Saturday, July 14, 2012

20 Years Later.....

by Zona

I don't know if this is a set up..or real..but I thought it was pretty funny..and kind of a cool idea. What would you have said to yourself if you had been able to make this kind of tape? Even better...what would you say to your 12 year old self now..if you could send a tape back in time?


sacBarb said...

Good morning Owls.

Lynn and I are up and waiting for the coffee to brew. For some reason, probably my computer, the vid is not showing, but I'm sure my old self would be shocked at what my 12 year old self did or thought.

So I don't know what is in store for us to day, but I hope you all have a good day.

sacBarb said...

Morning Glories,

Zona that was cute! Made me chuckle especially the part about the pets.

Sacbarb got the video to pull up on th ipad.

I would tell my 12 year old self, life goes fast, but only you can figure out which direction to take,and eventually you will end up where you are supposed to be. Oh and make sure you squeeze in so fun time doing something that makes YOU happy.

Maureen said...

Good morning SAC BARB and SAC LYNN!
I hope you gals are having a major fun time together. Say hi to SAC LIN for me!!

And stay outta jail!

sacBarb said...

Waving at you MO!! Lynn D

sacBarb said...

Hey, SacLin, here.

Zona That was very cute. What I would say to myself would be, "Don't believe the boys!"

We just returned from having Chinese food. Very yummy walnut shrimp. Of course, I'll be hungry again in an hour, right?

MO We aren't in jail but who knows what will happen when we go to Tahoe on Monday. :)

sacBarb said...

Where the f*** is everybody?

(This is SacLin not SacBarb.)

Dianne/Denver said...

Omg. How weird would that be to interview yourself line that guy did. Very interesting video. Hmmm, it really makes you think. Thanks zona for the blog

California girls. What did you do today? It was 104 here today--- too hit. Well, Che k in and let us k ow your aren't in the pokey!!!

Zona said...

Arrrggghh...Sonic Slush headache..bbrb..

Zona said...

Whew..had to get some warm water..that hurt! Why don't we ever learn about those things..sheesh..

bbrb? I meant to write stands for Brain Be Right Back..that's my story.. ;D

Thanks for the comments MO and DI..and BARB, LYNN and J/LIN of SAC! I thought this was an interesting video..funny too..especially the Dr. Who part..

Ladies of SAC: I know you are having fun..but still..crank it up a notch and have more fun than people should have..ok? :D Safe travels on Monday!

DI: Rain here..3rd day in a row!! I think it's heading North to TINA..hopefully some of it will drift your way!

Off to drink my pineapple slush..more slowly this time..maybe.. ;)

G'night all..have a good night!