Wednesday, July 25, 2012

~ Castillo San Felipe del Morro ~

by Tina~in_ut

~ My daughter's favorite family portrait ~


Lynn D said...

Morning Glories!

Tina great pics. I agree with your daughter, lovely family portrait. LOL

I think all of my vacationing is catching up. I was a slug yesterday and just could not find the motivation to do anything. We will see about today. I can't be to lazy this afternoon as I have Richard. Eva has her 18 month check up at Mary Bridge Childrens this afternoon.

Waving at everyone!

Michael said...

Ahhhh...more of the Isla del this going to be a series of the entire vacation? Please do post just everything! I will be happy to contribute a photo of the surfboard you sent me!

I see you DID get a photo of a garita...or did you send someone to get it?

Zona said...

Good Morning!

TINA: Loved the pics..the ocean was beautiful..the sky clear and blue..great pics of the Fort..perfect..thank you for sharing them with us!

I can see why your daughter liked that photo the's a wonderful family moment! I actually love these kinds of pics of family..they are always fun to look at..they have real personality..and they'll always make you smile! Kudos to your daughter!'s a great pic!!

Zona said...

LYNN: Good Morning Gorgeous!! Richard will definitely keep you busy! Eva is having her 18 mos check up? Oh my..she is growing up so fast! :)

MICHAEL: Oh do share that surf board pic..please!! ;)

Zona said...

FROM 51:

BARB: No drillin' or fillin'..just pokin' and polishing! He did tell me my mouth looked great..and I answered..'it feels great too'..dead silence after

TINA: I don't know why..but your cobblestones/flip flop comment made me laugh and laugh.. :D

MO: Yay!! Glad you were able to hook a big one!! :D

DI: I think your boss should pick up the tab for the make up lunch..and you should get to pick the place..someplace reallllly nice..maybe a great seafood or steak restaurant..whattya think? ;D

J/LIN: It's scary as heck to see that cloud rollin' in..swallowing up houses..the winds are usually around 50mph with embedded really does cause Yikes! moments!! No more expected for a few days though according to our weather

Zona said...

Blogger wanted my phone number again..NO..NO a thousand times..NO! Don't worry..I won't actually type it 1000 times.. ;D

Well I guess it's off to see the Wizard..have a nice day everyone.. :)

Just_Lin said...

LynnD Good morning! You look lovely, as always. I can't believe Eva is already 1 1/2 yrs old! She sure is a doll.

Just_Lin said...

Tina Love the family portrait! LOL Thanks for sharing your vacation pics with us. They are really nice photos.

Just_Lin said...

Michael Well you're looking fine and fit today. I hope you are feeing fine, too.

Just_Lin said...

Zona Those haboobs look like something evil coming at you. I can't see how living in the desert is supposed to be better for asthmatics.

Maureen said...

TINA...i love the pics! And the family portrait is awesome! Sarah will love looking back at that and will smile everytime!

LYNN...18mos already? What a beautiful miracle she is.

Hello to all

Dianne/Denver said...

Boy Tina, your daughter sure looks like you in that picture I've never noticed it before. Thanks for showing us your vacation pictures. I'm traveling through you.

Lynn, it seems like Eva was just born and now she almost two!!

JL, I was going to tell you the other day that my granddaughters even sleep later than I do. Of course, they are probably up texting when I think they are sleeping.

Zona, I have written your phone number on every wall I can find so you should be receiving some interesting calls.

Good evening Michael. How was your day today?

I didn't get stood up for lunch today solo that was nice. I meet the same friend every Wednesday and we catch up on a weeks worth of news (which neither of us have much of).

Howdy Mo--- still cooler there? It was only 91 here today so that was better.

Just_Lin said...

Dianne Were you serious about the pic? Who do you think was taking that photo?

Just_Lin said...


Dianne/Denver said...

Duh. I was serious. Guess itvreally did look like Tina. Hey come on--the heat is frying my brain!!!

Just_Lin said...


Just_Lin said...