Saturday, March 23, 2013

~ WalMart Bag Sleeping Mats ~

by Tina~in_ut

Janet (Michael's sister) has been trying to explain this to me and I was just not gitting it! Finally, she sent me this video and now I git it. The ladies at her church have been making these. I believe they are making them for missionaries to take with them. I think it's totally cool!~


Dianne/Denver said...

Wow...very cool. You'd sure never know it was all done with plastic bags thanks for the blog today, Tina

We have about a foot of snow and still coming down hard we have planstongo to a meet a new baby open house but I don't know if Louis will venture out or not plus he got. New car last night and he may not want to chance it.

Will check back later

Just_Lin said...

Dianne You look beautiful today, even your hair! :)

When you wrote "we have planstongo" I was thinking some kind of tropical fruit until I read further. LOL

What kind of new car did Louis get?

Just_Lin said...

Tina That's a great idea for use of those plastic bags. I always recycle mine but I understand my local grocery store is not going to give out bags anymore unless you pay for them, 10 cents each. Guess I better start remembering to take my own bags in when I go shopping.

Mary/MI said...

Well, I learned something new today. Thanks Tina. I think even I can do this! LOL

I see you are snowed in pretty Dianne! I wouldn't take a chance on having some nut sliding into my new car either!

JustLin, at first glance I thought "planstongo" was the name of a catalog I get "Pantagonia" LOL!

. Jim & I are doing Karaoke at our VFW.I told them I would NOT be staying until 2am like some try to get us to do. We are OLD! LOL!!

It has been cold here, with just a few flurries here and there. Dianne, keep that white shit to yourself!!!
That is all LOL!!

Just_Lin said...

Mary Didn't you stay up until 4 in Hawaii? You ain't that old. :)

Dianne/Denver said...

Yes JL, I'm drinking umbrella drinks as I try to type here in the snow. HIc hic

Louis and I are both leasing. He always does and I haven't I. A long time but working on getting that payment low. Louis would like to retire at some point so we didn't want to put out so much monthly. He was able to trade straight across for same car only four years newer for a considerable lower payment. We both stuck with the same vehicle as we really liked them. He has an Equinox and I have the Hyundai Santa Fe. Now I have a back up camera, which I wanted.

It took a Long time to do these transactions with our leasing agent and then the snow started.....bad snow as time went on. We were 45 min from home which took almost two hours driving a car I'd never driven before scared out of my wits! ! !! I couldn't go over 20-25 mph as the snow was deep on the hwy cars were in ditches, police everywhere, blinking signs that hwy was icy. I was trying to follow Louis as you couldn't even see where your lane was or any lines. I've NEVER been that scared driving and I'm pretty fearless in the snow. I lost Louis right away I sang country songs and prayed a little too. We ended up exiting to our house at the same time. He thought I was behind him. I was but w a y behind him.

Anyway, my car in a dark Juniper Green. Really pretty it was fun transferring all our things in the raging blizzard too. Good things I had my tote bags that I also forget to use at the store

Ok, that's my snow story for today. Needless to say, I home and in my pjs

Dianne/Denver said...

Mary, have fun tonight. You can stay up late. ... You are still young. I'll try not to pass our weather on to you

Just_Lin said...

Dianne After that drive home, I don't blame you for being in your PJ's and hunkering down for the night. Maybe you should pour yourself a stiff drink or make some cocoa with a little something extra in it.

I've never driven in snow but I have had to drive in fog so thick you couldn't see the lines in the road. HATE THAT! Very scary.

Dianne/Denver said...

If I was a drinker, I would have been drinking out of a bottle when I got home.

sacBarb said...

Happy Saturday.

Tina, That is a very interesting video and it's a good thing (to quote Martha Stewart) to recycle the plastic bags. Most of the time I remember to take my cloth bags into the store with me and when I don't I get paper bags because I use them to recycle the junk mail and other paper I throw away.

J/l, My SIL lives in San Jose and they don't give bags at the grocery store either. I went to the store with her and we saw a man juggling about 20 items without a bag. I guess he was too cheap to pay for one. It was funny to watch him try to open his car door. Good think he didn't buy eggs.

Dianne, I've been thinking about getting a new car and I wondered how leasing works and if it is worth it. Congrats on your new cars.

Mary, good for you to stay warm and cozy. Are you going to Denver when you leave PS?

Mary/MI said...

I'm back all nice and cozy. We had some good singers for a change.
It was fun seeing many old friends again.

Dianne, I have driven in blizzards before. The worst was coming home from a wedding in Peoria Ill. The snow around Chicago was coming down so hard and so fast that all the signs were covered! the snow was packed on my headlights! I had no idea where we were or what exit to take! I finally got off to see where I was, and figured out we were in a ghetto district! I got up the nerve to ask at a gas station for directions. The man was talking behind a caged window. He looked scary lol! We got back on the expressway . I found a toll road. I knew it would take us a little longer, but I new they took good care of their roads. I followed a semi trucker most of the way. As soon as we h it the Michigan border the snow was gone! I don't go anywhere now without checking the weather channel lol!
I'm going to check my farm and head to bed...night all!