Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cartoons about MATURING

by Sac Barb


Shirley(NCC-1701) said...


Shirley(NCC-1701) said...

SacBarb those were great!!! Loved the first one the best!! Thanks for the morning chuckle!!!

Just_Lin said...

Shirley Hello, beautiful Miss Sunshine. See what you have to look forward to?

Just_Lin said...

SacBarb Well, the first one was funniest but then they started to get too realistic. LOL

Just_Lin said...


Shirley(NCC-1701) said...

I'm here Just Lin!

Dianne/Denver said...

I'm here. I loved the first one and the one about telling your grandchild about old age. How true is that. Lol.

Hi shirley at first. You splatted everywhere today. It's a mess in here and I'm sick so I can't clean it up.

JL u r pretty to at second. You must have been up early today.

Louis went to dr yesterday. Dr said pain was normal (bet me) and will continue for four to six weeks. Hmmm great

My shingles did not spread today---the pain sucks but hope it is done spreading.

Nothing new here. Big weekend ahead---does anyone have some fun plans? Please tell me about them. Bbqs, parties, etc? Maybe the fun has already begun and that's why no one is around.

Maureen said...

I'm here!

SAC BARB...those were too funny...and too true!!

I liked the one about the weight being the phone number! When I get on the scale it at a time!

SHIRLEY...good splattin'!

JUST LIN...I'm still here :)

DIANNE...glad your shingles stopped spreading. I hope the pain lets up soon.
No major plans for me. Going to head to my cousin's house tomorrow after work and probably stay there all weekend. It is supposed to be around 90 everyday and I have no a/c so her couch and a/c are calling me! I will take her out on her errands, as she doesn't drive.

Zona said...

BARB: Those were all funny..but I loved the last two!!

SHIRLEY: You SPLAT with such style and's beyond compare! :D

J/LIN: I finally made it's a long hobble ya know! ;)

DI: The weather guys are saying it's going to be 83 here on Saturday so we decided to have our little holiday barbecue then. I mean..83 after a week of over 100..sometimes over can you beat that? Gotta take advantage of it!

I'm so sorry that both you and Louis are in such pain..I mean..that's enough already..ya know? I'm very glad to hear that the shingles haven't spread.

MO: Your weekend is gonna be hotter than mine!! No big surprise there.. :D

Zona said...

I miss Smash..and NCIS..and Once Upon A Time..and Unforgettable..

How many more weeks until the new Fall TV season starts?

sacBarb said...

Happy Thursday Owls.

Sharon and I went to see Wicked today. It was a wonderful production and we really liked it. They used a lot of oxymorons and I stayed awake listening for them. LOL The only one I can remember is when the good witch's boyfriend said he was 'deeply shallow.' It cracked me up.

Shirley, congrats on first. My fave is the first one too.

J/L, Yeah, some did hit close to home, especially the last one.

Dianne, I am so sorry you and Louis are still in pain. You both have been in my prayers and I even lit a candle for you. Sorry, I don't have as many as Kathy.

Mo, You have a talking scale??? LOL

Zona, Hang in there...Big Brother will start soon.

sacBarb said...

Is anyone having problems with Facebook? The screen is all wonky and the Castleville screen is only about two inches wide. I cleared my cache but that didn't help.

Just_Lin said...

SacBarb It's been working fine for me all day.

Dianne/Denver said...

It's been working okay for me too barb.

Goog night all. Here's to a better day tomorrow!!

Just_Lin said...

Dianne I sure hope tomorrow is better for both you and Louis. Sweet dreams.