Sunday, May 1, 2016

~ The Babymaker ~

Ed Houben is Europe’s most virile man. And after years of donating sperm the “normal” way (sterile room, cup, cash), he and some women looking to get pregnant for free began cutting out the middlemen and getting it done as nature prefers it (sex!). Today, Houben has over a hundred children—and Ed the Babymaker is in greater demand than ever. We imagine you have some questions.... Read the full story

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sacBarb said...

Well, That was interesting and loooong! I read the beginning and the end and just skimmed all the middle. It sounds like this guy is keeping a record of all the children born so at least the chance of sisters and brothers marrying may be slim. I was creeped out when one of the FAQs was how many spouses are in the room when the deed is done and the answer was 20%.

Mary/MI said...

Good grief!!I guess every day is "Hump Day" for him!! Bleck!

Well, Jim leaves for Vegas tomorrow afternoon. I will meet him there on Friday, He feels better knowing Zoie will have me there. Matthew will be here too. He is weird lol! It is Kentucky Derby weekend so, he will be in his glory!

We were out to dinner last night when the guy who is supposed ti fix my wall came up to our table to tell us the window finally arrived! I wonder why he didn't call us? He said he would be over Tues to do the work, Finally! After 2 months! I hate being so disorganized! I had to drive to town tonight because I couldn't find my spare printer ink! I had to print out Jim's boarding pass!

Have a great week everyone!

Mary/MI said...

I went back to area "whateverwecalledit" 50? LOL.

JL, I only gambled a little on board ship. It just didn't have the same "flare" as Vegas!

Jim went out to retrieve today's Journal, and found 3 pretty large eggs on the lawn! None of our neighbors have chickens anymore. We think Roxie, our Lab, may have poached duck eggs by the creek. We have no idea what to do with them? Jim suggested breakfast? LOL!!

Time to get Jim packed and ready for his trip. He is bad at coordinating his outfits, so I make sure no matter what he chooses, it will not scream "I am clueless" lol!!


Just_Lin said...

Barb It is weird how many of the spouses stay in the room during this process. It gives new meaning to the saying "family affair". I think if I was the woman, I would not be able to relax with my spouse watching. I think orgasm would be out of the question. LOL Obviously, these people are desperate for a child so I guess in the long run, this guy is a blessing for them.

Just_Lin said...

Mary Well, I guess Roxie was doing her "retrieving" duties. I have no good suggestions about the eggs. I think if no one is sitting on them, they will not hatch. I feel sorry for the mommy duck. I wonder if Roxie left any of her eggs for her.

Ship casinos are not great and they are small by necessity. I still spend a lot of evening time there, though.

I forced myself to walk my dog on Saturday even though my hip was hurting the whole time. I had taken a couple of Extra Strength Tylenol (the only thing I'm allowed to take) about an hour prior to walking but it didn't help at all.

Jodi said...

Waving a wing from Wisconsin! It's been a long, crazy, and frustrating week. Starting last Monday I worked 7 days in a row. Milissa did books Tues - Thurs. What a shit show!! On Thursday she had to go back after our district meeting that she attended in the morning to finish. I offered to help, but she refused. I did books Friday - Sunday, and I must say, I don't know why she has so many problems. I know part of the reason. She's a squirrel. What I mean by that is that she gets easily distracted, and does everything everything half-assed!!

Last Tuesday I started PT again. Boy, she worked me over. My hips were out of alignment which was causing my leg to be 1 1/2 " longer than the other. She put my hips in the correct position and gave me more exercises, and ideas to help at work. I go back today and Friday. I'll see what she has to say about my left knee. When I was showering yesterday I noticed that it was twice the size of my right one. I had an appt with my dr yesterday morning for another issue, and when I brought up my knee, she thinks I might have arthritis in my left knee. OY!!! I spent most of the day yesterday elevating my leg and icing my knee. I'm sure it didn't help that I worked 7 days in a row. By the end of my shift on Sunday I was in tears and had to beg Milissa to let me go home a half an hour early.

Jodi said...

This morning I'm treating myself to a mani/pedi!! I'm going down to LOIS's this weekend and want to look my best. Besides that, I need some ME TIME!!!

I hope you are all doing well. I haven't caught up with comments in AREA 51. Sorry I missed a whole blog. LOVE YOU ♥

Jodi said...

P.S. I'm not sure what to make about the "Babymaker".....kinda creepy. Especially the ones that the hubby, or partner watched!

Dianne/Denver said...

Hi....oh Jodi, I'm so sorry you're feeling bad. That knee pain can really hurt. I hope your pt person can help. Yea, that 50 isn't too fun, is it? Wait until u reach 60!! How's Sam? Have fun this weekend and tell Lois hi for me.

Today I'm having lunch with my friend Barb and Barb GORDON. My Barb took a half a day off work so she could see her. They haven't seen each other since last Hofest. It should be a fun luncheon.

JL, good for you going on that walk even though it hurt. We are all a bunch of achy owls!! I enjoy the ship casinos too and seem to spend a lot of time in them....losing.

Mary. Well today is fix the wall day, right? I hope it gets done. So, your single for a few sure you behave!! Have fun in Vegas. That's sad about those eggs. Poor little mommy looking for her babies!

Barb, well, that kinda of creeped me out about the baby maker having the husband in there. I almost think I'd rather adopt. What's new with you? Any shows coming up? We have a Carol King one coming soon. Next weekend Tammy and I are going to my to see Barry Manilow for Mother's Day.

Kayla is still being kept from Jake and got her first job at the movies and starts today. Yippee!! Hopefully that will keep her busy.

Just_Lin said...

HOdi You definitely deserve some ME time. I'm sorry about your knee and I bet working 7 days in a row is part of the problem. That's a lot of time to be on your feet. Does your knee hurt at all?

I know you'll have a great time at Lois's. Maybe we should locate the bail money. :)

Just_Lin said...

Dianne I didn't know that Kayla was being kept away from the boyfiend. How are they managing to do that? Congrats to her for getting her first job. That will be helpful to keep her busy and thinking about something besides him. It should help with her confidence, too.

How nice that you are able to get together for lunch with Barb and Barbara. That was a fun Hofest. We should try to do that again in the not too distant future.

I saw Barry perform decades ago. I guess it was in the early 80's. Yikes! That's over 30 years ago. WTH? Where has the time gone? A friend and I saw him at a theater-in-the-round and we were seated very close to the stage; second row, I think. It was a great show.

sacBarb said...

Dianne, Congratz to Kayla for getting a job at the movie theater. I didn't know the parents were keeping her away from Jake-ass! Theater employees usually can get family and friends in for free so he may show up and still be able to see her. My Grandson worked at a movie theater through high school and Community College and we always got in for free. I didn't go that often, but his Dean and his wife went a lot. Maybe she'll hook up with a nice guy at work and dump Jake. We can only hope!

Mary/MI said...

My repair guy is still a no-show!If he hadn't mentioned that the window he ordered was in, I would have told him to forget it! 3 walls are freshly painted, my new office furniture is up and the new flooring is down!We (my son & I) have done all this work and he can't even do his job! I know he has other jobs going on, but this is ridiculous!! The hole is patched on the outside, so I'm not worried about bugs...yet lol! I would like my air conditioner back in!
OK, I'm done venting!

As you were....

Dianne/Denver said...

Oh Mary, I would be so darn mad even if you do know him. That was even makes it worse. I sure wouldn't tip him...if he ever shows up!! I'd be venting too snd calling him every minute. Did he show up today?

Barb, Tammy and andy are trying to keep her from Jake. She got her car back but unknown to her there is a gps in it so they r on the watch. Some of the boys at the theater are just waiting for him to show up. I don't think he will. I guess Kayla has a big bruise from him kicking her. She, Tammy and Andy go to counseling today together. I think she should block him. She told me he got two jobs and they r working it out. Tammy said that's just another place he can steal from now. Who even knows if it's true he's such a liar!! vent today :)
I love your name for him btw.

JL, how's that hip feeling. What r u doing for your bday? How's your dog doing? I have a good friend getting a rescue dog and they called me for a reference. I've never had that was just like a job reference call. I'm now the dog whisperer without a dog!!

Mary, almost time for you to leave tomorrow. Are you going to any shows?

Jodi, are you on your way yet to see Lois? It will be a fun way to spend Mothers Day.

I'm getting anxious for our trip. We leave on the 26th. I have it all mapped out with miles per day, shows and things to do in Nashville and Branson. We will be visiting Louis's kids in Louisville for four days first (and Beverly).

Barb, Barb and I had a very nice lunch. It was fun for them to catch up.

Mary/MI said...

Dianne, I called him today. His son answered. He always sounds like he is asleep! I practically begged him to tell his Dad that I wanted the job done soon! I told h im to have him call me, so far nothing!
I don't think I will be in Vegas long enough to see any shows. I would love to see Lionel Richie! Jim has been calling me twice a day. Today he actually said he couldn't wait until I got there! He has no one to talk to! That's a big admission for him lol!!

Gottah go. I am not packed yet. I will only be there 3 nights, so I won't be needing much. I hear it will be cool while I am there :(

Just_Lin said...

Mary I don't think I'd be using that contractor guy again.

That's sweet that Jim is missing you. I hope you have a great few days in Vegas. Sorry the weather is cooperating more. It would probably be perfect for me but I know you enjoy lounging about by the pool and getting some rays. You can probably still get into a show unless you just can't tear yourself away from the casino. LOL

Just_Lin said...

Dianne Thank you so much for the birthday cards. A friend is taking me to dinner at Benihana which is a favorite place of mine and I'm really looking forward to it.

My hip is a chronic problem and will not be getting any better. Well, maybe if I lost a lot of weight it might get better. I need to get myself dedicated to doing that.

My dog's foot is fully healed and she's been able to resume her fun outings with the other dogs. That's good that the pet adoption people called for references.

So there's a gps on the car Kayla uses, huh? That ought to prove to be illuminating. Very bad sign that Jake-ass was kicking Kayla. He's crossed a line and it will be easier for him to strike out next time. Isn't he considered to be an adult?

Just_Lin said...

Well, I had a nice birthday. It was a quiet day and then my friend took me to Benihana for dinner. I love that place! The food was delicious and I brought enough home for another meal! Oh, and they make a fine Bloody Mary, too. After dinner we went back to her house and her husband, knowing how much I like chocolate, had made a flour-less chocolate cake especially for the occasion. It is so dense it must weigh 5 lbs and so delicious. They wanted me to bring half of it home but I talked them into giving me just 1/4 of it. It keeps really well in the freezer and so I will continue to enjoy it a few more times. I need to get my own whipped cream to go with it, though.

Tina Thanks for posting the birthday song.

sacBarb said...

Dianne, OMG, Jake-ass has now become physically abusive toward Kayla? I hope she sees how bad that is and that she knows how that kind of thing escalates quickly. Great idea to put the gps on her car. They need to do all they can to protect her. It's good that the family is going to counseling. I hope it helps her and the parents.

You trip sounds like it will be fun. Beverly is going to be in Sacramento, but I am going to be in Henderson, NV with my high school friends while she is here. I will be back home for one day, then I leave for San Diego and Beverly flies out the same day from Sac . We may try to hook up for a bit at the airport.

sacBarb said...

J/L, I have never been to a Benihana. We have one here and maybe some day I will get there. My closet project is coming along nicely. It is pretty much done, but I am still waiting on a drawer set that won't be here until Tuesday. Michelle will be back on Tuesday to install it. There are even some empty spaces, just in case I get anymore stuff! LOL

sacBarb said...

Mary, How frustrating to have to wait so long to get that wall fixed! If you would like me to press my Uncle Guido into service, I would be happy to call him. He owes me a favor! Of course, them you would have to get a new contractor, so that's probably not a good idea! ;) Have fun in LV and win lots!

sacBarb said...

Jodi, Drive safely and have fun with LoHo - I know you will. Give her a hug from me, please> :)

sacBarb said...

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers! I will be going out to breakfast with Dean and then we are going to see Jungle Book. After that he is coming over to help me install the new pump for my Sleep Number bed because the one on it now is dead, and he will take out the stitches in my foot from the biopsy the dermatologist did about 10 days ago. I have had a reddish spot on the top of my foot that is getting bigger and I finally went to the doc to see about it. He didn't know what it was, so he took a biopsy. I haven't gotten the results yet, but he didn't feel it was anything serious. It is very ugly,though, and another one is starting on the other foot! GAAAA!!!!!

Just_Lin said...