Monday, June 25, 2012

Rock Of Ages

by Zona

Randy and I saw "Rock Of Ages" today. It's an understatement to say I am NOT a Tom Cruise fan..however I thought I could somehow put that aside and enjoy the movie anyway. I think I kinda succeeded..even after he appeared on screen..semi bare cheeked. Of course..that could have been a stunt never know!  Alec Baldwin was wonderful as the owner of the club where a lot of the movie takes place..but then again..he's always great. I just love him. I liked Russell Brand and Catherine Zeta-Jones too. In fact all of the actors did a really good job. The music was excellent..the best part of the movie as far as I'm concerned..and there were quite a few very, very funny lines. But then Tom Cruise would appear as Rock and Roll Sex God and ruin least for me. I've read a lot of reviews which state that if it wasn't for his over the top performance..the movie would have been a complete bomb. As far as acting goes..I guess he does play the part's just that..for me..he doesn't FIT the part at all..I guess I just can't get past the fact that he's Tom Cruise. One funny observation..about the audience..not the movie. Rand and I were the first ones we got to see everyone that came into the theater. The place was packed..but I'll bet not one person in there was under 50 years old..well..except Randy. Most had grey hair..and a few had canes..and they were all comin' to ROCK!! That just made me smile. Don't Stop Believin'...  :D


Michael said...

LOVE Tom Cruise...

Dianne/Denver said...

Good morning Michael. What's new with you today? Do you still go to get those hot dogs you used to write about all the time? I found some pretty good ones at Sonic. I don't know what brought these to mind this morning--- I must already be hungry.

Zona-- thanks for the blog. This is a movie I will pass on because of the music. I think it would bring my shingles headache back. I do like the group of people in the movie. Funny how you thought everyone was old in theater. They were probably younger than me.

We r having horrific fires here and the weather is so unseasonably hot. It's really bad.

Well, we lost a Denver Policewoman last night. She was 32 and a single mom. She was breaking up a fight at a concert and was shot in the head. She was working off duty. Needless to say, with my son on the force this just brings the worry front and center when something this tragic happens. A mom worries all the time about her kids but it makes me want to put him in a bubble.

Just sharing thoughts this morning and as you can see, I'm all over the board.

Just_Lin said...

Michael Nice view. Working on your tan today, I see.

Just_Lin said...

Zona A friend and I were just talking about going to see this movie. I can't say I LOVE Tom Cruise but I cerrainly don't have anything against him and find his movies to be entertaining at least and his acting to sometimes be great (Born On the 4th of July). I've also heard numerous times that he is one of the Hollywood elite that is really, really nice.

Just_Lin said...

Dianne The fires in your state are horrible. Custard's unit is on standby to be sent there to help with one of the fires.

What a tragedy about that young policewoman.

Hmmmm.....You looked at Michael's avatar and thought of hot dogs. I think I see the connection.

Dianne/Denver said...

JL--- didn't think if the connection of hot dogs and the avatar----hmmm

sacBarb said...

Happy Monday Owls.

Hello Michael. You sure are a cutie in first today.

Di, LOL @ J/L's observation. It must have been your subconscious that made you think of hot dogs. I can imagine how much you worry about your son, especially when something tragic happens to an officer. That story made our news and I thought of you.

J/L, I'll try to keep the heat away until you and Lynn leave Sac.

Our Music Circus season starts tomorrow, but tonight is the dress rehearsal and I have to usher both nights. Tonight will be for VIPs that sponsor the theater, family members of the cast and other big wigs. The show is Grease, so I won't mind seeing it twice.
♫...Summer nights...♫

sacBarb said...

Zona, Rock of Ages is one of the shows on our Broadway season this year, so Sharon and I decided we should see the movie so we could compare. I really don't like Tom Cruise either, but I have enjoyed some of his performances. I think I will like the music, if nothing else. Thanks for sharing the trailer and your view.

Maureen said...

Good evening feathered friends!

ZONA...I'm torn on this one. I LOVE the's what I still listen to...but I just can't imagine Tom Cruise as a hard rocker. Maybe when it comes out on DVD. sad and scary about the fallen officer. And also about the fires. I pray your son stays safe.

SAC fun...GREASE x 2!

JUST LIN...LOL about MICHAEL's hot dog! Is it a regular or a foot long? hehehehehe

MICHAEL...where's Debbie? Is your area in danger? Be safe

Dianne/Denver said...

Good afternoon.....what's up? Not much new here---just hot and don't know how you stand it Zona. I think I would prefer Alaska.

I promised myself I would clean one thing in a room this week each day. Heck-- not even a whole room and have I done that yet--- nope. I still have high hopes for myself since its only 5:45. If I would get my butt in gear it would probably take me a half an hour. Can u know that I'm lazy??

JL--- I'm surprised they haven't sent Custard here yet. They are bringing in fire fighters from everywhere.

Barb--- that will be fun to see Grease. Did I tell you we enjoyed The Adams Family?

Mo--did you have a nice day off yesterday? What did you do?

Well, guess I will think about cleaning for awhile longer.

Maureen said...

I've been thinking about this...our husband, JBJ should have played the Tom Cruise role. Or Johnny Deppp.

DIANNE...If my memory serves me, I slept in, watched a bunch of episodes of McLeod's Daughters, went to the library and played a couple of games of Scrabble, went to the grocery and got some lunch fixin's for work, did some reading and ate dinner. Then watched some more episodes of McLeods.

It was a nice day and the weather was pretty nice,but a little warm.

Dianne/Denver said...

I did it--- I did it!!!! I did my one thing plus half of another for tomorrow. I'm so excited. It's only 9:35 and I rested many times in between. As you can all see, it doesn't take much to excite me.

Mo---that sounds like a nice relaxing day. You got to do what you wanted to do..

Zona said...

Hi Guys!

MICHAEL: I was hoping to be able to report a Tom Cruise calf sighting to you..alas..there wasn't one in this least not that I remember..

DI: I did it too!! Not only did I remember what it was I wanted to do..but I almost got it finished! So proud of myself..pat..pat.. ;D

J/LIN: I actually like the Mission Impossible movies..and most of his action movies too..he fits the character better in those..

BARB: I think you'll love the music..and there are some really funny scenes and lines too.. :)

MO: JBJ would have been PERFECT..and much more should have suggested it to him over breakfast..js.. :D

I keep forgetting to copy my comment..doing that now..I've lost it twice already to the Blogger netherworld..

Zona said...

DI: I was so sorry and sad to hear about the police officer. I have police officers in my family..and I know how scary it is when you hear news reports about an officer being hurt or worse. I pray for them every night..and will be praying for you son too.

It's horrible about the there any containment at all? I hope so..

Zona said...

I re-wrote my comment and forget to thank you all for your comments..thank you!

Good night everyone..sweet dreams.

Just_Lin said...

I didn't clean any rooms today. I went to the doctor for an irritated area on my left eyelid. It seems to be a small patch of eczema. Then the doctor decided I should go to the lab and get some blood tests that were due and then go to the injection department and get updated on my pneumonia vaccine and TDAP vaccine. Yikes! A lot of poking done today and not in a good way.