Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NEW Ohio Law: Beware!

by Maureen

The Ohio Highway Patrol are cracking down on speeders heading towards and into the city of Cleveland. For the first offense, they give you two Cleveland Browns tickets. If you get stopped a second time, they make you use them.

Q. What do you call 47 millionaires sitting around a TV watching the Super Bowl?
The Cleveland Browns .

Q. What do the
Cleveland Browns and Billy Graham have in common?
A. They both can make 70,000 people stand up and yell 'Jesus Christ . '

Q. How do you keep a
Cleveland Brown out of your yard?
A. Put up a goal post.

Q. What do you call a
Cleveland Brown with a Super Bowl ring?
A. A thief.

Q. What's the difference between the
Cleveland Browns and a dollar bill?
A. You can still get four quarters out of a dollar bill.

Q. How many
Cleveland Browns does it take to win a Super Bowl?
A. Nobody knows and we may never find out!

Q. What do the
Cleveland Browns and a possum have in common?
A. Both play dead at home and get killed on the road!
So sad, but so true!


Michael said...


Lynn D said...

Morning Glories!

Mo replace Cleveland Browns with Seattle Seahawks and there you go.

BAM!!! At you Michael!

Tinka just wanted to know if there is any word on Jack's condition. Saying prayers and sending positive thoughts.

sacBarb said...

Mo, That was very funny. It can't be harder to be a Brown's fan than it is to be a Raiders fan. They did win some away games but didn't win any of their home games, and the tickets aren't cheap!

A51, When I met Estrada there was just the two CHP Chiefs with whom I was chairing the exam and the producer of the video they were making, so he wasn't there to 'glad hand' or to make a good impression on little ole me. Well, in that, he succeeded.

sacBarb said...

Michael, BAM!! back at ya.

Tinka, thinking about you today. I hope Jack is doing better. {{{HUGS}}} and prayers.

J/L A51, LOL good way to celebrate the opening of your Curves.

Waving to all the Owls. I'm trying to get some housework done today. Not sure how much I'll really accomplish. Have a good day.

sacBarb said...

Hi Lynn, Tell Richard we have clouds today but no rain. I hope you are feeling well.

Tinka said...

Good Morning Michael, Lynn, and SacBarb - I hope you are all well today.

Thanks for the kind words about Jack. This house is very empty without him. He phoned last night and the neurologist had just seen him for the second time. They are going to try out a new test on him this morning. He couldn't explain himself very well but he said he thought they would send him home today. I will let you know.

Mauren - Thanks for the laugh this morning. I really needed one. I don't kow who the Browns are but it was funny anyway.

Be back later when I hear more. Have a great day
Friend Owls.

Just_Lin said...

Michael Did you bring that chair for me? You are so considerate as well as best looking today.

Just_Lin said...

MO Sorry about those Browns. Maybe they could extend their name to Brown-Eyed Susans. On second thought, I guess that wouldn't help. LOL

Just_Lin said...

LynnD Sorry about those Seahawks, too. Our 49ers are finally at the top of the heap again this year like they were in the good ol' days. It's very exciting.

Just_Lin said...

SacBarb I need to get my tree down this week sometime. I'm not looking forward to it.

Just_Lin said...

Tinka Still praying for Jack. I hope the new test brings answers and solutions.

Michael said...

ah...yes...J/L....I did bring that chair for you to sit in today...its an antique! And its you...

Hi everyone! maybe I'll bring a chair each day for each of you that I think you would like and is well suited to you....


Michael said...

omg! J/L!! I did not mean to say that ur an antique!

Shit! Ya try to be!!

Lynn D said...

Home from my doctors appt. Just checking in to see if there was anymore news about Jack. I see that Tinka posted. I really hope they let him come home.

Got my blood work back and every damn test was to low. Estrogen, progesterone, Vitamin D (low enough the doctor has seen people diagnosed with rickets with numbers higher than mine), DHEA to low, thyroid still wonky. The only normal thing was my damn testosterone. Go Figure.

So I get to up all of my hormone meds and my thyroid meds too. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I am exhausted again. So if you see a hairy guy with no muscle strength, it's not a guy it's me dammit!!!

Oh there was one bright spot. I lost two pounds in the last 3 weeks. I think that is the thyroid meds.

Waving at Barb and J/L and Michael.

Going to check my farms and go lay in bed.

Tinka said...

The neurologists think the blood vessels that go from the carotid arteries to the brain are going into spasms and that is causing the mini strokes. However it is very unusual that this activity affects only the speech. This is almost unheard of so the doctors were amazed by this. They are giving him different meds and we will see what happens. He had MRI's, CT scans, x-rays and imaging. He is home now but there will still be more tests. Right now his speech is fine.
It's so nice to have him home but I am still worried. I hope he cuts back on his farm work.

Tinka said...

Lynn - I am sorry your blood tests came out low. Hopefully with a change in meds that will help. You will always be beautiful to us even if you get some hair where you don't want it. Congrats on losing weight. That's what I need to do after splurging all holiday.

Zona said...

Hi Guys!!

MO: Poor Cleveland Browns..they are like the Rodney Dangerfield of football teams! My mom loved them..but I think that was another Cleveland Brown team..which is now called something else..Randy explained this all to me..but I only nodded and pretended to understand.. ;D

MICHAEL: Congrats on First! I think a recliner..or as we call old fadoo chair..would be perfect for me! :D

LYNN: My fingers..and toes..are crossed for you too! :)

BARB: But we love our Raiders anyway..don't we? WooHoo!!

TINKA: I'm so glad that Jack is home and that they at least have an idea of what is going on..that way there is a course of action they can take to correct it! :)

J/LIN: Our trees..decorations and lights are still up. Randy says he'll take them down this weekend..HA!..I'll let you

Michael said...

lol@Lynn D...

I was thinking rickets and testosterone...didn't want to say anything...

Tinka...glad Jacks home...btw...ur chair is tomorrow!!!

Michael said...


Let me be the judge on that can exchange?

Did I thank you for the pretty papyrus?

Tinka said...

Thanks Zona. Talk to you tomorrow.

Michael I am looking forward to that chair.

Maureen said...

Thanks for the comments today! nice to see you posting! I hope they can get your meds figured out soon. Just in case, maybe I should get some stock in BIC,Gilette and Norelco!

TINKA...I'm glad Jack is home with you. Still in my prayers.

Maureen said...

ZONA...the other Browns were here forever and about 10 years ago the owner, Art Modell, got all pissy faced and moved the team to Baltimore. He was mad because the Indians got a new stadium and he wanted one, too. The NFL said he could move the team, but couldn't use the name, so they are the Baltimore Ravens. A couple of years later we had a new Browns and a new stadium!

New and not so improved!!

Just_Lin said...

Michael LOL But, I am an antique, too, just not as old as that chair.

Just_Lin said...

LynnD I hope they get thosed lab values up soon. Is there something you can take to help you absorb the Vit D?

Just_Lin said...

Tinka I'm glad to hear that Jack is home with you and they at least have a track on what is going on with him. Hopefully, solutions will soon follow.

Just_Lin said...

MO Thanks for the history lesson. Too bad they couldn't have come up with a new name when they built the new team. "Browns" just isn't very inspiring but I suppose it has some historical significance.

Tina~in_ut said...

i swear.....if my silla is a lawn chair or some other broken down piece of crap.....I'm gonna take ur TM and shove it up ur m-m-m~ ijs~

Now....hello and good moaning~ that's all I've been doing....i feel like someone hit me with a mack truck (my dad always says that and it fits!)

Tinka~ I've been thinking non-stop of you and Jack....when I'm not sleeping....u both are in my prayers~

Mo~ thank u for the blags~ They are a Godsend~

Hello to everyone else....I'm going back to bed~

Just_Lin said...

Tina Are you sick or is it dental problems? I hope you feel better soon, whatever it is.

Tinka said...

Thanks once more for all your thoughts and prayers about Jack. He is so happy to be home and I think he will slow down. This was scary. It started with Jack reading the morning paper and he realized he couldn't make sense of what he read. Then he couldn't tell me about it. For a man who was always articulate it must have really shaken him. Now he appears fine. I am hoping your prayers and modern medicine will keep him that way. Thanks again. Good Night and God Bless. Tink