Thursday, November 24, 2016

~ Happy Thanksgiving ~


Dianne said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE. I hope you all had an enjoyable day. We went to three shows today and had our dinner on a riverboat with a Christmas show...very fun. Also, very different for us to spend a holiday away from home. I just wanted away from the drama this year.

JL, my goodness, your brother is a walking miracle! How great that he's doing so well so fast. Are you still going to stay the same length of time?

Barb in Wa....boy, I hope you started feeling better today with all those people coming to your house for dinner. It would not be fun to do all that work and feel yucky!!

Mary and Barb, what did you do today?

Just_Lin said...

Dianne, it sounds like you had a fun Thanksgiving with no drama. Yay! I cooked for my brother and I and everything turned out good. I love turkey dinners. Today we are both very lazy. I even took a nap. Good thing dinner of leftovers tonight will be easy.

I will stay here until the 3rd as planned as it is too expensive to change my flight. I hope my brother recovers even half as fast when he gets the right knee done. Of course, he won't be driving as quickly with the right one as he has now.

Mary/MI said...

Hi there! I have recovered from Thanksgiving dinner. After everyone left, my son took off like a mad man and had my kitchen sparkling in no time! I was never so happy to have the help. I try not to judge my sister and her girls too harshly when they eat and run. They all work and I was happy too see them at all! They loaded up with left overs. I felt bad when I noticed Jaimie forgot hers.She is the only one living alone.
Zoie and I took a long nap after the food was put away and kitchen was cleaned.

It has been cold and raining for 3 days! Ugh, such a downer, especially with the days getting darker earlier! I have been getting up earlier to get my trips done before dark. I mostly miss my evening walks with Zoie :(

JustLin, I am shocked at how well your son is doing! It took me a long time before getting around unassisted. I had a lot of physical therapy and still didn't have a lot of motion in my knee. Good for him! It has been over 12 years for me, so I am sure things have changed for the better.

Just_Lin said...

Thanks, Mary, but Stan is my brother, not my son. It is quite remarkable how well he's doing. Speaking of sons, good for your son for heading straight to the kitchen to do clean up duty. You must have been exhausted. I know I was and I was only cooking for the two of us.

Mary/MI said...

JustL, Dang, I knew it was your brother lol! I will no doubt do it again! You may correct every time!!

Jim and I went to the Casino for a couple of hrs tonight.We ate at their steak house. The filet Mignon was awesome! It was comped through Jim's slot card points. I only won a tiny bit. It's over an hr drive, but loved the time away!

Tomorrow is my last Tai Chi class. I will miss the camaraderie more than anything. At least I met a wonderful lady who doesn't live too far from me.She lives in a tiny house they built when they retired. Her hubby is disabled. They are both very sweet.

Time to head to bed. I think the one glass of wine I had has made me sleepy, which is a good thing. I may not hear the snoring lol!

Dianne said...

On our way home. We are in Salina, KS tonight and home tomorrow. We had a really fun time with so many good shows....not one bad one. We saw Kenny Rogers retirement tour. He's 78 now and his voice for high notes is not there but he fully admits it. He had Linda Davis there to join him for some songs too. He had to sit down due to knee replacement. It was a full house and lot of memories with the songs and videos from long ago. Each show had Christmas in it so I'm for sure in the spirit.

I have to get home and unpack, do laundry and pack for Vegas. The weather has really been cooperating with us too ...hope it lasts for the weekend. I was eating eggs this am and some part of my temps cracked. I'm so. Ummed. I emailed my dentist and she told me not to fret and we'd fix it Tuesday. I'm fretting and I can't even eat over there now and that's the side I've been eating on because of that other break. I will be so glad to be done with this whole thing.

Sounds like you all had a nice thanksgiving. Mary, how nice of your son to do all the clean up. You raised him right.

JL, your brother amazes me. Is he even going to have to go for physical therapy? What are you doing while you're there?

Barb, how did you like that movie? I don't really know what it's about or who's in it.

Guess I'd better go to bed. Had to stay up late to watch the broncos lose in OT. Sad loss and we needed to win this game. We are not wearing Bronco items while here as we are in Kansas City Chiefs territory and that's who we played tonight.

andrea chiu said...

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sacBarb said...

Dianne, I'm glad you had a good time and had good weather. I'm not sure I'd pay to see Kenny Rogers. He has had so much plastic surgery, he doesn't even look like Kenny Rogers any more. He is almost scary looking!

I liked the movie a lot. Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner are in it. Jeremy Renner is from a town close to Sacramento, so it's good to see a local boy make it in Hollywood. The story is about aliens arriving in big space ships in several cities around the world. Amy Adams plays a linguist specialist and the military asks her to help with the interpretation of their language so they can communicate with them. It was a really good movie, imo. said...

Hi Ladies. Sounds like everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I was all drugged up and was able to get through dinner without feeling too crappy. About an hour or so afterwards I started to feel it again. Spent the next three days in bed. Which was a bummer because I didnt get to spend much time with Bryan who came down for the first time in years for Thanksgiving. And I ended up getting him sick. I feel bad about that. Tried to stay away from him, but he got it anyway. Robert is good so far. They are leaving this Friday for San Fransisco for the Pac 12 Championship game UW Huskies vs CO Buffs. Robert is super pumped about the game since he is a fan of both the Huskies and Buffs. He is pulling for the Huskies though :-)

Hope everyone is doing well!

Miss you Dianne :-(

Dianne said...

Hi barb...I miss you too. wish we were still having our lunches. Hmm, Robert won't be wearing his CU shirt this time, huh? Should be a fun game...hoping the Buffs pull it out. Hope you're feeling better. I'd ask you if you went to the dr but I already know the answer!

We (Tammy and I) are leaving Friday for Vegas for the George Strait concert. We are going with my friend and her daughter. I'm not thrilled about the travel part of it at all. I rented a scooter to use while I'm there. We made these plans a year ago and now I'm having second thoughts.

JL, boy that's something that your brother doesn't need therapy. He's a walking commercial for the doctor and knee replacement. How the weather out there?

I need to get my Christmas cards out when I get home. I have the envelopes done and all stamped ..just need to do the cards now. This is late for me.

Hi to Barb and Mary....

Mary/MI said...

New blog........