Thursday, August 18, 2011

Skipping School

by Michael

The local high school has a policy that the parents must call the school if a student is to be absent for the day. Alice deciding to skip school and go to the mall with her friends.
So she waited until her parents had left for work and called the school herself.

"Hi, I'm calling to report that Alice is unable to make it to school today because she is ill."
Secretary at high school answered...

"I'm sorry to hear that. I'll note her absence. Who is this calling please?"
Schoolgirl's response...

"This is my mother."


Shirley(NCC-1701) said...


Shirley(NCC-1701) said...

I wonder if that school girl was blonde?

goldie said...

Hey! I resemble that remark Shirley!!
Good morning to you.

Reminds me of the time I skipped and then begged my mom to cover for me. Nope- detention was mine.:(

Zona said...

Good Morning!!

MICHAEL: Cute joke..thanks for the grin this morning!

SHIRLEY: You are beautiful even when you SPLAT! :D

I just went out to sweep the pool..I burned my hand picking up the aluminum pool's 96 degrees here already..heading for 110* in the desert!! ;D

Zona said...

FROM 51:

J/LIN: My heart goes out to you, I know how hard this is for you and your family..{{Hugs}} and safe travels.

DI: I'm sorry you're sick..I sure hope you feel better have to be in top shape this have a team to pick! Let me know if you need more Gatorade..I'll have it sent up.. ;D

Zona said...

HI GOLDIE..didn't see you there..we were posting at the same time! to do my ADL's..BARB..that was for

Have a great day everyone!

goldie said...

Area 51:

So sorry for you and your family J/L~ hang in there.

Dianne, hope you feel better soon.

Sacbarb- sorry about the tooth~ouchie, gives me the willy's just thinking about it.

Michael, stop pouting and put the carpet back down!

Zona~It is beautiful and going to be 83 here today. Wish I could send it your way.

Flapping my wings (and everything else that flaps) at you all!!!

Michael said...

I'm not pouting...I have sorta

Good morning ladies...and yes Shirley...I am cost! lq

Tinka said...

Good Morning everyone. I just got back from water therapy. It sure isn't much fun but I hope it helps.

Being a retired teacher I loved your joke Michael. Brings back memories.

Shirley - Congrats on first. Aren't you a blonde too?

Zona - Please move to Victoria before you get really burned.

Just_Lin - Sending you hugs.

Goldie - I am blonde too so we must stick up for each other. Actually I was blonde until I was 12 so I figure it's my birth right to stay that way. LOL

Have a great day. I am going down for an early nap. Call me this afternoon Zona.

Tinka said...


Shirley(NCC-1701) said...

No Tinka I'm a brunette turning grey.

Michael said...

Trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder).

Trichotillomania is a type of mental illness in which people have an irresistible urge to pull out their hair, whether it's from the scalp, their eyebrows or other areas of the body. Hair pulling from the scalp often leaves them with patchy bald spots on the head, which they may go to great lengths to disguise. Causes of trichotillomania are still being researched, and no specific cause has yet been found.

I thought I heard someone say something made them wanna pull their hair who was that??

sacBarb said...

Good evening Owls.

Michael, funny story. That girl needs lessons from Ferris Bueller. He never would have made that mistake. :)

Shirley, I hope you did your splat on the cushions so it wasn't painful.

Goldie, The tooth feels much better today, thanks. Now I have to make an appointment to either repair the crown or get a new one. Blechhh

Zona, Got it, but I had to look it up! LOL

Tinka, I hope the water therapy is helping you.

Tina~in_ut said...

Good Even-ning~ What is the condition called where you sleep the entire day away?~ :)~

Shirley~ you are ravishing in first~

Goldie~ I love to make blonde jokes and always stop cuz of you....ur too darn smart~

Zona~ Is it really hot there~

Tinka~ Glad Tia is doing better~

Sackie~ yikes about ur tooth~

J/L~ prayers sent ur way~

Miguelito~ thanks for sending in the yoke~ lq about you axeing me last night what the blag was about today~ oops~ :D

Shirley(NCC-1701) said...

Don't worry SacBarb, I have lots of "cushioning" to soften the fall.

Shirley(NCC-1701) said...

Thanks Tina! It's better to be ravishing than ravished.

Michael said...

I'd rather be ravished...

Shirley(NCC-1701) said...

That doesn't surprise me Michael.

Tina~in_ut said...

you guys are all awesome~ I just finished loading blogs until the end of the month! And not one of them is mine!!! (shuddup Michael!) Thank you all for sending them in!

Jodi said...

MICHAEL - Oops!! What a slip of the tongue....doh!!

TINA - Did you get my vm?

Jodi said...

SLIN - I'm so glad your daughter is able to spend time with your Mom. After having just been thru this, you know my regrets ♥