Saturday, September 29, 2012

Zack Matere: Growing Knowledge

by Lynn D 


Dianne/Denver said...

Good morning!!!! How are you all this bright early (did I say earl) morning?

What are tou all doing this weekend?

Lynn D said...

Morning Glories!

Hi Dianne you are up bright and early!

Barb, J/L is right, I am painting in acrylics. Easier cleanup and I think they are more versatile than oils, for me anyway.

I liked this video because it reminds me how wonderous the internet is, and how maybe we forget that it can be used for so many things.

Lynn D said...

Dianne you look marvelous at first!

Tinka said...

Good Morning Dianne and Lynn - I just wanted to say that. I just got up and can't quite focus yet. Be back in an hour.

Tinka said...

Hi again - I am a little over the hour but close enough. I just watched the video Lynn and found it very interesting. We take for granted our access to the internet. I especially liked the the last line "Information is powerful but it is how we use it that defines us". So very true.

You sound great Dianne. Keep up the great attitude. My daughter who is a nurse is always telling me that it's one's attitude that determines how fast you recover. That annoys me sometimes but I think she is right.

Jack and our neighbour are building a new fence today. It's looking very pretty. I thought I had the fence put in not long ago, then I realized it was 1992. How did the last 20 years go by so fast.

Have a splendid Saturday everyone.

Just_Lin said...

Dianne You look wonderful this morning. This early rising thing must agree with you. No? Well, you are adapting well, anyway.

By the way......No, you didn't say "earl". Did you mean to? LOL

I will be going to work part of the time today. Other than that, just hanging out with the grandkids. Right now it's overcast and cool, but I think it is expected to clear up and be a nice day.

Just_Lin said...

LynnD I enjoyed that vid. Thank you for sending it in. Besides the blog and games and emails, I do use it as an encyclopedia, for driving directions, to get recipes, etc. Oh, and to get calorie counts when I'm consciously watching my calories.

Just_Lin said...

Tinka I'm not quite focused yet. I would love to go back to bed but I can't do that. I am always thinking something happened not too long ago and then come to realize it was a lot longer than I think. Where does the time go, indeed?

Mary/MI said...

Good day Dianne,LynnD, Tinka & all who swoop down later.

Thanks Lynn, for reminding me how fortunate I am to live in this wonderful life of the internet.
Just the other day I was able to see my newly born Great Niece soon after she was born. All the way from Ohio lol! In the "old days" I would have waited to see her pic by "snail mail".
This week end is pretty quiet here. Next week end is my 45th class reunion. This will be the first one I will have attended. Just a little nervous, again, the internet comes through for me :) I see that my fellow class mates have changed as much as I have. Hopefully they will remember me lol!

Mary/MI said...

Hi Justlin! Waving at yah~~~

Dianne/Denver said...

Lynn: thanks for the blog. I don't remember how we functioned without the Internet. It fills up so much of my time lately---thank goodness

JL: looks like I was having mimosas this morning---earlY!! I wasn't just trying to peak through my sleepy eyes. Today I had the alarm set for 7AM. I'm about ready to take a nap.

Mary, we have our 50th in 2014. You will enjoy going to it. I've been to a few. I'm always nervous too.

Tink: time flies!! Our weather is sparkling beautiful today. It's 75 and sunny. No rain that we need until maybe Wednesday.

Tinka said...

Up from my nap and trying to focus again. How did I ever work long days in the past?

Hi Just_Lin - Aren't grandkids the greatest gift God ever gave us? Hanging out with them is my favourite pastime.

Mary - Yes we are so lucky to live in the time of the Internet. At least once a day I am "googling" something. Jack isn't that good at "googling" so he is always asking me to look something up. The Queen of googling I think is Zona. She can find things when I can't. It always amazes me.

Dianne - I loved our 50th. I was still looking pretty good then. Now I have to go to any function in a wheel chair and I feel like my mother. I still go however. For the first 5 years mom was in a wheelchair she refused to attend any function. She missed a lot of fun because she would stay home. Once she was in "Care" they took them all out in wheelchairs but by that time she was older and didn't understand or remember things very well. I now have her wheelchair. That's part of the reason I "feel like my mother".

Off to my play on my farms. Last night we watched the last episode of season 7 of "Grey's Anatomy". I phoned HMV and season 8 is in. As soon as Jack got back from the farm he was off to get the DVD. Great timing for us.

Have fun tonight everyone.

Dianne/Denver said...

Tink: I agree with you about getting out. If I go to a concert or play I have to go in my travel chair. I always feel like a burden but my friends still take me along. It's too hard to just stay home.

I worked on cleaning my office somewhat tonight for one hour. It's surprising what I was able to accomplish in that amount of time. I still have work in there but over half is cleaned up.

It's kind of a boring Saturday night. Guess I will go to bed a little earlier tonight.

Dianne/Denver said...


Just_Lin said...

Mary Waving back at ya! I hope you can see me all the way over here.

Going to high school reunions is scary. I wonder if we will have one in 2015. It will be 50 yrs. Yikes! Where have all the years gone?

Just_Lin said...

Dianne Goodness! You are not a burden to your friends! You wouldn't think one of them was a burden just because they had to use a chair, would you? Of course not! They enjoy your company, chair or not.