Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Stranded Irishman

by Dianne


sacBarb said...

Good one Dianne.

After my long wait at the DMV I decided to get my car washed. Since it was in the carport the whole time the roofers were working, it had sawdust and sand from the roofing shingles all over it. When the car was all washed I got in it to drive home and partway down the street I noticed the back wiper blade was going. I probably touched something that started it as I was getting in. Since I hadn't read the manual, I didn't know how to turn it off and since I was driving I couldn't look around too long to figure it out, so I just let it go until I got home. I saw some drivers looking weirdly at me and I just waved at them. It did make me chuckle to myself. BTW, the back wiper blade turns on and off on the same place as the windsheild wipers.

Just_Lin said...

Barb LOL Your windshield wiper story brought to mind a memory of Lani. We were working at the veterinary clinic and one of our clients came in, Mrs. Cunard. Mrs. Cunard was a very slow moving and slow talking person. She was like a human version of a sloth. Anyway, she came in to pick up something for her pet. Lani and I stood at the window and watched her drive away down the street at about 5 mph on that bright, sunny, day. She was sitting as close to the steering wheel as humanly possible, with the windshield wipers going. We would laugh about that every time we remembered it.

Just_Lin said...

I talked to my brother last night. His doctor thinks he had an episode of vertigo. Hopefully, this will not become a problem.

sacBarb said...

J/L, I"ll bet that woman was driving a car that was new to her, too. LOL

About two years ago I was having a problem hearing with my left ear. I figured it was probably plugged with wax and I went to the doctor about it. He had his nurse irrigate it and a lot of crap came out, but I could hear much better. The next morning when I tried to get out of bed, the room turned upside down and I was so dizzy I couldn't stand. I called Kaiser and they gave me an appointment and I had to ask my sister to drive me. The doc diagnosed vertigo and attributed it to flushing out my ear. I was also nauseous in the doctor's office and had an episode of dry heaves. He gave me an RX for the dizziness and also the nausea. I didn't take the meds until I got home, but I always read the info sheet before I take a new med. The side affect for the nausea med was "it could cause dizziness." WHAT!!! Needless to say, I didn't take that one. The nausea went away after the second dose of the other drug. I hope your brother's vertigo is just a one time event.

Mary/MI said...

Heading to bed after a busy day. I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you lol! Dianne kicks my ass to remind me sometimes.
Tomorrow and Sat. night is my 50th class reunion. Tomorrow we have a meet and greet and Sat. we are having dinner at the Elks.

It is midnight here.I am watching the end of the Tiger/Orioles game. They were rain delayed. Yay we won!

Have a great week end all!!!

BTW, the joke was hilarious!!

Just_Lin said...

Good morning, HOoters! It seems to be very quiet here on the blog. I don't have anything interesting to write about, unfortunately.

We've been having some weird weather; humid and it actually rained some the other night. It's dreary outside so I just want to stay in and do absolutely nothing. I did have a hair appointment last Thursday. I got it dyed and for some reason it came out a little darker than usual. I didn't get it cut because I decided to try and let it grow out for a while. We'll see how long I can do that before it drives me nuts.

Just_Lin said...

Mary I hope you had a wonderful time at your 50 year reunion. Gee, I had mine two years ago. You are just a baby. :)

Just_Lin said...

Barb I got tickets for my daughter and I to go into SF to see the musical comedy "Something Rotten" on Aug. 26. I hope it's funny. I could use some good laughs.

Just_Lin said...

Dianne The other day I made a pasta salad replacing half of the pasta with steamed cauliflower. It's really quite tasty and only comes to 1 point per cup.

Dianne said...

Hi....JL, I don't like cauliflower at all. I know a lot of people at ww use it but it doesn't sound good to me. Good for you doing it though. I had pasta today and will tomorrow ...not good for my calories. Drinking the gross water with it but I need to do more than that with points. I will miss a week after this weeks weigh in as we are going to South Dakota for four days. I don't think that will be good for me either. Lol
We are going to have a cooler week until the 70's and I'm glad. I haven't heard of that show you're going to but I'm not really up on shows anymore. How long are you going to grow your hair? I try a little and then it starts flipping up.

Mary, how was the reunion? Did anyone look different enough that you didn't recognize them? Tell us all about it. I had mine a couple of years ago too. I don't think mine are planning any more reunions. It would be fun at sixty years...maybe.

Barb, what's new with you? We went to the mountains on Friday and met some friends of Louis's for lunch. Had lunches and didn't do much else over the weekend. I braved Walmart today, which I never do on a weekend but parking was perfect so I went in to get some throw rugs. Of course, I ended up with five bags later.

Had my nails done on Friday. I went four weeks this time and they still looked pretty good. I usually can't go over three weeks. It liking my new car just trying to get used to a few things like how the mirrors light up when a car is next to you.

That's about it.

Dianne said...

Hi..Well, I did something to my back yesterday. I barely leaned over and a shooting pain happened. I can bend over but can hardly lean out of the bed and turning over hurts. I guess I'll call the dr tomorrow and probably go in and see PA. Maybe I can get a muscle relaxer. It really hurts.

I had my two meals of pasta today. I can feel the weight gain. Ugh. We are going to a fancy dinner tomorrow night for My ex son In law's wife. I'm Going to have a terrible weigh in. It's too hard!!

Rainy and in the 60's today. Nice and cool. Love it. They are saying we are going to have an early winter...not loving that though

Dianne said...

New blog