Tuesday, July 4, 2017

~ Happy 4th of July ~


Just_Lin said...

HAPPY JULY 4th! I just wish people would celebrate it without all the illegal fireworks and explosives. We are one of only two cities in this county that allows Safe and Sane fireworks but that just gives cover to those who are setting off the illegal ones and explosives. The explosives really piss me off. I was hearing those late into the night last night and it will continue on for several more days, not just on the 4th. It really scares the animals, including my dog. I have to give her tranquilizers so she doesn't feel so scared and stresed out.

Dianne said...

JL, happy 4th to you too. Lots of fireworks going off around here too. Our complex is quiet because everyone is old but the surrounding neighborhoods are loud. I heard them late last night too.

We went to breakfast and gambling with some friends of ours today. I came home $60 richer. Louis lost. It wasn't as crowded as thought it would be for a holiday. It was a fun little day get away.

A girl Kayla graduated with has been found dead and her 20 year old ex boyfriend is being searched for as we speak. They feel that he was guilty of strangling her. She was set to go into the navy. Kayla was friendly with her in school and recently heard from her. The guy just got out of the same jail Jake is in since May for basically the same things as Jake. He was waiting to be sentenced. The family said she had a restraining order on him but was once again breaking up with him. It makes my stomach sick that this happened and that this so could have been Kayla. She's upset about it. It just scares me so much.

Anyway, tam and Kayla go to court about Jake again tomorrow. Hopefully, he won't be let go.

Dianne said...

Barb, did you find a car?

sacBarb said...

Dianne, OMG that is terrible about Kayla's friend. I hope they find that boy and send him away for the rest of his life! Does Kayla realize that Jake is capable of doing the same thing to her? I agree with you about it being very scary!

I did go to Carmax today and I drove a Ford Escort that I liked a lot. I also saw a Nissan Rogue that I liked but it is in Santa Rosa, so they are trucking it to Sac and it should be here Sat. I'll test drive it and probably buy one or the other.

sacBarb said...

J/L, I heard fireworks on Monday night and Tuesday afternoon and night until after midnight. It didn't seem to bother the cats this year. Last year it did bother them, but they just hid under my bed during the day and stayed close to me when I went to bed. In 2015 they were only three months old on July 4th, but I didn't adopt them until July 29.

Mary/MI said...

I got chills after reading about Kayla's friend!! How aweful, especially for her family! I came so close to something like that with my ex. I am so glad I got out when I did!
I lol @ you wondering if Jim noticed if Zoie and I were not sleeping with him! Yes he is aware lol! He has gotten used to it. I see that we are all getting up earlier lately, must be all that restful sleep :)

SacBarb. Sounds like you have narrowed down your car search. Be sure and check how well you can see out your side mirrors. My girlfriend once bought one of those Chrysler Cruisers . I road with her once and was surprised how confining it was. We had a hard time seeing out the front window when we came to stoplights. We had to stretch our necks to look up! She didn't keep that car long! Even took a loss on the thing just to get rid of it.

Justlin,Michigan legalized all kinds of fireworks here! There are temporary tents set up everywhere selling them, as well as permanent brick and mortar. Happily, in my area they kept it to the law which is fireworks only the day before, day of, and day after Holidays. Zoie was terrified the night of the 4th! I put her in "our" room and tucked her under the blankets until it got quiet. She seemed to like that.

sacBarb said...

Mary, I drove the Escort and the side mirrors were fine. Sharon has a Honda CRV and I drove it from her house to Carmax, and I didn't like how the headrests obstructed my view out the rear window and also the side windows. I had to strain to look over them. My sister-in-law stopped by today on her way north to see her sister in Oregon. She just got a Nissan Rogue like the one I am waiting to see at Carmax and I really liked it. it will probably come down to how far away I can get from the steering wheel. The Escort has the telescoping steering wheel and I'm not sure the Rogue has it. According to the safety guidelines, the driver should be nine inches away from the steering wheel because of the airbags. I have never been that far away and still able to reach the pedals!

Dianne said...

Barb, I used to Ave a Rogue and I had a hard time with the back window not being big enough. This was a number of years so I'm sure it's different now. Just be sure and check. The Escourt isn't very high off the ground is it? I thought you wanted something a little taller. It's so hard picking out a car. How do you like Carmax? I think we have them here too.

Yes, that is so sad about that girl. He was out waiting to be sentenced for a felony against her. Why oh why do these girls continue to go back? It scares me a lot. I hope Kayla realizes that zjake would and could do the same thing in a fit of rage. Mary, I'm glad you got out in those times too. Scary. How old were you?

I haven't heard many fireworks since the 4th. glad it's quiet as I worry about fires. Breckinridge just about had the whole town evacuated for fire last night. At the last minute the wind changed directions. It's very hot here and that doesn't help.

Mary, glad you ALL are getting better sleep now...amazing how that happens!!!!

JL, , what are you up to? Staying out of trouble?

Mary/MI said...

SacBarb, you really should try the smaller Jeep Cherokee. Once I sat in it I was sold!
It drives like a dream. Mine has the telescope steering column.

Dianne, I was barely 18 when I married my ex. He didn't get bad until our kids were born. He was never a touchy feely kind of guy. Not romantic at all. I think I was just in a hurry to leave home. My ex always dressed sharp and seemed the shy type.
he progressively grew possessive and started alienating me from friends and family. When I left him the first time he threatened me the next time he found me and in front of my family dragged me by the hair to his car. The 3rd time was the last time. He did come after me with a shot gun when I was visiting my friend. Back then, no on thought to call the police. I think we thought it too embarrassing.
Yes, I was lucky to get away when I did!
Once I got a place to stay,a job and a car, he would stalk me. Once he pulled a bunch of wires in my car's engine compartment. I did call the police then.

Dianne said...

Oh gosh Mary, thanks for sharing your story. How terrible that someone treats a person that way...and so scary you were so young with children on your own. I'm so glad it all worked out. Is he still alive?

My Rav 4 has that steering too. I've never tried out a jeep.

We went to try and new restaurant tonight but it was packed with cars. People were waiting outside. That's not our cup of tea so we went to an old stand by for Italian food. I took my 87 year old friend to lunch for her bday. She seems like she's 70!!! I then had a nail appt. my girl is going on vacation Sunday so I had to get in before she left. Now I'm due for a pedicure.

Just_Lin said...

Dianne That is so tragic about that young woman that was killed by her boyfriend. I hope Kayla is really understanding that it could have been her and she needs to be strong and keep Jake out of her life. Didn't he have some new girl he was hanging out with? No one deserves to be treated the way he treats girls. I'm not sure what the answer is for him. That he just fall of a cliff somewhere? That he do something so bad that he doesn't get out of prison until he's an old man?

Last night I finally slept all night through. For the two previous nights, I was waking up between 3 and 4 and not able to get back to sleep until I ate something as my stomach was growling. I'm not sure what that was about but I was glad to get better rest last night. Oh, and still hearing random explosions from illegal fireworks. I'm so sick of it.

Just_Lin said...

Mary I'm so glad that you and I are survivors. Sending you hugs, my friend.

LOL @ everyone getting up earlier now that you all are sleeping better. Now, if you could just solve the problem of Jim's friend that doesn't know when to leave......

I haven't walked the dog around the neighborhood because of the random explosives that people set off. What is the attraction, I wonder. I understand why people like the illegal fireworks that explode in the air and look pretty but what is so great about the M80's, M100's, and so on? Apparently, they just like the big boom. How old are they? 12? As you can see, it is still pissing me off. At about 9:30 last night, just as I was thinking of taking the dog out for her last pee of the night, someone set off one of those explosives so then I had to wait for another hour until the dog was willing to give it a go (no pun intended).

Just_Lin said...

Barb I hope you find the car that is just perfect for you. It sounds like you are really doing your homework which is good. It's a major purchase. I know nothing about cars and am still very happy with my Prius. I'm extra happy with not having any car payments.

Today is another one of the monthly painting classes so I am really looking forward to that. It's going to be a beautiful day here today.

When I went to my 50th high school reunion in November of 2015, I went with two male classmates and one female classmate, Barbara. Barbara and I were never really close but we were always friends and had other friends in common. Anyway, when she want to move from SoCal to San Francisco enroll in S.F. State for her junior year of college, she wanted a roommate to get a place with and so I moved up here with her. Anyway, she lives in SoCal and we exchange Xmas cards and became friends on FB. I just learned the other night through a FB post made by her daughter, that Barbara is now receiving hospice care. This news has hit me harder than I would have expected. I'm so glad we got to visit with each other a bit at the reunion. Even though we were never particularly close, she is part of my personal history and this is making me think of my own mortality.

Mary/MI said...

JLin, I am so sorry to hear about your high school friend. I know what you mean by thinking about our mortality. Seems many of our friends are either dying off or have some dam illness! I am grateful for my heath and pray that I can stay mobile for a long time.
I am glad you are still going to your painting classes. I hope we can see your final work :).

So far it has been a quiet weekend. It seems good to have no Drs appointments! I did go to get new glasses and have them change my sun glasses too. I also get them polarized.
They should be in in a couple of weeks.

Thank goodness there have been no loud fireworks. Zoie is still a bit skiddish. Our neighbor up the hill has been building his new home, mostly with his sons. You can hear him hammering away most nights after he gets out of work. I thought Zoie was used to the hammering. She prolly thinking they are fireworks.

Take care of yourselves Ladies! I would be lost without any of you!!!

Dianne said...

Hi......Mary, we'd be lost without you too!! So are your eyes ok now after those appts? I guess I never heard the final outcome. Hope so.

JL, so sorry about your friend. It is very scary to me too. I do want to see great grandchildren some day...not now...but some day. IM not real mobile but enough to get around. I'm hoping some of that will change with losing weight. So far to go....How was painting class? I too would love to see some final work.

JL, yes jake had a new girl and then she realized fast what a creep he is..lucky her. Then he's in jail for sexually molesting a minor and putting naked pictures of her on the internet. I too wish he'd fall off a cliff or go to prison for a very long time. We are hoping and praying Kayla realizes how close this all hits to home with the school friend. They still haven't caught the guy. Kayla and Tam are going to the funeral tomorrow ..very sad.

I had dinner with my cousin tonight and drank nasty ice tea when I really wanted a coke'!! A drink came with my dinner on the senior menu.

Just_Lin said...