Saturday, October 1, 2011

~ The Playboy Club? ~

by Tina~in_ut

Kathy and I were talking about all the new shows we were watching.  Out of all the ones she was watching, the only one I hadn't heard of was The Playboy Club.  I really didn't think anything of it because I had way too many shows taping already.  Then I talked to Di.  I asked her if she was watching Pan Am and she said she was and liked it, along with The Playboy Club.  That's when I realized I hadn't even seen a commercial for it. Not one!  Di said it was on Monday nights, so I thought I'd tape it this Monday and check it out.  I couldn't find it.  So I checked online and saw that it is on NBC.  I went back to the TV and tried again to find it.  STILL not there. 

(after some googling....)

Oh my hell!  NBC in Utah refuses to air it.  I should have known.  They won't show SNL either.  I have to watch it on some loser channel.  This is also the same station that moves my NASCAR races to the loser channel when the LDS General Conference is in town in order to air their "talks."  In case you haven't figured it out, NBC in Utah, KSL-TV, is owned by the Mormon church.  Ugh!  I checked the loser channel when I figured out what was happening and the show wasn't there either.  After some more googling, I found the name of the station that is supposed to be carrying it, but hell if I know where to find it.....I guess I'll just have to check one station at a time.  I also found a statement made by the head of the TV station:

"The Playboy brand is known internationally. Everyone is clear what it stands for. We want to be sure everyone is clear what the KSL brand stands for, which is completely inconsistent with the Playboy brand," said KSL President and CEO Mark Willes in a statement. "

And just in case it's unclear what the KSL brand is, the affiliate is run by the LDS-owned Deseret Media.

A publicist for the station said the decision was based on the station's long-term policy "to screen programming for material which significant portions of our audiences may find objectionable."

Michelle Torsak, KSL's programming director, added: "Our intent is not to tell people what they can and cannot watch, but rather to share programming with our audience in accordance with our mission."

Ya know.....when I was young, if my parents thought I shouldn't be watching a particular show (Three's Company), THEY DIDN'T ALLOW IT! When I find my kids watching something inappropriate, I TURN IT OFF!!!  And then I hit them, cuz I know full well they'll watch it online if they really want to see it.  God I hate the internet sometimes........well.....except for today~  I just finished watching both episodes of The Playboy Club........loved loved loved it~ Gotta go find the station now~


Zona said...

Good Morning!

Zona said...

Yay!! Been a long time since I was First! I like it! :D

TINA: You live in a goofy can't believe they wouldn't show The Playboy's really a very tame show..I've seen MUCH worse. My parents belonged to the Playboy Club waaaay back in the day..they had a key and everything..I still have it in fact. So to read a statement that says 'We know what the Playboy Club stands for..' makes me laugh. To my parents and their friends it was just a place to go for music and inexpensive drinks..oh and a glass or two...LOL!

I only watched the first episode..missed the second somehow..but I'll catch up on On Demand. I LOVE Eddie Cibrian..I could live in those dimples..omg..what a cutie! I'm glad you were able to finally see the let's just hope that NBC gives it a chance to catch on..networks are so quick to cancel nowadays!

Zona said...

Thanks for the comments on the video yesterday..I laughed and laughed when I saw dang funny!!

TINKA: I hope that Tango shows a bit of improvement each and everyday..I am so sorry she is hurting. :(

Have a nice visit with fun that she is coming over!

DI: It's not Fall yet..but I think it's going to be here by next week..they are predicting highs in the 80's and lows in the...wait for it..........60's!!! WooHoo!! :D

BARB: Awwwww..phooey!! I wish you could have seen the vid..I know you would have loved it!!

Well..have Diet Coke..will a nice day everyone!! :)

Tinka said...

Good Morning Zona - I think this is the first time the two of us were in the nest alone. It's neat.

Tango is a little better today.

Something is wrong with "Shaw" so I can't answer your e-mail. Call me today sometime if you are home.

Tina - I can't believe any state would be allowed to censor any shows. Isn't there a law that overrides that action?

It is five years ago this morning that I lost my dear sister so I am feeling a little melancholy today. I don't like sad anniversaries.

Have a great Saturday little owls everywhere.

Tinka said...

Zona - I forgot to say "Congratulations on being first . You are indeed the prettiest every day."

Just_Lin said...

Zona You are absolutely stunning today! Good job on getting here first. The rest of us seem to be sleeping in today.

I'm glad to read that your temps are finally coming down. That means your electric bill will come down, too, right?

Just_Lin said...

Tina I find it very interesting (and a little frightening)that an NBC affiliate can choose what they air of the network's shows and what not to air. That's a lot of power and you have to wonder in what other ways they are flexing their muscle. I wonder if they allow any criticism of Mitt Romney, for instance.

Anyhoo, haven't seen the show. It must conflict with something else I usually watch. Maybe I'll catch it on the internet.

Just_Lin said...

Tinka (((HUGS))) to you today. I'm glad Tango is a bit better today.

whabbear said...

Tina: Wow! Yet another example of religious-based tyranny! Yes, you should be allowed to view and watch whatever your want. It is YOUR choice what to view, and what not to view. Thanks for alerting us to this outrage!

Michael said...


never did that before...

a 2009 Lincoln Town Car know those cars are heavenly to drive but they are built for old people I think...they don't have nav systems or bluetooth...none of the new "limited" is a good name for it...

It was my Fathers....and it was like still had that new car smell....35,000 miles on it...

I loved selling that car!! I want to sell another one while I'm hot!

It is sooo exciting when people give you money!! I was able to contain myself until I got inside...out of his site...but then I busted into my "happy dance!"

Michael said...

did I mention that I sold a car!!??


Tina~in_ut said...

Good Moan~

I'm over it.....I found out that the only way I can watch this show is if I paid to have the NYC I have to watch online~

Bear~ We're actually used to the way it is here. We just roll our eyes~ We moved we suck it up~ It really is more important in this household (the hubby) that the liquor laws are changing (getting better).

Zona~ you get prettier and prettier every day~

Tinka~ can't wait for ur hot buns~ (bet jack can't wait either!) :)~

J/L~ They'll criticize Mitt....Huntsman too~

Tina~in_ut said...

ohhhhhhh Michael~ hope you didn't poop or pee ur pants doing that happy dance~ ijs~

sacBarb said...

Tina, I'm not surprised to hear that the Mormons control at least one TV station. It really sucks though. I'll bet there are some Mormons checking the Playboy Club on the Internet too.

Zona, Congrats on first beautiful.

Tinka, I hope you and Tango are feeling better today.

J/L, The Playboy Club is on at 10:00 on Monday night, same time as Castle. I watch Castle and record The Playboy Club.

Bear, AMEN!

Waving to all the Owls. I hope you are all having a good weekend.