Friday, September 28, 2012

PSY - Gangnam style

by Dianne 


Zona said...

Good Morning!!

DI: This just cracks me up!!

Op op op op..oppan Gangnam Style!!

I don't know what it means..but it has a good be-boppin' beat and I like it! :D

Early day today for us..I hope everyone has a nice Friday! :)

Dianne/Denver said...

Morning Zona: this is how I hurt my knee. Yup, doing this dance all the time so beeeee careful---very careful.

Rise and shine all you night owls. JL----wake up. I'm almost turned into a morning bird. The word morning has never been in my vocabulary. You see a lot different things like the sun rising.

My husband is doing so great. He was released from pt yesterday. They cannot believe how far he came along physically and mentally since he walked in their place. He's now down to a 47lb loss and two sizes. Needles to say, he is thrilled. When he was taking all those meds he had no appetite and he's kept up steady losing. I sure hope those meds do that to me too!! I'll probably get hungry. Well, Louis isn't much of a cook so that will help.

Hope all you little owls have a good day. I'm having a long lunch with a good friend.

Dianne/Denver said...

Hey Mo--hope you are enjoying your holidays. Miss you.

Dianne/Denver said...

Whoops, one more thing I forgot and how could I?? Zona, you are stunning, bright, and cheerful at first today.

Tinka said...

Zona - Good Morning my dear. Dianne is so right. You are "stunning, bright and cheerful at first". It's great to think you are already dancing this morning. I used to be a morning person but not anymore. Ah to be young once more.

Dianne - I will watch the video again this afternoon. Then I think I will be-bop to it.

I am so happy to hear your husband is doing great. I know you will too. Our prayers will be answered, I am sure of that.

Tango and Tia are going for their grooming this morning. I hope it isn't too stressful for Tango. My friend Brian is picking them up at noon so Jack can go straight from dropping them off to the farm. I can't wait until they are home again.

Have a fantastic Friday everyone. See you all later.

Just_Lin said...

Zona Good morning! I think I woke up because I could here you dancing and singing along. :)

Dianne/Denver said...

We were all dancing and singing----we'll, those of us that we're up----Zona, Tink and myself. We were wahooing and clicking our heels. Come join us. It's ok that you still have your pj's on---so do I.

Just_Lin said...

Dianne Here I am! That is a fun and catchy tune. I was thinking of sending it in as a blog, too.

I'm so glad that Louis is doing sooo much better than he was before. What a relief for you, too. Hey, maybe you will lose weight, too. Does that help you to kind of look forward to the knee surgery. Maybe weight loss will be the silver lining. Well, in addition to not being in pain any more. You should def look forward to that. I know recovery time won't be easy but at least you know things will get much better when it is all over with.

Just_Lin said...

Tinka How nice that you have a friend that will pick up your fur babies for you. They will look so pretty when they come home.

Lynn D said...

Afternoon Glories!

I kept thinking he was saying open condom style. :)

No Barb I have not gotten any painting done. I did take a whole bunch of pictures that I might try to paint. Inspiration.

Dianne I did not want to come home.

Waving at everyone!

sacBarb said...

Zona, You are the prettiest today. Have fun with whatever you are doing on your early day.

Dianne, You will have some nice drugs during your recovery and that alone will make you feel better.

Lynn, LOL @ condom style. Sharon is taking painting lessons too and wants to know what medium you are using. I know you told me, but my old timers kicked in and well...

Tinka, I bet your fur babies look beautiful.

J/L, We are having a heat wave. 101 here today. Where is Fall?

Dianne/Denver said...

Wow---a 101 Barb? That is for sure not fall. We are in the 70's and its beautiful. I love this time of year in Colorado. I will be taking those drugs!!

JL: I hope I will lose like he has done. He said it was a kick off to motivating him. He's done so well....very proud of him. He's a good inspiration for weight and getting well with pt.

Lynn, Im glad you had a nice time. It's nice you can get away. How are the kids doing? I'll bet they are growing up. My oldest granddaughter will be 14 in a week. I cannot believe she is so little baby!

I had lunch with my friend and hobbled into the store to get some things I wanted before my surgery. I had to drive the little cart around but did what I needed too.

Well, anyone have big weekend plans? I'll be watching the Broncos beat--I mean play the Raiders. Zona, you'd better get those bucks ready to send.

Dianne/Denver said...

Thanks for the comments today. Lets all practice the dance.

Just_Lin said...

LynnD LOL @ condom style. Maybe Weird Al can make a song like that. ;)

Just_Lin said...

SacBarb I believe Lynn said she was using acrylic paints.

Just_Lin said...

Dianne Remember how discouraged Louis felt at the beginning? If you ever start to feel that way, just remember how he got through it and came out a champ. You will, too.

Dianne/Denver said...

Thanks JL.