Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Seniors Wear Stylish Clothes

by Dianne


Zona said...

Good Morning!!

DI: I love the fourth one..I bet I've forgotten some really good stuff over the would I know though? Dang! ;D

And the third t-shirt? I've been living that one for as long as I can remember..except no wheelchair had to be own feet will do tyvm.. ;)

Time to start yet another new day..I hope everyone has a good one..

Take care y'all!! :)

Lynn D said...

Morning Glories!

Zona you are pretty at first.

Good Lord do you really think that woman was a porn star? lol

Waving at everyone.

Just_Lin said...

Zona Congrats on being prettiest today! I know I've forgotten some really good stuff. :(

Just_Lin said...

Dianne Thanks for the blog today. I wouldn't wear any of those shirts.

How are you doing today? Are you bored out of your mind? Get Louis to bring you some good eats.

Just_Lin said...

LynnD Good question. Why would anyone wear that shirt, regardless?

sacBarb said...

Lynn & J/L, Didn't you ever see "Debbie Does Dallas?" She did Dallas and changed her name to Sally and is now doing seniors.

Zona, LOL, no chair necessary! Got all my errands done and now I have to put the stuff away. I am so running out of room.

Dianne, Thanks for the blog. I can certainly identify with the memory one, too. I hope you're doing well today. If Louis doesn't bring you some good food, use your cell phone to order some pizza for delivery.

Zona said...

LYNN: I wouldn't be surprised if the last two worked together at one time..kwim? :D

BARB: LOL..Mustang Sally.. ;D

J/LIN: I think the only solution is to try some of that good stuff again..don't you? ;)

Off to bed with's almost tomorrow..another day..another pumpkin.. ;)

Good Night everyone..sweet dreams!!

Jodi said...

Waving a wing at ZONA, LYNN, SLIN & BARB!!

Jodi said...

Had a fabulous weekend with family!! My Aunt Jane made the perfect travel companion. Thankfully she was able to put up with my grinding (even with my guard in!!!) and hollering in the night. My cousin that we stayed with has MS. On Friday night she had gone up to get ready for bed, and her hubby heard a holler. He went zooming up the stairs to check to make sure she hadn't fallen. She hadn' was just me. Probably flinging that damn mouth guard out ;)

Jodi said...

And my Great Aunt Joyce was pure joy. I don't know many 78 year olds that have a Packer tattoo on their ankle and an eyebrow piercing!! She also made over 100 jello 5 flavors!!! ZONA I loved the grape ones....she used cranberry vodka on that one!!! YUMMO!!!

Jodi said...

MICHAEL - You are on my mind....A LOT!!! Wishing you peace....sealed with the ever popular booty bump ♥

Just_Lin said...

HOdi Your Great Aunt rocks!

Waving at SacBarb and Zona!

Jodi said...

SLIN - I KNOW!!! I hope I'm as hip as she is in 32 years!!!

Jodi said...

Time to get prettied up for work.

Leaving a mountain of Glazers, coffee, and DP for your breakfast ♥

Jodi said...


Dianne/Denver said... of my good friends brought dinner over tonight so that was a nice change. My son came by to visit and Louis will be here soon. I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open with my increased meds. I did get my hair done again today to spiff myself up some. I think it's shower day tomorrow too!!!

I walked more in pt today and did some balance things. I think I should be ready to go home soon. I hope....

Barb: I didn't realize Debbie was now Sally,, hmmm, the things you learn around here!,

Thanks for the comments