Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Real Cartoons of Old Age

by Dianne


Lynn D said...

Morning Glories!

Waving at everyone. I am in Vancouver with Mr. Lynn D. Taking a break from the chaos in my house.

I am going to walk downtown later and try to get picture on my phone of the people dressed up for the Koumoricon. Which is about Animae. When we drove through yesterday on the way to the hotel. There were some humdingers. :)

Okay I am going to go read yesterdays comments. :)

Tinka said...

Good Morning Lynn - Have fun in Vancouver. Is that Vancouver B.C. or Vancouver Washington? If it's B.C. watch for me. I will waving at you across the Strait.

Dianne - Thanks for the laugh. They are very funny cartoons.

First Day of School. Ah the memories this day brings. Happy ones, sad ones, nervous ones - every emotion I can think of comes to mind.

Our oldest grandson goes into grade 12 and his sister goes into High School. He says he can't wait and she says she is so scared she will get lost in the new school. Our youngest granddaughter starts kindergarten. I wonder if the teacher will be able to pry her off my son. I also wonder which one will be crying. I can't wait to hear all the news tonight.

We have had breakfast, the cleaning lady is here and we are off to the pool for water therapy. Have a great day everyone. See you all later.

Just_Lin said...

LynnD Have a fun and relaxing day. I hope you plan on posting some pics of the interesting folks. :)

Just_Lin said...

Tinka I used to love the first day of school. I'd like choosing what outfit I would wear and I liked having my new binder and supplies. Sweeeeet!

Just_Lin said...

Dianne Those jokes were really funny. I really did LOL. Thanks for sending them in.

Tina~in_ut said...

Good Moanfternoon~

LynnD~ Hope ur havin' fun in Bancouber~

Tinka~ How fun for your grandkids...all the different stages of school~

J/L~ I know what you mean about the clothes and school supplies~ I never could decide which uniform skirt to wear on the first day....the red one or the pink one or the blue one~ :)~

Di~ Thanks for the blog...these truly made me laugh out loud....even when I posted it....the thong one is STILL making me laugh~

Lynn D said...

Well poop all of the people were packing up and leaving today so no pics. I should have went back yesterday.

Tinka I am in Vancouver WA.

I walked about 5 miles today and my feet have blisters. I don't know why I do this. (Shaking my head)

I can't believe it is back to school time already.

Waving at everyone!

Zona said...

DI: Loved these! I tried to pick a favorite..but couldn't..they were all funny!

LYNN: I went to one comic convention when I was 15..that was enough to last me for the rest of my

TINKA: I can't believe how fast your grandchildren are growing up!! I remember the first picture you posted on Myspace of you and your youngest granddaughter..absolutely floors me how time has flown by! :)

J/LIN: I always loved shopping for school supplies for the first day of school. Randy and I were out the other day and he pointed out a lunch box with Batman on it..I really think he wanted it too! :D

TINA: All the kids around here wear uniforms of sorts to school pants, skirts or shorts and a white polo shirt..I would have hated that when I was a kid.

Hot and humid here today..I have absolutely no energy..just wiped out..

Have a good evening everyone..take care.. :)

Dianne/Denver said...

Hi Everyone:

Zona: I wish my grand kids had to wear uniforms to school instead of those short little shorts. I don't like them at all. Btw, it's in the dang 90's again here today. I want fall!!!!!

Glad you all liked the cartoons today. They each made me laugh too. I thought you all might reminisce about "thong Thursday".

Tink: I too remember when that youngest was a baby. How can they grow so fast? I can hardly believe that she is starting school already but then again, hard to think Tina's twins will be graduating.

Lynn: glad you are out on a little holiday. Have a nice time. I went to eye dr today and he told me I needed to move to Alaska or Washington so my eyes won't be red and dry!!!! So move over.

JL: I can't even remember shopping for school supplies. I guess it's because I'm older than you :). We sure didn't get all the things the kids do today. Boy, what I wouldn't have given for a calculator ba k in the day.

Tina: Does it seem real to you that you're going to have three kids in college next year? You are going to have to become a pilot to afford those schools. (my stupid phone put piglet instead of pilot but I caught it).

Went to knee dr today (can't believe I got in) he gave me a cortisone shot and took X-rays and said I have bone on bone and need a new knee. I already knew. I'm hoping I can feel better for a few months and band-aid it until after November. I have a short trip to Texas planned and Louis has a trip to see his mom over Thanksgiving so everyone cross your fingers for me please and Zona---get that candle burning.

Ok, time to go do nothing. Dr said I have to rest ---dang, guess I can't cook tonight!!!

Tina~in_ut said...

u can cook, lazy butt....make reservations!!!! ga!!!!~

Just_Lin said...

Dianne Sorry about the news of your knee. :(

LMAO that Tina may have to become a piglet!!!!!

Just_Lin said...

Zona I still remember the smell of my lunch box. It probably had to do with the smell of the bread of the sandwich wrapped in wax paper.

Dianne/Denver said...

JL: You r my age----I too remember wax paper sandwiches!!!

Tinka said...

I have just recovered from the water therapy I received this morning. She worked us so hard I could hardly push my walker to the car where Jack was waiting for me. I am not going Thursday and next Tuesday I am going to fake it a lot. When the music from "Grease" started blasting I got carried away and tried to keep up with the instructor. Big mistake.

Well the first day of school was very successful for all grandkids, even the littlest one. Last night Jack and I were talking about how old the children are, the ones that we taught through the years. Today at the pool a woman introduced herself as the mother of one of the last grade one kids I taught. She said he was getting married. That made me feel like a dinosaur.
Everyone is right about "Where have the years gone"?

I never had to choose what to wear on the first day of school. Our uniforms consisted of long sleeve white shirts that looked like men's shirts. We wore blue ties (again like men wear) and navy blue tunics that were long (below the knee). This was topped off by long thick black stockings. This was before the days of leotards so we really looked strange. If we came to school without our tie or wore short white stockings we were sent home. It sounds like prison garb but it did get more modern as the years went by. I think they changed to short kilts and knee socks.
The nice thing about uniforms was the lack of competition for being best dressed. You couldn't tell the rich from the poor.
Those days were some of the happiest of my life. We had the same classmates through the 12 years and made lifelong friendships. The nuns closed the Academy in 1970. If they hadn't I think our girls might have gone there. We never had the option.

Sorry I didn't comment on individual posts but I enjoyed reading them and will add to my prayers anyone in pain, mentally and physically. I guess I am including myself in that prayer. Have a great night. See you all tomorrow. Love, Tinka

sacBarb said...

Dianne, I laughed out loud at all of those cartoons, but the one that made me laugh most was the tattoo one. It reminded me of a young friend who got a rosebud tattoo on her boob and I told her that by the time she got to be my age it would be a long stem rose. She didn't think it was funny! I said I wasn't kidding.

I will pray that the cortisone shot will keep you comfortable until you have to have the surgery.

sacBarb said...

Tina, you had a PINK uniform? My uniform in elementary school was a white blouse and blue jumper, but in high school we had a cool brown and yellow plaid skirt that was straight in the front with three low pleats in the back and a yellow blouse. We also had brown letterman sweaters. I really liked them because they were like no other school's uniforms.

sacBarb said...

Lynn, Do you bring your paint stuff with you so you can paint at he beach? BTW you look lovely in first today.

Tinka, You must not get caught up in the music and wear yourself out like that. LOL @ next time you'll fake it.

Zona, maybe you should get that lunch box for Randy for xmas.

J/L, I used to love the first day of school too. Got a new book bag and lunch box every year in elementary school. In high school, it wasn't cool to carry either.

Dianne/Denver said...

Barb : and now they carry a backpack at every grade. I laugh at the little ones with those big things on their little backs.