Thursday, May 3, 2012


by Sac Barb

Got this from a friend in honor of the royal couple's first anniversary.  I thought it was pretty funny.


Michael said...

hilarious. and how could those animators have known? ....lq

Michael said...

My avatar today is of Edvard Munch's "The Scream" on the block at Sothebys yesterday.

I'm sure you have all seen the headlines stating that it sold for $120 million...wth!

Still not the highest paid for an artwork though. The tiny, oil-rich nation of Qatar purchased a Paul Cézanne painting...The Card Players... for more than $250 million earlier this year...

Talk about yer gobsmacked...neither one of em are even purty...

Shirley(NCC-1701) said...


Shirley(NCC-1701) said...

Morning owls!!

That was quite funny!

Shirley(NCC-1701) said...

I promise I will contribute more. I have to work this afternoon. Not sure about tomorrow. We are having our season end dinner Saturday night. Then I should be back to my hibernation mode...only going out on Tuesdays. So I promise I will help out more. Don't banish me Michael...please??!!?

Tinka said...

Good Morning Michael - Congrats on being first. How could anybody spend that kind of money or any money on that ugly picture? I guess art really is in the eye of the beholder.

Good Morning Shirley - I bet you are happy tax season is over. My youngest daughter is a chartered accountant and every year I think she wonders why she chose that profession. The money is good so I guess that makes up for it. She is off on a holiday soon. She would be gone now except there are always the people who file late to worry about. Have a good rest.

Barb - I love the pictures. They are so identical it is unbelievable.

I must get ready for the screen man and the Sears guy.

Have a great day everyone.

Zona said...

BARB: Those pics made me really have to wonder whether they took a cue from Cinderella.. ;D

Good Morning MICHAEL the First! :D

I've never liked 'The Scream' gives me the creeps! I'll have to google The Card Players..


Tina~in_ut said...

Good Moaning~

Barb~ That so made me laugh....the gurls especially~ Thanks for sending in the blog~

Michael~ I saw how much it went for and wondered what drug they were taking when they bought we know yet WHO bought it?~

Shirley~ Praise Jesus ur back!~ What I wouldn't give to work only 4 months outta the year~ ahhhh~

Tinka~ Praying they show up when they said they would~

Zona~ gave me the creeps too~

Dianne/Denver said...

Good morning everyone. Michael, u r dazzling at first today. U take my breath away!!!!

Barb---hmmm, there seems to be a pattern there. Funny. Thanks for the blog.

Guess what???? I have a dang toothache so am off to the emergency appt early this afternoon. I then need to get home to get Louis to the dr. I have no time for a tooth problem now. I saw enough of that dentils last year.

Shirley--I'm so glad to see u back. We have missed u a lot. Ur humor keeps us cheerful and u keep everyone in line. Hmmmm, now who will keep u off that naughty mat?

Tink-- hope ur men arrive. We need an electrician and I called yesterday and they wanted to send one out right then. Boy. Never had such quick service!!!

Zona--I hope u have a better day today. No shredding for u today. Maybe take a jump in that pool. I know I know----too cold!!!

Have a good day all. I will check back in later after I "meet up" with my dentist

JL---ur cruise sounds like fun. Eat and play and hang out with ur daughter---sounds great.

sacBarb said...

Michael, I can't imagine why anyone would spend that much money on any painting, let alone that one! I guess I just don't have an eye for art!

Tinka, I hope your repairmen were there on time.

Dianne, So sorry you have another dental issue. I just went through another one, breaking a tooth and having to get another crown. I should be royalty, I have so many crowns.

Tina, YW

Shirley, Glad you are going to be getting some rest now.

Zona, Swim yet?

J/L, Have a good time on your cruise.

Mo, Very funny. I do the same thing without a chemical engineering degree, but it's not as funny.

Dianne/Denver said...

Well my tooth under a bridge is broken so they have to pull it next week. Just what indontbhave time for now.

Tinka said...

Hi Tina, Zona, Dianne and Barb - It's 8 pm and still light outside. I think summer is coming even though the weather isn't telling us that.

I had good luck today with my repairmen. The screen man was supposed to be here at 9:30 and he was right on time. We now have a retractable screen door in front of the kitchen door. It will be wonderful if and when we ever get hot weather. The man from Sears was supposed to be here between ten and two. I had visions of waiting all day with no chance for my noon nap. How surprised I was when he came at ten thirty. He had to order parts for my dish washer so he was only here a few minutes. All in all a very nice day. Hope you all did too although Dianne it would be hard to have a good day with a toothache. Hope the pain is gone soon.

Good night my friends. Take care. Love, Tink

Just_Lin said...

Michael Congrats on arriving here first this morning but I had to stay away, what with all that God awful screaming. I really don't know why that painting is considered "great". I wouldn't want it hanging on any of my walls.

Just_Lin said...

SacBarb I love the comparison of the animated and the real. I guess this is a true case of life imitating art. It couldn't be more perfect.

Just_Lin said...

Shirley We have missed you. I will look forward to seeing you here more often now that your busy tax season is coming to a close. I wish you would make an effort to go out more often, though. How about two days a week, to start out? How is it going to have your sister right next door? I would think there would be pros and cons to that.

Just_Lin said...

Tinka Well, isn't that nice that everything went so well with the repairment today? Isn't it nice when we are pleasantly surprised like that.

Just_Lin said...

Zona I haven't Googled The Card Players but I keep thinking of that painting with the dogs playing poker. LOL

Just_Lin said...

Tina I'm here late tonight so missed all your moaning. The only thing I would like about The Scream would be the money I'd get from selling it.

Just_Lin said...

Dianne OMG! I can't believe the bad luck you are having with your teeth! Well, actually I can, unfortunately. I'm really sorry about your continuing dental problems. Like you said, you really don't need this right now.

Tina~in_ut said...

J/L~ Here's a late night moan just for you~ :D

Just_Lin said...

LOL @ Tina