Sunday, January 6, 2013

Don't You Worry Child

by Zona


Jodi said...

Waving a wing from break!

ZONA - Bebopping in the Pimpala!

Mary/MI said...

Jodi I see you poked your beautiful face in here first!
"Pimpala" cracks me up!!

Cold, damp and snowy here in Mich. I just put a roast in the oven for supper. Making up for yesterdays wiener dinner lol!

Monday we have to call the "Honey Dippers" aka septic tank guys! That is the Co. logo lol! Things are "gurgling" where they shouldn't be :(
Usually Jim waits until things get way to out of control! I made it clear that if he waits too long that he will be doing the cleaning! Nuff said, he got my big hint lol!!!
Good thing I have laundry caught up!

Time to check my farm and do some exercising... bbl

Just_Lin said...

HOdi You are looking very lovely this morning. You look extra good riding in your Pimpala.

Just_Lin said...

Mary I must admit that roast sounds much better than hot dogs. LOL @ Honey Dippers! Good thinking to get that taken care of ASAP. The last thing you need is for all that to come to a head right before you need to catch your flight.

Just_Lin said...

Zona I'm not usually a fan of much techno sound but I must admit that this was a catchy tune and would be easy to dance to. Thanks for the lively music this morning.

sacBarb said...

Happy Sunday Owls.

Zona, I have never heard this song but I kinda like it, but I loved the fireworks in the vid.

Jodi, Hello gorgeous. btw, thanks for the review on Les Mis. I've seen it on the stage a few times and I liked the music, but I found the show kinda depressing. However, I may go see the movie cause I really like Hugh Jackman.

Mary, LOL @ Honey Dippers. On the surface it sounds like a sweet company.

Lynn, are you getting ready to go to Vancouver?

I hope everyone is getting over their afflictions. I'll still stay way up here until we are all sure! Have a good day.

Mary/MI said...

Zona,I forgot to thank you for the vid! You find the neatest ones! More!!

Gawd, I'm watching Hoarders! My office is looking just as bad...well, minus the stinky stuff!LOL!!
I am in the middle of sorting,organizing and downsizing my office. My son & I are working on taking Jim's stuff to the spare bedroom and making him his own little office giving me some room! I really HATE clutter!
He has this humungous roll top desk taking up all the room.

I am hopping over to FB and get lost on my farm! So much easier to organize that lol!!!

Just_Lin said...

What's everyone been up to today? I got my Christmas tree taken down and carried it out to the curb for pick up tomorrow. All the decorations are now packed away for another year. I miss the cheerfulness of having the tree all sparkly with lights. It seems boring in here now.