Sunday, April 16, 2017

~ Happy Easter ~


Dianne said...

Happy Easter everyone. Hope you all had a nice day. We went to sit down brunch by ourselves this morning that was wonderful I had prime rib and eggs Benedict. It was delicious. They give you fruit bowls, a pastry tray, mimosa, and the entree. Very good. We not the kids tonight for Mexican food. We barely ate as we were still full. The weather is perfect too.

How were your dinners, Mary and Barb? What did you have to eat? Mary, I believe you cooked.

Looks like JL is having a great time. Wish we were all with her.

That's about it from this part of the world.

Mary/MI said...

I am heading to bed, Thought I would pop in!!

I cooked a prime rib,small, ham,turkey breast, mashed taters, deviled eggs, green bean casserole,corn hot corn bread, choc cake and apple pie. I bought the pie and cake.

I will be doing some heavy cooking next week as Jim's two sons from Montana will be visiting. I am tired just thinking of it!

Tomorrow is my bone density test. I better get to bed.
Have a great week all!!!

Dianne said...

Hi... I'm popping in too. Boy Mary, you are busy with tests and drs lately. It's time for me to call from a mammogram too. At least I haven't been going to the dentist. Your dinner sounded wonderful. I love prime rib. How old are jims two sons? Are they married or just coming by themselves? Order pizza. Do they deliver to your area?

Barb, time for a check in. What's up?

Went to lunch and Walmart today. Big exciting day!! I've been munching on popsicles lately since I was sick a couple of weeks ago. Not many calories and refreshing. I wish I liked the sugar free. Actually, I've never tried them. I just "think" I wouldn't like them.

Dianne said...

Me again talking to myself.....Barb, where are you? I meant to tell you we didn't sign up for the theater last year or this year we were seeing too many repeats. I miss it sometimes. We thought if a show came up, we'd just get tickets. I still go to dinner every month with my friend though.

Well, tomorrow is the dreaded weigh in. I weighed this morning and it showed I gained a couple of pounds. I ate very healthy and light for lunch and still gulping that dang water. I was right by Sonic and I wanted a root beer bad but I didn't give in....yea!!

I'm going early tomorrow to go to my grandsons 9;30am musical he's in at school. It's up in the same area I'm going for ww so it will be fairly convenient. I was going to go to the evening show but my son is going in the morning and I think it will be easier to get in and out early in the day. ..I hope so. He's the 11 year old.

LOUIS and I cleaned out a couple of shelves in the garage cabinets tonight so I can have a place to put my purses. Our place is small and there is just no place in here. Right now they are here and there. I'm going to get some shelving and move them. At least it's a closed cabinet and will be easy for me to get to them. I hate feeling cramped.

Well, check in barb snd Mary and talk to me.

Mary/MI said...

Dianne, you crack me up "Actually, I've never tried them. I just "think" I wouldn't like them."
No pizza deliveries out here in the boonies! Jim messed me up. He said he was going to take them out for supper, but I noticed he was a bit tipsy after going to the Casino (yes he went, knowing they were coming). I just made simple hamburgers. Tomorrow I am making a big Mex. meal.
His son's are 50 & 51, close like mine. They will only be here a short time.They are good guys.

Mary/MI said...

I took a bunch of stuff to the Goodwill store today. It was good to get rid of all those knick knacks that I have no room for.
I wish you lived close to me. I have a couple of Coach purses I need to get rid of. Actually it's a purse and a check book/cc card thingy, almost new, never have used it since I got my LV.

Dianne said...

Oh gosh let me see a picture of your coach purse. What's a LV? Don't you trade out purses? I do with the seasons. Boy, you have a house full. I would not have been thrilled with Jim that he left when his boys were coming. You are just so sweet.

It does make you feel so good to get rid of things, doesn't it? I'm good about doing it but sometimes look at things twice before I force myself. On our garage shelves today , we had an abundance of flower vases and cold packs for bumps, etc. I don't what they will do with so many or why we had so much!!

I wish I could come for your big dinner tomorrow night....yum!!

Mary/MI said...

I am whipped! Dinner went well. It took me all afternoon to make it! We had one unexpected guest for supper, no not the guy that never leaves lol! It was Jim's son's cousin.He's a sweet heart, but quite a gabber lol! He has been to hell and back. Thank goodness he is so much better now! He went into Michigan's National Gard just as the war in the middle East was in full gear! He went in a sweet innocent wide eyed kid and came back a suicidal alcoholic mess! He witnessed things no on his age should ever have to see! He went through extensive therapy and was even committed at one point. For a long time he had nightmares and thought someone was out to get him! It was frightening for his kids especially since they had lost their Mother in a terrible accident.
He looked at peace today and told me he is so much better now.

I will send you a picture of my purses soon :) no pressure, they have been in storage a long time. LV stands for "Louis Vuitton"

Dianne said...

Oh it does sound like you've had a busy day. That's really sad about the cousin. I'm glad he's better now. How terrible for the kids to lose their mom in an accident. People go through so much that we don't even realize.

I could smell that yummy dinner here!! Dust that purse off before you take the picture. Lol. I knew that LV was something good. I could only think Las Vegas and thought u got a purse there. I'm slow!!

I had a darn gain today. I kind of thought I would after Easter. I did ride my recumbent bike tonight for ten min. I probably won't be able to walk tomorrow!!

Mary/MI said...

LOL,Dianne, I did get it in Vegas... in the Louis Vuitton store. It was over $1000.00. I had won a nice jackpot and went crazy lol!!
My weight has gone up and down. I wonder if my girly curvy days are over lol! I would be happy to lose 10-15 lbs. Need to lose about 40!!
Heading to bed. I sure hope Zoie doesn't keep us up all night again! She is not fond of people staying with us and barks off and on all night every time some one moves, like going to the bathroom. She is very protective of me. Jim can never kiss me goodnight because she attacks him lol! I think it's funny, Jim, not so!!
Nite nite!!

sacBarb said...

Hello Ladies. Sorry I have been MIA. I guess it's a good thing my trip was canceled, because my neck was all stiff when I got up on Easter Sunday. I don't know what I did, but I could hardly turn it one way or the other. It got progressively worse on Sunday and I decided that a massage might help. I called Monday morning and the only appointment they had was at 5:00. To let you know how bad my neck was, I called my sister to take me. She makes me so nervous when she drives that I always drive when we go somewhere together, even if we take her car. I took a deep massage cream that I have to use for the massage. It has essential oils in it that are healing and soothing. I'm going again tomorrow, instead of going to see The Bodyguard. I have spent most of the last three days in bed because it feels better to lie down

I was supposed to go to Dean's for Easter, but I didn't go because my neck was hurting so much. It sounds like you both had a good Easter. I'll try to get back to the nest after my massage tomorrow.

Mary/MI said...

Oh no Barb! I feel so bad for you! You may have to see your own Dr. to rule out anything bad! Have you tried rolling up a towel and resting it on the crook of your neck and gently rolling into it/ I used to have that problem when I did certain jobs at work.
I would use the towel method and could hear small light cracks in my neck as I rolled.

I just made a late breakfast/brunch for the gang, sausages, scrambled eggs, and blueberry pancakes. They leave this afternoon to visit cousins near Detroit and may stop here on the way back north for a brother reunion. Jim's ex had kids by at least 3 men, so including my sons, there are half,step and whole bros lol!
I read somewhere recently that some gal just had her 17 child by 17 different fathers! Can you imagine???

sacBarb said...

Mary, I haven't tried the towel, but I will. I am trying everything suggested. I have had this before and when I went to the doctor he just referred me to physical therapy, but it took three weeks to get an appointment. All they did was massage and give me exercises so I am doing the exercises and getting massages. I have a lot of arthritis in my neck and I have to be careful how I sleep. I think I just slept wonky for some reason. It's a little better today after the massage. I am getting another one on Saturday.

Mary/MI said...

SacBarb,I'm glad you are doing better.I have that dam "Arthur" in my neck, hips,shoulders and knees. If I was the tin Man, at least a bit of oil would help lol!!

Dianne said...

Hi..Barb, I'm so glad your neck is somewhat better today. So sorry you had to miss Easter. Not fun to spend the day in bed. I would think for sure a massage would help a lot I hope you continue to improve. You're missing all your fun plans.

Mary, boy you are being quite the chef. 17 kids with even one father would be terrible. I'm can't imagine. She sounds like a real sweetheart. I guess you'll get a little break while the boys are gone for a few days. I have a few of those pains too in different areas on different days.

Wow, a thousand for a purse is really a lot of $$. I guess I'd be using it forever. It should last that long. I though Coach was expensive but then I used to go to Target. The only thing I don't like about Coach is that they are heavy even before you load them.

Today was a friend breakfast and dinner with my cousin. A little nap thrown in between. I go back for another eye exam tomorrow. I've been driving without glasses as dr said to but I feel very strange not wearing them.

We've been getting some rain tonight. I hope it doesn't turn to snow.

sacBarb said...

Mary, I never invited that "Arthur" guy and I don't know why he showed up. The massage helped and I have another one scheduled for tomorrow. I had another acupuncture treatment today and I'm thinking it is doing some good. My arms still hurt, but not as much. This isn't a cure and I don't know how many they are going to approve for me, but I'll go as long as they let me.

sacBarb said...

Dianne, I almost got a Coach purse once, but, like you said, it was heavy and I decided for that much money, I didn't want it to weigh me down after I filled it because I probably wouldn't use it much. Now I try to carry a small-ish purse and I still manage to get it heavy.

Dianne said...

Barb, seems like your treatments are helping you. How did you feel after your massage today? I sure hope you're feeling better.

I can't carry a tiny purse unless I'm gambling, then I have a small one I use. I found a nice Coavh for winter that is light to carry and it's a cherry dark color. It's very pretty.

Mary, did you ever find your coach purse? You must have a lot of storage space in your house. I sure wish we had a little more than we do.
Are you resting from all the cooking you did this week?

We went to my grandsons Lacrosse game today. It's the first one we've been to. We don't exactly understand the rules plus they hit each other with their sticks. I was about to go on the field and tell them to quit hitting Ashton!!

LOUIS is getting or rather is sick. He has a sore throat, coughing, etc. If he's no better by Monday...then off to the dr he will go so I don't get it. Barb has been sick for two weeks with the same thing.

That's about my day...had a nap this afternoon. I'm riding my recumbent bike at night during the news. My legs feel like I've been climbing a mountain.

Dianne said...

Hi again..I think you two just be busier than me this weekend. I went to lunch with my late husband's daughter and granddaughter. We get together every couple of months. I was fortunate enough to get to see his other daughter when she was in town last month. I'm so glad to keep in touch with them.

LOUIS is still not feeling well. I think it's a cold but he groans like he's in labor every time he blows his nose. He says he may be feeling better and not to call dr...we shall see.

Cleaned thru my nightstand and some jewelry tonight. Emilee went to the prom last night and then 11 of them came back to Tammys to play games,eat and spend the night. She said they were all asleep my 2am. I know tam was glad to know where they were after prom.

Dianne said...

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