Sunday, July 8, 2012

~ Payphone ~

by Tina~in_ut

This cracked me up. I didn't know there was an explicit version and I couldn't find a non-explicit one~


Michael said...


Zona said...

TINA: I liked the song..but I don't understand the video..mild mannered bank employee turns himself into criminal..why? I told Randy about it and he found the vid on On Demand..he didn't want to get out of bed to watch it on the computer..he decided that the guy was a spy and the bank robbers blew his cover and he had to run for his for me!!! :D

MICHAEL: He's gonna burn his feet..and then some..

FROM 51:

JODI: I'm glad you're coolin' off there at the other end of the world! LOVE when the D-backs beat up those Dodgers!! :D

Have a good day everyone..Gotta get movin'..boring errands to run..not fun in this heat..or that heat..or any heat.. ;D

Dianne/Denver said...

Morning or afternoon as the case may be---

Well Tina that was a weird

Dianne/Denver said...

Post by me AND video and song. I even watched the whole thing.

Zona: Enjoy running your errands today. I'm waiting for my friend for breakfast

Hi michael.

Dianne/Denver said...

Ok---done with a long breakfast/lunch and no posts and it's almost time for dinner now!!!

My tummy has been upset some of the day but now I'm feeling better.

Shirley---where the heck are you? I miss you. Can't even blame your absence on work. Hope all is okay.

It's still cool and rainy here and we are glad. I'm so over that 100 degree weather. You can have it Zona. Colorado is not supposed to have those kind of temps very often.

Jodi--nice to see you on the blog last night. I love your pictures you have been posting on F B of you and your husband. Very nice.

Maureen said...

Good evening feathered friends!

Hope you all had a nice Sunday

Dianne/Denver said...

Hi mo----long time no see. Hope you had a nicevSunday too.

sacBarb said...

Happy Sunday Owls.

Zona, I don't get the video, but I'll take Randy's version of what it is about. I have a headache and I don't want to think that hard to come up with another scenario.

Michael, Congratz on landing first today.

Di, I hope it cools off soon for you.

Mo, Good to see you. I hope you're feeling better.