Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Home Alone

by Zona

Although I know I wouldn't laugh if Nikki did anything like this..I had to laugh when I saw these pics..I got such a kick out of the looks on their faces..the dogs seem so apologetic..the cats are kinda like...So what?  :D


Lynn D said...

Morning Glories!

My favorites are the, dog who is looking in the slider at the mess like what the hell happened in there? Who me I, not hiding. Then the dog with the paw raised like someone just asked who did this.

The cat peeking out behind the basket made me lol!

Waving at Barb! I don't know how I missed your posts yesterday.

Today is Richards birthday. We better give him his presents because I think he is going to explode if we don't. :)

Tinka said...

Good Morning Lynn - Congrats on being first.

We are up early, I guess because we both have birthday boys. Richard and Jack share birthdays. How old is Richard today? Jack is 41, one year older than I am. I think he is going to explode soon too.

Happy Birthday Richard.

Happy Birthday Jack.

Zona - I loved those pictures, every one of them. Thanks for sharing. It's nice to start the day off with a smile.

It's just past 6:30 here and my eyes are only half open. I go to water therapy today (yuck) and then we will go for a birthday breakfast. Jack has to work today (he calls the trout farm his hobby because he is retired) so we will celebrate with a family party on Saturday. Sunday is our son's birthday so we will combine them.

Have a great Tuesday everyone.

Lynn D said...

Hi Tinka,

Happy Birthday to Jack!

Richard is four today and he thinks he is 41 at times. :)

Tinka said...

Lynn - Four is such a wonderful age.

Have fun today Richard.

I just realized I told a lie. Jack is a year younger than I am. I guess that makes him 39, just like Jack Benny.
My dad was also 39 until the day he died. He always said if Jack Benny could be 39 all those years then so could he. I think everyone in Heaven is around that age no matter how old they were when they left earth.

Just_Lin said...

LynnD You look adorable in first today. Have fun with the birthday celebration. I don't know about you but I no longer look forward to the birthdays the way Richard is. I still remember when I did, though. Regardless, it's always fun to get presents. :)

Just_Lin said...

Zona Those were great pics! The looks on the dog's faces were priceless. I love cats but I think "Yeah, so what?" is their normal expression. LOL

Just_Lin said...

Tinka So you snagged yourself a younger man,huh? Kudos to you. I hope your day today is extra special in spite of water therapy.

sacBarb said...

Happy Tuesday Owls.

Zona, these pics are funny but all too true. We had to be sure to put all trash receptacles in the laundry room when we left for work or our cocker would have it all over the house. And we couldn't leave Kleenex boxes around either. He had some kind of fetish for Kleenex. Otherwise he was a really good dog.

sacBarb said...

Lynn, happy birthday to Richard. Sorry about Seamus eating part of his cake...snort!

Tinka, happy birthday to Jack, too.

Waving to J/L and all the other Owls.

Just_Lin said...

SacBarb My dogs couldn't get into the garbage but there was the occasional raiding of the cats' litter boxes in search of a "tootsie roll" treat. Can we all say, "Eeeewwww!"

Maureen said...

Happy Birthday Richard and Jack!

That little pup was saying..."you talkin to me? Talk to the paw"

Mary/MI said...

Waving at everyone, and wishing Tinka's treasures a Happy Birthday.

Kathy the pictures cracked me up!
Luckily our Zoie does none of those horrible things....right lol! Today she helped herself to what I thought was an empty foot lotion tube. The evidence on Zoie's nose says there was a bit left in there!

Mo, lol @ "talk to my paw"

Just_Lin said...

MO and Mary Waving a wing at you. Glad to see you pop in.

Just_Lin said...


Dianne/Denver said...

Happy Birthday to Jack ans Richard. Hope your days were good.

Zona: thanks for the blog and it reminds me again why I'm not quite a pet person. Staying with my cousin in Houston with three dogs and three cats also reminded me.

I'm laying here with my knee elevated and resorting to a walker to get to bathroom. I'm feeling very sorry for myself right now.

Hello to everyone that flew by. It's nice to see all of you.

Zona said...

Hi Guys!

Thank you for the comments today..I'm glad you got as much of a kick out of these pics as I did!

LYNN: LOL at the dog saying it wasn't hiding..sure he wasn't.. ;)

I hope Richard had an awesome birthday today!! :)

TINKA: Happy Birthday to Jack! I hope he had a good day as well! My mom always said she was "39 and holding" too..I think she changed to 29 for a couple years though.. :)

Did I tell you today is Nikki's bday too? She's 6..that makes her older than you and Jack..and DI too! ;D

J/LIN: I love the look on the second dog's face..Nikki looks at me the same way when I catch her digging a hole in the backyard. :D Do you know what kind of dog that is? I want to say a spaniel..but I'm not sure..

BARB: We had a Husky when I was a teenager that would always rip up Kleenex..and let's just say she wasn't!! She would also jump on the bed and throw my dad's pillow on the floor and dig up his side of the bed whenever he took my mom funny!! :D

MO: My first thought was that he was surrendering!! ;D

MARY: Zoie will have the softest nose in town now! ;) I just read your post on Sept should have taken a pic! LMAO!! :D

Zona said...

DI: I am so freakin' sorry you are hurting like you have gone through enough this summer..this is just not fair. I sure hope you get some relief soon. SWAK!

Zona said...

Hmmm..I'm trying to understand where that big ol' space under my first post came from..maybe Blogger thought I had more to say.. ;D

Gotta go make dinner..I am running so late..I hope I remember to de-foil everything.. ;)

Dianne/Denver said...

Very late dinner. Poor randy.

Dianne/Denver said...

I was lucky enough to have one ifvthevdinners in the freezer from when Louis was sick for dinner tonight. Last night I had BBQ chips for dinner. I do love them.

Dianne/Denver said...

Of the dinners. Sorry I can't type

Just_Lin said...

Zona You really are having a late dinner. Wait a little while and it will be breakfast time. Do you ever make breakfast for dinner? I haven't done that in a long time but I like it.

Just_Lin said...

Dianne I'm sorry your knee is so bad. Are you scheduled for a surgery yet? I know you were trying to put that off but you can't be having a good time like this.

Just_Lin said...


Just_Lin said...