Friday, September 21, 2012

The 10 Worst Spelling Errors Found on Twitter

by Zona
These are some of the most egregious (and hilarious) spelling errors of all time.


Just_Lin said...

What? I am first?

Just_Lin said...

Well, BAM, damn it!

Just_Lin said...

Zona. Those were funny. More and more people can't spell well due to spell check and texting, imho.

Just_Lin said...

HELLO, Hello, hello......

sacBarb said...

Zona, very funny. It amuses me when I read some comments on Facebook and the grammar usage too, especially from some of the teachers. I think some people just type fast and aren't thinking, or maybe they just don't care. However, these examples are just from stupid people! ;-)

J/L, Morning glory. You are up early today.

sacBarb said...

Well, the shuttle is on its way to the Bay Area via the Golden Gate Bridge. As for here, every rooftop in town was covered with people. I walked up to the levee because that's the highest point in my neighborhood, but I didn't see it. :(

There are plenty of really good shots on TV, however.

Now, back to housework. Have a good day everyone. BBL

Just_Lin said...

SacBarb. We didn't get to see the shuttle, either. Tonight I'm going to watch my brother's softball game. He's not quite the oldest player on the team. I think there's one other player that is a little older.

Dianne/Denver said...

Good Afternoon Everyone: How ya'all doin' today? Sounds like I'm from Texas.

Had a good day at long lunch with friend. I could barely stand up even with my cane but actually better at home today---no cane. Crazy!!!

Sac barb: that's too bad you didn't get a glimpse of the shuttle. I guess I will see it on tv too. I wish I could see it for real. No housework allowed on Fridays!

JL: what are your plans on you trip. Have anything special planned. I know seeing your brother is already special. You are sp special at first. Did you get up early today?

Zona - those are funny. I'm so guilty of mistyping or the pad/phone changing my words and not noticing. Embarrassing sometimes.

Mary/MI said...

Well, my gradmer is petty good, so I dunt no whatcha takin bout.

When do we leave for Australia???
I loved the doggie remarks.
Tina, I had no idea there was such luxury in the air! I wouldn't mind joining the "mile high" club that way ;-)

Waving at ya'll~~~