Friday, October 28, 2016

A Horse, A Chicken and A Harley

by Dianne

On the farm lived a chicken and a horse, both of whom loved to play together. 

One day the two were playing, when the horse fell into a bog and began to sink. 

Scared for his life, the horse whinnied for the chicken to go get the farmer for help! 

Off the chicken ran, back to the farm. Arriving at  the farm, he searched and searched for the farmer, but to no avail, for he had gone to town with the only tractor. 

Running around, the chicken spied the farmer's new Harley. 

Finding the keys in the ignition, the chicken sped off with a length of rope hoping he still had time to save his friend's life. 

Back at the bog, the horse was surprised, but happy, to see the chicken arrive on the shiny Harley, and he managed to get a hold of the loop of rope the chicken tossed to him. 

After tying the other end to the rear bumper of the farmer's bike, the chicken then drove slowly forward and, with the aid of the powerful bike, rescued the horse! 

Happy and proud, the chicken rode the Harley back to the farmhouse, and the farmer was none  the wiser when he returned. 

The friendship between the two animals was cemented : Best Buddies, Best Pals. 

A few weeks later, the chicken fell into a mud pit, And soon, he too, began to sink and cried out to the horse to save his life! 

The horse thought a moment, walked over, and straddled the large puddle. 

 Looking underneath, he told the chicken to grab his hangy-down thing and he would then lift him out of the pit. 

The chicken got a good grip, and the horse pulled him up and out, saving his life. 

The moral of the story, (yep, you betcha, there IS a moral)” 

"When You're Hung Like A Horse, You Don't Need A Harley To Pick Up Chicks".


Mary/MI said...

Re-post from area 51, cuz I am an idiot lol! I knew it was the old post and wrote in it anyway!!

Dianne, you are not much older than me, remember?
Jim has a bit of trouble ready small print, so he had to get bifocals.
I don't usually dress up to DJ. I used to, but it was hard to see my puter screen and work my keyboard with costumes on. I just wear black, and dress up my DJ table.

Barb, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Will you be tipping one tonight??
You gals have a great time! It's so much fun having "mini ho-fests!! Hopefully some day we can all get together again!
I prolly won't be online too much tomorrow except for my iphone. I will be busy getting ready for the DJ job. I have to pack my Jeep and hope I don't forget anything! So many cables,wires,speakers,light & stands pack! Some places have bad electrical outlets, or need long extension cords to reach my equipment. You never know until you get there. We do know what to expect tomorrow as we have been there before. One time they lost power! Yah just never know lol!~

The pup is growing and doing great. She is very smart and learning commands quickly.

Jim just made reservations for a few days in Vegas. I told him to go, that I would watch the dogs. He needs to get away. I told him I do it lol!!

Well, my back is aching sitting here, so I will lay down for a bit and use my phone for FB....lATER

Mary/MI said...

BTW, Dianne, your post was hilarious!!!

Dianne said... party girls are not checking in!!! I'm here not at a party :(. Took my friend barb to dinner tonight for her bday tomorrow. We are going to brunch and gambling tomorrow for a few hours to celebrate. I'm dragging Louis with me to drive me up there. He's not thrilled as he wants to be home for the Bronco game at 2. We will be home for half time unless we are winning..,ha ha.

I cleaned more today the shelves in my closet. Only have one more to go and then clothes and up I will be on to the office.....feels so good.

What are you girls up to? I'm sure having lots of fun

Mary/MI said...

Dianne, I hope they won't be needing bail money lol!!

Jim & I DJ/Karaoke Sat. for a Halloween party at the American Legion. It was a lot of fun! They sure love to dress up! They had a lot show up for the costume contest.
My son Tony, had told me that I would not be recognizing him, he was right! I was sure I had figured out which one was him! He had a scary mask on that had nasty teeth when he opened his mouth! Scared the hell out of me lol!

This coming week is busy with my Jeep's first oil change, Queenie's first Vet visit, winterizing the house inside and out. I have to do my closet and drawers again. I have too much crap! Dianne, you are way ahead of me!
Yay for your Broncs! Our Lions suck!!

Dianne said...

I'm so lonesome....hi anyone that will hear me.

So sorry about Lynn falling down. Hope you are better today. I think all of us fear falling down so much. It was very nice of the boys to help you.

I finished my last shelf in the bathroom to clean. My goodness I had a lot of makeup I don't even wear!! Now it's on to my office in the next round...that will take awhile. I have a lot of crap too, Mary

Mary/MI said...

Awe Dianne, I'm here! I would love to drop over just to talk your head off lol! It's just not fair that we all live so far apart!

Today was Queenie's first Vet appt. She was very well behaved. I took a small bag of poop to have test this morning. I will spare you the details lol! I knew right away what the Vet. was going to tell me...she has worms!! I am so glad we have not let Zoie near here too much. Of course that was mostly her idea lol! Queenie is now quarantined to the porch and fenced in area. We have not let Zoie out there since Queenie has been here, so I am happy about that!

It has been raining all day here. I am so not looking forward to the time change this week end! Dianne, do your clocks stay the same?

I made Spanish rice and enchiladas for supper. The kitchen is noe clean and I am ready to relax!!

Dianne said...

Mary, our clocks fall back Saturday night. Dark early...yuck!! I made chicken, corn and rice in the crockpot. Louis said it was good but maybe use hamburger next time!! Kind of hard to make chicken and rice with hamburger. He watched World Series tonight and I watched the CMA. MUSIC Awards. I didn't love that Beyonce and Dixie Chicks performed on it. It was 50 year show so lots of the old timers were there and singing their old songs. It was a good show.

Went to WW and gained a pound and I didn't have one piece of Halloween candy!! Dang it.

Wonder when we will hear from jl and Barb again. Miss them.

Mary/MI said...

Dianne, I kept switching from the CMAs to the ball game. What a night eh?
I couldn't believe they had Beyonce on a Country show lol! The DC are not my fave either, but then I am an old fogie lol!!
I love seeing and hearing the good old country stars. What is up with Randy Travis? I know he had a bad drinking problem, but something else was going on! I was shocked to see how much weight Vince Gil had gained. He looked so uncomfortable! I love him anyway. He has the best voice!! He will be at our casino, I believe this month or next. I will have to check on tickets.

Just_Lin said...

Mary I did the same thing you did. Here is my post that I put on the wrong blog.

Hi, HOoters! Well, I got home yesterday and I'm still sick and I'm tired. I had a great time on the cruise with my daughter and a great time after that with Lynn and Barb. I wish I hadn't brought cold germs with me as I ended up passing it on to Barb. Initially, I thought it was just my allergies acting up from the air in the airplane. I'm going to have to go to the gross-ry store today as I have nothing in the house except coffee and canned soups. I should probably stock up on orange juice and Kleenex. LOL

Mary How cute that Jim is so smitten with his new puppy! That's great and what a good influence she is on him getting him out for walks. You know when he goes to Vegas he'll be calling to check on her and make sure you are feeding her correctly. LOL

Dianne Maybe Kayla needs to start looking more realistically at her long-term goal of wanting to be a nurse. That requires education and the easiest way to get that is by living at home where you are supported, emotionally and financially, so you can concentrate on your studies in order to reach that goal. Sleeping in a car is not going to get her where she wants to go......that is, if she's even serious about wanting to be a nurse.

Barb I hope you are feeling better today. i'm so sorry that I made you sick. :( After leaving your house, I went to Elizabeth's to get the dog. I thought it would be too late to take her our for a birthday lunch but her 1:30 conference call got cancelled so we went out to lunch, after all. Since I had just had breakfast with you a little over an hour before (I didn't tell her that), I just had some soup which seemed appropriate with this cold, anyway.

November 2, 2016 at 1:49 PM Delete

sacBarb said...

Hellooo. I have not been very active the past two days. I have a cold and only got out of bed to feed the cats yesterday. Been coughing a lot and not getting much sleep. Don't feel much better today. I was supposed to go see The Sound of Music today, but I gave my ticket to Jennifer and one of her co-workers used it. I have been in and out of bed all day. I stay up until my eyelids get heavy, then the cats and I take a nap. I hope I can get more sleep tonight. Tomorrow night my son and family are taking my DIL to dinner for her birthday, but I won't be going unless I have a miraculous recovery.

I had such a good time with Lynn and J/L and the week went by so fast. We went to the movies twice. The three of us saw The Accountant, and Lynn and I saw Inferno while J/L stayed home and slept. She had a cold and a bad cough and wasn't sleeping well, so she opted to stay home. We had quite an adventure going to Apple Hill. I had never been there and the gps directions seemed to be taking us in the wrong direction at one point, so we didn't follow it. We ended up going in a big circle before we found where we wanted to go. We also did a lot of laughing!

sacBarb said...

J/L, It looks like we were typing at the same time or at least you were moving your post at the same time as I was typing. LOL

Just_Lin said...

Barb I'm so sorry I passed my cold germs on to you and that you will miss your DIL's birthday dinner. I know you were looking forward to catching up with her mother. LOL I'm really sorry that you couldn't go to The Sound of Music with your friend. :(

I still have more snot than should be allowed in one human head. My dog is very bored with me. At least you have pets that like to be lazy. I did take the dog to the vet today to get her rabies shot. She didn't find that to be much in the way of outings, though. One vaccine, 3 month supply of heartworm preventative, and a 3 month supply of flea and tick preventative came to $122. Unbelievable! I guess I shouldn't have stopped working there. Employee discounts rock!

Mary/MI said...

JustLin, My Vet bill was almost that for Queenie! Her worming meds have worked and she is getting the all clear to come inside. We changed all her bedding,cleaned her house and indoor kennel. I hope your cold doesn't hang on too long!

Barb, I am so sorry you are laid up! IU know you and JLin are friends and all that, but did you have to let her share her cold lol!I hope you both feel better soon!

Sunday I will be going to my 8th Tai Chi class. I am pretty proud of myself for sticking to it. A few times I thought it might be too much for me.Good thing I have been practicing standing on one foot lol!! It has really coming in handy!

Dianne, What's happening in your world?

sacBarb said...

J/L, Yes I am very upset that I will miss caching up with Dean's MIL...NOT! I thought of going just to sit next to her and coughing on her. I, too, am one huge snot ball. It's a good thing I buy Kleenex from Costco. I have already gone through a whole box! Tara has been totally avoiding me because I scare her every time I cough. Mellie is loyal, though! :)

Mary, Good for you keeping up with the Tai Chi class. I should do something like that to help my balance. I still have some vertigo issues and at times I walk like I am a little drunk.

Dianne, I'll be watching the BIG game on Sunday. That's all I have to say about that! ;)

Jodi, What's going on in your world?

Dianne said...

Hi.....well, my good friend had a birthday dinner for me. It was so nice of her. There were about 20 people there. Both my kids were there and my three grandsons. my son doesn't come to a lot because he's working all the time so it was so nice to have them there. Very thoughtful party and fun.

Barb, tomorrow night is the night. Now as I remember we usually make a bet and you give ten points when it is a home game plus you have one of our old Bronco coachs and we like him so maybe a few more points?? I hope you're feeling better. Sorry u had to miss the dinner. Sounds like you three had a good visit and fun.

Jl, I hope you also are feeling better. It seems like you always get a cold when you travel. You'd better start taking Emergency or whatever that stuff is to keep germs away from you. Tell us about your cruise. When do you go to your brothers?

MARY, that's great you keep up with your class. You're determined!!! What are you doing this weekend? Hop on a plane and come have a bday lunch with me!

We leave on our Branson vacation two weeks from today. I can't believe it's here already. I sure hope this weather holds.

Just_Lin said...

Mary Good for you for staying with the Tai Chi lessons. I should try to do something to practice my balance, too. There are some balancing poses I learned at Curves that I could do here at home. I haven't gone to Curves in about a year now. It seemed like my sciatica was always getting stirred up when I would go. As far as cost goes, I guess I see Weight Watchers online as being my trade-off.

It's very common for puppies and kittens to have worms. At least it should clear up easily with medication.

Just_Lin said...

Barb I hope you're feeling better today. I'm continuing to go through the Kleenex. I did go out and run a couple of errands today but I'll probably stay home tomorrow. With a little luck, we might get rain during the night tonight.

Just_Lin said...

Dianne Your birthday dinner sounds lovely. What a thoughtful thing for your friend to do.

Lately it does seem like I get sick when I travel. I think I'll blame it on the airplane flights. I have other friends who have caught this bug and it lasts a long time. I think this is day 9 for me.

The cruise was fun and we totally enjoyed our dinner companions. We both lost money in the casino, as usual. I don't know what I was thinking, but on the flight to Vancouver I had my large hairspray and another large size hair product in my carry-on and it got confiscated by the TSA. I had to buy replacement products at a pharmacy in Vancouver. As it turns out, I'm liking the styling putty I got and it costs a lot less than the stuff I was buying at the hairdresser's.

I'm scheduled to go to my brother's next Saturday unless he ends up cancelling his surgery. We shall see.

Mary/MI said...

Dianne,It was a pretty quiet weekend. Today I had my Tai Chi class, it was a bit more challenging! One of the other students stayed behind to help me through the moves. He said it actually helps him, to help me lol! 3 more Sundays and then nothing until Jan. then I will be in the advanced class. It does take a lot of balance and coordination. Sometimes I feel like I have two left feet and no knowledge of left and right lol!

I have flown many times and have never gotten sick. Sometimes I think our immune system weakens when stressed or tired. My eyes are what cause me to see flecks or my back muscles hurt when I get home, prolly from stress traveling. Lucky you, get colds lol!

JustLin, I sure envy your cruisin'. I hope to go again some day. I would only go south lol.Hate cold weather!
I totally forgot I had a small bottle of water in my small carry on bag. They wouldn't even let me drink it :(.

SacBarb, I am wondering if drinking lemon martinis would off set your "drunk" vertigo? LOL!!

Dianne said...

Wow....watching the game so far Barb...good thing you gave me all those points as it looks like I'll need them!! Well, at least we like your coach. Will be back after game.

Dianne said...

"'s over. Ugly playing by the Broncos. Congrats Barb. Waited all day for that boring game!! Now you Raiders are in first place in our division.

Went to lunch with a friend today to hear about a trip she went on to see Blake Shelton. She had VIP passes and meet and greet. Sounded like fun but just the tickets were over $200 plus airfare and hotel to Minnesota. She's only 39 and single and enjoying life. I used to kind of work with her.

Barb, are you feeling better? Are you, JL? Please keep your germs at your house. I don't want to get sick.

Jl, are you thinking your brother will cancel his surgery? You already have your plane ticket too, right?

MARY, wow already going to be moving up to advanced class. I think that's really good. I'll bet you are the star of the class. Nice of that person to stay and help you.

We are still having weather in the 70's. I hope it holds out until after our trip.

Just_Lin said...

Dianne Happy birthday! Are you doing anything special today? Remember, you're only as old as you feel. Well, that would make me about 90. LOL

Yes, I already have my plane ticket but at least it was only $136. Unfortunately, United is the only airline that flies to Ontario, CA, so I was happy to get such a reasonable price. It's usually more than that even though the flight is only about 1 hr and 10 minutes long. My brother is concerned about how much he will have to pay of the surgeon and hospital bills so he is meeting with his agent. The only reason he can afford any insurance coverage at all is because of Obamacare. If his deductible hasn't been met yet, he may have to wait until he is on Medicare which would be next September. Until then, he will continue to be in great pain with both his knees.

Just_Lin said...

Mary I don't know why I've been getting sick lately after traveling. I guess it could be because of germs on the slot machines. LOL Also, I guess I get tired and a little run down from all the extra activities. My normal life style is pretty relaxed. In other words, I'm out of shape. LOL

Dianne said...

JL, I hope he can get his surgery done. I know that knee pain hurts. Is he getting both knees done or one at a time?

I've had a nice bday. I went to lunch with my friend of 60 years. It was fun. Louis and I are going to dinner Friday night. I wanted to watch all the Election results here tonight. We had some interesting amendments up this year that I was interested in too It's been a long night. I'm going to breakfast early with kayla tomorrow morning. Her dad gave her money to take me. We shall see if she still has it tomorrow!

Hard to really believe that I'm 70. Thank you so much for the nice card. I appreciate it.

Are you feeling better? How about you Barb ?

Mary/MI said...

Happy Birthday Dianne! Will you be stretching it out like last year lol!

Not much celebrating going on here, but trying to stay positive. I got up, put on my big girl pants and went to lunch with my G.M. friends. After lunch I went to a fabric store with my friend Virginia. I am having her make theme type cute aprons for Christmas gifts. While there I spotted fabric with Dachshunds on it, soooo, she is making me one too lol!!

My roots were screaming gray big time and my salon apptmt isn't until next week. I bought a small spray can close to my hair color and was surprised how well it covered my gray! It only lasts till next shampoo or until you rub it off like I did over night lol! I will defiantly use it again!

It is beautiful outside so I think I will go out and enjoy it while I can. Snow is not too far behind!!

sacBarb said...

Dianne, Two of my boys are really jazzed that the Raiders are in first place. I haven't really watched many games this season, but I did watch last Sunday. I didn't find it boring at all! :)

I'm glad you had a nice birthday with all that celebrating. I hope the breakfast with Kayla goes well.

sacBarb said...

J/L, Isa there as chance your brother will cancel his surgery? Doesn't he have ACA insurance? He should probably have it done before Chump overturns it.

I hope your cold is better. I am a little better, but still coughing a lot. I cancelled a dental appointment today because of the coughing.

sacBarb said...

Mary, How's the new fur baby doing? Puppies are so cute and they grow up so fast.

Just_Lin said...


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