immigration boundaries

these are my top five, there are many
more, however these five stand out the most

i being a republican in todays world is
somewhat of a dirty word, as Mr Bush
has made some mistakes

but was he the only President to
make mistakes? was he the only one
to turn our country into a different
direction then it should have went?

i for one do not want to live in
a monarchy country, i want the
freedom to vote for who i please

just really don't know who yet
none of the candidates "floats my boat"

decision's decision's decision's ! ! !

Sunday, February 24, 2008


from our dear night owl

who i happen to think
is very smart


by shirley

I got the idea for this post from comments I read by Donna Jean about the word retarded.

"Sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you."

How many times have we heard that saying in our lives? More than I care to count, and it's so untrue. Wounds can heal, but, once a word has been spoken you can't take it back.

Being overweight I have been called every name in the book, but, the word that hurts the most is "stupid". I've heard it mainly from my mother. I don't think she realizes how hurt it makes me feel and I'm not able to tell her. I know the word "stupid" has had a huge influence over my life though. It has stopped me from doing so many things because I just don't think I'm smart enough.

Is there any one word that has affected your life...made you feel small and insignificant...or angry and outraged? Have you been hurt by a word? Do we even realize the power a word can have? I'd like to know what you think of words. Do you believe sticks and stone can break your bones but names will never hurt you? Hmmmmmmm.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Intuition or?

today our daily blog
is from scirish

Intuition or??

by scirish

I’m sure everyone has had those moments. The ones when you knew something was going to happen and it did. Or the moments where you said “This has happened before, but where do I remember it from?” What are they, in your opinion? Are they intuition? Are they shards of a past life? Are they are they simple coincidences. Or could they be an assimilation of facts that you didn’t even know your mind was gathering?

Whatever they are, they happen frequently. The most recent instance, for me, was rather disturbing. An old boss of mine was grievously ill with cancer, my sig other still works for him and had told me how many times he asked about me. My relationship with this boss was contentious and tumultuous, so much so, that I had no real desire to resume contact. I finally, grudgingly sent an e-mail, months ago, stating I was sorry he was so ill. I was rather apprehensive about getting a reply, and when I didn’t, it was a relief. I just assumed he was not pleased with the tone of the message and decided not to answer. I hadn’t thought of it in months. Until yesterday morning. I was just lying in bed, waking up and thought: “I guess he will never answer me” a half hour later I found out he had just died. Why did I think of that e-mail today, the day he died?

This is rather a macabre example of the phenomenon, but it does seem to exist, whether it’s knowing someone is going to call before they do, feeling certain an event that you have no control of is going to happen or getting a jolt about, or a shard of, the future or people, places or things that are not in your normal thought process.

What do you think it is?

Friday, February 22, 2008

For Amicus

there are times in life when
one cannot know the outcome
we do not have a crystal ball
to tell us what will happen

we must trust ourselves and
our thoughts to guide us thru
we must believe in ourselves
as if we don't, what do we have?

it is in life, that we lose what we
love most, it is and will always
be the most difficult time that
any human must go thru

at this time is when we find in
our heart the memories, the precious
things that have occurred thru the years

and in our hearts we know we did
what we could, we loved as we only knew
how to love, with our whole being

it might be time to say goodbye

however we are glad to say hello
to the memories, as the comfort this
brings us will carry us thru~

Thursday, February 21, 2008

What is your color?

has a question for us

What is your color?

by iteach

I started thinking about colors today when I went to the dentist office.

Everything was purple!

Apparently, my dentist loves purple and everything has to be purple.

I have never been attached to a certain color. When my students are drawing me a picture they always say "Mrs. what is your favorite color?" . They stare at me blankly, if I say I like them all. So I have always said blue & red. The colors of a Pepsi can and the Chicago Cubs.

My dentist is not the only one who is mad about a color. The secretary at our school also happens to be in love with purple and one of our first grade teachers will only work in a room with blue walls.

So now I am wondering, if any of my fellow owl friends have a particular color that they can't live without ? What color dominates your life? I would love to hear about it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Here's Your Sign!

our daily blog
is from lovey

so very funny!

Here's Your Sign!

by lovey

I can't be alone in admitting that I have done some pretty stupid,crazy and embarrassing things in my adult life. Things that regardless how fast I run from the memory , every once in awhile "bang" it's like it just happened yesterday.

The other day I saw a picture of a trailer that a friend uploaded onto their page. That was the trigger my memory needed to relive one of my most embarrassing stunts from years gone by.

Every weekend hub and I use to spend with friends in Port Huron MI.
We'd enjoy shopping, good food, great music and lots of scotch.
We would camp in a "pop up hard top trailer".
You know the type I talking about. They have double beds on each side, the sink and fridge in the middle and a lil door with a couple of steps down to outside.
One evening I had a terrible cold and it required a bottle of scotch to suppress the hacking cough. ( That's my story and I'm sticking to it)
I wasn't feeling well outside at the fire pit, so I decided to go snuggle in a warm comfy bed until my head stopped spinning.
I had just got cozy when I realized I had to pee.
There was no way I was going to get dressed and walk to the washrooms. They were too far away and it was too cold outside.
As I sat there contemplating how I could relieve myself without staggering across the park, I noticed a bucket sitting by the door.
I got this brilliant idea, " pee in the bucket, empty tomorrow".
I climbed down from the bed, stood in front of the bucket and pulled down my long johns. I didn't want my bum on the bucket so I was straddling and began to pee.
All of a sudden I lost my footing and my bum hit the bucket, my back hit the door, the door flew open, and out I went with my long johns at my ankles, bare ass wide and white,and the bucket with pee in tow.

My luck it was a beautiful evening for a camp fire in the park. Everyone was out enjoying themselves and the entertainment was this "piss pot and me".
As they were laughing hysterically I grabbed my long johns and rose to my feet. I looked around expecting "Bill Engvall"to come from the woods, and say, "Here's Your Sign".

It will take me a month to put that memory away in the vault again, until the next trigger.

Come on, share, your "Here's Your Sign"experiences.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Guilty Because I Feel It?

all my life i have been
doing and going for all
and when i don't go and do
the guilt begins to appear
i can try to fight it, like
a war, however i always
lose and the guilt is there

whenever i find myself not
doing to please someone
the guilt feeling arises, i wonder
sometimes, do i make this up
in my mind? is this just part
of my personality?

just not really sure!

i have decided as i type this
to work on the word guilt
this feeling it brings me
the stuffiness of it

i will start soon, and if
i don't start soon, i will
feel guilty for not trying

oh, does guilt ever end
is guilt there for you as well?

night owls:
hope your blogging day
is a good one and if not
don't feel guilty as there
is always tomorrow!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Where would you like to go!

we have touched on this subject
before, however maureen
has brought in the adventurous side
of the topic!

for me its Mt Everest, as I always
wanted to stand on the top of a mountain
and just scream....F#@k You...such fun!

Where would you like to go ?

by Maureen

Laying on the beach on a remote island.
Skiing the Swiss Alps.
Climbing Mt. Everest.
Driving thru every state in the union.
Taking a train across Canada.
Standing on an ice floe in Alaska.
Seeing a play/musical on Broadway every day for a week.
Cruising the Caribbean

What is your dream vacation?

I already had a dream vacation in 2002, but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming of other ones.I dream of spending a couple of months in Australia and New Zealand. Seeing the Outback, watching Kangaroos hop across the road, visiting the Sidney Opera House, indulging in the famous steaks, seeing the tourist traps and the out of the way finds only locals can show me. Money is no option and my time would be free. I dream of returning to Italy. Taking a cooking class from a grandma. Wasting the days on the beach in Lido. Buying trunk loads of Murano Glass. Visiting friends and spending a day on their mountain top cabin herding their sheep and making pecorino with them. Becoming speechless at the works of art in the plethora of museums and seeing all of them. Having a gelato a day. Tossing more coins in the Trevi Fountain. Walking up all the Spanish Steps. Seeing the Grotto on the Island of Capri.

I dream of spending a week in a lovely hotel in Palm Springs. Lazing at the pool all day and visiting wonderful restaurants at night. Then catching a plane to Hawaii. Where I will visit all the islands, learn to hula, stand under a waterfall, float in the ocean and not worry about burning, snorkel at Hanauma Bay, watch the whales and swim with the dolphins and stare at the stars in the clear skies. I’ll order Macadamia Nut Pancakes with my friend.

I dream of New York. I have been there many times, but in my dream I can afford to shop at Tiffany’s, Bergdorf's, the designer showrooms. I’ll buy a real Prada purse, not a fake one on the street. Seeing any Broadway shows I want in the best seat in the house. I’ll drink a coffee in Rockefeller Plaza and watch people for hours. I’ll dine at Babbo, Becco, and at a list of other wonderful restaurants. Tavern on the Green will have a special table set aside for me on the patio. And I will have a private hansom cab take me all over the island of Manhattan. I will picnic in Central Park. And I will lay a wreath at the site of the World Trade Center. That’s just the beginning of my trip. I will stay a few weeks and find so many things to do.

Maybe I will realize those dreams - - maybe one or maybe all. Or maybe none. But to continue to have them keeps them alive and real and something to look forward to.

What is your dream vacation? Let’s take our trips together right here in the Owl’s Nest. What a fun group of travel companions!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Life In Six Words

vig has given
us something to think
about today

this daily blog made me think!


by vig

Tuesday, February 12...I have been driving for days now. Driving to see family. Driving to see amazing students. When I travel I usually prefer to listen to talk radio rather than music. The miles go by quickly when listening to stories, discussions, interviews. In Canada we have something called the CBC, public radio whose US equivalent would be NPR. It is generally thought provoking, somewhat middle of the road politically and whose topics range from the ridiculous to the sublime. This afternoon while driving “down island”, I listened to Valentine’s love poems being created from six words. They were funny. Now that I am home, my over forty year old brain can’t remember what they were. So I head online to see if they can be found there. I can’t find love poems in six words but I do find lives in six words. An article from a UK newspaper encourages interviewees and commenters to “describe your life in six words”.

Some of the responses were:

-Live forever. So far so good
-Kissed the boys, made them cry
-Big family, endless demands, eternal joy
-Could have. Should have. Still might.

And when I though about it for myself today in this moment, I came up with four:

-Bags are packed, ready to go!!!
-Laugh, laughing, laughed, laugh, laughing, laughed
-Loved hard, lost much, no regrets
-Waiting for ships to come in

And now my Night Owl friends, I pass the torch to you and humbly ask you to write your life in six words! I look forward to reading what the open, honest and creative Owls will come up with!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Circle of Life

this daily blog is from
tinkatia our
dear night owl

i have to say it brought
tears to my eyes, and yet
i am so glad she shared

The Circle of Life

by Tinkatia

Today once more I was summoned to my mom’s Care Home. She was sick and crying for me. As I was driving down to see her I started to remember all the things she had done for me when I was a child. She looked after me so protectively, brought me chicken noodle soup and ginger ale when I was sick, made sure I always had an extra sweater and held me close when I cried over a broken heart. She read me stories over and over again. Now I was taking her ginger ale. I am always worried that she is warm enough and I hold her close when she cries over her lost daughter. I listen to her stories over and over again.

I started to wonder “At what point does the mother become the child?” Does it happen the first time you tell her she should have a nap after lunch and she argues “I don’t need one.” Or is it when you tell her to try and take a few bites of dinner. “You know you will get sick if you don’t eat”. Maybe it’s when she tells you she doesn’t need to go to the bathroom and you tell her “Just try, we won’t be back in your room for an hour”. I wonder these things as I am fixing her hair with ribbons, tucking her into bed, telling her I love her and tip toeing out of her room.

My children are at the prime of their lives. They have such a busy time. There are so many activities involving their children, family, friends, school and work. There aren’t enough hours in the day for them. They have the world at their feet and they are loving it. Old age is so far away from them, they don’t give it a minute’s thought.

Two weeks ago before my children went to Hawaii, we went out to dinner. Before we left the house my daughter said to me in a very authoritative voice, “Mom, you had better bring an extra sweater. I don’t want you to get chilled at the restaurant”. I got a sharp twinge in my heart. I thought, “Oh God, not yet, it’s too soon.”

Friday, February 15, 2008

What is your Passion?

has brought us today's
daily blog!

What is your passion?

by tina~in_ut

National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing

In 1997, I worked in a department where the call volume slowed to almost nothing after 11pm. There were two of us who worked the 6pm to 2:30am shift. After 11pm, I would either surf the internet, cross-stitch, or talk to Dale, my co-worker. Since Dale worked two jobs, he was always trying to nap and not in the mood to listen to my chatter. (imagine that!) One night as we walked to our cars, I noticed a sticker in his window. It said NASCAR. I asked him what it meant. As tired as he was, his eyes widened and he perked up and told me. The next night, I asked him some lame questions about NASCAR and we talked for the rest of the night about it. I really wasn't interested…..I was just bored and wanted to talk~

The next Sunday, race day, I turned on the TV to check out a little of the race. All these guys were driving in circles. It was the most boring thing I've ever seen. They were talking about things I didn't understand and making a big deal out of a pit stop that was under 20 seconds. On Monday, I told Dale I had "watched" the race, knew who won, and made fun of the guys "driving around and around and around!" And so it went for the rest of the "season"…I watched on Sunday and we talked for the rest of the week about what happened!

One night, after the season had ended, I was at home flipping channels and came upon the NASCAR Awards Banquet. The runner up was giving his speech. I thought….oh good…..Dale and I can talk about this on Monday! The runner up gave the best speech….it was funny, and he sounded like a true gentleman and seemed to be very grateful that he was a NASCAR driver. Then the champion for that year gave his speech…..oh, I could have just smacked that boy. He was so full of himself! On Monday, I told Dale what I had watched and what I thought! I'll never forget that day….it was the day I became a NASCAR fan and learned that my favorite driver's name was Dale Jarrett! I also learned that the champion for that year was Jeff Gordon…to be later renamed (by me) Stinkin'!

The next year I attended two NASCAR races. The first one was in Fontana, CA. I went by myself and I can't even begin to describe the feeling when I walked through the final tunnel and heard the roar of the engines. It is so loud and incredible and the ground feels like it's shaking. A girlfriend of mine from work asked to go with me the next time I went…..we had such a good time that we went every year until she got sick. We bought pit passes and instead of leaving when they closed the pits, we would hang out with our new friends the security guards…..these would be the same ones who let us into the garage area to meet Dale Jarrett and Dale Earnhardt Jr (my friends' favorite!) and who let us into the suites to watch from above the pit area. Once, during qualifying, I snuck out onto pit road and pretended to be one of the media. When they moved, I moved. I got some great pictures that day……until I got kicked out~ We always had the best time. You know you've had a great day at the racetrack if you come home and look in the mirror and you have tire rubber all over your face. THAT is success!!!

Yesterday was the Gatorade Duel qualifying races. These races determine who is in the Daytona 500 on Sunday. Dale Jarrett is retiring this year and this will be his last Daytona 500. He didn't know until the race was over, if he was even going to be in the race. You should have heard me screaming when he made it! You would have thought he won!!!

I no longer think the drivers just drive around and around. I understand what it means to have a pit stop under 13 seconds. I can tell you what the draft is. I've seen Dale Jarrett start a race with cute chubby cheeks and finish a race looking like he's lost 15 lbs (because he has!). I get it now…..and I love it!

What sport are you passionate about? How did you start watching or playing it? Actually, it doesn't even have to be a sport… could be anything~ What is your passion?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

they say this day is to share
with the one you love, it is
for lovers, a romantic day
to be spent with each other
for that special someone and you

it is on this day that i always
remember my very first love,
i was such a young girl just coming
out of my teens, the world in front
of me with no boundaries, and so
very much in love, or what i
thought love to be

you learn as you grow

i tend to think this day can be just
as special enjoying it with friends,
as who is to say if you want to give
a valentine it needs to be only for your love

i want to share my valentine's day
with all of you. i want to give my
valentines day wishes to each
and every one of you!

we can share this heart day
together, we can laugh, we can
tell stores, we can chat about
first loves, lost loves, our loves today

we can just be us!

so, with this day upon us,
it is ours to say

Happy Valentines day Night Owls!

as our hearts beat for all!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ghosts and the Supernatural

barb_in_wa is today's
supernatural author of our
daily blog!

Ghosts and the Supernatural

by barb_in_wa

Do you believe?

I must say that growing up I was always afraid of the idea that there could be ghosties, and boogey men. My siblings used to take great joy in terrifying me whenever my parents went out at night. Doing things such as shutting me in my room and saying that the “Flooooating laaaady…..” was going to get me. Or the other classic was “Greeeeeeen finnnnnngers…..” Both used to just send me into screams and beating my fists on my bedroom door to get out. It’s hilarious now knowing that the terrifying floating lady is from a horrible B movie called “Beyond The Door” and green fingers are also from a B movie in which a dismembered hand is able to crawl around and wreck havoc! If you happen to know what that movie is, please tell me! Even though they would scare me, I watched many scary movies on late night TV on Friday nights, and I loved watching Night Gallery. I used to get so scared that even into my adult years I would hold my breath whenever I drove past a cemetery. I don’t do that anymore, but I still avoid walking into them!

So what then am I doing working in a Haunted House? And not only do I work here, but I LOVE working here! Maybe it’s because I’m here during the day. Maybe it’s because there are usually a lot of other people around while I am here. Or maybe it’s just that I have grown up and it just does not scare me anymore. Nah….I’m still a little scared, but that’s what makes being here so much fun!

Let me give you a little background. I work in a building that was built sometime during the 1860’s to 1890’s. There are different reports as to the actual date our building was constructed. It was built to house the officers who were stationed here at Fort Vancouver. One of the first officers to live here with his family had a nanny. The story is that the officer had an affair with the 16 year old nanny and she became pregnant. He denied her and the baby, and young Miss Mary became so distraught that she hung herself in her 3rd floor room. Mary has been here ever since. Am I afraid of her? Nope. OK….I lied. Like I said before, it’s a little scary! But oh so much fun! She likes to play tricks. She likes to take things from your desk, or in my case, from my purse. She took my cell phone for 3 days once causing me to have to cancel the phone and get a new one. Then she returned it the little stinker. Then there were the times where she kept turning the drawer pulls on my desk backwards. Most recently she tossed a pen at me late one night right before I was going to be leaving for the day. There were 3 other people in the building, but they were all upstairs.

So my question to all of you is this…..Have YOU ever had an experience with a ghost or anything supernatural? I would love to hear your stories!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Would you marry for money?

our daily blog is a question,
something for us to ponder
it is from Scirish

Would you marry for money

by Scirish

This was a topic for teens in the local paper.

I was amazed by some of the answers and thought maybe it would be interesting to see what we thought about it as adults.

Most of the teens said they would have to “like” someone to get married and money would be a bonus. Some said that they and the person they married would have to be equal money earners. The ones that broke my heart said that they didn’t care about what the other person did as long as they didn’t have to “live in a box on the street” or “dumpster dive” all their lives. Most of these kids didn’t know what love was. “Like” was ok for a marriage. One girl said she didn’t want to get married because she didn’t want anyone tying her down and she didn’t want to share any money she made. It is a subject that most of us were taught not to talk about, but we do think about it and apparently so do kids.

So, what do you think owls? Do we put too much emphasis on money? Not enough? How does money or the lack of, affect your life? Do you worry about your kids and money? How do love and money interact? Or do they?

Monday, February 11, 2008


as the months past into years
i wonder to myself, how did i start
to blog, what brought me to this
cyberworld of blogging?

i remember it started with rosie
just lurking at her blog, and then
one day i posted a comment
(when comments were allowed)
and from that day forward i would
visit each day and comment away

next came the torino blog with
ross, again i lurked, and again
posted a comment, it just seemed to fit me
so i stuck around and commented as
i pleased, it was a pleasure to comment
to all the wonders of the ross blog

and here i am today, at night owls
a very warm, humbling abode
that brings me sunshine daily!

i often think was i missing something in
my life to reach out to this cyberworld?
as all knows i have enough family to fill
a music hall, and yet this blogging thing
came natural, corresponding with one
thru the internet, it filled me up!

it is known that i am single, no children
i have always longed for children
it was just not meant to be, so i think
i feel a void, a empty space within

did i turn to blogging to fill this void?

i absolutely think so, i needed to reach
out to the unknown to see where it would
take me, and wonders never cease, i have
found blogging to be my friend and thru
blogging have found a whole new world
of wonders, a pyramid of laughter, a large
steeple of friends

blogging can be quite shaky, the same
with life, but as i move forward in life
i shall do the same with blogging!

its all about baby steps
small but brave baby steps!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Body Wisdom

nowmercy is the
author of this daily blog!

a peak into her life~~

Body Wisdom

by nowmercy

(For BonSis)

The other day BonO asked how I found massage as a profession after being a Parole Officer and then a Project/Asset Portfolio Manager.

Well, in my childhood I would visit my Great Gramma..a “jack” Mormon who had left the church because the local bishop would not let her leave her second and abusive husband. She moved back to her farm in a little town east of Salt Lake (Henefer). Lillian was the local herbalist and midwife. The Mormon women kept coming to her every Sunday and she would dole out advice, herbs and concoctions. Funny, but each lady always needed a small glass of “medicinal tincture” aka dandelion wine. Anyway, she would set me on her kitchen counter and put a stool in front of me. The next woman waiting to see her would sit there and I would be instructed to rub her shoulders. Graygramma (my name for her) would tell me “ Listen to your fingers, they know where to go” or “Follow the lights in your fingers dear”. So, from age 4 to 7 she guided me and I listened to her.

Many years and careers later I began receiving massage from a masterful therapist. She was truly a healer and helped me re-enter my body with mercy and knowledge. I will never forget our sessions and her example of extreme regard for the body.

During that time I met a gal who had sold her share of big massage school because of carpal tunnel. She taught me a lot, and I began apprenticing with her. Later I trained as a restorative breath worker. I just loved putting my hands on people. I loved being where I belonged. Where I longed to be. I did subsequent apprenticing with a master Rolfer and others and trained formally and took great anatomy classes. I also trained in mind/body psychotherapy in a non violent client centered approach. It blew my mind to get this approach of gentle listening to body, mind and the unconscious.

All of this (19 years) has led me to believe that the body has wisdom and no pain is an expression of anything but that wisdom. Pain is a signal of something immediately wrong or of something that has been compensated for, for too long. I have learned that respecting the wisdom of the bodies I see, and appreciating the people in those bodies can bring about the space for healing to occur. I love this “work”.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


on this saturday
would like to share~~


by Maureen

When reading the blogs, I couldn’t help but thinking back to my childhood. The talks of comfort foods made me think of what a terrible cook my mom was!! And how my father could have been a professional chef.

I thought back about the tree/bicycle experience I had posted a few days ago! And I started to recall some of the stupid stuff I did as a kid. Now mind you, my brother is 8 years older then I am, so it was part of his entertainment to encourage his baby sister to do a lot of those stupid things! And hey, if it killed me, then he could be an only child again!!

When I was 4 or 8 or 12 or 16, it was fearlessness - - not reckless abandon or stupidity! It was something to do, and if I achieved my stunt, then it was not stupid. If I didn’t, oh well, I suppose even I would have to think it was pretty dumb! If mom knew, I’m sure I would have been locked in my room for my own safety, but, by the time she found out it was either a moot point or we were on the way to the emergency room!

When we lived in Milwaukee, we had a pool in our backyard. Before I was allowed in, I had to have swimming lessons. I mastered that just fine. Our pool wasn’t that big, and I think maybe 4 feet deep. We also had telephone lines that were above the pool. And the pool was adjacent to the garage. Since I was now a pre-Olympic swimmer (yeah, in my dreams along with Olympic Ice Skater AND Olympic Gymnast!) I “needed” to be an expert diver, too. Now, if I saw someone attempt to dive into 4 feet of water headfirst, I would kill them to keep them safe!! But, thankfully I survived that feat. After all, if my “older and wiser” brother and his friends jumped off the garage into the pool - what’s a dive from the ladder!!! Oh yeah, the phone lines...I was the pool toy that my brother and his friends attempted to throw me over!! And I let them!! INSANE!

Then there was the hill. It was wicked steep. And oh so much fun to pedal as fast as we could on the flat part...then take off down the hill...cross the street and crash into the lawn!!!! Did I mention this was pre-helmet laws!! I got away with that a number of times, until I used my brother’s 5 speed bike! I think it only had one speed by the time I got in trouble for that and I had a variety of scratches, cuts and bruises!! Would I ever try that now????? Are YOU insane??!!

Speaking of bikes, when I was about 13, I just had to perfect my bike riding skills. Ya never knew when they were going to add bike stunts to the Olympics!! :D I was able to ride standing up. I was able to ride with no hands. But could I ride standing up with no hands? YES I COULD - –for about 15 feet when I found a pot-hole! And the pavement found me! That was a fun trip to the emergency room!! NOT!! The pain of them resetting my finger and digging street outta my hip was as insane as the stunt! Oh, my bike fared much better then I did!

Have I told you about the Olympic cheerleading dream? I had to be a cheerleader. I was a fat kid and fat teen and now a fat old lady!!. There really was no way that I was going to stand up in front of other junior high students in that short skirt with my fat thighs exposed. Kids could be cruel. But, I had to try anyhow. I could do the splits, back walk overs, flips and all the other gymnastics required. And I had to be the best at split jumps of ANYONE. Did ya know that you can get really good air if you do the jumps OFF THE PORCH?! It was no problem...until I landed in the bushes!! Maybe I wasn’t fearless or insane...just not too bright!

Then there were the flips and dives off the high dive at the community pool! Would I try that now? NO WAY! NOT EVER! But at 13 and the lifeguard was gorgeous, it was necessary! I didn’t suffer any bodily harm, but I did get kicked out of the pool because it was to dangerous and not allowed!! (p.s - 34 years later I dated that handsome lifeguard!)

Oh those days were fun. Never a chance to be bored. No sitting in the house playing video games. No being sensible. Not ever having fear and trying everything. And I have lived to be an old lady!!

What did you do then that you would never do now? Do or did your kids think they are invincible? Share your I don’t think I was the only insane kid!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Confessions of an Addict

our dear MEK
confesses her addictions
on our daily blog

Confessions of an Addict

By MEK in AZ

NO, NO, not drugs!! It’s another kind of addiction. Obsession might be a better word. I feel the need to “collect” any kind of scrapbook, card making or stamping product out there. I have been attempting to reorganize my craft area and am not having much success. I purchased several storage cubes to make a user friendly area in our loft. I collected TONS of coupons over the weeks/months from family and neighbors, in order to get them all at a discount. It took awhile to convince Mr. MEK to FINALLY put them together for me (golf course was always calling his name, and I don’t blame him). We spent two days working together to assemble them and get them into the perfect configuration. SO, I started filling the drawers, labeling, etc. and I discovered, I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!!!!!!!! Good grief!! I am ADDICTED!!! I AM OBSESSED!!!!

I must own EVERY tool known to a scrap booker (heck, some I own twice – LOL) Some I forgot that I owned!! …….. die cutting systems, adhesives, punches, stamp sets, ink pads, pens, pencils, chalk, ribbons, OH MY, (yes, even found another bag filled with holiday ribbon!!), brads and eyelets to last a life time, tons of embellishments, and PAPER coming out, well, you know, …… patterned paper, cardstock, card stacks, kits from QVC - you name it – I own it.

I have filled all of the cubes and drawers and still have TONS of stuff left in the other room. I spent so much time “collecting” things that I don’t actually “make” anything. To feed the addiction, I just bought several rubber stamps and a new circle punch on my way home today, just because. AND, to make matters worse, I have two Michael’s coupons that are burning a hole in my pocket – trouble is, I own the WHOLE store and it’s getting harder and harder to find anything to buy!! So, I need to get over the obsession of buying and collecting and actually MAKE something!! But, you see if I make something, then I might have to buy more stuff! Therefore, the addiction and the obsession!!!!! (Okay, I am also obsessed with using too many exclamation points!!!!)

So, I was just wondering – does anyone else have any addictions or obsessions? Do you buy stuff that you never use? Do you collect something you have no idea why you do?

OH – and to feed my addiction/obsession, QVC will have having scrap booking day Sunday night and Monday – Mr. MEK said he was going to have the channel blocked in our hotel room!! LOL what’s a girl to do?

I hope everyone has an excellent day!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


today our daily blog
is from Shirley(NCC-1701)

it is amazing how our minds work!


by Shirley (NCC-1701)

Why is it that you can never remember what you need to remember when you need to remember it, but as soon as you lay your head on the pillow it all comes flooding back? Does anyone else lie awake at night wondering if that stain will come out or maybe the next time you make chicken you will try this side dish instead of that? Maybe I'll try that cleaner in the bathroom next. Why, at 1,2,or 3 o'clock in the morning do I even give a s..t. My mind seems to think it is important. Too bad we didn't have a remote control to mute the voices! Sometimes I am awake for an hour thinking of the stupidest stuff.

Does anyone else have that problem?

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ash Wednesday

today's daily blog
is from our night owl

~Ash Wednesday in Utah~
~For Zona~

Growing up in Southern California, I had no concept of what it would be like to live someplace where people didn't understand your beliefs, or at least be somewhat aware of them. The church on the corner nearest our house was Baptist. The next closest church was Presbyterian, followed by Calvary Chapel, and then our Catholic Church. On Ash Wednesday, the first day of the season of Lent, our church was packed with all the students in the school and our parents. Some of the other churches had services, some didn't. We would get our Ashes on our foreheads, and of course, compare whose was darkest or biggest or whose looked like a cross or just a smudge. It stayed on until it wore off from rubbing our forehead or until we washed it off at the end of the day. If we went somewhere after school, no one looked at us funny or commented. It's just the way it was!

For those of you not familiar with Ash Wednesday and Lent, here is a little explanation. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the 40 days of Lent, which doesn't include Sundays and ends on Holy Thursday. Lent is a time of new beginnings and is an Old English word for Spring. Catholics believe it is a time to simplify your life, especially by eliminating harmful behaviors and attitudes. We use the time for fasting, prayer, "giving up" something, and, equally important, doing a little extra something for someone. As children, we always, ALWAYS gave up watching television. We were allowed to watch one program once a week during Lent. It was always The Brady Bunch! You have no idea how it killed us to give up TV. We also gave up candy. Back then, on our way home from school, there was a Carnation Ice Cream shop that sold candy for a penny or a nickel…..AND I LOVED IT!!! So giving up candy was hard for me. Oh, I almost forgot… aren't supposed to let others see, by the look on your face, or any other way, that what you have given up is causing you any discomfort or stress. Not until I was older did I realize that my mother had a hard time with that part. On Friday's and on Ash Wednesday, we do not eat meat if we are over the age of 14 yrs old, and we are asked to also Fast, meaning that we have only one meal or one regular meal and two small meals. I have to laugh because I remember my mother just whining that she was "so hungry"!

On Ash Wednesday, we go to mass and during the service, the priest uses ashes to make a cross on our foreheads. He uses the leftover palms from the previous year's Palm Sunday which are burned and sometimes mixed with Holy Water. The priest says, "Remember that you are dust, and unto dust you shall return." The ashes symbolize repentance and purification. They are a reminder to us that life passes away on Earth.

In 1993, my little family moved to Utah…..just Mr. Tina~, my one year old, and me. Mr. Tina~ went to work for the Catholic Church and I went to work for Delta. One of the first questions people asked us was, "Are you a member of The Church?" My answer was always, "Yes!" Mr. Tina~ had to always correct me and tell them we were Catholic. I just thought it was the craziest question! Mr. Tina~ started telling everyone who he worked for, and that quickly nipped the other question in the bud! Our first Ash Wednesday was hilarious for me…..and it was just a regular day for Mr. Tina~ I went to Church like normal, got my ashes, and went off to work. On my first break, I was walking around and noticed the odd stares. Now I know what you are thinking…..but these stares were even more strange than the ones I normally got!!!! Then, one lone soul decided to be brave and whispered to me that I had dirt on my forehead. Of course I laughed and explained what it was. You would have thought I was from another planet. (be quiet Lynn~) She had no idea what I was talking about. The next year, the same thing happened….and the next….and the next. I don't know if it's the devil in me or what, (again Lynn….shhhhh) but now I make sure the ashes are in the shape of a cross and they are DARK!! It's fun to see who the first person will be to say something to me. I guess I took the diversity for granted in SoCal. It's something that I miss and something I wish my children could experience here.

I'm not going to tell you what I'm giving up for Lent, but I will tell you that it'll benefit me, as well as others. I also want to look for something I can DO to help others. I have found that sometimes that is more important, and hubby and I are trying to teach our children the same.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Comfort Foods

there are times when i just
need my very favorite comfort
food of all times "french fries"
with brown gravy and ketchup

yep, thats what does it for me!

the most fattening of all foods
just makes me feel wonderful
it warms my heart and my arteries

once a week, usually on saturdays
is when i allow for this tasty treat
and when they arrive at my table
there is nothing anyone can do to
stop me, i dive right in!

comfort foods are needed at certain
times, as for me it gives me that
extra boost, so well needed at
weeks end, and when every last
"french fry" is gone from my dish
i accomplished what i set out to do

the feeling: satisfying
the taste: delish
the after: bloated

comfort foods, they just make
me smile!


Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl 42!

Giants Won!

i was astounded last nite
what a amazing game
2minutes left and they
pulled it off!

oh my, what a pass

Atlantic City erupted
the casino shook...
i held on and screamed
heck we all screamed!

way to Go Giants

Eli MVP, well deserved

congrats to all Giants Fans

i am on cloud nine!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


did you ever have a secret
that you have never told a soul?

when one tells you something
and asks for you to keep it a
secret do you?

do you know a secret about
someone you are close to
but can't tell them because
it will hurt their feelings?


i for one have no secrets, if
i have not told one person
than i have told another
all might not know the same
secret, as it seems i select which
secret to tell which person

if one asks me to keep a
secret, i keep it close to my
heart, i do not tell

and yes, if i know a secret that
will hurts one feelings, i keep it
a secret, as it is my way of protecting
them, but am i really protecting them?

not sure.....

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Your Memories?

our daily blog is from Mary/Mi

Your Memories

by Mary/Mi

I have always wondered what others first memories were. How far back do you remember. How much of it is what others have told you? Is it clear in your mind or just a fuzzy thought? The best I can remember is the age of 6 and my first year of school. I was held back one year to go with my little sister. It was a choice I wish they had not made. I always felt out of place being older. I remember little snippet's here and there, but not a lot. Our family didn't take many pictures of us when we were small, but the few I have are precious to me. I think it is wonderful that MEK and others have taken up scrap booking. Preserve your families history. Hopefully later generations will appreciate it. I would love to hear of your first memories.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Ten Fingers and Ten Toes

this daily blog is
from sandie
one of our new Night Owls!

it just seems to me
that "everything happens for a reason"
so true!

Ten Fingers and Ten Toes

by Sandie

My husband came home from work one day in March 1995 and said that he was being offered a three-year position in South Korea. He asked how I felt about that. I was terrified. Our boys were four and six at the time, perfect ages to take a tour . . . but Korea? I had visions of Mash running through my head. But we went. Little did I know that it would be one of the most special times in our lives.

My husband and I were thrilled with our two little boys and had decided that we were not going to have any more children. But one day in about the middle of our three-year tour, a friend asked me if I ever regretted not having a third child. I told her that I sometimes did, especially since I had always wanted a little girl. My husband overhead that conversation and later told me that he had been thinking the same thing. He asked me if I wanted to adopt a Korean baby. I was on the phone with the Korean adoption agency the next day.

Since it was a “local” adoption, it was a much easier process than adopting an Asian baby from the States. But, it wasn’t so easy for us. We were told that my husband was one month past the age limit! He had just turned 45. Well, I wasn’t about to let that stop me! I visited that orphanage every week, and soon got to know the ladies working there. They would roll their eyes when they saw me coming and chatter in Korean—I’m sure about the lady who couldn’t adopt but wouldn’t go away!

One day I met a Korean woman who knew of a different orphanage and she said she would be willing to take me there. This orphanage had babies but could not process the adoption paperwork—only the orphanage I had been talking to could actually do the adoption process. But, we went anyway.

My husband and I met with the head of the orphanage who told us that he had a six month old baby girl but she “was not perfect” and that we should come back another time. We asked to see her. My husband picked her up and as they looked into each others eyes, he said, “This is her, she is ours.” She was beautiful—she was perfect. She was missing a finger on each hand—she had a thumb and three fingers on each hand. We honestly didn’t give it a second thought.

After lots of pleading and me running all over Seoul with special paperwork, the other adoption agency agreed to take our case and by Christmas she was home. She was 7 and ½ months when she joined our family. And we have never looked back. She is our angel.

So whenever I hear a new Mom (and you hear it a lot in movies and on television) say that she first made sure the baby had ten fingers and toes, I shake my head. You see, our little girl is just perfect with eight.