Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chicken Fillets

by Michael

It's thanks to my 'chicken fillets' bra-boosters that I'm alive today, says woman who survived horror car crash

Broken ribs would have pierced young mother's heart

Her padded bra saved Lisa Somerville's life according to medics


Young mother Lisa Somerville cheated death in a horrific car crash - thanks her bust-enhancing bra.

The 28-year-old was driving home in a violent rainstorm on a notorious stretch of road when she lost control of her car and careered head-on into traffic. The mum-of-one had to be cut free from the car by firefighters and was rushed to the Royal Infirmary with a punctured lung, four cracked ribs and a broken nose. And when she finally regained consciousness, doctors told her the 'chicken fillets' in the lining of her bra, which she hated so much, had actually saved her life.

Lisa said: 'I suffered a punctured lung and cracked ribs, but thanks to my chicken fillets I was still alive. I was told that otherwise my ribs would certainly have pierced my heart.'

Her brush with death came while she was driving back from work to her home in Kirkintilloch, near Glasgow. Lisa rounded a corner on a busy, narrow, twisty side road and hit her brakes too hard losing control of the car before ploughing head-on into another car coming in the opposite direction. When she came round moments later, she had shooting pains throughout her body, the doors were jammed and she couldn't escape.

She said: 'I was driving home from work, stupidly not wearing my seat-belt, when I lost control of my car and crashed on a slippery wet road.'

'I was in a bad way - but I was still breathing. As doctors peeled back my clothes to get a better look at the damage, they noticed the skewered chicken fillets inside my bra.'

'I was 'doubling up' - wearing four altogether - so that was what gave me the extra protection that saved my life.'

Lisa, who has an eight-year-old daughter Jodi, added: 'I couldn't believe my luck, or the irony that something I'd hated for so long had saved my life.'

She admits she has worn chicken fillets - often doubling up to increase her bust - since she was a teen.
And she revealed how she was often jealous of her peers when growing up because of her chest and she hated wearing skimpy tops and bikinis, preferring to stay covered up. Now working as a receptionist at a hair and beauty salon in Kirkintilloch, Lisa added: 'I hated my chicken fillets and constantly feared they'd fall out at the most embarrassing moment.

Skewered: The shattered 'chicken fillets' that saved Lisa. She was wearing two inserts on each side because she was so conscious about her breast size

But that night, for the first time in my life, I was grateful for them.'

There was, however, an unwanted side effect to the life-saving fillets as it drew attention to her ultra-flat chest and AAA breasts. Friends, family and those she worked with at Aviva Insurance in Bishopbriggs were stunned that a bust-boosting bra helped her cheat death.

Lisa said: 'I couldn't escape my biggest insecurity and it left me more miserable and depressed than ever about my inadequate body. I'd wanted a boob job since I was 12 and the unwanted attention after the accident was the final straw.'

After recovering from the crash, which happened in May 2009, the self-conscious young Scot finally decided to go under the knife and have a breast enhancement.
In September last year, Lisa paid $6500 to upgrade her breasts from a AAA to a 30E.

She said: 'I'm ten times more confident and happier than I've ever been, I'm even giving my new boobs a birthday celebration to mark their anniversary I love them so much. But I'll always be thankful to the chicken fillets that saved my life.'


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